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Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

FF Whose side are you on? Last part on pg 22 (Page 9)

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Dear Friends,

I am so sorry for the delay in writing this part. There are so many thoughts going through my mind that I needed time to put this one together.


Part 6

Time seemed to stand still. Priya and her Ram, Ram and his Priya lost in each others arms after what seemed to be eternity. Both not wanting to break the hug, oblivious to the hunger cries from their tummies – after a day of fasting. Suddenly both realize that Pihu and Kush need to be fed, so they break the hug. They are now lost in each others eyes. This can go on forever they think. Their hearts talking to each other in the silence around them. Priya finally breaks the eye lock and lowers her gaze slowly with a shy smile appearing on her face. The smile slowly fades as she goes deep into thought. What does tomorrow have in store for them – as a family? Is this for real or is it just another dream? What about Kush? Will he be comfortable with them? Will he want to be with Ayesha? Suddenly she realizes that it is time for dinner and she promised Pihu and Kush that they would all have dinner together like a happy family.

Priya avoiding looking into Rams eyes: I will call Nutz and ask her to bring the children over. It is dinner time and as we promised we should eat together.

Ram: I will call Choti while you can get dinner ready.

Priya: Mr Kapoor, can I ask you something?

Ram, looking apprehensive: What now?

Priya: did you also fast today?

Ram amazed at the question. How did she know? Did Vikram tell her? Smiles shyly and looks at Priya, who is avoiding direct eye contact. Ram says: Yes I did, but how did you know?

Priya is touched and gets emotional once again. She purses her lips and raises her shoulders smiling: I just felt you did. You know it is one of those feelings. I cannot tell you how, but I just had a feeling. Why are you fasting?

Ram looks at Priya shyly: the same reason why you are fasting. I have been fasting every year for the past 5 years. After our first KC and all that happened then, I decided to keep the fast in your memory. Now that you are here, I want to continue it.

Priya: Thank you very much. Considering how important food is to you, I am touched that you are doing this for me.

She quickly goes to the fridge and takes out a mineral water bottle and pours the water in a glass after checking if it is clean and gives it to Ram: Here, please drink this water and break your fast.

She offers him a sweet from the box on the table. Ram just looks at her and gestures with his eyes that she should break a piece and feed him. Shyly she takes out a piece of mithai from the box and feeds Ram.

Just as she is feeding him Nutz, Pihu and Kush walk into the room. Nutz looks wide eyed at them and has a very excited smile on her face. She looks up and joins her hands as if thanking God for this transformation.

Pihu: Mamma, did papa also fast for KC? Why didn't he look at the moon in the sky and drink water? Do papas also do KC?

Nutz: Pihu, papas who love mammas very much usually pray to God and don't fast, just like mammas do for papas. She is grinning from ear to ear and is so happy.

Pihu: Papa, do you love mamma?

Ram looks very shyly at Pihu and quickly changes the topic: Pihu, Kush, Mamma and I are very hungry. We have not eaten the whole day, can we all sit down and eat?

Priya: Children, come and have a seat. Lets all eat together.

Priya looks at Nutz: Will you join us Nutz?

Nutz: No Priya, you have cooked for all of us and everyone is eating in Sharma House. I will leave you to eat here. I have to go back, but if you want any help (she winks, meaning taking the children home with her later for a sleepover), call me and I will be here. I'm serious you know. She smiles at Ram and Priya.

Both Ram and Priya: That will not be necessary. If we want help we will let you know. They look at each other and smile bashfully at each other.

Pihu and Kush wash their hands and sit at the table for dinner. Ram and Priya join them and Priya starts to serve them.

Pihu: Wow Mamma! You have made all papas and my favorite food. Kush if you tell mamma what you like she will make it for you too.

Kush: I like palak paneer and dal. I see that Priya angel has made both of them. I like your aloo parathas too, he says looking at Priya.

Priya smiles at Kush: I am glad you like palak paneer and dal. I like them too. If there is anything else you like, do let me know so I can make it for you next time you come here.

She serves everyone: Pihu and Kush do let me know if you want anything else. Remember we have gulab jamun and kheer for dessert. Kush's eyes get wide and he has a big smile.

Kush: Thank you ma… I mean Priya angel. Kheer is my favorite dessert. And he jumps up to give her a big hug.

