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Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

FF Whose side are you on? Last part on pg 22 (Page 13)

Pinkjali Senior Member

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Posted: 26 November 2012 at 5:21am | IP Logged
What the hell..! Whole property for ayesha.. That greedy b**ch ek do company de dete happily chali jaati... Nevermingd !! The whole scene of raya weather it was the i luv u wala aur dinner wala aur ya fir kulfi wala scene everything was just beautiful.. Update soon..

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shonuz_mom Senior Member

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Posted: 26 November 2012 at 5:27am | IP Logged
Nice update. I am sure Ayesha will go for the 1st options. She is dumb and materialistic just like her mom.
sss283 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 November 2012 at 5:47am | IP Logged
that was a cool one...
hope ayesha chooses 1st one rather than 2nd
jineejiggs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 November 2012 at 6:31am | IP Logged
I think Ram has gone mad, whole property to Ayesha, does she really deserves such things, a portion was enough for her, how can be whole property, this is not taken, in fact Ayesha doesn't deserve anything, Sid is not a Kapoor, so no question from there and Ram hasn't married her and if he so then marriage is void, so no question from there too, then how come she gets such things, am clueless

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viny_queen IF-Rockerz

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Big smileram is very clever
 aysha what she do know
love4raya Senior Member

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Posted: 26 November 2012 at 4:18pm | IP Logged
Whhhaaattt??? The whole property in Bimbo's name??? Nooo pls..And she doesnt even need to think.She will never choose Ram over money...Y even KM?? 1-2 companies ok but puri property?? :( :( Wer will the others live?Lalaji ki kothi?? Wow!! but still.. :( :( loved raya moments but not d last part.Hope Conda is dreaming dat Ram offers his property..

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sangautam Senior Member

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Part 10

Ayesha is deep in thought as she is going home. She is surprised at what transpired between Ram and herself. This was very unexpected and she was caught off guard. Ram has put her in a very tricky situation. Either him or his property? What a question? What is Ram without his property? If I get all his money and property, where will he go? What will he do? He is taking custody of Kush as well. Let me talk to Mamaji about this and see what he has to say. He is my philosopher and guide.

She goes home and tells everything to Mamaji. Shiney has an evil smile. He thinks to himself: Ha! Finally everything is falling into place. My patience is paying off. This is what I have been waiting for all these years. All these years taking all the crap from Niharika and Sid and now Ayesha, is finally bearing fruit. This Ayesha is a dimwit. She has no brains. I want her to opt for the property and business. She is so stupid that she will let me run the business as she thinks I have been a part of the business all these years. That is what I wanted all these years. I will take all the property from her without her even having the slightest of suspicions. Ha ha, never have I seen one so stupid as her. In his mind he is doing a little jig and is very happy.

Shiney: Ayesha, what are you waiting for? Once you take all his property, houses, jewellery and everything, Ram will be on the streets. Priya, Pihu and Kush will be bhikaris along with Ram on the streets. Let us see how they will live after that. I am sure this grief will bring an end to KK and Dadi. As far as Rishabh is considered you don't have to worry at all. He will take his share of the business and leave with his wife. I will be by your side as I have always been in the past 5 years. I was the one who helped Sweety and Sid get the business in their names. It has been my brainchild and I will guide you all through the way. You don't have to worry my dear. Trust me!

Ayesha is listening to Mamaji all along and seems to be convinced with what he has been saying. So with Kush out of my way, I will be single again and footloose and fancy free. I will be rich and don't have to worry about anything. Mamaji will run the business and I will enjoy the luxuries by myself. Of course mummy will be there with me to support me and take care of me. As long as I give in to her whims and fancies she will not question me either. I know how to wrap her around my finger. Ram is going to pay a big price for getting back to Priya. Ayesha is feeling very happy and dreaming about leading a luxurious life without anyone to question her.

Ayesha to herself: Ha ha! I will go to Priya and break the good news to her. She can have her Ram, my Kush and her Pihu all to herself! They can beg and live a life of utter poverty for all I care. OOOh! Poor Priya "DI" look where her love life is taking her. She purses her lips and has an evil glint in her eyes and heads out of the house.

Priya is sitting at her desk and writing something (probably her journal). She hears the doorbell and goes to answer it. Pihu is in the living room doing what she likes the best – drawing. She lifts her head as she sees her mother open the door and frowns. What is Ayesha auntie doing here? Is she going to shout at Mamma? She seems a little apprehensive.

Ayesha: Oh Hello Pihu. How are you?

Pihu lowers her head and does not answer. She turns and looks at Priya. Priya looks at her and signs to her. She says: Pihu, why don't you go to Nanu's home and show him the drawings you made for him and Mami – bua? He will be very happy. She looks at Ayesha: can you please sit down for a couple of minutes, I will drop Pihu with Papa and come back.

She certainly doesn't want Pihu to be around Ayesha because she knows how uncomfortable her little princess is when she sees her. She goes to Sharma House and tells her father to keep Pihu there till she comes to get her.

