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"Welcome in ansh ki shadi leaving behind barbadi" (Page 689)

roberoi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 2:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by adi2512

Originally posted by QuagMyred

Yeh NA INSAAFI hai!!!
No Naa insaafi...
I didn't make him sleep yet...LOL
Obviously ., they need to be fresh and have a change...
If U guys are in a hurry...they are not in a hurry...
Shivji., is very much concerned about cleanliness...WinkTongueLOL

Paper padh ke mood bana raha haiAngry

Latest crisp khabaron se ROFL

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roberoi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 2:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Vedo

Omg I still can't stop laughing Uma! LOL LOL

@ M - you all can continue...I'm going to make my dinner and have a few chores then I'll be back. Wink

Oye wait ek update kar ke ja

Haye meri peeth...I am sitting on the floor now Shocked

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AnjanaYYZ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 2:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by hana89

Originally posted by AnjanaYYZ

I.M.P.R.E.S.S.E.D.  - u gals SPAMMED almost to 700 like I wantedROFL

So, wassup??

Myra,uma,vedo,n sangs r writing os

PerfectDay Dreaming  Does Shiv faint and get resuscitated by his Ajee? 

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Pri_kinmuk Goldie

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 2:59pm | IP Logged
I love the instant OS !!!

par yeh kya ~~~ shiv ko newspaper mein gum kar diya !!!!!!

the authors better make it better now...~~~~~ufff LOL

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Vishakha_Sakhi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 2:59pm | IP Logged
Story so far:

AnSh Instant OS

By Sangs, Uma, Myra & Vedo


After marriage ceremonies started in CH... Ansh were sitting together on a sofa. It was early morning. Shiv can't take his eyes off his lovely bride. She is glowing even more than usual...his personal ray of sunshine! Ira and CM are taking care of all the nitty-gritties for arranging some games as tradition...Mahi jubilant as ever and Saanchi still quiet.

Shiv felt something and turned towards Anandi. Is that a shiver that he noticed coming from her? How can it be? He thought maybe he should provide her some warmth. He scooted closer to her. She looked at him in shock but smiled within a few seconds as she understood his intentions...was wondering had he known the real reason she had shivered?

Even he smiled a knowing smile, telling her silently that she can never misunderstand him. Anandi smiled back at her husband..."husband". It now hit her that Shiv is her husband...her better half...her partner for life! The thought brings happy tears to her eyes. She tries to wipe them before he notices but he does.

He scooted even closer, now their shoulders touching...their body heat radiating onto one another. He gently wiped her tears with the caressing touch of his fingers of his right hand, while his left hand went around her shoulders instinctively. Anandi looks at him enraptured by the certain vulnerability and the more certain strength in him. He is hers now...'hers'...reality sinks in her and she shudders once again. 

Mahi notices them and gave a naughty smile, "Bhaiya kya hua...thand lag rahi hai? Shall I get u blankets? Abhi to bahut rasmein baki hain...abhi nahin chhoo sakte!"

They both got shocked and all started giving sly smiles. Ira pitched in to defend them. "Arre Mahi, jao Daddu tumhe bula raha hai." She said. At once he runs off leaving the newlyweds. Ira notices Saanchi's lakta hua chehra and asks her what the matter is. She just says nothing and plasters a fake smile on her face. All this while, Anandi & Shiv are lost in each other. He still has his arm around her and she snuggles a bit more into the embrace.

And all their senses could feel is them, only them...his touch on hers...her smell to him...their looks towards each other...their sudden labored breathing they could hear coming from one another and a sweet taste of anticipation of the future ahead dancing on their lips as a smile. 

Anandi closes her eyes to savor the beauty of the moment. Though she hasn't said it yet, it's in her eyes, in her breaths, in her smiles. She knows her 'Collector Saab' also knows it.

"Thak gayi hain?" Shiv whispers into her ears

Anandi says "Thhak gayi thi...Ab theek hoon."

Shiv smiles at the purity of her emotions.

A smile is curved at Anandi's lips too thinking of a way to put her feeling into words but then she thinks "Are words really required?"

