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Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

FF Whose side are you on? Last part on pg 22 (Page 7)

viny_queen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 November 2012 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
wow ram read priya diaryBig smile hope all matters sort out soonWink

shonuz_mom Senior Member

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Posted: 14 November 2012 at 11:22pm | IP Logged
First Off, Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Very nice and emotional update. Continue soon
gupta90 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 12:21am | IP Logged
totally loved it, u have written it so beautifully i have no words to describe it Smile specially the part u have added journals written by Priya, that was just awesome, and thank u for the PM, please continue soonSmile
sangautam Senior Member

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Dear Friends,

Had a little free time and loved the encouragement I am getting from you all, so am ready with the next part. Enjoy and do post your comments. They mean a lot to me and encourage me to write more.

Part 5

Ram goes to his office and meets his lawyer. Has a really long discussion with him (I am not going to write about the discussion as I want to keep the suspense going).

Priya is in the kitchen, cleaning and putting away the dishes. Neha comes and asks her if she is going to fast the next day for KC. They remember Priyas first KC and the special bond the four friends share. Neha says that she will be fasting and usually even though Vik needs to be reminded every year, he also fasts for her.

Priya: I am sure your issues can be worked out Neha. You are both so much in love and it is very obvious. You will both be too miserable without each other. I speak from experience Neha. The past 5 years have been a torture for me Neha. Of course Pihu was my distraction. She was the best gift a mother could get. Being so much like her father, she would remind me more and more of Ram each and every day. Neha, I really don't know how I managed to live these past 5 years. You and Vik need to talk things out and I am sure it will all be sorted. It was so sweet of Vik to take care of Rehan when he was ill. That, I am sure is the beginning of a very good bonding between step-father and step-son. If you need any help, you know you can count on me.

Neha is in a very pensive mood now: Thanks Priya. I really don't know how it will work out. Anyway for now I am going to concentrate on KC, which is tomorrow. And by the way, you have not answered my question; are you going to fast tomorrow and did you fast the past 5 years? Why are you avoiding that question Priya?

Priya gives a small smile and her eyes fill up: Yes Neha. How can I not fast for my Ram? Remember, I still love him. Of course the situation is different. There is no relationship between us now, but I will still continue to observe the KC fast. Please do not tell anyone about it, because I would like to do it in a very quiet way. The telephone rings and Priya answers it. The call is from Ayesha.

Priya: Hello!

Ayesha: Priya, is Kush with you? I want him home right now.

Priya: but he has just woken up. As soon as he is ready and done…..

Ayesha cuts Priyas conversation: You don't understand. I want him home NOW. I am sending the driver immediately. Don't give him any food. He will have his breakfast when he comes here.

Priya: Don't worry about Kush Ayesha, he wants to have br…..

Ayesha disconnects the phone and Priya is rather shocked at the way Ayesha spoke to her. She frowns and looks at the telephone. Kush hears the conversation from the room and comes out slowly. He looks very scared and asks Priya

Kush: Priya angel, was that my Mom on the phone?

Priya immediately changes the look on her face and smiles as she turns to look at Kush: Yes beta. She is sending the driver to pick you up. Are you ready?

Kush: can I come back again with papa and play with Pihu? Can I have my breakfast before I go?

Priya: Your mamma wants you home immediately. I think she is missing you and is waiting for you for breakfast.

Kush shrugs his shoulders and puts his head down and goes to the room. After a minute or so Pihu comes and asks if Kush can stay a little longer.

Priya: Pihu, his mother is sending the car for him and when she wants him home he needs to go right?

Pihu nods her head: Kush likes to stay here and play with me. He said that he likes you too.

Priya was so happy to hear that and tells Pihu to have a shower and be ready so they can have breakfast after Kush leaves.

The day goes by and Ram is on his way back home from his office. He is deep in thought. He remembers the previous evening at Priyas place again and again and has a slight smile on his face. He reaches home and goes straight to his room, changes and settles down in his big chair. He turns it around so he is now gazing at the big photograph of him and Priya that is hanging above the bed. He has a FB about the wish and their long drive and that one FB leads to all the other wishes. He has a smile on his face but the pain is also clearly visible.

