Bade Acche Laggte Hai


Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

FF Whose side are you on? Last part on pg 22 (Page 11)

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Nice update

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just saw it will read all the parts and comment
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part 4

awesome update sandhya loved it really why Rajat sir is there to spoil our RaYa's happiness but happy to hear Priya's reply to him i wish in show it was the same too but never mind i got here so happy... awww Golu is getting passesive for his beloved wify so cute yaar... n end part were just mind blowing ... finally Ram understands that Priya were never happy being away from him i m happy he finally realize Priya's paun too by her journals... n KC track on charts... wowoowo i loved yaar i m just in love with ur FF ... going to read next
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Hi Friends,

Here is the next part of my story. Hope you like it. Wishing all of you a very happy thanksgiving. Giving thanks to Balaji for making such a beautiful show (at least the beginning was beautiful), that we can weave many more stories out of it and fulfill our dreams and wishes, even though they are not! Thank you my friends in this forum who are taking the trouble to read my stories and encouraging me to write more.


Part 8


Priya goes into her bedroom and looks at Pihu. She is overwhelmed at the moment. Everywhere she looks, she sees her beloved Ram. As she is looking at Pihu, she visualizes Ram laying down on the bed reading to Pihu. She looks out in the living room and she sees him sitting on the diwan watching her in the kitchen. She goes into the living room and sees him sitting at the table enjoying her aloo parathas. She walks into her kitchen and sees Ram walk in to wipe her tears when she was sobbing watching him get emotional eating her aloo parathas after 5 long years. She remembers her first KC and recollects how Ram had a near death episode when she took away the plane tickets which eventually saved his life. She talks to herself: One mistake I made 5 years ago and look at the repercussions everyone of us is facing. Wish I was wiser at that time. Will it really be that easy for Ram to annul his marriage with Ayesha? What will her future hold for Ayesha? Her little sister, whom she brought up like a daughter, how could she turn out so selfish? She lets out a big sigh and clears up everything, straightens up the living room, switches off all the lights and goes into her bedroom. She sits at her table and takes out her journal to write. After coming back to India she has not been very regular with her writing, but there are days when she puts so much down on paper, that contains more than a day's thoughts. She has been writing a lot whenever she gets the time. She remembers that she left all her older journals in Sharma house and was planning to get them back to her home. She has no idea that two of her journals are with Ram and he was reading them. She looks back over her shoulder and watches Pihu as she is snoring in her sleep. She grins and shakes her head from side to side. How can Pihu be so much like her father? How would I have managed these 5 years without Pihu and her mannerisms? Would she have really been able to live without her Ram if it wasn't for Pihu? She closes her journal and turns off the table light and goes to settle down in bed next to Pihu. She draws her close to her heart and plants a kiss on her forehead. She gets a strong smell of Mr. Kapoors perfume and shuts her eyes as if to feel his presence next to them. Slowly she falls asleep, exhausted!

In KM, Ram is sitting in his chair with his eyes shut and the journal on his chest. Kush is in Rams bed fast asleep. Ram opens his eyes and tries to read the journal. He tears up and shuts the book almost immediately. He thinks to himself: I cannot do this alone. I have missed so much in the past 5 years and nothing will be complete unless I read this along with the love of my life, Priya. That will complete the picture. Saying this he puts the journal on the table next to him and goes to settle down in bed, next to Kush. He puts his arm around Kush and ruffles his hair gently. Kush has been my balm the past 5 years. Don't know what I would have done without him. Strangely, he is not like Ayesha or Sid. He seems to be more sensible like Priya. Or do I just feel that way because I miss Priya? He kisses Kush on his head and slides down on his pillow. He looks at Priyas photo next to him and reaches out for it. On second thoughts he retracts his hand and turns away and goes to sleep.

Next morning, Kush wakes him up early: Good morning papa! Please wake up the sun has risen and we must also wake up.

Ram opens his eyes and stretches lazily as he smiles at Kush: Good morning Champ! Did you sleep well?

Kush: Yes papa. I always like sleeping in your room. He gives Ram a big hug and jumps out of bed.

