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Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

FF Whose side are you on? Last part on pg 22 (Page 16)

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That was a wonderful surprise...way too good
seems like a dream come true
luv it

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superb update.. best n d beautiful gift for Priya...loved it
leo4ever IF-Rockerz

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great except for the path that poor ram had to agian beg for her?
cloud121 IF-Rockerz

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Nice updte...continue soon!!!
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Part 12


Priya is lost in the arms of her most beloved Ram. His heartbeat, the music that she has yearned to hear for the past 6 years is back in her ears! It all seems like a dream and she feels that if she moves away from where she is, it will all go away. She holds on to him very firmly, has her eyes closed and is in peace with herself. The whole room is filled with silence. Everyone around them have a very delighted smile on their faces, tear-filled eyes as they see the Raya soul reunited after 5 long years. No one wants to separate them. It is Priya's birthday and let her enjoy her birthday gift.

Pihu and Kush are a little confused. Firstly, Pihu is very uncomfortable to see her parents shed so much tears. In the mind of a 4 year old, tears mean pain and when her mother is in pain she cannot bear it. She tugs at Priya's saree and Ram and she break out of their trance and the hug. Priya sees a worried Pihu and Kush. She kneels down in front of them and Pihu immediately wipes her mother's tears and she gives her a big hug. Kush also gives her a big hug.

Pihu: I love you mamma. Why are you sad? Don't you like the surprise?

Priya: Pihu and Kush, I am very happy. Sometimes when grownups cry it is also because they are happy. I am crying because I am very happy. This is the best birthday I have ever had in my whole life Pihu. Your gift and now your Papa's gift are the best that I have got. Pihu and Kush, thank you very much for this wonderful surprise. I am loving it.

Pihu: Bua mami also helped me organize this party mamma.

Priya looks at Nutz and gives her a big hug. Thank you very much for everything Nutz. You have been such a great support.

Nutz: Anything for you Priya. You are the best and you deserve nothing but the best and you know that Bhai is the best right? She grins and winks at her.

Priya looks at Ram again. He cups her face between the palms of his hands looks deep into her eyes. He smiles at her and says: Enough tears Priya. From now on, I promise to make you happy and there is no place for any tears now. I love you and will always love you. You must remember that for the rest of our life. We are meant to be together and now, no more separation.

Priya suddenly sees Ayesha and the smile on her face fades away for a minute: But Mr. Kapoor, what about Ayesha?

Ram: Priya, we have done a lot for everyone in our family. It is now time for us to think about ourselves – you about me and I about you. We have everything figured out. I was unable to talk to you the whole of last week because we were getting things straightened out and now that we have taken care of everything, you don't have to worry any more.

Just then Shipra comes forward and says: Priya, you have to thank your little sister Ayesha for all the happiness you are seeing today. She sacrificed everything just to see you happy. She has agreed to annul her marriage with Ram, just so that you can be happy.

Ayesha stops her mother from speaking further: Enough ma! Why are you making up stories? I wish I had never listened to you in the first place. She turns to Priya and gives her a hug: Priyadi, I am so sorry for all the mess I created in your life. This is how things should have been from the beginning. If I had not listened to the wrong people around me, all this would not have happened and the 5 years of separation and pain that both you and Jiju went through could have been avoided. The conversation we had the other day opened my eyes and I have made up my mind to turn over a new leaf. I am very sorry to have caused you so much sorrow and pain when all my life I have only received happiness and good values from you. Jiju is yours and has been yours forever. Neither do I want his money nor do I want take your place in his life. I am also ashamed of myself for having neglected Kush all these years and I hope he will accept my apologies and let me show him that I can be a good mother too. Di, you are a good role model and there is so much I can learn from you.

Priya is so touched listening to Ayesha: Thank you Ayesha. I am so happy that my little Ayesha is growing up the right way and is making the right decisions now. I feel happy to have been a part of your growing up years and will always be there for you whenever you need any help. Remember, your Priyadi and Jiju are always there to help you to help yourself.

Priya goes to all the elders and along with Ram, takes their blessings once again. She thanks everyone for being there for her and making her birthday so special. Everyone is very happy.

Ram: So Priya, shall we go home now? Your home is waiting for you for the past 5 years and finally the day has come. Pihu, will you also come to "our" home?

Pihu looks questioningly at Priya as if she is asking her if she is also going to KM and Priya nods shyly.

Pihu: Yes Papa. I will come with mamma and you. Where are we going to sleep tonight? Will Kush also stay with us? And she goes on and on – one question after another.

Everyone smile at her and Priya says: baby, let us go home first. Then we can decide what we are going to do. Of course Kush will come home with us.