Priya hugs him and a tear escapes her eyes. She noticed that he almost called her "mamma" and was touched. She is beginning to feel so connected with Kush and is hoping he feels the same too. Recollecting Rams conversation with her earlier that evening, it means a lot to her that Kush connects and feels comfortable with her. She ruffles his hair and asks him to sit down and eat. All four of them are eating dinner and Priya is very happy. This is all she wants – for them to be a happy family – her Ram, Pihu and Kush with her. She has done enough for her family and so has Ram. It is now time for them to think about themselves and the future of their family.

After dinner, Pihu asks Ram: Papa, please stay over tonight. Bua mami said that Neha auntie was not going to come back till tomorrow. Please stay over, please please please!

Ram gives Priya an embarrassed look. Priya also looks embarrassed. They don't know what to tell Pihu.

Priya: Pihu, papa has not brought his night clothes. He will be uncomfortable in these clothes.

Pihu looks very disappointed: At least can Kush sleep over?

Ram: Pihu, I promise I will bring Kush over very soon. Tonight both of us have to go home. Kush's mom will be waiting for him and I also have some very important work to take care of. I have to go home now. Now give me a big hug.

Pihu: Can you read me a story, please. Mamma please tell papa to stay and read me a story.

Priya looks at Ram: Do you have a little time to read her a story? That way she will go to sleep with you here and that will make her happy.

Ram: What about you Priya? What do you want? He gives a mischievous grin and looks into Priyas eyes.

Priya looks down shyly: I would like you to stay over too.

Ram is very happy hearing her answer: Ok I will stay and read Pihu a story. What about Kush?

Kush remembers how rudely Ayesha spoke the other day when he slept over at Priyas place. He feels sad and drops his head down. He says: Papa, can I go home with Dadi and Chachu? Mom will be angry with Priya angel if I stay over. I want to stay but I don't like Mom being angry with Priya angel.

Ram frowns and looks at Priya asking her what Kush is talking about. Priya looks at Kush and feels very uncomfortable. Oh! That's nothing. Ayesha wanted Kush to come home this morning as she made his favorite breakfast I think. So she sent the driver to pick him up.

Priya doesn't want Ram to get involved in all this and get angry with Ayesha. She doesn't want to cause any problems for anyone, least of all for Kush. The poor boy has not done anything wrong so why should he be punished for his mother's frustrations and insecurities? She is sure all will be well soon. She is beginning to bond with Kush too and likes how he and Pihu get along. They are like brother and sister and so contented with each other. God please let them share a bond like Karthik and me or Nutz and Ram.

Ram understands what happened and rolls his eyes. Trust Priya to underplay any wrong done to her. Some things never change I guess. After 5 years Priya still wants to protect her little sister. How can she be so blind to her? It was because of Ayesha that they are in this mess. He stops his thoughts for a second and frowns. Then why do I blame Priya for all this? Am I being too harsh on her? I am so confused and at a loss. I don't know what to do. God give me clarity of mind.

Ram looks at Kush: Champ, how about I read a story to Pihu and you, then I will take you home with me. I promise it won't be too late. I know it is almost your bedtime and I will talk to your mother and explain the situation to her. Is that ok.

Kush and Pihu are very excited. They give each other a high 5 and run into the bedroom. Pihu picks up a book: Kush this is my favorite book. There are a lot of stories in the book. You can pick a story for papa to read and we can both sit on either side and look at the book with papa. Mamma reads to me every night. I love books. I can also read now. I am a big girl you see.

Kush bends his head and pouts: Papa reads to me when he is at home. Most of the time he comes home after my bedtime and so I go to sleep without anyone reading to me. My mom also comes home late most of the time. But dadi tells me very nice stories when I sleep in her room. Can you share your books with me Pihu? I will share my toys with you.

Pihu: Of course Kush. We are brother and sister. I will share everything with you. I like sharing my things.

Ram walks into the room: So, are my Champ and Rockstar ready for a story? Did you pick a story? Come on jump into bed. Pihu, did you brush your teeth?

Pihu nods her head and smiles. Kush is also very happy. Priya stands silently by the door and watches the three of them in bed. She folds one hand and fiddles with her shirt button with the other. Slowly a smile appears on her face and her eyes fill up too. She lets out a deep sigh! How I wish time would stand still!

In the meantime Nutz goes back to her home and is very excited. Her smile extends from ear to ear. She is so happy for her Bhai and Priya. They are meant to be together and I am sure Pihu will make it happen. She picks up the phone and calls Karthik.

