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FF Whose side are you on? Last part on pg 22 (Page 14)

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now what cock ayesha mind
pryia ayesha conv
i think mama ji ka packup soon
u rock

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Dont tell me ayesha has changed nd become positive after all this

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Nice update...
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Only one word that it was just incredible... Ayesha's question and priya's tit for tat answers was the bestest part of this update.. Sometime constant reminder of being wrong dosen't work but a moment of realization do wonders... Ayesha is not wrong the person around her is making her wrong... Awsm work dear. Beautifully pen down... Waiting for the next.

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mindblowing ab ayesha sahi raste pr ajaye

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Ayesha had a change of heart, wow!, finally she understood that what she us and who are her well wishers, the conversation between two sisters are just fab and apt, loved it
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wow, gr8 part! hope ayesha does the right thing for everyone involved! mamaji and shipra need to be taught a lesson too..
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Part 11


Ram is taken aback by Ayesha wanting to meet him in private. He is wiping the sweat off his brow and trying to plan ahead in case Ayesha decides to forsake his wealth for him. How did my calculations go wrong? Is someone advising her? What is going on in her mind? He is a bit nervous.

Ram: Can you come to my office now?

Ayesha: No Ram, not your office. I want to meet you somewhere private – where there is no one else but you and me. Even if it is a lonely spot where we can sit in your car and talk, I don't mind. I just want to meet you alone. No one should know that we are meeting and where we are meeting. She sounds very restless and anxious.

Ram: Okay then, tell me where I can pick you up from. I will take you to some place where we can meet up – just you and me. He is at a loss of ideas. He doesn't want Ayesha to know about the beach house as that is an exclusively Raya place. He is very suspicious of Ayesha's plan. He leaves the office and is driving to pick up Ayesha.

Ram decides to call Vikram: Yaar! Vikram, I need you to do me a favor.

Vikram: Haan Ram! Anything for you. What's the matter? You seem to be very agitated. Anything wrong?

Ram: I have no clue yaar! And he goes on to tell him all that transpired between him and Ayesha, his deal with her and Ayesha's response: And now, Ayesha wants to meet me some place where there is no one. I was wondering if we could meet in your place because I just want to be a bit careful and not take any chances with her. You know what I mean.

Vikram is very happy to hear the whole story. So, this means the angry man is finally cooling his heels. He has finally begun to accept Priya and is willing to talk to her. Vikram is smiling and is thinking that everything seems to be going right for Ram and Priya, finally.

Vikram: Ram, you are most welcome to meet up at my place. Ritsy and Sam are at school, Rahul is in college and Neha and I are out too. I will pick up the children and don't worry about Rahul. He doesn't come home these days and I will just call him and see what he is planning for today. Will text you if anyone of us needs to come home while you are there. Best of luck Ram.

Ram: Thanks Vikram. I know I can count on you and yes, I need all the luck now I think.

Ram picks up Ayesha and takes her to Vikrams place. Ayesha is puzzled that they are heading there when Ram assures her that there is no one at home and that it was the best place where they could have an undisturbed meeting.

Ram: Okay Ayesha, what did you want to tell me? I am waiting for your decision and am willing to give you another day if you want to still think it over. Ram said this and scratched his forehead with his left hand. You could tell he was very nervous.

Ayesha: I really don't know where to begin Ram, or should I call you Jiju like I used to?

Ram to himself: Ah! Jiju? I guess she has decided to choose the first option as I had thought. He feels happy and smiles at her: Okay Ayesha, are you telling me that you have made your decision or do you want more time?

Ayesha: Wait a minute Ram, please hear me out first. After our meeting yesterday and a couple other meetings I have been thinking a lot.

She goes on to tell him about her conversation with Mamaji as well as with Priya. Ram's face turns very grim when he listens to the conversation she had with Priya. How dare she say all that to Priya and I am glad that Priya told her off. Thank you Priya, for believing in me and loving me so much inspite of everything I have done to you in the recent past.

And now to cut a really long story short, Ayesha explains to Ram about her change in heart and accepts responsibility for causing the separation between Ram and Priya. She is very scared of Mamaji and feels he might hurt her, Ram and Priya just for the money. She says she wants neither money nor the marriage. She is willing to start life afresh. At first Ram refuses to believe her and is very apprehensive as to what is going on in her mind. He asks her to help him get evidence against Mamaji and she does. They actually unearth that he was the brain behind all the negative happenings and was also hand in glove with Niharika in the murder of Amarnath Kapoor. He is sentenced to life imprisonment. Ram is grateful to Ayesha for all the help. He also feels he should help her get settled in life. Ayesha wishes to give her relationship with Kush a second chance too and wants to have his custody. Ram says he will give her partial custody till he is sure that Kush will be happy with her.