Ayesha: Di, actually I was planning to take Kush to Sharma house for the night.

Priya: Ayesha, please let Kush stay with us tonight. Then you can make plans for him tomorrow. That way Pihu will have company till she settles down.

Kush looks at Ayesha pleadingly: Please Mom can I stay with Priya angel and Papa and Pihu tonight? Please, please please?

Ayesha looks at him and smiles: Ok Kush, but please don't trouble anyone. By the way, let me tell you something (for the first time, she goes on her knees when she is talking to Kush), Your Priya angel is actually my older sister so you should call her "Badi ma" from now. Kush looks at Priya, smiles and nods his head.

Ram thanks everyone and gives Ayesha a pat on her back: Special thanks to you Ayesha.

Neha goes with Vikram and the children are very happy to see their mother go home with them. Everyone leaves the hotel together.

Ram opens the door for Priya to get into his car. Pihu and Kush get into the back seat and are busy talking. Ram gets into the drivers seat and looks at his family. He takes a deep breath and has a broad smile on is face. He shuts his eyes for a brief second as if to take in all that has happened this evening and is very pleased with himself. Priya looks at him and smiles raising her shoulders. "Thank you very much for everything Mr. Kapoor"

Ram still has a smile on his face and he frowns: You seem to be forgetting something Priya.

Priya: What do you mean?

Ram: You know that you are not my secretary right? He looks at her and winks.

Priya turns red in the face and gives a coy smile: I will try and remember that from now on. By the way can we go to the apartment for a few minutes. I have to bring some clothes for Pihu and me, our toothbrushes and other stuff.

Ram: Oh that's not necessary. I have made all the necessary arrangements. That's what I have been doing all week Priya – making arrangements for you to come back home tonight.

As they reach home, Dadi asks Krishnaji to bring the arati thali and they do arati to the family and welcome them in. Krishuji gives Priya a big hug and gets very emotional: Priya, I was waiting for this day and finally my wishes have come true. It is so good to have you back in your home. Go and take rest tonight and you can take charge of your home in the morning.

Priya looks around the house and gets very emotional. Tears flow out of her beautiful eyes and she wipes them with her right thumb. She heaves a big sigh and remembers her Gruhapravesh as a new bride and a shy smile creeps onto her lips.

As Ram and Priya are walking up the stairs Pihu runs up ahead of them and holds Priyas hand.

Pihu: Mamma, I want to show you my room first. Please come with me. Papa, you also come with Mamma.

Pihu's room is next to Ram and Priya's. They enter Pihu's room and she is showing her mother everything in the room – her bed, her toys, study table, TV. She is very excited. She notices that there is a new book shelf with some books on it.

Pihu: Oh Mamma! Look, Papa has got me a book shelf and some books too. Last time when I was here there were no books. Thank you very much Papa. I like books very much. Mamma reads to me every night. She gives Ram a hug around his knees and Ram sits on the bed and takes her in his lap.

Priya: Princess, I love your room. Why don't you go and brush your teeth and change up for the night? You can then choose a book for me to read to you. Maybe Kush can also join us if he wants.

Priya looks around the room and sees all the pictures of Pihu from when she was a baby. She wonders how Ram got a hold of those pictures. She notices a picture of Ram and Pihu that was taken in Dubai by the bedside. She is very touched by all that Ram has done for their daughter, to make her comfortable in her home. Ram is standing looking very happy and proud as he watches Priyas face intently. In the meantime Kush changes into his night clothes and comes into Pihu's room. He stands shyly by the bed and watches Priya looking around the room.

Kush: Badi ma, I want you to read to me too. Please. He asks rather hesitantly.

Priya bends down and looks him in the eye and says: Sure beta. I would love to. Why don't you pick a book and Pihu can also pick a book. I will read one story for you and one for her. That way both of you can listen to two stories.

Kush goes to the book shelf and looks at the books. Pihu changes into her night clothes and goes straight to the book shelf and picks a book. Both she and Kush jump into bed with their books waiting for Priya to join them. All the while Ram is watching his family as they settle into bed with a very satisfied look on his face. His smile says a million words as he also joins them in bed. He is very amused at the way Priya is reading the books to the children, so animated and the expressions on her face keep them engrossed in the stories. Priya pauses for a couple of seconds when she notices Ram looking at her admiringly. She smiles back at him and asks him with his eyes what he wants. Ram in turn closes his eyes and nods his head from side to side as and signs to continue reading.

