Bade Acche Laggte Hai


Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

FF Whose side are you on? Last part on pg 22 (Page 22)

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i had tears while reading...beautifully pennd by you...thanks a lot...

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Thank u soo much for telling me about this update or else i would have given a complete miss to it.Superb update, i loved it Thumbs Up Heart u know what before reading ur story i would find the silence language of heart and eyes r talking type scene little boring but ur ff maked me love those scene 2.. Big smile and the whole journal wala part toh was just mindblowing.. Clap There were so many moments in this update which i cherish thoroughly but can't express that feelings in comment, extreamly sorry... Dnt write so gud dear, u r making me addicted to ur ff Tongue.. For this whole update i have onething to give and that is g big Hug.. Next update pls...

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Part 15

Ram: Good morning Priya!

Priya: Good morning Ram! Didn't realize how fast the night went by. Let's go and ready for the day.

Ram holding on to Priya in his arms: Do we have to?

Priya: Ram, we have responsibilities you know! Pihu will be up in a short while and the rest of the day will go by just answering her questions and listening to her jabbering. You had better take the day easy. You didn't get any sleep last night so you will be tired. Why don't you get some rest while I get ready and get some tea for us?

Ram: Why are you running away from me Priya? I don't want let you out of my sight for even one minute, you are talking about going to freshen up and make tea. That will take forever my dearest.

Priya looks down bashfully and then looks back into Ram's eyes: I wish we could do that, but you know it is not possible. If we don't go down soon, I am sure Dadi will send someone looking for us and I want to get ready for the day before Pihu wakes up. Now, be a darling and let me go. I promise to be back with tea as soon as I can. Or I have a better idea, why don't you come down and help me make tea for everyone this morning? She looks at him with a naughty glint in her eyes. She knows very well what his answer will be.

Ram pretends to sulk: Oh well! Go and freshen up and bring the tea here. I am not in a mood to go down and socialize with everyone this morning. Anyway we will have to go down and meet every one soon, let us make the most of our time together now. Please come back soon.

Priya goes to the bathroom and comes out in a bit. She is looking all fresh in a beautiful blue saree and a towel wrapped around her hair. She comes into the room and heads to the dressing table. She notices that Ram has his eyes shut and knows that he is not asleep because she does not hear him snore. She smiles shyly as she undoes the towel and dries her wet hair. She looks at herself in the mirror and puts her hand around her bare neck. In the mirror she sees herself with sindoor in her hair and mangalsutra around her neck. She has tears in her eyes and is deep in thought and she doesn't notice Ram walk stealthily behind her. She comes out of her dream as she feels a pair of warm hands on her shoulders and she sees Ram's reflection behind her. She gets up and turns around to face Ram.

Ram: All in due time Priya. He looks into Priyas eyes and reads her mind.

Priya smiles at him as she talks to herself: How well he knows what is on my mind!

Ram is lost in admiring his lady love. She looks so beautiful and seems even more beautiful than she was five years ago. Motherhood suits her so well. I wish I could just spend the day looking into her beady eyes.

Priya snaps him out of his trance and leaves to get tea. As she is walking out of the room she tells him to get ready by the time she brings up his tea. She goes into the kitchen and sees the cooks getting ready for the morning.

Priya: Bansi kaka, I will make tea for Ram and me and take it up to the room with me.

Bansi kaka: Are you sure madam? Ram sir doesn't drink tea in the mornings these days.

Priya is surprised: What? How come he didn't tell me that when I was coming down? Anyway, don't worry, I will take our tea upstairs.

She quietly makes two cups of tea and takes it along with some biscuits on a tray. As she is going upstairs Soumya sees her and smiles.

Soumya: Good morning bhabhi. Hope you had a restful night. She winks at Priya.

Priya smiles: Good morning Soumya. I will be back soon and help you get breakfast on the table.

Soumya: Take your time Bhabhi. I will take care of breakfast. You do what you need to now.

Priya goes up the stairs into her room and shuts the door behind her. She puts the tray down and looks around for Ram. She notices that he is standing near the edge of the verandah, hands folded gazing out into the open sky. She brings the tray outside and puts it by the swing. Ram turns around and walks towards her as he sees her. He sits on the swing waiting for Priya to pour his cup of tea.

Priya: Bansi kaka said you don't drink tea in the mornings these days, is it true?