This takes up all his time that week and he is aware that he promised Pihu that he would help her organize a surprise party for Priyas upcoming birthday. He confides in Nutz and tells her he is very busy and wants her to take on the organization of the party along with Ayesha. At first Nutz is shocked that Ram even thought of including her in the plan, but after Ram explains Ayesha's change of heart, rather unwillingly Nutz agrees. She also begins to notice that Ayesha is indeed turning over a new leaf and is very happy. Ayesha makes up with her father and brother as well but has not yet moved to Sharma house as per Rams instructions. Shipra is the only one who doesn't seem to be very convinced that Ayeshas decision of annulling the marriage and turning over a new leaf is the right choice. She tries to put thoughts into Ayesha's mind, but Ayesha shuts her up and says she is not willing to listen to her. Shipra is aloof from everyone these days and is always deep in thought. Ram seems to have something up his sleeve. He keeps having these naughty grins when he thinks about Priya. He has not met with his Rockstar and his love for the whole week. Ayesha has been told not to meet Priya and apologize to her or tell her anything about her change of heart or about Mamaji. Ram wants to be the first one to tell Priya all this and he smiles and thinks to himself "This birthday is going to be a big, memorable one for Priya".

Ram comes home at the end of a long day. Mamaji has just been taken to prison and he comes home. As he walks in KK ask him: Beta, you look very tired. I need to talk to you, but will wait till tomorrow. For now go and get some rest.

Ram: Yes Ma. I am really tired with all that has been going on this week. Things should be better soon.

KK: Beta, I hope you know that it is Priyas birthday tomorrow and Choti and Pihu are organizing a surprise party for her.

Ram suppresses his grin and pretends to be unaware of the plan: Really Ma? I don't know anything about it. I hope all of you are going for the party. Goodnight Ma. He walks away to his room with a wicked grin. Wonder what is going on in his mind?

Back in Priyas apartment, all week both Pihu and Priya have not seen Ram nor has Pihu been able to talk to him. She is very excited about the party and keeps asking Priya why her papa has not called or visited them. She even asks Nutz bua and she says that Ram has been very busy this week with some important work. Priya also tries calling Ram a few times but he doesn't take her call. She is very disappointed and wonders what went wrong. Did Ayesha not go along Ram's plans? Did she refuse to annul their marriage? Is that the reason why Ram is not even answering her calls? The week passes off rather slowly and even though she is busy doing stuff around the home and has Neha to talk to at home, she seems very depressed.

Finally it is the morning of her birthday. Priya wakes up and is doing all her morning chores. She lets out a deep sigh: Wonder what this year has in store for me. The past week has been very depressing. I think I will take Pihu out for the day today with Neha. That will keep me busy.

Pihu and Neha slowly come into the kitchen: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Priya/ Mamma, happy birthday to you! Both of them sing in unision. Neha gives her a small gift.

Priya: Thank you Neha. That's very sweet of you.

Pihu: Mamma, I made a card for you. I hope you like it.

Priya: I am sure it will be the best Bachcha! You always make the best cards for my birthday and I'm sure you have made the best card once again. Remember I always tell you that a gift from the heart is much better than the most expensive gift that can be bought.

Priya opens Pihu's card and her eyes tear up as she opens it. She has drawn a picture of the three of them – Papa and Pihu giving flowers to Mamma. "Happy birthday to the best Mamma in the whole world" with lots of love, hugs and kisses, your loving Pihu. Such a simple card yet so full of emotion and heartfelt love.

Priya gives Pihu a hug and Pihu immediately wipes the tears that are overflowing from her mother's eyes: Mamma, please don't cry. Today is your birthday and it is a happy day for all of us. I wish Papa was here too. She hugs her Mamma and kisses her on her cheeks. " I love you Mamma!"

Priya: Thank you my princess! Let me put this card on the table so everyone can see how much my baby loves me. She then goes into her room and takes out a small box and shows it to Neha: Here, Neha, you must see the lovely cards Pihu has been making for me all these years. Some are Mother's day cards, some Father's day cards and cards for no occasion. She has a flashback of how she says that since Priya is her father and mother she wishes her for Fathers day too. Priya again gets very emotional.