Ram also gets out of bed and heads to the wash room: Kush, please go and brush your teeth and get ready. If all goes well, maybe we can go to the beach for a little bit – you, me, Priya and Pihu. What do you think?

Kush gives Ram a big hug and jumps around excitedly. I love the idea papa. Can I call Pihu now and tell her?

Ram: No, lets first get ready, then I have to go to the office for a little bit and I will come back early and then we can go. But first I have to finish my work in the office.

Kush is not so sure if this plan is going to work. Usually when papa goes to work he comes home very late. He looks down and scratches his head.

Ram bends down and looks at Kush: Champ, I know you are thinking that I will get stuck at work if I go to the office right? I promise I will finish my work before lunch time and then we will go to the beach. Just then his phone rings. He looks at the caller id and smiles. He looks back at Kush and says: Its your bua.

Ram: Haan Choti. Whats up?

Pihu: Papa this is Pihu not bua-mami. I am calling from her phone because I want to tell you a secret and I don't want mamma to know I am talking to you.

Ram says hi to Pihu and then frowns: Why don't you want mama to know that you are calling me? Will she be angry? I think it is ok for you to call me anytime sweetheart! Now tell me why you are calling.

Pihu: First papa, good morning. I love you. It is mammas birthday after 8 days. Can we have a surprise party for her birthday? I don't want mamma to know we are planning this because then she will say no and not to waste money having a party for her birthday. I really want to give her a big birthday party papa. She is the best mamma in the whole world na!

Ram smiles: Sure Pihu, we will definitely plan a party. Do let me know what you want to do and we can meet secretly and make all the arrangements. Is Choti there with you?

Pihu: Yes, papa. I am with her in the park downstairs, because I don't want anyone to know about this secret. Just you, Bua-mami and I should know this. No one else ok?

Ram gets excited and says yes dear. I promise. Ok Rockstar, I have to go and get ready to go to work now. If I go early and finish my work then maybe we can go out in the afternoon. What do you think?

Pihu is very excited: Can we go to the beach papa? I have never seen a real beach. Only the one they have in Dubai.

Ram is taken aback. Wow! What was that all about? Telepathy?

Ram: You know Rockstar, I was planning on taking you to the beach. You read my mind. Please get ready and wait for me. I will come and get you.

Pihu: Can mamma come too? She seems a little anxious about going without her mother.

Ram: sure Pihu. I will put off the phone and get ready. Bye love.

Pihu: Bye papa. See you soon. And she disconnects the phone. She gives Nutz a big hug and says: remember we cannot say anything about the party to anyone. It has to be a surprise.

Nutz ruffles Pihus hair and gives her a big grin: Sure Pihu. My lips are sealed. Do you want to go back home now? I have to get ready and go to work soon. She holds Pihus hand and both of them get into the lift and go up. Nutz takes her into her home and calls out to Priya.

Nutz: Priya, we are back. I will see you sometime later. Ok bye for now.

Priya: Thanks Nutz. See you bye.

She shuts the door behind Nutz and turns around and looks at Pihu. She frowns and purses her lips and shakes her head. Something is going on in that little head. I have to find out. She has that excited look, like she is up to something.

Priya: Pihu, my princess whats going on in your mind? You seem to be thinking about something. Are you planning something?

Pihu thinks: Wow! Mamma knows everything. I hope I can keep this as a surprise from her. She will be very happy I am sure. Then she says aloud: Nothing mamma. Papa spoke to me and said he will take us to the beach later today. Now he has to go to work and then he will come and take us. I really want to see the beach.

Priya: Did papa call or did you call and worry him to take you? Where did papa call?

Pihu looks at her mamma: No mamma, I called to say good morning from bua-mamis phone. Then he told me.

Priya: ok first we have to get ready, have breakfast and then wait for papa. She is still not convinced that this was not Pihus plan. She certainly has her father wrapped around her little finger. She looks at Pihu and shakes her head and smiles. Both of them get ready and have breakfast. Priya is pottering around the kitchen and Pihu is busy with her drawing.

Her phone rings and she looks at the caller id with wide eyes. What does Ram want now? Good morning Mr. Kapoor. How are you?