Ram: Ah! Well since no one can make tea like you do, I just couldn't get myself to drink the tea. Now that you are back, of course I will not miss my tea, especially if you make it with all your love for me.

Both of them sit next to each other with their cups. Both deep in thought when suddenly they hear someone banging on their door. Priya goes and opens the door and sees Pihu standing there.

Priya bends down and looks at Pihu: Good morning baby! Did you sleep well? She gives her a hug and a kiss on her cheek. Pihu hugs her back and returns her kiss.

Pihu: Mamma, did you also sleep here? Where is Papa? Do you like this house? Are we going to stay here forever? Is Kush also going to stay with us? Where is Kush's mamma?

Priya has an amused look on her face: Wait a minute sweetheart! So many questions at the same time? Give me some time and I will answer all your questions. First, lets go and say good morning to your Papa.

Priya gets up and takes Pihu's hand in hers and turns around to go in when they both bump into Ram who was standing behind them with his arms folded. He has a broad grin across his face, admiring Priya's patience and the way she handles Pihu's barrage of questions.

He bends down and picks up Pihu in his arms while Priya watches the daddy-daughter duo in fond admiration. She puts one hand on Ram's arm and the other on Pihu's back.

Ram: Good morning Rockstar! I hope you were comfortable last night. Where's Papa's kiss?

Both give each other a kiss Priya helps put Pihu down.

Priya: Bachcha, please go and brush your teeth and get ready. I will put out some clothes for you to wear.

Pihu: Mamma, can I have aloo parathas for breakfast today?

Ram bursts out laughing. He is so amused as to how like him Pihu is.

Priya: First get ready Pihu. Then you have to go and wish everyone good morning before you have breakfast remember. Lets go and wake up Kush too.

Kush comes from behind them: Badi mamma, I am ready. I got up a long time ago and went to my room and got ready.

Priya bends down and gives him a hug: Arrey Wah! That's my smart boy! Good morning beta.

All four of them go downstairs and greet everyone. KK is very emotional seeing Ram and Priya come down together. She has been waiting for this day for a very long time. After all it was because of Priya that Ram and she got together again and she was so sad that Priya was not there to welcome her back into KM.

KK: Good morning Priya, Ram, Pihu and Kush. Hope you are all well rested.

Priya and Ram look at each other and smile: Good morning Ma they both say in unison. Pihu and Kush also greet Dadi and badi Dadi, Rishabh and Soumya.

KK: Ram, before we proceed today, there is a small pooja that we will have at home. After all Priya and Pihu are back where they rightfully belong and I want you to bestow her rights back to her.

Ram: What do you mean ma?

KK: I will tell you as soon as the pandit comes here. I have kept some clothes in your room, I want both of you to go and change and come down within the next half hour. I hope that won't be too hard for you to do?

Again Ram and Priya look at each other puzzled. They go back to their room and see some clothes on their bed. They take the clothes and go in to change. Ram goes to their wash room and Priya goes into Pihu's bedroom. Priya comes back shortly to their room all dressed in a beautiful red silk saree and Ram is wearing a cream silk kurta pyjama. They are again lost in each other's eyes till they hear a knock on the door. They see Soumya standing at the door.

Soumya: Bhabhi and Bhappa, if you are both ready, Ma wants you to come down. The pandit is downstairs getting ready for the pooja, so please come down soon.

Priya follows Soumya, but Ram holds her hand and pulls her back with force and she ends up in his arms. He winks at her and gives her an impish grin: I don't want to go down as yet dear. Can I just stand here and admire my dearest wife? You look beautiful Priya. I love you.

Priya tries to wriggle out of his grasp, rather unwillingly. She looks at Ram: Ma is waiting for us Ram. We have to go now. I'm sure you don't want her to come upstairs looking for us now.

Eventually they go down and all eyes are on them. KK is admiring her bahu as she is walking down hand in hand with her husband. KK shows them where to sit and the pooja commences. Towards the end of the pooja the priest hands  Ram a mangalsutra and asks him to put it around Priya's neck. Seeing the mangalsutra Priya gets very emotional. Her eyes are filled with tears and they overflow down her soft cheeks. Ram has tears in his eyes too and they share an eye lock as he places it around her neck. Then he is asked to fill her maang with sindoor and he does that too. Priya has her eyes shut and says a silent prayer: God, please never let us be away from each other for any reason. Give Ram all the good health, prosperity and happiness he so truly deserves. Please let him not have tears in his eyes any more.