Pihu comes and gives her a hug again: Mamma, I will never leave you ever. Please don't cry. When you cry I feel very sad.

The day goes by and Priya wonders why even her Papa has not wished her. It is so unlike him to forget her birthday. Even if the whole world forgets her birthday, she is sure that Papa and Pihu will never forget.

She calls her Papa: Hello Papa, are you alright?

Sudhir Sharma: Hi Priya! I am fine. How are you?

Priya: I was wondering if something was wrong because you forgot to wish me for my birthday Papa. It is not like you.

SS: Hides his tears. I have lost touch these 5 years beta. Sorry. Happy birthday and God bless you dear. I will come by later and wish you personally. I am a little busy today. I have to go out now. Bye beta.

Sudhir wipes the tears from his eyes as he says to himself: Beta, I have not forgotten your birthday. Just trying my best to stay away from you because of the surprise party. I am looking forward to seeing the happiness on your face this evening when you see all of us wishing you. I am sure Ram will also be there to wish you, especially since Ayesha is a changed person.

Pihu: Mamma, can I go to Nanu's house? I want to go shopping with Bua mami. She said she will take me to buy some toys. Please let me go.

Priya is a little disappointed: Ok Pihu. I was thinking of taking you to the beach this evening with Neha auntie. But if you want to go shopping, its okay. We can go to the beach some other time. Please don't trouble Nutz and make her buy you stuff. You should listen to her. Priya calls Natasha who comes and picks up Pihu. She sees how happy Nutz is with Pihu and is also happy to see how well Pihu has taken to Nutz. The past week, Pihu has spent a lot of time with Nutz and Nanu, in fact she even asked to spend a night with them – something she has NEVER done before.

Priya is looking dejected as she talks to Neha: My baby is growing up very fast Neha. She doesn't need her mother around her all the time like before. I am so surprised that she even spent the night with Papa and Nutz. In a way it is good, but Neha, I think I am unable to bear the separation from her.

Neha: Children grow up very fast Priya. See my children, now. Rahul is so independent and doesn't need me any more. Even Ritsy and Sam spend a lot of time with their friends. Make the most of the time you have with Pihu. Soon she will be grown up and will be off to college and then get married.

Priya begins to think about it and then just shakes her head: No Neha, I am not thinking that far today.

Neha: By the way Priya, since Pihu has also gone with Nutz, what are your plans for the evening?

Priya purses her lips and shrugs her shoulders: No plans Neha. I guess its going to be just you and me this evening. Papa said he would come later today, but I guess he is also busy. Feels so strange that after being away for 5 years everyone seem to have forgotten my birthday.

Neha: Ok I have a plan. Get dressed and we will go out for dinner to some fancy restaurant. This is my treat for my best friend.

Priya: Neha, I am not in a mood.

Neha: What do you mean, not in a mood? There is no choice for you. This is an order from me. I will give you half an hour to get ready and remember wear something nice because we are going to a fancy hotel for dinner. You have to look your best.

Neha gives a naughty smile and goes to get ready while Priya also goes into her room to get ready rather reluctantly.

Neha comes out looking lovely in a green chiffon saree and she has her hair down. Priya is looking gorgeous in a black saree with matching jewellery, very little make up and she ties her hair. Her bindi is crooked as usual. That is one thing that has not changed in Priya in these 5 years. She just cannot get the bindi straight!

Neha: Wow! Wish Ram was here to see you now. He will fall in love with you all over again.

Priya gives Neha a shy smile: Aw come on Neha! He doesn't even remember it is my birthday today. He has been so indifferent all week. He hasn't answered even one call since the last week. I was worried if he was ill or something and Nutz said he was extremely busy at work and so didn't answer my calls. I was hoping he would at least text me today wishing me, but I guess, like everyone he has also forgotten. Sigh!

Just before Neha and Priya leave, Neha text's to Natasha to tell her that they were leaving. She is very excited and finds it so hard to hide the wide grin that keeps appearing on her face.

Neha: I have hired a chauffeur driven car for us for the evening. This is going to be one fancy evening for us.