Nutz: Hello Karthik. I miss you a lot. Wish you are around to share my happiness. You know what? Both Bhai and Priya kept fast for KC and bhai broke Priyas fast. It was so cute to see them together. Priya, Pihu, Bhai and Kush are having dinner together in Priyas home. I wish you were here with me. When are you coming back? Please come back soon. I can't contain my happiness and I hope no one casts an evil eye on them. As she says the last sentence she looks into the living room to see if Shipra is eavesdropping. I want Bhai and Priya to get all the happiness they sooo deserve. After all they are the ones who have gone out of the way to give all of us happiness, now I think it is their turn.

The scene shifts back to Priyas place. Ram and Kush are getting ready to leave. Pihu is fast asleep and Priya is in the living room with Kush and Ram.

Priya: Mr. Kapoor, I have something important to discuss with you regarding Pihus admission to school. Please let me know when you have some time so we can talk about it.

Ram: Sure Priya, I will call you sometime tomorrow when I am free. Kush, did you say goodnight to Priya angel?

Priya looks at Ram. Did he really refer to her as Priya "angel"? She looks at Ram from the corner of her eyes as she bends down to give Kush a hug and a kiss on his forehead. Good night beta! See you soon.

As they are walking out of the door Ram notices the documents on the end table in the living room and asks Priya what it is.

Priya: Oh those are the papers Rajat sir gave me regarding the business he wants me to partner. She looks very worried. I hope this doesn't irritate Ram. Things are going smoothly and I don't want anything to go wrong now.

Ram: Ah! You told me about it. The book caf right?

Priya nods her head. She walks Ram and Kush to the elevator and says bye to them: I have to go back. Pihu is alone at home and I don't want her to wake up and find no one there.

Ram and Kush get into the car. Ram is driving and is lost in thought. What a lovely evening with the most important people in my life. Wish I could have stayed on with them. KM seems lifeless now. I don't know what is going on with me. One moment I am so happy with Priya and want to be with her all the time and the next moment I am so angry with her and feel so cheated. He recollects the evening and remembers Pihus question "Papa, do you love mamma"? Yes I do, with all my heart. But why do I feel so angry when I think about the past 5 years.

As if reading his thoughts, Kush asks him: Papa, Priya angel is so nice na? I love her very much. When is Pihu moving to KM? Can Priya angel also come and live with us? Will you tell me the story about Priya angel again tonight? Can I sleep in your room tonight? Papa, you are not answering my questions. He holds his arm and shakes it.

Ram is startled out of his thoughts: What did you say Champ? I didn't hear you.

Kush repeats all his questions again.

Ram: Whoa! That's a lot of questions at the same time. For now, let me answer two questions. Yes, you can sleep in my room tonight and yes, I will tell you Priya angels story once again. We will talk about the other questions some other time.

They reach home and find Ayesha pacing up and down in the living room. Dadi and KK have just returned from Sharma House and are talking very excitedly about the tasty food Priya cooked for all of them. How nice of her to think of all of them and make all that food inspite of keeping fast. Ayesha is fuming more and more as she is listening to the conversation between Dadi and KK. She sees Ram and Kush walking in and takes a hold of Kush's hand.

Ayesha: How many times do I have to tell you to ask me before you leave the house Kush? I was looking for you and the servants in the house had to tell me that you had gone out with everyone. No more going out of the house for the rest of the vacation. You have 5 more days of vacation before you go back to school. You missed your music lesson today and your drawing teacher was asking about you too.

In a very soft and calm tone Ram: Ayesha, calm down. I took Kush with me. When we left KM you were not here. How do you expect this little child to stay all alone at home? Ma asked me and I said he will go with me. There is no need to pounce on him. He enjoyed himself and his happiness is all I want. I don't expect anything from you and I don't want you to shout at Kush like this. He is not interested in the music lessons, so maybe you should think about some other lessons that he might actually like. He was talking about learning swimming the other day. Did you get any details on that? I think you need to pay more attention to what he likes rather than what you think he should do.

Saying that, Ram wiped the sweat on his forehead, held on to Kush's hand and walked up the stairs to his room. He stood outside his room and took a deep breath before he entered. As he opened the door, he looked at Kush and said "Champ, please go and change into your night suit, brush your teeth and come to my room. It's getting late and you need to go to bed".