Ram: I'm fine. I was thinking that we should take Pihu and Kush to the beach. Are you free this afternoon around 4 or 5?

Priya: yes Mr. Kapoor. We are free and Pihu will be very happy. She is already very excited. I hope she is not troubling you to take her.

Ram: No she isn't and even if she is, I think she has the right to. I want to make the most of the time I have with her now and make up for the lost 5 years. He begins to choke and his voice starts to break.

Priya senses his emotions: I am sorry Mr. Kapoor. I understand it is all my fault. I don't know how to make this up.

Ram says that he has to finish some work and hangs up. Priya hangs up too and looks at the phone with tears. This is so hard for all of us. I wish I could turn the clock around and change things around. I feel so bad. Sorry Mr. Kapoor. She tells Pihu that her papa called and said he was going to take them to the beach so they should get ready. Pihu jumps with excitement and gives Priya a big hug. I love you and papa, mamma. I like Kush too. He is a very nice brother. But, you know what mamma? I don't like his mother. As she says that she makes a very sad face and remembers what she said in the parking lot after Rahuls birthday.

Priya draws Pihu close to her, kneels down and gives her a big hug. Please don't say that Pihu. Kush will feel sad if he hears that. She is older than you and you have to respect your elders right? Just like your mamma is the best for you, his mamma also must be the best for him. She gives her a kiss on her forehead and says: You are the worlds best daughter my princess and I love you very much. You are the best thing that happened in my life after my marriage to your papa. She thinks about her marriage, the honeymoon in Australia, laying down on the beach during the BC scare, the Guj, Mah border and automatically her eyes fill up with tears. Pihu sees the tears rolling down her cheeks and wipes them with her tiny hands and gives Priya a big kiss. Priya looks at her and smiles.

Ram is in his office talking to his lawyer.

Lawyer: Mr. Kapoor, are you sure you want to do this? It has taken you over 20 years to build this empire. All your hard work to go in vain? Please give this a serious thought Mr. Kapoor.

Ram: Yes. That's all I have been doing the past few days Mr. Advocate. I think this is the only option I have at this point. Everyone makes mistakes and we have to correct them and as far as I am concerned, I think this is the only way I can make things right for my family. Mr. Advocate, I have worked so hard for everyone all these years. Now the time has come for me to do something for my immediate family – my wife, children and my parents. I am ready for this and have the confidence that I can, through my hard work rebuild my empire.

Mr. Advocate: Okay then Mr. Kapoor, I have all the papers ready and let me know when you would like to finalise everything. I will still give it a second thought if I were you Mr. Kapoor.

Ram looks at him and smiles. He shakes hands with the lawyer and shows him out of his office and comes back to his table. He looks at some papers and smiles. "Lovely birthday gift for my lovely wife", he thinks. I just can't wait Priya. Just a few more days, he says and has a big smile on his face. This is a risk I am taking and I am confident, with you by my side all will work out Priya. Don't worry dear, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just trust me! The road will be rough in the beginning and then I am sure we will look back and be happy. It will be well worth it. He shuts the file and puts it on his table and makes a call to Priya.

Ram: Hi Priya, I hope Pihu and you are ready. I will come in an hour and pick both of you up. We will go out to lunch and then head out to the beach. I will go and pick up Kush first.

Priya smiles: Yes, Mr.Kapoor. Pihu and I are ready. She is very excited. I am packing a small picnic basket, because I am sure the children will be hungry while we are at the beach. Thank you Mr. Kapoor, I appreciate this.

Ram: Priya, you know I am a very selfish man. I am doing this for myself and my happiness.

Priya and Ram both sadly remember the scene in jail when she says that she is going to jail for her happiness. She sighs and realizes Ram is still on the phone.

Priya: Ok Mr. Kapoor, see you soon Bye.

Ram: Bye

He then calls Ayesha and tells her that he is coming home to pick up Kush to take him to lunch and then the beach.

Ayesha: who else is going with you Ram?

Ram: Does it really matter Ayesha? I am not asking you permission to take my son to the beach, I am telling you I am taking him. Make him wear something comfortable. I don't want him in his best clothes to get messed up on the beach. Please make sure he is ready in the next 15 minutes. Bye. He cuts the call.