Priya gets very emotional and gives Neha a hug: Thanks a lot Neha. This means a lot to me. It is so sweet of you to go out of the way to make me feel so special. I wish Pihu was with us. She loves going out to eat. She goes overboard and orders a lot more than she can eat. She is just like Ram when it comes to her eating habits – she loves her food too much. The last time we all went out to eat in Dubai, she fell very sick and had to be hospitalized.

As they are reaching their destination, Neha slyly texts Nutz and shrugs her shoulders as she grins mischieviously. She is so excited and it has been very hard for her to keep this surprise under cover. Her only dream is that this surprise will bring Ram and Priya back together – where they are supposed to be.

They walk into the hotel and the lady at the reception escorts them. She opens the door and vanishes.

Priya: Neha, are you sure this is the way to the restaurant? It is so dark in here.

Even before Neha can reply to that two pairs of tiny hands hold Priyas hands and take her in. As they take a couple of steps into the hall, the birthday tune is playing in the background and the lights come on. Priya sees Kush and Pihu holding her hands and goes down on her knees to hug both of them. Then she looks around and sees everyone. There is her Papa, Nutz, Karthik, Shipra. She sees Krishnaji, Dadi, Rishabh and Soumya and there's Vikram, Rahul, Ritsy and Sam. Ok, she then sees Rajat, Dai Jaan and Cady as well. She is pleasantly surprised and her tears seem to just flow out of those big beautiful eyes. She is happy and sad at the same time. Her eyes are still searching the hall for someone – someone who means the world to her, her life, her very existence. She is sad that he is not there. She also notices that Ayesha is not in the hall too. Why would she come? Does this mean that Ayesha chose to be with Ram so he is unable to be with her? She slowly walks around and takes the blessings of all the elders and greets everyone else. She turns to Neha who is so excited to see everyone.

Priya: Neha, you knew this all along? You never told me anything.

Pihu: Mamma, how do you like the surprise? We have been planning this for many days. Bua mami made all the arrangements.

Priya to herself: And Pihu, where is your Papa? The surprise would have been complete if he was here as well. For one moment Priya is talking to everyone in the hall and as she is talking her eyes are roaming to see if she missed seeing him in the room, as if he was lost amidst the tables and decorations in the room.

Everyone around her is very happy for her at the same time there is anxiety written on their faces. Where is Ram? For Priya's sake he should have been here. There is a lot of talking, chattering, giggling going on and the soft music in the background seems to be lost.

KK to Natasha: Choti, was Ram invited to this party? Is everything alright? Only he and Ayesha are missing, so I am smelling something fishy. Earlier this morning, he told me that he didn't know anything about the party so was wondering.

Nuts is surprised listening to KK: But Ma, he is the one that told me to go ahead and organize this party as Pihu wanted to have a surprise party for her mother. I really don't know why he and Ayesha are not here. I have been trying to call him, but he is not picking up his phone. I hope he is alright. Ayesha's phone is switched off too.

They are all anxious but do not want to show it and spoil Priyas party. They also notice that Priya is talking to everyone but her eyes are wandering around the room and seem to keep looking at the door, waiting for it to open and bring in her Ram.

Pihu: Bua mami, where is Papa? We should cut the cake soon. Everyone is waiting.

Nutz: Rockstar, I am sure your Papa will be here soon. He knows about the party so don't worry dear. You go and play with Kush, we will wait for a little while and as soon as he comes we will have Mamma cut the cake.

Pihu goes away but she is still not satisfied with the answer her bua mami gave her. She is also waiting for Ram to complete her mamma's happiness. She also understands how important it is to see her mamma and papa together.

Time goes by and there seems to be no sign of Ram. Rishabh goes to Nutz: I think it is getting late. We should have Priya cut the cake and serve dinner. It's getting late for Dadi, Dai jaan and Ma.

Nutz: Lets wait for another 5 minutes. I want bhai to be here when Priya cuts the cake. He HAS to be here Rishabh. I don't know what is happening. I hope everything is alright. She walks up to Vikram and Rajat: Do you'll know anything about what's keeping bhai from being here? I don't know what to do. Its getting late and how long do we wait before Priya cuts the cake.

Rajat: I'm beginning to get worried. Both Ayesha and Ram are not here. Do you think Ayesha is responsible for Ram not being here? I cannot put anything past her. She is capable of anything.

Vikram: Ram hasn't said anything to me Natasha. He should be here and I am hoping he is just stuck in traffic. His being here is so important for Priya's happiness and I think at least today she deserves her happiness to be complete.

