Bade Acche Laggte Hai


Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

FF Whose side are you on? Last part on pg 22 (Page 4)

shavii IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 7:04am | IP Logged
update soon with lots of aloo parathas scenesLOL

jineejiggs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 10:33am | IP Logged
love the union of mom-daughter, it is heart rendering that a child is being separated from his/her mother, loved it ASAP
leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 9:43pm | IP Logged
awww lovely update dear... really glad to see... u were thinking the same... what i was thinking for Kush... he is such a gud boy... n he deservse to be with Priya at this age... when her own mother is not much then... money puppet he needs to learn some gud values of Life beng with mother/elder sister of his mother... well back on update awesome... update dear loved how Kuch become charged being around of Priya loved thier bonding u very well written... reading the... mother duagter reunioun u just bring tears in my eyes... awesome update... loved how even family reacet so sensibly... hoping for some more gud moments of RaYaPee with Kush... so do update next soon... waiting !!!!!!!!!
viny_queen IF-Rockerz

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Love it graphics...
_CandyCream_ IF-Dazzler

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Fab update!! That Priya and Pihu scene was just perfect! Beautifully written!
sangautam Senior Member

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Part 3


This part begins in KM. Dadi and KK are talking in Dadi's room. Both seem very excited and happy.

Dadi: Krishna, do you think Golu will bring Priya home tonight or tomorrow morning? I want you to get the arati thali ready so that we can welcome her whenever she comes. I cannot wait to have her back in our lives, in her very own home. I hope Golu cools down now, seeing how happy Pihu is with her mother.

KK: Haan, Biji. I can't tell you how eager I am to see Priya back in KM. It was she that brought me back to my home and I would like to bring her back to HER home as soon as possible. I just hope my son doesn't disappoint us. With Dushera and Diwali round the corner, I want us to celebrate the gruhapravesh of our Bahu as well. That will be the best gift I can get this festival season.

Dadi: Do you think Golu will spend the night at Priyas place? Did you notice, in all the hurry of taking Pihu back to her mother, Golu left in his kurta pajama? It is so unlike him, but mujhe bahut acha laga!

Both Dadi and Krishuji are very excited and hopeful that their Priya will return to her home soon. Dadi remembers Priyas gruhapravesh after her marriage and a few happy times in KM with Priya – her requesting for a par pota, breakfast time when Ram wants Priya to call him by his name, the time when he holds her hand and she is forced to eat with her left hand….. and so on.


Scene shifts to Priyas apartment

Priya is in the kitchen prepping for her famous aloo parathas. She has a big smile on her face and tears of joy on the verge of pouring out of her eyes. She is humming a tune – her Ram's favorite song – bade ache lagte hain, yeh dharti yeh nadiyan yeh raina aur……. Aur tu! The children have gone to wash their hands before they sit down for dinner.

Ram is in the living room pretending to read a magazine, but is actually lost in thought. He is very quiet and in a pensive mood. Hears Priya humming in the kitchen and looks in that direction. A small shy smile appears at the corner of his mouth. He scratches his forehead with his left hand. He says to himself: Is she humming the tune to impress me or is she genuinely remembering our old times together? I am so angry with her, yet, why am I feeling so happy and relaxed here. Why am I getting the feeling that my life is complete? I still hate her, but why do I want to be around her?

FB The scene where Priya confesses her love for Ram. Priya shouts out angrily: Mr Kapoor, do you know what your problem is? You only believe what you want to believe. You do not want to listen to what the other person is saying. Your ego doesn't let you give the other person a chance to talk. I have no problem confessing my feelings for you – I love you Mr Kapoor and I really do!

He jumps back to reality when Pihu holds him by his hand and pulls him

Pihu: Papa, please wash your hands and come for dinner. I can smell aloo parathas. My mouth is watering and I am very hungry. I know you are hungry. Mamma told me to bring you to the dining table too.

Kush is sitting at the table waiting for Pihu and Ram to join him. Ram sits at the head of the table with Kush on his right and Pihu on his left. Priya walks into the dining room with plates and table mats. She goes back and brings glasses and some water. She goes back into the kitchen, picks up a glass and inspects it very closely. There seems to be a small speck of dirt. She bites her tongue and taps her head with her right hand. Oops! She takes a napkin and cleans the glass and brings it and puts it in front of Ram. She brings a bottle of mineral water – (the usual brand that he orders in restaurants): I ordered a case of these bottles just for you Mr Kapoor. She smiles and a chuckle escapes her mouth. She turns away and bites her tongue again. Ram seems to be in a better mood and she has no intention to mess that up. He has come a long way since the day he left the hospital and Priya knows that he needs his time to cool off. Five years of misery is not easy to forget and she knows it has been very hard on her Ram.

