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Bade Acche Laggte Hai
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FF Whose side are you on? Last part on pg 22 (Page 3)

snehasya Goldie

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 2:18pm | IP Logged
hey nice start and awesome updates loved the way things are coming up please update soon and if you dont mind please give a pm when you update next time

SriB IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 6:17pm | IP Logged
Very beautiful, touching and moving Sangautam. Well done.
Please continue . 
sangautam Senior Member

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 11:29pm | IP Logged
Part 2

As Ram and Pihu were leaving Kush walked up to them and held Rams hand: Pappa, can I come with you and Pihu? I miss you a lot. You have not been spending much time with me. I miss playing video games with you Pappa.

Ram felt very guilty. He was beginning to see the damage his anger was doing ' not only to Priya, but to his two children. Even though he was not the biological father of Kush, they shared a very special bond. As far as Kush was concerned, Ram was his papa. Even though there was no relationship between Ayesha and him, Ram adored Kush and enjoyed his company. He realized that he was hurting the two most precious people in his life right now. He ruffled Kushs' hair and smiled at him. He bent down and hugged both Pihu and Kush.

Ram: I am sorry Champ. I was not in a good mood lately, but that doesn't give me any rights to hurt both of you. You and Pihu are very special to me and I apologise to both of you. Of course Champ, you can come to Pihus home. I am sure she will like it. He looks at Pihu as if he is asking her permission to bring Kush to her home.

Pihu: Yes Kush, you can come home with us. I will show you all my toys. Will you play with me? You can be friends with Tiger and Happy too. They will be your friend too.

Ayesha rolls her eyes as she is watching all this from a corner of the room: Kush! She shouts. It is too late for you to go anywhere. You can't just go away to anybody and everybody's house in the middle of the night. Ram, please leave Kush behind. It is almost his bedtime.

Kush looks at the floor and is very disappointed. Mom, please can I go with papa and Pihu? I will come back with papa after dropping her. Please, please please mom!

Ayesha: Kush, Pihus house is very small. Too many people live in that small house. There are no video games and there is only one TV. It is almost your bed time and you can watch your show on TV in your room.

Nutz: I don't see what all the fuss is about Ayesha. Kush comes to our place and spends time with us. There are more people in our home than in Priyas. Also, don't forget that till 5 years ago, you used to live in the same apartments. She shrugs her shoulders and looks angrily at Ayesha.

Ram: Ayesha, Choti is absolutely right. Kush will go with me and come back with me. There is no need for you to be worried. Anyway, he is having vacation and there is no school for the next month, so its okay if he goes to bed a bit late. If he wants to sleep, I am sure there is enough place for him to sleep till I bring him back home. Chalo Kush! Lets go.

Kush smiles and holds on to Rams hand. Ram looks at Krishuji and Nutz: Ma, I am so sorry that I made all of you a part of my misery. I shouldn't have put any conditions on you all. I will try and change everything from now onwards. You are all very special and mean the world to me. Choti, please leave the journals in my room, I will definitely read them when I get back. Please don't wait for me. I will be back after settling some matters with Priya. Lately you have all seen the worst side of me for no fault of yours. I will try and mend things with all of you.

Nutz holds Krishujis hand and squeezes it. She gives her a wide grin and winks at her. She is very happy that Ram is going to Priyas place and is hoping he will set things right with her. After all Raya is one soul in two bodies and the soul has to be united. They all know it is a matter of time and she is pretty excited that the right time is round the corner.

Nutz: Bhai, you take your time. If Kush wants to sleep, I will bring over his toothbrush and night clothes from our home as soon as I get there. I will be leaving in a few minutes. Saying this she walks up to her brother and gives him a hug. I love you bhai!

Ayesha watches angrily as Ram leaves with the children. Oof! Don't know what is going on here. Wish Priya goes back from where she came. She turns around and goes to her room and picks up her phone and is talking to her mother, telling her all that transpired in KM that evening.