Dadi: Golu, these bangles are our heirlooms and have been in the family for a very long time. My mother in law gave them to me when I got married and I gave them to Krishna when she got married. Now Krishna will hand them over to her daughter in law and Priya you will have to pass it on to your daughter in law.

For a moment Priya was about to say that she has only a daughter, but then stops herself as she understands the inner meaning to what Dadi just said. She smiles shyly and bends her head down. Both she and Ram take blessings from KK and Dadi. Pihu and Kush are directed toward Ram and Priya and asked to take their blessings. Priya and Ram are touched at the gesture and then Rishabh and Soumya follow suit. They all go to the dining table to have breakfast together.

Pihu: Oh Mamma, I see aloo parathas for breakfast. She sits down and licks her lips.

KK is amused to see how much Pihu likes aloo parathas: Oh my goodness, Priya I don't know how you are going to handle two of them and their love for aloo parathas. God help you!

After breakfast Rishabh tells Ram: Bhai, I am leaving for office in a few minutes. Do you have any instructions for me?

Priya: Why instructions Rishabh? Is Mr. Kapoor not going to office today?

Rishabh: Bhabhi, I think Bhai would like to stay home and spend time with you and Pihu. I will take care of the office for this week.

Ram: Oh no Rishabh, I will be in the office in a bit. Let me change and get my stuff. I will meet you at the office.

Ram and Priya go upstairs along with Pihu and Kush. Priya's father calls and asks them to let Pihu and Kush spend the day with them. Priya asks Ram and he says he will drop them off on his way to work and will pick them up on his way back. Priya packs off the children along with Ram and gets going with her chores. She finishes straightening up her room and Pihu's room and then goes downstairs to help around the house. She goes to the kitchen and instructs the cooks what to make for lunch and later for dinner also. Then she goes to see Dadi and KK. Everyone is happy to see Priya back in KM and they all sit down to chat. Soumya shows Priya her wedding album and also the video. The morning goes by pretty fast and before lunch Ram calls Priya.

Ram: Hello, Priya what are you doing?

Priya smiles: Talking to you Ram.

Ram: Please be ready, I will be there in the next half hour. We are going out to lunch.

Priya: Where are we going?

Ram: No questions please. Just do as you are told!

Priya tells KK the plan and goes up to get ready. She goes to her closet and gazes at all her sarees. She is so moved to see that everything is in the same place and nothing has been moved or removed. She takes out one of the sarees and gets ready. She comes to her dressing table and looks at herself in the mirror. She sees the mangalsutra around her neck and the sindoor in her maang. She touches the sindoor with her right hand and holds the mangalsutra with her left hand and stares at it. She says to herself: Finally after five long years I have got my rightful place as the daughter in law of the house. She is lost in thought and doesn't notice Ram tip-toeing into their room and he comes from behind and blindfolds her with the palms of his hands. Priya holds his hands and moves them away from her eyes. She turns and looks at Ram and gets up. Ram takes her in his arms and kisses her on her forehead.

Ram: So, how is my wife doing today? Did you get to take a short nap in the morning? I hope you are not too tired.

Priya: I was a little tired a while ago, but now I am not. Seeing you has taken all my weariness away.

Both of them leave for lunch. Ram opens the door for Priya to get in, shuts the door and walks around and gets into the driver's seat. He looks at Priya and says: What do you feel like eating this afternoon?

Priya looks at him with a smile on her face: I have no preference Ram. Are the children coming too?

Ram: No my dear this is our date, just you and me. I would love to take the children with us Priya, but I want to spend some time with you – just you. We will take them some other time.

Priya nods her head in approval. She is playing with her mangalsutra and Ram notices it and smiles. He is so content seeing his Priya beside him and now in the true sense of the word she looks like his wife – wearing his sindoor in her maang and his mangalsutra around her neck. He parks the car in a secluded corner of their favorite drive-in restaurant.

Priya: Wow Ram! You still remember this place?

Ram: How can I forget Priya? This is your favorite place, especially after we were being mobbed by the press at any other restaurant we went to.

Priya: Thank you Ram. It's been so long. They are lost in each other's eyes for a while only to be distracted by the waiter.