Chhoti Ma brings a parrat full of colored water and asks Shiv to put his ring in that as they are supposed to find it. Everyone cheers.

Shiv simply holds Anandi's hand inside the water and helps her find the ring. When both hands come out together everyone claps. Mahi comes back and announces joint winner while Choti Ma looks proudly at her Shiv. She utaroes their nazar and blesses the couple with a long, happy married life...that too with many kids! Anandi blushes beet red hearing this and so does Shiv. Everyone laughs seeing their reaction. Next is the rasam of the bride & groom feeding each other something sweet. Ira brings a bowl of Shiv's favorite halwa and gestures him to feed his bride.


"Kya jalebi nahi hai?! Anandijee ko toh jalebi bahut pasand hai!" He says sheepishly.

Anandi could not help but giggle seeing his reaction.

Mahi  intervenes, "Acha Bhaiyya, ab pata chala apko bhabhi ke liye jalebi kyon chahiye...kyon ki aap apna mann pasand halwa share nahi karna chahte hai naa!!! Woh bhi Choti Maa ke haath ka banaya hua!"

Now its again time for Shiv to blush beet red but soon he gathers his composure and admonishes Maahi, "Maahi chup kar...aisa koi baath nahi. Main sirf tumhare Bhabhi ke pasand ke baare me soch raha hoon!"

He fills a spoon full and brings it to Anandi who opens her mouth shyly and feeds Shiv shyly as well...all clap. Both give demure smiles to each other remembering their dinner date.

"Let them get some rest now!"  Daddu comes in and announces.

Shiv stands immediately and all start giggling. Anandi blushes.

"No they cannot leave!" Mahi announces.

"What, why?!" Shiv shouts. All laugh at this.

"Bhabhi has to call you by your name first...why Collector Sahab?!"

During all this Anandi is lost in Shiv looking at him again with that she isn't herself able to comprehend. She is mesmerized yet petrified at the same time. She thinks of the multitudes of times when Shiv has just thought of her happiness and with this thought her eyes swell up again with tears. Ira notices this and snaps at Mahi, 'Mahi! Tang mat kar in donon ko...'

Anandi is jolted out of her dream world. She looks around trying to grasp what has happened but is unable to do so. Shiv just shakes his head at her as if to say "Don't worry about it..." and takes her hand in his. He determinedly escorts her to their room amidst whistles and cheers from the others. 

Now safely behind the closed doors of their bedroom, Shiv leads Anandi towards their bed and makes her sit. "Anandiji, ab tum araam karo."

She nods her head thereby showing her acceptance to his gesture and suggests,  "Aap bhi bahut thake hue lag rahe hain...aap bhi thoda aaraam ki jiye. "

Shiv responds with a determined tone, "Jee mein theek hoon. Aap thodi der so jayiye...mein idhar baith ke dil behlaane ke liye thoda padh letha hoon waise aaj ka news paper abhi tak padha nahi." 

Anandi with a bemused look on her face  lies down on the bed but starts feeling very delicate to lie down in front of him  and him sitting somewhere in the same room.

Shiv notices her discomfort and says, "Aap aaraam se let jayiye...mein bahar jatha hoon..."

Anandi stops him by saying, "Nahi Collector saab,  main theek hoon  aapko kidhar bhi jaane ki jaroorat nahi. Waise aap chahe toh yehi bed pe baithke news paper padh sakthe hain.Tab mein utna ajeeb nahi mehsoos karoongi..."

Shiv feels bemused, amused and surprised. He knows her too well to not miss the 'something' in her eyes that he has been longing for. He goes to the bed and sits, a tad uncomfy with the so obvious closeness with his attractive bride.

Anandi on the other hand is rather giggling at his discomfort and simultaneously hiding the pride that stems from the trust they have on each other.

Shiv opens his shoes and sits on the bed and gives her a rather wry smile. Time comes for her to eat up her own words...she is feeling more so 'weird' lying beside him. 

Shiv tries not to eye her and looks away. She also looks away.

Shiv gauges the awkwardness of the moment and says, "Anandiji, main aapko..."