There is so much happening in the actual show, but I want to take it at my pace, so please bear with me. Keep reading and commenting. More in my next and until then, bye from me.

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Wow that was a great update yaar...I am liking the way you turning the story maturely...Plzz continue soon...
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res PartyDancingPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyDancingDancingDancingDancingthis all is what i feel like doing after reading the update ...ram feels there is no life in km its true ...and peehus question do you love mumma ...beta yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat hai...papa ka mumma ke liye love unke size aur awaaj dono se bada hai...
do update soon

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Nice going, now this is what a mature live story should be, good going, update ASAP
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Nice update ...continue soon!!!!
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Just perfect... The way kush and priya is bonding is just superb.. Take ur pace of time... Ram loves priya a lots just right now he is little confused.. Beautiful update, hope rajat dnt be a hadda in raya... Update soon...
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lovely updateClap
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Hi Friends,

Here is the next part of my story. Hope you like it.


Part 7


Priya goes into her bedroom and looks at Pihu. She is overwhelmed at the moment. Everywhere she looks, she sees her beloved Ram. As she is looking at Pihu, she visualizes Ram laying down on the bed reading to Pihu. She looks out in the living room and she sees him sitting on the diwan watching her in the kitchen. She goes into the living room and sees him sitting at the table enjoying her aloo parathas. She walks into her kitchen and sees Ram walk in to wipe her tears when she was sobbing watching him get emotional eating her aloo parathas after 5 long years. She remembers her first KC and recollects how Ram had a near death episode when she took away the plane tickets which eventually saved his life. She talks to herself: One mistake I made 5 years ago and look at the repercussions everyone of us is facing. Wish I was wiser at that time. Will it really be that easy for Ram to annul his marriage with Ayesha? What will her future hold for Ayesha? Her little sister, whom she brought up like a daughter, how could she turn out so selfish? She lets out a big sigh and clears up everything, straightens up the living room, switches off all the lights and goes into her bedroom. She sits at her table and takes out her journal to write. After coming back to India she has not been very regular with her writing, but there are days when she puts so much down on paper, that contains more than a day's thoughts. She has been writing a lot whenever she gets the time. She remembers that she left all her older journals in Sharma house and was planning to get them back to her home. She has no idea that two of her journals are with Ram and he was reading them. She looks back over her shoulder and watches Pihu as she is snoring in her sleep. She grins and shakes her head from side to side. How can Pihu be so much like her father? How would I have managed these 5 years without Pihu and her mannerisms? Would she have really been able to live without her Ram if it wasn't for Pihu? She closes her journal and turns off the table light and goes to settle down in bed next to Pihu. She draws her close to her heart and plants a kiss on her forehead. She gets a strong smell of Mr. Kapoors perfume and shuts her eyes as if to feel his presence next to them. Slowly she falls asleep, exhausted!

In KM, Ram is sitting in his chair with his eyes shut and the journal on his chest. Kush is in Rams bed fast asleep. Ram opens his eyes and tries to read the journal. He tears up and shuts the book almost immediately. He thinks to himself: I cannot do this alone. I have missed so much in the past 5 years and nothing will be complete unless I read this along with the love of my life, Priya. That will complete the picture. Saying this he puts the journal on the table next to him and goes to settle down in bed, next to Kush. He puts his arm around Kush and ruffles his hair gently. Kush has been my balm the past 5 years. Don't know what I would have done without him. Strangely, he is not like Ayesha or Sid. He seems to be more sensible like Priya. Or do I just feel that way because I miss Priya? He kisses Kush on his head and slides down on his pillow. He looks at Priyas photo next to him and reaches out for it. On second thoughts he retracts his hand and turns away and goes to sleep.

Next morning, Kush wakes him up early: Good morning papa! Please wake up the sun has risen and we must also wake up.

Ram opens his eyes and stretches lazily as he smiles at Kush: Good morning Champ! Did you sleep well?

Kush: Yes papa. I always like sleeping in your room. He gives Ram a big hug and jumps out of bed.

Ram also gets out of bed and heads to the wash room: Kush, please go and brush your teeth and get ready. If all goes well, maybe we can go to the beach for a little bit – you, me, Priya and Pihu. What do you think?

Kush gives Ram a big hug and jumps around excitedly. I love the idea papa. Can I call Pihu now and tell her?