They order the food and enjoy a relaxed lunch. Both of them hardly eat. They are so busy losing themselves in eyelocks half the time. Priya pushes her seat back and puts her arm over her head and closes her eyes for a couple of minutes as if taking in the whole experience. She has a contented smile on her face. Ram gets her favorite meetha paan too and she is so happy.

Ram bends across his seat and kisses her on her arm: Are you happy?

Priya: Couldn't have asked for more. You know how to make me happy Ram. I am glad nothing has changed. Thank you very much for the lovely lunch and it's been a while since I said this to you; I love you with all my heart Raam!

Ram: I have a small gift for you Priya, I hope you like it. He reaches to the back seat and picks up a bag and gives it to her.

Priya looks into the bag and smiles. She takes out a red velvet case and opens it; her eyes are awestruck and she looks at the jewels in the case. It is a beautiful diamond necklace, earrings, bracelet and a solitaire ring.

Priya: Wow, Ram I love it, but you know you didn't have to buy me such an expensive gift. Thank you Ram.

Ram heaves a big sigh and nods his head in disapproval: I know I didn't have to, but I wanted to. When I saw it in the store, I knew I had to buy it for you. Nothing is expensive for a priceless wife like you. I want you to wear it with this. He bends back and takes a bag again from the back seat and gives it to her.

Priya opens the bag and out comes a beautiful bottle green saree with a red border: Ram it is beautiful! She bends across her seat and gives Ram a hug.

Ram looks at her bashfully: Actually, I was keen on taking you shopping, but knowing you, I would have returned home without anything for you, so I decided to get them myself. If you don't like them we can go and exchange them.

Priya: No way Ram, I love them – all of them. Thank you so much. She bends sideways towards Ram and plants a kiss on his cheek.

 Ram puts his hand on the cheek and gives Priya a coy look: If this is what I get when I gift you something, can we go back shopping? He has a naughty glint in his eyes as Priya covers her eyes and smiles shyly.

Ram: Shall we go to Sharma House now or should we go home? We can go later to pick up Pihu if you want.

Priya takes Ram's hand and looks at the time in his watch and exclaims: It's quarter to four already! The afternoon just flew by so fast! Let us go to Sharma house. I have to pick up something from there too. We can pick up Pihu now so that we don't have to go back later.

Ram nods his head and drives to Sharma House. They reach the apartment and both together reach out for the door bell and look at each other and giggle. Priya steps back and Ram rings the bell. Ayesha opens the door and greets them.

Ram: Hi Ayesha, what's going on?

Ayesha: nothing much Jiju. It is so nice to see how Kush and Pihu bond with each other. They are so comfortable in each others company. What brings you here?

Priya: We came to pick up Pihu. We promised her that we would come by later today to take her home.

Both Kush and Pihu come running and give Ram and Priya a big hug.

Priya kneels down and takes both of them in her arms: Pihu and Kush, I hope you didn't give any trouble to anyone. She gives them both a kiss each and walks in while Sudhir, Shipra and Nutz walk into the living room.

Pihu and Kush are up to something. They are looking at each other and making signs with their eyes and then they both look at Nutz. She smiles at them and nods.

Kush: Please papa, can Pihu spend the night here? Please, please, please. Promise we will not trouble anyone.

Pihu: Mamma, can I stay over tonight? Bua-mami doesn't mind at all. She said she will tell us a story and read to us in the night. Please Mamma.

Ram and Priya look at each other. Priya seems a little unsure: Pihu has never stayed without me, so I don't know how it will go. I have no problem, but if she troubles you in the middle of the night then, it will be a problem.

Pihu: Mamma, I promise I won't trouble Bua-mami. Please Mamma let me stay. She makes a really sad face and pouts.

Priya looks at her and laughs: She sure knows how to get her way. Okay Pihu, but don't forget to brush your teeth tonight and don't trouble anyone.

Pihu and Kush are very excited and go in to play. Priya tells Ram that she needs to go and get something from her apartment. She has not had the time to empty the flat as everything happened so suddenly. Both she and Ram disappear into her apartment. They go into Priya's room and she is taking out some books and putting them in a suitcase to carry back with them.

Ram takes Priya into his arms and gives her a kiss on her head. Priya looks at him with her beady eyes and smiles. She then rests her head near his heart and closes her eyes as she draws herself closer in deep embrace.