In the car, Pihu and Kush are talking and Ram has a very contented look as he watches them. He heaves a sigh and ruffles both the children's hair. He is deep in thought and all the emotions run through his face. He remembers all the good times with Priya ' their wedding, honeymoon, the BC scare days, and then seeing her at the wedding after 5 years and his confrontation about Pihus custody at the hospital and then again at Rahuls birthday, when Priya says that she doesn't want Pihu to go through the legal battle and agrees for him to take full custody of Pihu even though she is not sure if that is the right decision.

Ram to himself: wonder what Priya is made of! I thought I was getting back at her by throwing this legal custody battle at her, and she is so cool about handing over Pihu to me. How can she be so cool? Now, I have hurt Pihu so much and am sure she will not want to come to KM ever. I put a lot of tension in the little head and without realizing I have alienated myself ' her papa from her. I don't know what to do. Priya, do I really hate you? Why am I unable to forget all our lovely moments? Do I still love her? Does she deserve my love? Have I made a mistake? Pihu is a mini me in most ways but she is so sensible, strong and practical like Priya. Why can I not get Priya out of my mind? How do I face Priya and tell her that she won. Pihu is miserable with me and I cannot see her like this. The very thought of going back to Priya, brought the smile and chirpiness back into her and I always want to see Pihu happy.

Pihu: Papa quickly get down. We have reached my home. We have to surprise mamma. She will be very happy. I am sure. She shakes her fathers hand and is very excited. If anyone saw her, they will think that she has been separated from her mother for a very long time. But, for a child even a minute is eternity.

Kush: Pihu, you know what? My bua and Nanu live in this building too. Do you also live here? I have not seen your mother at all. How is she? Is she very strict? Does she go to a lot of kitty parties? My mom likes to go to the club and shopping all the time. He keeps twisting his hands as he seems to be nervous to meet Pihus mother for the first time.

Pihu: my mamma is the world's best mamma. I love her very much and she loves me very much. I am sure she will love you too. She takes very good care of me and makes the best aloo parathas in the whole world. What are kitty parties? My mamma only goes to work and comes back home in time to take care of me after school. I am sure you will love her too. Saying this, she holds Kush's hand and looks at Ram, waiting for him to open the door and take them to her home.

Ram: We are here already? That was quick. He scratches his forehead with his left hand and has a lost look on his face. He looks at Pihu who is very excited and then looks at Kush who is nervous and gives them both a smile. Come on bache lets go! Kush, are you okay? There is nothing to worry Champ. I am sure you will love Pihus mamma too. She is very nice.

The three of them walk hand in hand to the elevator.

Ram: Thank God the elevator is working and we don't have to walk up five floors.


Priya and Neha are sitting across the table in the dining room. Priya is deep in thought. Her tear-stained face shows that she has been crying for a long time. She is leafing through a photo album and looking very intently at each picture. She goes into a trance after she sees the pictures in each page, as if she is reliving those memories all over again. She has an occasional smile on her face and keeps looking at the door as if she is expecting Pihu to walk right through the door and run into her arms. Then she looks at Neha and tells her about the picture ' what happened and when it happened. She has tears rolling down her cheeks again. This has been going on for the past few hours ever since Pihu left with Ram. Neha lets her talk and feels it is good to get it out of her system.

They hear the door bell ring. Priya gets up and runs to the door. She has trouble opening it and when she eventually opens it, she is delighted to see who is on the other side. Tears just pour out of her eyes. She lets out a screech of delight and scoops Pihu off her feet. She hugs her close to her chest and cries loudly. Pihu also holds on to Priyas neck and cries. Ram and Kush are looking at the reunion of mother and daughter. Ram has tears in his eyes and looks on so endearingly at Pihu and Priya. He holds Kush's hand and walks past Priya and Pihu into the living room. Priya didn't even notice them entering the living room. She is kissing her darling Pihu all over her face, crying, smiling, talking all at the same time.

Neha looks up and smiles: Thank you God she says softly and goes into her room. She wants Priya to enjoy the special moments with her family.

Priya: My bacha, my darling, my princess, I love you sweetheart. I missed you so much. I don't know how I am going to live without you!

Suddenly she realizes that Ram and Kush are watching them. She stops and looks at Ram in wonder. Is everything okay? Is Pihu alright? How come you are here at this hour?