They wait for a little longer and then decide to have Priya cut the cake. Both Pihu and Kush hold her hands and bring her to the table where the cake is. Even as they are walking, she keeps turning and looking at the door, hoping it will open this minute and Ram will walk in. Everyone is gathered around the table where the cake is. All of them are anxious and it is very obvious that they are as upset as Priya too, but they are trying their best not to show it and hurt Priya more.

As they are gathering around the table, the door opens. All eyes turn towards the door as they see Ram and Ayesha walk in hand in hand. The smiles on their faces slowly turn into glares. They are disappointed that Ram has come to the party with Ayesha. This is Priya's party and Ayesha has no place here. Priya also sees both of them come in. She is trying to smile, her heart is happy that Ram is finally here, but at the same time, seeing Ayesha walk in hanging on to Ram's hand makes her feel sad. Both Ayesha and Ram join the group around the table. Everyone make room for Ram to stand beside Priya, Pihu and Kush.

Pihu: Mamma, please cut the cake. She hands the knife to her and the lights in the room are switched off as the spotlight is on the table and the people around it. Everyone sings the birthday song, the cake is cut and Priya feeds Pihu and Kush the first slice. Pihu tries to feed her, but her tears are choking her and she is unable to eat. She gives Pihu a watery smile and takes the piece from her.

Ram: Now it is my turn. He comes towards Priya and the music suddenly changes. Ram stares lovingly into Priyas eyes as the song in the background is playing

"Humein tumse pyaar kitna Yeh Hum Nahin Jaante
Magar Jee Nahin Sakte Tumhaare Bina….."

He picks up a piece of cake and feeds Priya. She is stunned to silence. She just stares wide eyed into his eyes. The tears are unending in both their eyes as their gaze is also unending. Time stands still. She forgets to open her mouth and take the piece of cake in. She is so happy seeing the love of her life, so close to her on her special day. This has to be the most memorable day in her life. God! Please let this moment last forever. If this is a dream, let it not end EVER! Ram has happiness written all over his face, yet, those tears are flowing freely – tears from the sorrow in her eyes are flowing down his cheeks. Isn't that what true love is supposed to do?

All eyes are on Priya and Ram. All are so happy and thrilled to see them together. Pihu tugs at Priyas arm and Priya comes out of her trance. She bites into the piece of cake that Ram is holding up to her and lowers her gaze shyly.

Ram: Ha now, for my gift! He gets on his knees, holds Priya's right hand in his left hand and plants a kiss on it. "Priya, I want to put our past behind us and move on. My life has no meaning without you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. My life will be complete only if you are by my side every moment. I cannot even imagine how I can live without you. Please Priya, will you come back into my life for good and forever?"

Priya looks down at him as the tears in her eyes, now turn into tears of joy. She holds Ram's shoulders as if asking him to get up. She is nodding her head very animatedly. She is speechless and her eyes seem to do the talking. She is still gazing intensely into his eyes and he into hers. She is still nodding her head as if to say, yes. This was the moment that she had been waiting for ever since she left him 5 years ago. How much ever she wanted him to move on, her heart never wanted to be separated from him. He was the reason her heart continued to beat, he was the reason she was alive to see this day. He was, is, and will be hers always. Ram takes Priya into his arms and she rests her head near his heart – listening to her most favorite song – the lub dub of his heart. The familiar sound of his heart that she missed all these years is finally back and this time to stay forever. She closes her eyes as Ram plants a kiss on her head. They are so content and happy in each others arms, oblivious to who or what is around them. Their life is now complete. They have found each other once again and this time it is forever. Nothing is going to come in between them.

All the happy moments of the past come flashing by – right from the time they were married, their honeymoon to Australia, stargazing, standing at the Mah Guj border, the C night, their first holi – everything is in front of their eyes while they are standing in each others arms very contented and happy. Priya got the best gift she could have dreamed of and this birthday is THE most memorable one in her life. The words of the song in the background seem to be so true to both of them "humein tumse pyaar kitna…."

As everyone looks at them a silent and sincere prayer goes out from their hearts "God, let this be the beginning of all the happiness and joy that life has to offer to them. They belong together and we pray that that is where they will be for the rest of their lives".


Friends, I hope you all enjoyed reading this part as much as I did writing it. Please do comment as it gives me the encouragement to write.

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