Ram goes to the suitcase and takes out a scrapbook that is very elegantly decorated in pink. It has pictures of Pihu as a baby on it. He holds the book in one hand and runs his other hand over the cover.

Ram: Can we see this book now? I can't wait to go home and then see it.

Priya looks a little uneasy: Are you sure you want to do this today Ram?

Ram: Yes Priya, I want to see this book now.

They sit on the bed and Ram looks at the cover of the book. It has pictures of Pihu as a new born and some other early days pictures. PIHU is written very artistically in large letters. He opens the book:

My name is Pihu Ram Kapoor. I am the daughter of Priya and Ram Kapoor. I live with my Mamma, Priya Ram Kapoor in Dubai.

(There were pictures of Pihu at the time of birth, with Priya and some without Priya)

Priya writes with a lot of pictures interspersed:

Ram, sorry for not writing to you for almost a whole week. Yes, I was going into labor when I was writing my last journal entry. It was very painful, but I felt your presence with me all through the delivery. How I wished you were physically there to see the miracle of life. Our bundle of joy finally made her entry into this world. The moment I saw her I realized how precious she was to us and am so thankful to God for giving us such a lovely baby – the best in the whole world. Our princess looks so beautiful and how I wish you were by my side holding her Ram. I miss you more these days, even though I am so busy with her feeding, sleeping, waking, toilet schedules, I promise to make time for you every day. I have some videos also of each day with her so when you do get them, you can see each and every day of her growing years. I am very sorry Ram, for keeping our love angel away from you. I tried calling you from the hospital, but was told you were out of the country and wouldn't be back for a month. I tried your mobile too, but you were unreachable.

Motherhood is a wonderful experience and I am thankful to God and to you for giving me this beautiful gift – Pihu. I really cannot tell whom she looks like now, but she sure has your smile. When the doctor put her in my arms for the first time, I was overjoyed and forgot all the physical pains my body was going through at the time of childbirth. Our most precious gift lay in my arms so content to be out in the open. I cried so much that moment Ram – very mixed tears, tears of joy because I was holding on to the most beautiful of all creation – our darling daughter in my arms, looking at her as she rested so peacefully. I also had tears of sorrow because I was unable to share this most memorable moment of our lives with the love of my life – with you dear Ram. I am beginning to wonder if I took the right decision to move away from you. I am sorry Ram, I hope you will understand me some day. I sincerely hope and pray that I am a good mother to this wonderful miracle called Pihu. Finally my last wish (made during the BC scare days) has borne fruit – I have given life to someone, but I sometimes wonder if by making this decision I have taken away someone's life in the process. Ram, I sincerely hope you are happy wherever you are and in whatever you are doing.

The expression on Ram's face has changed. He has tears rolling down his cheeks and there seems to be a tinge of anger in his eyes. He looks up at the ceiling and opens his mouth and takes a deep breath while a small sigh escapes his mouth. He grits his teeth and closes his eyes for a couple of minutes.

Priya also has tears in her eyes and is hugging Ram with her eyes closed. She slowly opens her eyes and wipes the tears off Ram's face. She holds his face in the palms of both her hands and looks at Ram's face.

Priya: I am so sorry Ram, I don't know how to make this all up to you. I can't believe how this one wrong decision I made has made such a big mess in our lives, in your life especially. I am willing to take any punishment for this. I know how hurt you are and I will promise you again, that I will never leave you EVER. So sorry again.

Ram: You know Priya, I feel so helpless and angry when I realize how much of Pihu's first years I have missed. I just need some time and I am sure once I am done reading all this I will be better. You have put all your thoughts down so beautifully and I feel I am actually witnessing her first days in this world. I guess somewhere down the road I am guilty too. If I didn't have blind faith in Niharika and her children, things would not have taken this turn.

Priya puts her hand across his mouth at this point: Raaam! She had taken your mother's place and your innocent mind just believed all that she said to you. After all even your father fell for her stories so much so, he refused to even believe his own wife. Please don't blame yourself for anything. We have learned a really big lesson from this. Ram, you and I are meant to be together and we shouldn't let anyone come in between us. The bond of trust, love and respect we share for each other is eternal.