She serves Ram one hot aloo parathas in his plate and puts the casserole in the center. She also brings a bowl with homemade butter and places it next to Ram. She serves some butter and one parathas onto a plate and sits at the other end of the table (opposite Ram). She breaks off a piece and feeds Pihu. She turns to Kush and offers him a bite too. He puts out his hand to take the piece from Priyas hand and notices that Pihu is eating off her mothers hand so he does the same.

Kush: Mmm! This aloo parathas is very nice. I have never eaten one so tasty. I like how you are feeding me Priya angel!

He remembers what Ayesha tells him at the dining table at KM: Mom please feed me. I like it when Dadi feeds me. Why don't you feed me today?

Ayesha rolls her eyes and says in a very stern voice: Kush you are getting spoilt. You are not a baby any more. You are 4 years old. You have your own hands. Please use the spoon and fork and eat like a big boy. I don't want to mess my hands and also you have to eat on your own.

He looks very lovingly at his Priya angel. Priya is feeding both the children. She notices that Ram is watching her feed both the children and has not started eating his parathas.

Priya: Ra… Mr Kapoor, please eat your parathas before it gets cold. I know you don't like to eat it cold.

He gets startled for a moment and feels embarrassed that Priya noticed him staring at her while she is feeding the kids.

Priya: Mr Kapoor, do you want to feed Pihu and Kush?

Ram smiles shyly and nods his head. He breaks a piece and feeds Kush and another piece to Pihu. Pihu turns and looks at her mother as if she is asking for permission and Priya answers with her ever so expressive eyes and a smile that its ok for Pihu to eat out of her papas hand. She goes back to the kitchen pretending to do something and looks from the door to the kitchen as she sees Ram feeding the children. Tears pour out of her eyes and she puts her hand on her chest. She has a smile and loves what she is seeing – her family – her happy family. She looks up and moves her lips as if saying "thank you God"! She takes out more parathas and also joins in feeding the children. Kush is enjoying it and so is Pihu.

Pihu: I love you mamma. Kush, do you also agree that my mamma makes the best aloo parathas? Her food is the best because she puts all her love in the food when she is cooking. Hain na mamma? (She looks at Priya inquiringly). She is the best mamma in the whole world.

Priya looks at Pihu and then at Kush with a beaming smile. Of course her eyes are filled with tears and she shrugs her shoulders like she always does when she feels happy. She is enjoying every moment of the evening. Her darling princess is home with her and as a bonus her Ram and Kush are also with her. What more can she ask for! She wants the moment to freeze and remain forever. Eventually both the children are done eating. They get up to wash up.

Pihu: Mamma, can I take Kush to our room and play Candy land with him? I promise we will clean up after we are done playing. Papa, you said I can sleep with mamma in my bed na? She is just reassuring herself that she is not going back to KM for the night. There are stress lines on her face.

Priya: Sure bacha. You can both play for a little while before you go to bed.

Ram gives her a hug: Sure Rockstar. You are going to sleep here tonight. Don't worry at all. Champ, you can go and play with Pihu.

Priya turns to Ram: Mr Kapoor, if you can wait for a few minutes, I will make you some hot parathas. It will just take a couple of minutes. I have everything ready and the one in your plate is cold. She walks up to him and takes the plate with the parathas in front of Ram and goes into the kitchen.

She quickly makes a couple of parathas and brings them in a fresh plate for Ram. She goes back towards the kitchen and turns back to see his reaction.

Ram looks at the parathas and butter in his plate and takes a deep breath. The fragrance (his most favorite fragrance) floats in the air. The fragrance of fresh aloo parathas with homemade butter! There is a quick flashback of many instances from the past when he was enjoying food cooked by his wife and she is smiling and shrugging her shoulders as she looks shyly at him on every occasion.

He comes back to reality. Breaks off a piece of the hot aloo paratha and puts it into his mouth. He shuts his eyes as he is slowly chewing the food in his mouth as if he is savoring every time his taste buds come in contact with the amrit in his mouth. Tears begin to flow from his closed eyes even as he is chewing the first mouthful. He continues to eat and opens his tear-filled eyes only to take a piece of the parathas and put it in his mouth. He has mixed expressions on his face. Pain from the memories of the recent past and pleasure from eating his favorite food made by the best cook in the whole world. The aloo parathas with homemade butter just made perfectly for him. He remembers what Pihu just said about the love with which Priya makes the food. Is that really love?

All this time Priya is watching from the other side of the room. She is crying uncontrollably. She runs into the kitchen and covers her mouth so that Ram cannot hear her crying. She cannot believe that she was the cause of so much hurt and bitterness in the life of the one she loved the most. She cannot bear to see his tears and is angry with herself for being the reason behind those tears. Her Ram, her life is in so much pain and all the pain was caused by the one he loved and trusted the most. How is that even possible? How can she make it up to him? Will he ever get over this pain and sorrow that she caused? What is her punishment for this pain?