His eyes fall on the journal and he picks it up and reads:

2007 Karva Chauth

Tomorrow is KC and just like I did last year, I am going to fast for your well being Ram. I do not have even a picture of yours, but when I close my eyes I can see you, so that should be fine. I will break my fast seeing you in my minds eye. Ram, I miss you so much. Wish you were with me. Yesterday I entered my fifth month of pregnancy. I am beginning to feel the baby move. It is an amazing feeling. A little baby in my tummy! I think this is the best feeling. When the baby moves, it feels like a butterfly is fluttering in me. Wish you were here to share the feeling with me. My tummy is beginning to show quite a bit. Now I know how it feels to have a paunch. My doctor said that it was not a good idea to fast completely. However, I think I can do it. Our baby and I want to do this for your good health and long life and I am sure our little one will not mind. I still fondly remember my first KC with you. I realized how important it was to do this especially when Rishabh brought the news about the plane crash and I was so thankful that you were not on that flight. That was a big scare Ram. Tomorrow as always, I will be thinking of you a lot more and praying for your well being. Stay well and healthy Ram. I love you. Baby and I miss you a lot!


Back to the present:

Ram looks at Priya in the big picture and smiles: Only you can do this for me Priya. You know what! I have been fasting in your memory every year for KC. This must be the reason why God was so happy and decided to send you back to me. Priya, we are destined to be together. Just give me another day and I promise I will make everything alright for you and me; for us and our family. Happy KC for tomorrow Priya! Good night.

Kush hears Ram talking and slowly tip-toes into the room and sees him talking to the picture. He has a puzzled look.

Kush: Papa, whom are you talking to? Are you going to Pihus home? Can I come too? I like Priya angel very much papa. Pihu said she is the worlds best mamma. I wish my mom was the worlds best too.

He gives Ram a hug and is waiting for a reply.

Ram holds Kush in his arms and ruffles his hair: Champ, I am tired tonight and will not go to Pihus place. Maybe tomorrow night? Is that okay with you? Kush nods his head excitedly.

Kush: Good night Papa

Ram: Good night Kush.

I don't want to repeat what happened in todays episode. Basically KK and Dadi take sargi to Priya that night and Priya keeps fast the next day without telling anyone about it. The scene shifts to the night of KC when all the ladies are waiting to spot the moon. At last they do and all are getting ready to do the pooja with their respective husbands. Priya walks to one corner of the terrace to do her pooja with her thali and Rams picture in her hand. She does not want anyone to ask her any questions.


Priya lifts the sieve with the lamp in it and faces the moon. She looks at the moon and closes her eyes. She heaves a big sigh and says to herself "God, please take care of my Ram as you have been in the past 6 years. I have been doing this pooja for him and only for him and will continue to do it till my last breath. Please give him long and healthy life. This is all I ask of you dear God"

She says this and places a photograph of Ram in front of the sieve and slowly opens her eyes. As she is looking at the picture, she sees Ram walk up in front of her. He has a smile on his face and is wearing the polo neck tee shirt and jeans (same clothes that he wore to surprise her during the wishes BC track). She puts the picture down and stares lovingly into Rams eyes. They share an eye lock and both of them get very emotional. Priya has tears streaming down her cheeks, while Rams eyes are brimming. Both of them have a sad smile on their faces. They break the eye lock and Priya continues with the pooja. Ram then takes the kalash and gives her water to drink. Both of them look into each others eyes as if they don't want to stop looking at each other. Ram takes a piece of sweet and feeds her. She then bends to touch his feet. Ram initially tries to stop her, but when he feels her fingers on his feet, he shuts his eyes and the tears roll down his cheeks. He heaves a great big sigh and opens his eyes and looks at Priya. She turns to put her plate on a nearby table and is about to leave when he holds her hand. They have another eye lock. Silence is the new language of communication – not entirely new to them as they have had these conversations in the past, but at this moment, there is no verbal talking, no arguments – just the language of the heart connecting these two lost souls that have just discovered each other once again.

Ram: Priya, can I ask you a question?

Priya: sure Ra.. Mr Kapoor. What is it?

Ram: can we go down to your apartment and talk, I don't want to be disturbed for a bit. It might take a little time.

Priya: Okay then, I will ask Nutz to take Pihu with her. I will pick her up later when we are ready for dinner. I hope you will stay for dinner tonight.

Ram: Ok, and I forgot. I have brought Kush with me as well. I will hand them both over to Choti and join you in your apartment.

Priya nods her head: Mr Kapoor, you should wear these clothes more often. They look good on you. She says and looks down smiling shyly.

Ram gets all bashful and walks away calling Pihu and Kush.