Ram goes back to reading the book:

Ram, today my heart skipped a beat. It was a very happy moment for me. Pihu spoke her first word today. This is a big milestone for every parent. You would have been very proud of our little princess if you heard what she said – "PA – PA" those were her first words Ram. I am not feeling bad that she didn't say mamma first, because I know that she will eventually say it. I am with her all the time and it is very important for me that she says "Papa". It is because of you that she came to me and I am very ecstatic today. Am I a weird mother to feel so happy that she said Papa first? I am just so happy that like me she also has you in her mind all the time. I will tape the words the next time she says it and keep it very safe. Ram, I miss you more with each passing day in Pihu's life. She is growing up to be so cute and Golu – like her Papa. She crawls all over the house now. It is getting hard for me to take her to the shop these days. I try to take her and leave her in her crib in the room, but she doesn't like to be alone. It is alright on days when Cady is able to help me, but other times are so difficult. I know if I don't go to the shop, I am unable to pay my bills and take care of Pihu. Life is a struggle, but it is all well worth it. I sometimes wonder how ironic life is. Ram Kapoor's daughter is growing up on a meager living. As she grows up I know her demands and needs are going to increase and I hope I am able to give her the best of everything in life. Dai jaa is very helpful but I don't want to be a burden on her. After all she has a household to manage too. Pihu loves to be with her and it makes me happy too.

Ram continues to read the rest of the scrapbook and then goes on to year 2 and so on. His tear-stained face has a sad streak yet there is joy in his eyes as he is looking at the pictures of his little Rockstar as she is growing up. Priya is lying down on his arm watching his every expression intently. She has also been crying all along and she keeps reassuring Ram that she and Pihu are with him now and that the future has a lot of good times in store for them.

Finally Ram puts down the book and looks at Priya: Thank you so very much Priya. I love you very much and appreciate all the trouble you took to chronicle every moment of Pihu's baby days for my sake. I can see the pain and the hard life you have led the last five years and I promise you that I will never let you see that kind of a struggle ever. I will take good care of you and Pihu for the rest of our lives together.

They get up to leave the apartment when Ram pulls Priya into a hug: Priya, after reading the books so far, I want to ask you for something.

Priya looks into Ram's eyes: What do you want Ram?

Ram holds Priyas hands in his and looks deep into her eyes: I have experienced Pihu's birth through your eyes, now I want to go through this experience for real. I want to be a father all over again and this time I want to actually be by your side through the whole journey. Are you willing to go through this one more time for me?

Priya looks down as her cheeks turn pink. Her eyes are filled with tears and as they spill out of her beady eyes, Ram's lips are there ready to wipe them off her face. She heaves a great big sigh and closes her eyes as more tears are running down her cheeks. She nods her head in acceptance as she is too choked with emotions to say anything now. She buries her face into his broad chest once again listening to the calm beat of his heart. However big of a turmoil she is going through, she is amazed at how calm she gets and how reassured she feels when she is in the arms of her beloved, her Ram, her Jaan!

Ram: Priya, I cannot tell you how happy I am at this moment. I understand that we have gone through a lot in the past few months after the turbulent 5 years that went by, so am willing to give you time if you want. But we just have to remember that we are both not growing young and we need to take the plunge soon. All you have to do is give me a sign saying you are ready and we can move on. I love you very much Priya. He says that and gently takes her face in his palms and their lips meet. The gentle caress of his lips on hers play havoc with her heart beat. Her heart is racing one minute and seems to skip a few beats the next minute. There seem to be a thousand butterflies fluttering rapidly in her tummy. Ram is enjoying the expressions that are going through her face. He has waited for five long years for this moment and is it actually happening? Am I locked in a kiss with the only woman I love, the woman of my life? God, please let this be true!

Priya lets out a sob and Ram moves his lips away from her thinking he has hurt her, still holding Priya close to his heart in deep embrace. He looks down at her and as she sobs uncontrollably, he cries too. Tears of happiness mixed with sadness and yearning for each other, both of them let their eyes drain out all the sadness and stress that they have put themselves through the past five years. After a few minutes when both of them are calm they break their embrace.

Ram: I think it is getting late. We must leave as everyone is waiting for us at home. Are you sure Pihu will be ok here?

Priya: Let us go and ask her one more time before we leave from here. She is very comfortable with Natasha, but I don't know about the night. Well, if you are prepared for another sleepless night, if she wants to come back home, then we will give it a try tonight. Why don't you go to Sharma house and ask Pihu if she still wants to stay over, I will get ready and meet you there.