Ram: Yes, all is well. Pihu was missing you so I thought I should bring her back here.

Pihu gets down from her mammas lap and brings Kush to her: Mamma, this is my brother. His name is Kush. Remember I told you that I tied rakhi to him on the computer when Golu uncle was in Dubai? That was before Golu uncle became my papa. This is the same Kush mamma. Kush, this is my mamma.

Kush: Oh she is your mother? I know her. He walks up to Priya who is on her knees by now holding Pihus hand in one hand and reaching out to Kush with the other. You are Priya angel aren't you? I met you at Rahul bhayyas birthday party remember? Papa told me all about you and that you will make everything alright. Can I get a hug from you like you gave Pihu?

Priya looks up at Ram. Tears are still flowing out of her eyes, but now she has a small smile as if to say: Ram, did you really say that about me to Kush? She then turns to Kush and hugs both Pihu and Kush.

Priya: Sure beta. If you are Pihu's bhayya, then you are my son too. Yes, I am Priya angel (she looks up at Ram and looks into his eyes) Ram and Priya have an eye lock and seem to be lost in each other's eyes for a moment. 

Pihu pulls at Priyas arm: Mamma, Papa said I can sleep with you tonight. Tiger and happy also have come home with us. Can Kush play with me till he goes home with Papa? Papa, can you stay here for some time so Kush and I can play a game?

Priya: Ra.. Mr. Kapoor I cannot thank you enough for bringing Pihu here tonight. I was so lost without her. I understand how you must feel being away from her for 5 years, when I was not able to stay without her for 5 hours. I am really very sorry.

Ram looks very sheepishly at Priya. He raises his hand as if to say, lets not talk about that now: Priya, Pihu has not eaten her dinner. I am sure she is hungry. In all this excitement she seems to have forgotten.

As though she has heard Ram, Pihu turns around and runs back to Priya and hugs her. Mamma, I am very hungry. Both papa and I have not eaten dinner. Can you please make us some of your worlds best Aloo parathas?

Priya: Sure bache. I will make some for all of you. Kush, will you also have some Aloo Parathas? Go and wash up and give me ten minutes. I will make them.

Kush very shyly nodded his head. No thank you. I have never eaten aloo paratha. My mom says it is unhealthy.

Pihu: Kush, my mamma always says you should taste first before you say no. Maybe you should take a bite and then if you don't like, mamma will give you something else.

Kush: Ok, maybe I will try. Thank you very much. Can I call you Priya angel? He says looking longingly at Priya.

Priya: I love that name Kush. Of course you can call me that.

Kush: do you know my Nanu and Bua and Mama live in this building too? There are a lot of nice children in this building and my Bua lets me play with them with my Nani is not around, because she doesn't like me  playing with them.

All this while, Ram is silently watching Kush and Pihu interacting with Priya. He is at a loss for words. He notices that Pihu has not let go of Priyas hand since she came in. Now Kush is also talking nineteen-to-the-dozen to Priya. He has tears in his eyes, yet a contented smile appears as he is watching his family ' a happy family for the moment at least. There is a lot that needs to be said and he doesn't know where to start. For now, I think dinner would be the best option. Once his tummy is full, he will get the strength to talk things over with Priya. Will she listen to him or will she gloat that she has won this battle?


Friends, this is all for tonight. Hope you like it. Coincidentally, one of you mentioned that I should include Kush in this picture, just as I was writing about him. So hope you like it. Let me know.

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Its really nice. 

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kaparikh1 Goldie

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Superbly written...Plzz continue...

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Pinkjali Senior Member

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It was more than pefect update, every thing was so natural and real... Ur ff is rocking, maa-beti reunion wala scene toh i just loved it, what next..? Waiting for it, update soon.

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Smile Smile   Smile Nice update...please continue soon..Ram priya ko km le jaega waoooww.. LOL LOL

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sss283 IF-Dazzler

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Priya ko bolo na...jaldi se ram ko aloo parantha khila de...aur phir ram use KM le jayega
waiting for next partTongue

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