Priya saying to herself while she is crying: I am sooo sorry Ram. Give me any punishment you want. I don't deserve your love. I made such a big mistake 5 years ago and you are now suffering for it. What can I do to wipe those tears away and erase these bad memories from your mind? God, please forgive me. I am the worst wife any man can have and a man as good as Ram doesn't deserve me.

Ram hears muffled sounds from the kitchen and comes in to see what is going on. He sees Priya crying and takes a step towards her and then stops. He looks at her guiltily and scratches his forehead with his left hand.

Ram: Priya, please don't cry. I know things have not been very nice lately. Like you said I think we need to talk. But first, please stop crying. Thank you for the tasty aloo parathas. I have not eaten them in a long time and I know no one makes them as well as you do. Thank you very much.

She hears Ram and quickly wipes her tears and turns around to face him. Ram looks down. He is unable to look her in the eye. If there is one thing he cannot bear, it is his beloved Priyas tears. At this moment he is not sure how to deal with it, so doesn't want to face her.

Ram: Can I help you clear the table? Before she could reply Pihu and Kush come to the dining room.

Pihu: Mamma, I'm feeling sleepy. We put away our toys. Can you read to me from my bedtime story book?

Kush: Priya angel, can you read to me too? Can I sleep here till papa is ready to take me home? Bua said she will bring my night clothes from her home.

Priya: I will call your bua and ask her if I can pick up your night clothes Kush. Saying this she calls Nutz and asks her if she can come and pick up Kush's clothes.

 Nutz offers to drop it off. She is very curious to see what has transpired at Priyas place. Is there any progress? Has Bhai cooled off? Have they had a chance to talk to each other? She decides to offer to take care of the children if necessary. She comes by and drops off the clothes. She notices that the dinner plates are still on the dining table and also realizes that her bhai is in his home clothes and not in his suit and shoes. Did he change after coming here or did he come from KM like that? She gives the children a big hug and wishes them goodnight.

Pihu in a very excited tone: Bua-mami (she calls Nuts that because Nutz is her Bua as well as her mami), do you know I am going to sleep here tonight. Kush is also going to sleep here for now and papa will take him home when he goes home. She goes to Priya and gives her a big hug.

Nutz asks Priya to call her if she wants any help and gives her a mischievous smile and goes away. Once she is out of the door, she jumps and skips along very excitedly.

Back inside Ram asks the children if he can read to them. Pihu looks very apprehensive. Papa, I want mamma to read to us. She said looking very worried. Ram looks down with disappointment written all over his face.

Priya sees this and comes to the rescue: Pihu, I am sure papa can read to you much better than me. Why don't you let him read to you now? That way I can clean up and join you after that.

Pihu looks very worried: mamma, I want to sleep next to you. Promise me that you will sleep next to me?

Ram: Rockstar I promise that you are going to sleep here with your mamma. I am not taking you back to KM now. That's a promise. Now, can I read to you? Please? Pihu nods and takes Ram to their room.

Priya clears the bed and takes out the sheets etc and gives Ram the book. The children jump onto the bed and Ram lays down next to Pihu and Kush and begins to read aloud to them. They are both listening very intently. Priya walks away from the bedroom. She has a smile on her face as she turns around and glances at the room. This is something she had always dreamed of and now she is actually seeing it happen. She goes to the dining room and then to the kitchen to clean up before retiring for the night. She is humming her favorite tune again and has a smile on her face. After she finishes cleaning up, she goes back to her room and wow what a sight! Kush, Pihu and Ram all sprawled on the bed – fast asleep. Ram snoring away to glory and a giggle escapes from Priyas mouth. How is Kush even able to sleep with all the noise in the room? She looks very contented. PPPerfect! Kisi ki nazar na lag jaye! She walks up next to Ram and is tempted to run her fingers through his hair. She puts her hand out and then decides not to. What if he wakes up and gets mad at her again? She doesn't want to risk it. This was enough happiness for one evening and she is willing to take one day at a time for now. She looks up and says: Thank you God!

Well friends thats it for now. Heres wishing you a very Happy Deepavali and hoping this coming week is a fabulous one for all of us die-hard BALH fans. Do not forget to post your comments as it is a big encouragement for first timers like me. Thank you for all your wonderful posts so far. You all inspire me.

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Hey great updates .. you are writing about the Peehu & kush's emotions so beautifulll and its heart touching .. i read 3 parts in a go ... Thank you ... and happy diwali to you tooo ... 
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Hey that was a superb update...I tght that they wud tlk in this update, but will b waiting for the next update...Superbly written...Loved it...Happy Diwali to you too...

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