Ram: No, lets first get ready, then I have to go to the office for a little bit and I will come back early and then we can go. But first I have to finish my work in the office.

Kush is not so sure if this plan is going to work. Usually when papa goes to work he comes home very late. He looks down and scratches his head.

Ram bends down and looks at Kush: Champ, I know you are thinking that I will get stuck at work if I go to the office right? I promise I will finish my work before lunch time and then we will go to the beach. Just then his phone rings. He looks at the caller id and smiles. He looks back at Kush and says: Its your bua.

Ram: Haan Choti. Whats up?

Pihu: Papa this is Pihu not bua-mami. I am calling from her phone because I want to tell you a secret and I don't want mamma to know I am talking to you.

Ram says hi to Pihu and then frowns: Why don't you want mama to know that you are calling me? Will she be angry? I think it is ok for you to call me anytime sweetheart! Now tell me why you are calling.

Pihu: First papa, good morning. I love you. It is mammas birthday after 8 days. Can we have a surprise party for her birthday? I don't want mamma to know we are planning this because then she will say no and not to waste money having a party for her birthday. I really want to give her a big birthday party papa. She is the best mamma in the whole world na!

Ram smiles: Sure Pihu, we will definitely plan a party. Do let me know what you want to do and we can meet secretly and make all the arrangements. Is Choti there with you?

Pihu: Yes, papa. I am with her in the park downstairs, because I don't want anyone to know about this secret. Just you, Bua-mami and I should know this. No one else ok?

Ram gets excited and says yes dear. I promise. Ok Rockstar, I have to go and get ready to go to work now. If I go early and finish my work then maybe we can go out in the afternoon. What do you think?

Pihu is very excited: Can we go to the beach papa? I have never seen a real beach. Only the one they have in Dubai.

Ram is taken aback. Wow! What was that all about? Telepathy?

Ram: You know Rockstar, I was planning on taking you to the beach. You read my mind. Please get ready and wait for me. I will come and get you.

Pihu: Can mamma come too? She seems a little anxious about going without her mother.

Ram: sure Pihu. I will put off the phone and get ready. Bye love.

Pihu: Bye papa. See you soon. And she disconnects the phone. She gives Nutz a big hug and says: remember we cannot say anything about the party to anyone. It has to be a surprise.

Nutz ruffles Pihus hair and gives her a big grin: Sure Pihu. My lips are sealed. Do you want to go back home now? I have to get ready and go to work soon. She holds Pihus hand and both of them get into the lift and go up. Nutz takes her into her home and calls out to Priya.

Nutz: Priya, we are back. I will see you sometime later. Ok bye for now.

Priya: Thanks Nutz. See you bye.

She shuts the door behind Nutz and turns around and looks at Pihu. She frowns and purses her lips and shakes her head. Something is going on in that little head. I have to find out. She has that excited look, like she is up to something.

Priya: Pihu, my princess whats going on in your mind? You seem to be thinking about something. Are you planning something?

Pihu thinks: Wow! Mamma knows everything. I hope I can keep this as a surprise from her. She will be very happy I am sure. Then she says aloud: Nothing mamma. Papa spoke to me and said he will take us to the beach later today. Now he has to go to work and then he will come and take us. I really want to see the beach.

Priya: Did papa call or did you call and worry him to take you? Where did papa call?

Pihu looks at her mamma: No mamma, I called to say good morning from bua-mamis phone. Then he told me.

Priya: ok first we have to get ready, have breakfast and then wait for papa. She is still not convinced that this was not Pihus plan. She certainly has her father wrapped around her little finger. She looks at Pihu and shakes her head and smiles. Both of them get ready and have breakfast. Priya is pottering around the kitchen and Pihu is busy with her drawing.

Her phone rings and she looks at the caller id with wide eyes. What does Ram want now? Good morning Mr. Kapoor. How are you?

Ram: I'm fine. I was thinking that we should take Pihu and Kush to the beach. Are you free this afternoon around 4 or 5?

Priya: yes Mr. Kapoor. We are free and Pihu will be very happy. She is already very excited. I hope she is not troubling you to take her.

Ram: No she isn't and even if she is, I think she has the right to. I want to make the most of the time I have with her now and make up for the lost 5 years. He begins to choke and his voice starts to break.