She goes back to her apartment and sees Ayesha sitting on the diwan. She is trying to gauge her sister and wonders why she is here.

Priya: So, Ayesha, what brings you here?

Ayesha smiles and crosses her legs and gives Priya a sneering look: Do you know with whom I had lunch this afternoon?

Priya: No, I don't know and I don't want to either. Where and what you do with whoever, is not my business and it doesn't bother me.

Ayesha: Ram and I had a lunch date this afternoon at his favorite Chinese restaurant. Do you know what we discussed there? You will never believe what Ram said to me. You will be shocked.

Priya frowns: Really Ayesha? I don't want to know what happened between the two of you and it doesn't affect me at all. As far as I am concerned, Mr. Kapoor is very special to me and will remain the top priority in my life come what may. He is my world and that is all that matters. The fond memories I have of my happy times with him are enough for me to live the rest of my life in bliss. Anyway, I don't need to tell you about my relationship with him and I don't need to know what you think he means to you. He is the father of our child and that's a fact that will not change. He loves his daughter and is willing to do all he can for her and I also know how much he loves me. I know right now he is angry with me, but all that he is doing to hurt me is because of all the love he has for me. So you can keep all the memories of todays lunch date with you. I don't really need to know. By the way, since you are coming here as a guest, let me offer you something to drink. Will you have some fresh lime juice or ginger tea made by me?

Ayesha: Oh Priya! What world are you living in? When someone loves you, he should go out of his way to do things for you – buy you expensive gifts, spoil you and give you the whole world at your feet. You will be so sorry to know that your "Ram" is giving me all that and has left nothing for you and his darling daughter Pihu. He wants to give me his entire property, his businesses, cars, jewellery, houses and everything he owns. So, if you think he loves you, you can think again Priya. He is giving me everything he has. All I have to do is sign on a stupid paper that we never married and I have everything in the world at my beck and call! I pity you Priya. You were better off in Dubai running your silly bookstore. At least you had some money coming your way to feed yourself and your daughter. Now you have nothing and even the Ram you think loves you has cheated you and deprived you for a meager life too. I feel so sad for you Priya.

Priya is shocked listening to Ayesha. She is angry with her at all that she is saying about Ram. She goes up to Ayesha and gives her a resounding slap.

Priya: That was for saying all that about Mr. Kapoor. She folds her hands and smiles sadly at Ayesha.  Remember Ayesha, if it wasn't for him, you would have been on the streets with Kush. You are ungrateful and all I feel for you is pity. Are you really my own sister Ayesha? I am disgusted to even be remotely related to you. I cannot believe that I sacrificed so much all my life to bring up a little demon, who I thought was my sister. Neither of our parents are so selfish and scheming like you. I will not hear anything negative about Mr. Kapoor. He is God's gift to mankind and if it wasn't for his love for me and my family he would not have stood by you when you actually had no one. I know how much he loves me, even when he looks at me with anger and hatred, I can see the love he has for me that makes him so angry at what I did to him. I don't have to justify anything to you and I don't want to waste my breath and time on you. The gifts of love that he has given me are priceless Ayesha. NO amount of money can even make a dent in the wealth of caring, trust and unconditional love he has given me. Pihu is the best gift he has given me and nothing in the world can even compare with that. He has fulfilled every small, silly wish I had, however stupid or minute it was. That in itself is immeasurable treasure. The quality time he spends with me and my daughter are worth much more than any diamonds or gold you have.  In fact, I can say very proudly that Kush – yes, your son Kush loves and respects me a lot more than you. If he was given a choice, he would rather live with Pihu, Ram and Me without all the worldly luxuries than live with you and all your expensive lifestyle. That in itself is a treasure. I feel so sad for you Ayesha. You don't know how poor you are. I don't need cars and jewellery and huge houses to be happy Ayesha. All I need is Ram's hand to hold and take us through the rest of our lives and that I am sure he will give me without any question or doubt. When I get a big "I love you" hug from Pihu and Kush that is my million. What more do I need? Anyway I don't think you understand my language and I don't even want to be in your shoes in the remotest of my dreams.

Ayesha: You will never understand. You cannot live your life with love and fresh air. You need money and I have all the money. Mamaji and Ma are with me all the time. They mean everything to me. Mamaji is going to take care of the business like he has been doing for Ram all these years. He knows the business and without him Kapoor Industries would not have reached such great heights. He has been the right hand for Ram. You don't understand any of this Priya. Ram cannot run his business without Mamaji and you will be glad to know that Mamaji will help me run the business and Ma will take care of me. I don't need anyone else Priya. Without money, Ram is a loser. He has no place to go. I was hanging on to him only because of the money and now that he will not have the money he is no one.