In a while both the children are asleep. Ram helps Priya put them both down and puts the comforter over them. He checks to see if the AC is working and asks Priya if the temperature is okay for Pihu. Priya nods saying everything is fine. She opens Pihu's closet as if she is searching for something. She doesn't seem to find what she wants so she bites her lower lip and puts her hand on her head as she shrugs her shoulders. (I guess we all know what she is looking for)

Ram understands immediately, smiles and comes to her side: Priya, I hope you are not expecting to find your clothes in Pihu's closet?

Priya: Where are they then? I want to shower and change and I can't find my clothes. She is not making eye contact as she bends her head down shyly. She is a bit uneasy as Ram is walking her out of Pihu's room. She looks back at Pihu and Kush fast asleep on the bed and looks nervously at Ram.

Priya: Do you think Pihu will be okay by herself tonight? She has never slept alone, so am just a bit apprehensive.

Ram: I think she will be fine. Anyway there is a door between our room and hers which we can keep unlocked so she can always come to our room or we can go to hers anytime. Let's see how tonight goes. She might be too tired tonight. Will you be okay without Pihu by your side? He looks deep into her eyes as he has a wicked grin on his face and he bites his lower lip.

Priya avoids making eye contact with Ram. Her stomach feels like a thousand butterflies are fluttering all over and so many thoughts are going through her mind at the same moment. It has been 5 long years since she walked into that room – the room that was so special, the room that she shared with her man, the one who made her complete, the room that had so many fond memories and some not too pleasant ones too. All her memories came flooding into her mind and she didn't know what to say or how to react. She shuts her eyes briefly and lets out a deep sigh.

Ram turned off the main light in Pihu's room and turned on the night lamp. He took Priyas hand in his and led the way to the room next door – their room. All along he was watching Priyas every expression and was waiting for her to make eye contact. He knew exactly how she felt. He could sense her nervousness and was just waiting for their eyes to meet so they could converse without actually talking. He was waiting to reassure her that everything was going to be fine. Not everyone gets a second chance and he wanted to assure her that they would take full advantage of the second chance they got and live life to the fullest. This was the first night of the rest of their lives and he wanted her to be comfortable.

As they reached the door to their room she stops. She turns and looks at Ram with tears in her eyes. Rams eyes are filled with compassion and she can see the love in them. She shakes her head as if to tell him that she is not sure if she is ready to go past those doors. Ram takes her face in both his hands and wipes the tears, but they don't stop flowing. He bends his face close to hers and kisses her gently on both her eyes and takes her into his arms. She closes her eyes and disappears into his broad chest. Just like a scared puppy finding solace in the arms of its master.

Ram: I know what is going through your mind Priya. Don't worry, I am with you and I promise to be with you forever. We are meant to be together and that is where we will be. Initially it will be hard for both of us to go beyond these doors to a place that we shared – a very special place that has seen both good times and bad and we will overcome all the apprehensions together. Trust me Priya. I have been waiting for this day for a really long time, never once did I think that this dream would come true. Sweetheart let me take you to our very own place. He opens the doors to his room as he has his arms around her and they walk in side by side. Priya has her eyes closed as she walks in. Ram turns around and shuts the door behind them and taps Priya on her shoulder: It's okay Priya, you can open your eyes.

Priya slowly opens her eyes and looks around the room. The tears are blocking complete visibility and she is holding on to Rams hand that is on her shoulder. She is surprised as nothing has changed in the room, not even the comforter on the bed and the color of the walls in the room. The pictures, the couch, the dressing table, Rams chair, the bookshelf, EVERYTHING is just as it were 5 years ago. Her face is filled with pain as she talks to herself: How did Ram live in this room all these years! I don't know how my love for him caused him so much pain and grief. She turns to Ram and hugs him weeping uncontrollably.

Priya: I am so sorry Ram. I don't know if I deserve a second chance after I have caused you so much sorrow and pain. She continues to sob, letting out all her pent up emotions.

Ram just holds her and gently rubs her back. He plants many kisses on the top of her head and has a very contented smile on his face. He and his love, his life are back where they belong and he is willing to wait till Priya is emotionally ready to start life afresh – start off from where they left 5 years ago.


That's it for tonight friends. Let us leave them in their space for now. Ram and Priya are back in their haven and getting ready to start their lives all over again. Hope this part lived up to your expectations.

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ur update ..
valentine smiley, boy smiley, girl smiley, heart smiley, valentine smiley, tattoo smileyraya they r such sweetheart
the way ram take priya their roomvalentines03 smiley, static smiley, happy smiley, smiley, valentine smiley
all scene u write so lovely
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Oh, that was such a wonderful got me emotional too!!

Please update soon.

Thank you

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lovely update raya are so much in love n ayesha also changed i liked it

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