By the time he turns back she has fallen asleep sitting reclined at the bed. He sighs and captures her nonchalant beauty and makes her lie down on the bed.He also sleeps thereafter sitting reclined on the bed, while maintaining a safe distance from his wifey.

In another 2 hours it was time for special pooja to be done by newly wedded couple in Mandir. Ira knocked and they got up abruptly, got ready as asked and went to Mandir with all. Their lunch was at Haveli for pag phere rasam and then Mahi had a surprise for them with help of Sanchi although reluctantly. Their room was converted into a real suhaag raat room as one sees in movies.

After dinner and a lot teasing from Mahi when they entered their room both were shocked. 

Shiv nervously looks at Anandi to gauge her reaction. To his surprise she is not angry as he had expected, she is blushing! 

Deciding to show some courage he lifts her up into his arms bridal style. Anandi is shocked but pleasantly so. Her arms automatically find their way around his neck. Encouraged by this he walks them both to the fragrantly decorated bed and deposits her onto it. She is attacked by a sudden bout of shyness and hides her face with her hands. Shiv watches her amusedly.

Shiv clears his throat and blurts - "Ajee...aap apne kapde badal na chahte hai toh...kar sakhthe hain...subah se inhi kapdo mein hai...aap thoda fresh hoke., light sa kapde pehen sakthe hai...

aap., washroom me jaake badal lijiye...mein idhar badal letha hoon..."

Anandi looks up him suddenly...not knowing how to respond...although her insides are bursting over with giggles with Shiv's bholapan...

She simply says...Theek hain..aap sahi keh rahe hain...mein jaake thoda fresh hoke aathi hoon...

Saying so., she goes to the ornate trunk which she got from the Haveli with all her belongings...picks out a light attire and goes inside the washroom with it...looking at Shiv with a sly smile b4 going...

Shiv ., puzzled by her smile., takes out a night dress for himself too from his wardrobe and quickly changes into it...

Then., suddenly remembering about the newspaper., which he could not read in the morning...takes out from the bedside and begins to read it., reclining on the head board of the bed...


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...Hanna... IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by roberoi

Originally posted by Vedo

Omg I still can't stop laughing Uma! LOL LOL

@ M - you all can continue...I'm going to make my dinner and have a few chores then I'll be back. Wink

Oye wait ek update kar ke ja

Haye meri peeth...I am sitting on the floor now Shocked

Plzz Go na take some rest dont do this to your self..

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Pri_kinmuk Goldie

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 3:00pm | IP Logged
So I am on a 15 minute break and then back to studying !!!

Good job spammers ~~~~ nearing 700 pgs and I also see an OS as per my wish ~~~nice LOL

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QuagMyred IF-Rockerz

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Anandi returns from the bath and looks at Shiv bemusedly.
She asks, 'Aap sach mein newspaper padh rahe hain?'
He replies, 'Haan. Kyun?'

A : Nahin. Woh...yeh kal ka newspaper hai...
She starts giggling.
Shiv blushes beetroot red.

Anandi understands his hesitation and starts her chapar chapar.
'Mujhe nahin pata thha ki Jaitsar ke Collector Saab itne nervous bhi ho sakte hain...'

Shiv : Ji? Main nervous nahin hoon.
He for the first time in the whole day looks into her eyes...some words automatically emanate from his mouth 'Ajee...aap bahot khoobsoorat lag rahi hain...'
Anandi blushes and smiles. She says 'Kuchh poochhoon...'
S : Poochhiye na...
A : Hameshaa aap mere liye tohfa laate hain...aaj nahin laaye???
S : Mmm...actually kuchh soojhaa nahin... Aap bataayiye, aapko kya chahiye???
A : Kuchh nahin. Aaj main aapke liye kuchh laayi hoon...Co...SHIV...

Shiv almost flinches at listening his name for the first time from her mouth...He keeps looking at her...
She goes to her trunk and pulls out a RED ROSE from it.
She comes to him and says, 'Aapse bahot kuchh kahna thha...shabd nahin mil rahe thhe... Socha, sabse achchha tareeqa yahi hai...'

She gives him HERSELF.

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