Priya laughs loudly: I don't know whether to call this ignorance or stupidity. You are still continuing to bet on the wrong horse. If Mamaji was the brain behind Kapoor Industries, I wonder why he didn't build this empire by himself. Remember Ayesha, what comes easily goes away easily too. Mr. Kapoor has worked so hard all his life, making so many sacrifices for his family to build the empire that he is willing to forsake for you. Do you know why? He is confident that he can build an empire twice as big as this with his hard work and business sense, so am I. I just don't understand how you can even take all this and live in peace. Mr. Kapoor is a self made man and I am proud of what he has made of himself. All the people who are hovering around you are there for the money that Mr. Kapoor has earned and given you in a platter. As your elder sister, the only advice I can give you at this time is to wake up and make an earnest living through hard work and honest earnings. You see how happy that will make you. Your so called friends will vanish from your sight once your coffers are empty. Then you will be all alone and no one from your family will be there to stand by your side. I am sure, we will have to bail you out at that point too. Ayesha, please don't do this to yourself and to Mr. Kapoor. His money and wealth does not matter to me at all. I am in love with Mr. Ram Kapoor, the person and not the personality. Take his help and set up your own business and work hard at keeping it going. You should learn from Nutz. Mr. Kapoor set up the business for his sister and see how hard she works at keeping her business going? She was born with a silver spoon and now she is willing to forsake all those comforts to live a simple life that her husband is giving her. You have a lot of good role models around you to emulate and yet you choose Mamaji, who is nothing but a big leech. Ayesha, I am saddened that my own flesh and blood is not using her intelligence in the right way and all I can say at this point is God help you!

Ayesha listens to all that her sister is telling her. She remembers how hard working and simple a life her sister led and how happy they were while they were growing up. Her life flashes in front of her – her life before Ram Kapoor and after. She seems to be confused and rolls her eyes at her sister and walks away. She goes back to KM and as she is walking past Mamaji's room, she overhears a conversation he is having over the phone.

Mamaji laughs loudly: Ha and you don't have to worry about the little bimbo. I have never seen one so stupid and self centered as her. I have been waiting all these years for this opportunity. Sweety, my sister was too smart for me. I had to play my cards very carefully with her. Now that she is out of the way and I have all the evidence that Sid killed her, he cannot even breathe peacefully in this country, I will have him behind bars for life. I have Ayesha eating out of my hands. I will get the power of attorney in my name giving her some cock and bull story and she will give me all the wealth without even suspecting what I am doing. Once that is done, I don't need her around. I can finish her off and hey! Kapoor Industries is all mine along with all the wealth this fatso amassed all these years. He can do nothing about it, because I am playing my cards very well. No one will suspect anything.

Ayesha turns white with shock. Whaaat! Am I hearing right? Are these the true colors of Mamaji? She walks as if she is in a daze, back to her room. She is speechless and in shock. She remembers all that Priya told her and also what she overheard mamaji say just now. Everything that Priya said seems to be making sense to her and she is feeling very sorry for herself. How is she going to get out of this mess? Whom should she confide in? Who will give her the right guidance and who will be by her side? She closes her doors and sits in her room thinking about all that happened that day. Phew! What a day! What revelations! She remembers Ram's conversation and the tone of voice he uses when he talks to her, she remembers what Priya told her that afternoon and again mamajis words are ringing in her ears. She is so confused and walks out of the house. She is slowly realizing how lonely she is and how she has alienated herself from everyone that meant everything to her. She thinks about her mother too. She remembers a lot of her words and realizes how empty all the praise for her was. Did she really care for her daughter? How could she encourage her to live the superficial life she has been living the past 5 years? She remembers all that Priyadi did for her as she was growing up, all the encouragement and support she got from her during her younger days. She slowly starts to realize how foolish she had become and how lonely she was. Yes, Priya was right. She had no one to give her the right kind of advice. Everyone around her just told her what she wanted to hear so that she was happy and they benefitted from that. How is she going to face her sister, her father and brother. She is beginning to realize how sensible and honest they were and all their advice and strong words keep ringing in her head. She has to go and talk to someone. Who is the best person to talk to at this time? She thinks about it for a bit and then decides she has to do something about it. She calls Ram and tells him that she needs to talk to him as she has made up her mind.

Ram: Ok, when and where do you want to meet me?

Ayesha: Ram, I want to meet you just now and some place quiet where there is no one else but me and you.

Ram is taken aback! What is all this? Has my plan back fired? Has she decided to stay with me and forsake all my wealth? Did she not catch the bait I tossed at her? He is dazed and still trying to figure out what her intentions are: Okay Ayesha, what is your decision? Can we have this conversation over the phone?

Ayesha: No Ram. I want to meet you somewhere very private and have to discuss something very important with you.


Okay friends, I am going to leave this here now. I know this was more of a filler part, but a very important one that will be the bridge to the rest of the story. I will leave you in suspense for now and will update very soon. Sorry no, Rayalicious stuff this episode, but there will be a lot in the next couple, I promise. Do leave your valuable comments and any suggestions you have for me. It means a lot to me.

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Nice update. Post the next part soon. Waiting for RaYa moments.

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