Ayesha rolls her eyes and talks to herself: Huh! I don't know what to make of this. I have to go and talk to Priya soon. She needs to get out of our lives. Both she and her daughter are playing havoc in my life. If I have to live comfortably, she has to leave and that too pretty soon. I have to do something. She then walks out of her room and yells for Kush asking him to get ready because his papa is picking him up.

Kush says ok Mom. I am ready. He doesn't offer any information to Ayesha and when she asks him who all are going, he just puts out his lower lip and shrugs his shoulders as if he doesn't know who else is going. He doesn't want his mom to ruin their plans of a fun filled afternoon.


Part 8

Ram is driving with Kush in the back seat. They are on their way to pick up Priya and Pihu. Kush is very excited about the outing. Ram is also quite excited. He is looking forward to spending time with his daughter and although he doesn't want to admit it, he is looking forward to meeting Priya. Whenever he thinks of Priya he has this confused look. His scratches his forehead and wipes the sweat off his brow. He wants to spend time with her and at the same time when he thinks of the past 5 years, he gets angry.

At Priyas place Pihu is pacing up and down the living room. She asks Priya for the millionth time: What is the time mamma? Why is papa not here yet? I hope he has not forgotten.

Priya: Bachcha I know you are very excited about going to the beach. Papa must be stuck in traffic. He will be here soon, I am sure. Why don't you sit and draw something till he gets here?

Pihu: Its okay mamma. I will go to the balcony and see if Papa is here. Offo mamma! What is taking him so long? Should I call him and find out where he is?

Just then the doorbell rings and she jumps excitedly. Priya goes to open the door and Kush rushes in and gives Priya a hug. She looks at Ram and they have an eye lock! Wow, he looks so cute and relaxed in his polo tee shirt and jeans. He seems to be ready for a fun filled afternoon.

Pihu: Oh Papa, you look so nice in these clothes. Why don't you wear this more often. I love you. She runs forward and gives her papa a hug.

Ram smiles shyly and looks at Priya for her reaction. She also smiles and goes into FB when he wore it for the first time to surprise her – fulfilling her silly wishes.

Kush: Priya angel, are you and Pihu ready? We are going to the restaurant first to have lunch and then we will go to the beach. Did you pack a change of clothes? We will get messy at the beach and papa doesn't like us to bring the sand into the car. We can wash up at the beach house and come back. I brought a change of clothes for me

Priya smiles at Kush and watches both Pihu and Kush as they are so excited. She looks at Ram and signs to come inside. Ram scratches his forehead and gives a half smile. He says Hi and walks in. "Priya, are you ready?" he asks.

Pihu: Yes papa. We are ready a long time ago. What took you so long to come here? I thought you forgot.

Ram smiles at Pihu: Okay then, lets not waste time now. Lets leave.

Priya: Beach house? She asks Ram. She was under the impression they were just going to the beach. Where was this beach house? She was actually pretty surprised that Ram was taking them to the beach. She remembers how he didn't like getting his feet messy on the beach in Australia. She also remembers laying down and counting stars on the beach.

Ram: Yes, Priya. I bought a house with a small stretch of private beach. He looks shyly at Priya. I know how much you liked the beach so I decided to buy it 5 years ago. I like the peace and quiet there.

Kush: Yes Priya angel, the beach house is beautiful. Papa has a big boat too. Papa, are we going for a boat ride today? Please take us for a ride. I am sure Pihu will also want to go for a ride. Please papa.

Priya remembers the yacht in Australia and how Ram shared his thoughts about his father with her. She has tears in her eyes remembering that night in Australia. So Ram did buy the boat and the beach house like he wanted to. That was one of the first connections she made with Ram – the beginning of their path to realization of the love they shared. She heaved a great big sigh and noticed Ram also had tears in his eyes.

Ram: Lets go guys. We have to leave now so we can get lunch and then head out to the beach house. We have a long ride ahead of us. He calls someone and asks them to meet them at the beach house.