Ram goes back to Sharma House to say bye to everyone, asks Pihu once again and she is firm about sleeping over at Sharma house for that night.

 Priya comes and meets him there in a few ,minutes and the expression on his face changes as he sees her. She has changed into the green saree and worn the jewellery that he had given her that afternoon. He is awestruck at her beauty and looks at her open-mouthed. Priya walks up to him and gently taps his lower jaw shut and gives a small chuckle. She hopes no one else has noticed the expression on Ram's face. It was strictly for her eyes only!

Pihu: Bua mami has already ordered some ice cream for both of us. Good night Mamma and Good night Papa. Love you both.

Kush comes and gives them both a hug and says good night to them as well. Both he and Pihu go into the room to continue with whatever they were doing.

Ram and Priya head home. KK and Dadi are very happy to see them back.

Dadi: Golu, this was a really long lunch date I must say! I am very happy to see both of you together again. Dear God, please NEVER ever separate this Jodi. Let them be together always.

Priya and Ram are in the living room with the rest of the family. They have some lighter moments and Priya is red in the face as they are the butt to all the jokes in the room. Ram puts his arm around her and looks lovingly at her, while KK and Dadi are smiling with happiness. They all move into the dining room for dinner and there is a lot of happy chattering over dinner.

KK: By the way, where is Pihu? I thought you were to bring her back in the evening.

Priya: Actually Ma, we went to Sharma house but she was so busy playing with Kush and her favorite Bua Mami, that she wanted to stay over. I am a little nervous, but I think she will be fine. I will bring her back tomorrow when I go there to pack up my stuff and bring it all over here.

KK: Ok beta. I am glad that Pihu is transitioning very smoothly and fits into the family like a glove.

Priya: Ma, Dadi, I am tired. It's been a long day (a really long day as I had no sleep last night she says to herself). I would like to turn in for the night. Good night. Good night Rishabh and Soumya.

Ma gives Priya a big hug and looks at Dadi and winks. Rishabh and Soumya also look at each other and smile mischievously. Ram notices the cross glances and immediately understands what's going on and blushes. Priya is totally unaware of all the sign language and underlying conversations that are happening. Ram catches up with her on the stairs and puts his arm around Priya and both of them head to their room. Dadi, KK, Rishabh and Soumya are all watching from downstairs and giggling.

Ram opens the doors to their room and his eyes are on Priya waiting to see her reaction. Priya takes a step into the room and stops…. She looks around the room and her face turns crimson with embarrassment and a shy smile appears on her face as she looks at their room. The room looks beautiful in the dim candlelight. Ram closes the doors behind him and turns towards Priya, who is standing shyly like a new bride looking down at the floor. Ram takes her chin in his hand and lifts her face up to look into her eyes. Priya is trying her best to avoid the eye contact, but eventually gives in. They both gaze adoringly into each other's eyes and are thinking about the last time their room was decked with candles – yes their c night. Ram makes eye contact with Priya as if asking for permission and she gives a shy smile of consent. He carries her across the room and puts her down gently on the bed.

Let us leave them alone for the rest of the night! No more troubles and no more sorrows. Life is always giving you a second chance, it is up to you to take notice of it and make the most of it!

Well friends I will close now. It's been nice writing for all of you. This has been the very first time I have written a story in my life and I thank each and every one of you for your kind words of encouragement and applause. I am humbled by your appreciation. I have made a few friends in this forum and hope I can think up of another story soon. If not, we will keep in touch through messages.

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balhfan4ever Senior Member

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What a beautiful story with a perfect endingClap. You are a very talented writer...pls do write and share moreStar
sushfiza IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 December 2012 at 6:56pm | IP Logged
thanks dear...perfect little bit sad as d story came to an happens...once again thank u once again...
luvsakshi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 December 2012 at 11:23pm | IP Logged
 Hey that was simply superb story yaar .. Well sometimes i used to miss your updates because of no msg , but read every update you penned so beautifully .. loved the way you brought up two  love birds in a nestle where they both belongs to ...Great work ..
Hope you will come with another nice story ..keep rocking ...Have a good day ..
Clap Clap

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lalmadhu Goldie

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Marvellous story Beautifully presented  Do write more  Thank u for this story

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Mani-RK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 12:14am | IP Logged
very beautiful update totally rayalicious Embarrassed

try to start a new one love ur writingClap

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