Priya goes and opens her apartment and is waiting for Ram. She looks around and picks up a magazine that has fallen on the floor and pulls the sheets on the diwan in the living room. She straightens a cushion and looks at the door. Ram rings the bell and notices the door open and walks in. Priya walks towards him and offers him a seat in the living room. She goes back and shuts the front door and latches it.

Ram: Priya, I've been thinking a lot about us. In my anger, I tried to take away Pihu from you because I wanted you to feel the pain I have been feeling. Pihu is a wonderful kid and you have done a wonderful job raising her. I feel jealous when I see you both together sometimes. I love watching the two of you together. I did not realize how difficult I was making it for Pihu, just because I wanted to get back at you. I notice every minute detail about you and your surroundings. I know I have loved you for the last 5 years. I don't know when that turned into hatred and the hatred into love again. I am sorry for my behavior the last couple of months. I have no excuses. I know our lives are in a mess at this point and I want to make things right. I just want to know if you are with me in this. I am not sure if you know that Ayesha and I don't share anything. Ours was an arrangement. When you had gone, we realized that Ayesha was pregnant with Sids child and just to keep you happy, I decided to give her my name so that Kush did not have to live with the stigma. I know that you would have wanted something like that to be done so that our families would not have had to live with the shame in society. Priya, I thought this out for so many days. How I wish you were with me to help me make a decision. As far as Ayesha and I are concerned for all practical purposes, we are not husband and wife. It is just on paper. I am a business man and all I can think of are deals. Please think about it carefully and give me an answer by the end of tomorrow. I know I promised her that she will be Mrs Ram Kapoor, but now I don't know what to do. I know you will not be happy if your sister is unhappy. I am at a loss now. I want to annul my marriage with Ayesha and give her whatever she wants in return for it – be it business, money, property, jewellery, cars – anything she wants. In return she has to annul our marriage and give us – you and me custody of Kush. Now my question to you is: Are you willing to accept me, Ram Kapoor as your husband. Only difference is that this Ram Kapoor will be starting life afresh with you. We will not have all the wealth and lead a rich life. I promise to work hard and establish myself again for us. We will have to take care of Dadi and Ma. They will be our responsibility. Rishabh and Soumya have businesses that they can support themselves. Are you okay with this? I am giving you time to think this ov…

Priya puts her hand across Ram's mouth. She has tears in her eyes. That was a lot Ram said to her. She was saddened that Ayesha was so materialistic. What happened to her little sister? Where did she go wrong?

Priya: Wow! That is a lot you have spoken. I hope this conversation has lightened your burden. Firstly, I want to apologise for the biggest mistake I made in our lives, making your life a living hell! At that time, I thought I was making the right decision and I stuck to it. It was very hard for me too, believe me. I missed you at every step, but I thought this was the best thing for you because I cannot see your pain. Unfortunately my decision boomeranged and here we are in this mess and I am responsible for it.

Mr Kapoor, now coming to your question to me; what do you think my answer is going to be? Do you think I married you and fell in love with you because you are The Ram Kapoor? How can you even think that your Priya wants all your money and property? All I want is to grow old with you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side – money or no money. That is not important. I want my husband not the businessman. I will be very happy to have Kush as my son. The child did not ask for a messed up life when he came into this world and he deserves the best, just like Pihu. I don't need any time to make this decision. I just feel bad for Ayesha, but, I guess that she is to blame for the situation she is in. Mr Kapoor, I think we have spent a lot of time thinking about and living for our families. It is now time for us to think about our future – yours, mine, our children. Of course Ma and Dadi are our responsibility and I will be very happy to take care of them.

Both Ram and Priya are now lost in each others eyes. Both have tear stained faces, but for the moment happiness seems to have taken over. Ram stands up and opens his arms and Priya just falls into them. She has been yearning for all these years for this. To be lost in his broad chest, listening to his heartbeat – the song of her heart.  Priya shuts her eyes and lets the tears flow. She wants to empty her eyes out so there is no more sorrow left in them. All she wants is to be in her Rams arms forever and ever. God, are you listening? These two are actually one soul in two bodies never to be separated. They deserve to be together for the rest of their lives.


Let us leave them in each others arms for now. Tomorrow is another day and let us think about what their future has in store for them tomorrow. For today, this is it. Priya and Ram in each others arms are what they want and what we want too. Good night!

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 wow,.. good  update loved it 

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I have no words with me to describe your writing... I am in love with ur writing and of course this FF...Plzz continue...
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Wow, that was really great.
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fantastic luved itBig smile

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