Priya senses his emotions: I am sorry Mr. Kapoor. I understand it is all my fault. I don't know how to make this up.

Ram says that he has to finish some work and hangs up. Priya hangs up too and looks at the phone with tears. This is so hard for all of us. I wish I could turn the clock around and change things around. I feel so bad. Sorry Mr. Kapoor. She tells Pihu that her papa called and said he was going to take them to the beach so they should get ready. Pihu jumps with excitement and gives Priya a big hug. I love you and papa, mamma. I like Kush too. He is a very nice brother. But, you know what mamma? I don't like his mother. As she says that she makes a very sad face and remembers what she said in the parking lot after Rahuls birthday.

Priya draws Pihu close to her, kneels down and gives her a big hug. Please don't say that Pihu. Kush will feel sad if he hears that. She is older than you and you have to respect your elders right? Just like your mamma is the best for you, his mamma also must be the best for him. She gives her a kiss on her forehead and says: You are the worlds best daughter my princess and I love you very much. You are the best thing that happened in my life after my marriage to your papa. She thinks about her marriage, the honeymoon in Australia, laying down on the beach during the BC scare, the Guj, Mah border and automatically her eyes fill up with tears. Pihu sees the tears rolling down her cheeks and wipes them with her tiny hands and gives Priya a big kiss. Priya looks at her and smiles.

Ram is in his office talking to his lawyer.

Lawyer: Mr. Kapoor, are you sure you want to do this? It has taken you over 20 years to build this empire. All your hard work to go in vain? Please give this a serious thought Mr. Kapoor.

Ram: Yes. That's all I have been doing the past few days Mr. Advocate. I think this is the only option I have at this point. Everyone makes mistakes and we have to correct them and as far as I am concerned, I think this is the only way I can make things right for my family. Mr. Advocate, I have worked so hard for everyone all these years. Now the time has come for me to do something for my immediate family – my wife, children and my parents. I am ready for this and have the confidence that I can, through my hard work rebuild my empire.

Mr. Advocate: Okay then Mr. Kapoor, I have all the papers ready and let me know when you would like to finalise everything. I will still give it a second thought if I were you Mr. Kapoor.

Ram looks at him and smiles. He shakes hands with the lawyer and shows him out of his office and comes back to his table. He looks at some papers and smiles. "Lovely birthday gift for my lovely wife", he thinks. I just can't wait Priya. Just a few more days, he says and has a big smile on his face. This is a risk I am taking and I am confident, with you by my side all will work out Priya. Don't worry dear, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just trust me! The road will be rough in the beginning and then I am sure we will look back and be happy. It will be well worth it. He shuts the file and puts it on his table and makes a call to Priya.

Ram: Hi Priya, I hope Pihu and you are ready. I will come in an hour and pick both of you up. We will go out to lunch and then head out to the beach. I will go and pick up Kush first.

Priya smiles: Yes, Mr.Kapoor. Pihu and I are ready. She is very excited. I am packing a small picnic basket, because I am sure the children will be hungry while we are at the beach. Thank you Mr. Kapoor, I appreciate this.

Ram: Priya, you know I am a very selfish man. I am doing this for myself and my happiness.

Priya and Ram both sadly remember the scene in jail when she says that she is going to jail for her happiness. She sighs and realizes Ram is still on the phone.

Priya: Ok Mr. Kapoor, see you soon Bye.

Ram: Bye

He then calls Ayesha and tells her that he is coming home to pick up Kush to take him to lunch and then the beach.

Ayesha: who else is going with you Ram?

Ram: Does it really matter Ayesha? I am not asking you permission to take my son to the beach, I am telling you I am taking him. Make him wear something comfortable. I don't want him in his best clothes to get messed up on the beach. Please make sure he is ready in the next 15 minutes. Bye. He cuts the call.

Ayesha rolls her eyes and talks to herself: Huh! I don't know what to make of this. I have to go and talk to Priya soon. She needs to get out of our lives. Both she and her daughter are playing havoc in my life. If I have to live comfortably, she has to leave and that too pretty soon. I have to do something. She then walks out of her room and yells for Kush asking him to get ready because his papa is picking him up.

Kush says ok Mom. I am ready. He doesn't offer any information to Ayesha and when she asks him who all are going, he just puts out his lower lip and shrugs his shoulders as if he doesn't know who else is going. He doesn't want his mom to ruin their plans of a fun filled afternoon.

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