Priya picks up the picnic basket and a back pack. Ram comes forward and takes the picnic basket from her. They all head out of the house and make their way to the elevator. Kush and Pihu are going ahead chattering away nineteen-to-the-dozen. Priya walks beside Ram and has a very satisfied look on her face. She is very happy that Ram is including Kush in all their time together. She doesn't want him to feel left out, now that Pihu is here. She understands that Ram and Kush share a special bond and she doesn't want that to change ever. They make their way into the car. Pihu and Kush get into the back seat of the car and Priya is hesitant about getting into the front seat beside Ram. He puts all the stuff in the trunk and comes by her side and opens the front door for Priya to get in. Priya looks into Rams eyes and notices that he is also looking into her eyes. She smiles shyly and lowers her gaze. She gets into the car and watches as Ram gets behind the wheel and they drive away. She closes her eyes and lets out a sigh. She remembers their long drive to Mah-Guj border during her BC scare days. She thinks about how he fulfilled all her stupid wishes.

Ram keeps turning his face off and on to see the contented look on Priya's face. With all his anger and frustrations of the recent weeks that went by, he didn't take time to look closely at Priya. She looks even more beautiful now. Motherhood really suits my wife, he says to himself. He notices a slight frown appearing on his face and turns his face away, as if he is chasing his anger away. He has made up his mind that he is going to try his best to let go of all the anger and bad feelings that he has been nursing for the past few months ever since Priya came back into his life after 5 years. He sighs and turns and looks at Priya with a smile on his face. Their eyes meet and this time he lowers his gaze and turns to look in front. He looks into the rear view mirror and looks at the children and smiles.

Ram: Ok my precious children, what would you like to eat for lunch?

Pihu and Kush in one voice: We want noodles papa!

Ram: that's easy. I know of a very good place that serves Chinese on the way. So Chinese it is my dears. He turns and looks at Priya who has a smile on her face. What a coincidence, all four of us like Chinese!

They go to the restaurant and looks like the staff recognize Ram: My usual table please. Kush and Pihu run along ahead while Ram escorts Priya to the private cubicle. All four of them are seated. Ram and Priya are looking at the menu.

Pihu: Papa, can I have some soup and noodles please?

Kush: me too papa.

Ram grins at the children and nods his head. He looks at the waiter: Can we get 2 orders of sweet corn vegetable please – one for the three of them and one for me. Some veg. hakka noodles, one gobi Manchurian and veg stir fry also. Can you please get us a couple of bottles of mineral water – one cold and one room temperature.

Priya looks adoringly at Ram. Wow! He never forgets anything. He remembers all my favorite dishes.

Priya: Mr. Kapoor, how come you are not ordering any of your favorites? She goes into FB when they are at a Chinese restaurant and she wants vegetarian food.

Ram: Priya, I can't survive without chicken. Eating grass is not my forte. I don't know how you can survive eating grass. You should try some chicken sometime. You will not stop eating it.

Priya: Ram, I am happy eating "grass" as you call it. I enjoy it and believe me, I don't like non veg. Its not as if I have never tasted it. I just don't like it. You can go ahead and order your chicken dishes too. I am happy with what I have ordered.

Back to the present

Ram: Looks like you have not noticed, I don't eat meat any more. I quite like vegetarian food these days. He looks at her with a shy smile. He talks to himself: I gave up eating meat for you dear. So much changed in my life after you left and you didn't even notice. Well, never mind, you will have to get used to me all over again now.

Priyas eyes well up again. Amazing, how this man – my man has changed so much in these 5 years. I can see the love behind the hatred Ram, but you don't give me a chance to talk things with you. How am I ever going to make things up? Just give me one chance dear, just one chance. Outwardly he seems so angry with me but inside, nothing has escaped his memory. I love you Ram and am waiting patiently for your anger to melt and for you to give me an opportunity to talk to you.  I have so much to tell you, so much to share with you, if only you give me a chance.

The food comes, they feed the children first – Priya feeds Kush and Ram feeds Pihu. Priya looks with a lot of love in her eyes at Ram feeding Pihu. She loves it when she sees father and daughter bonding. She is enjoying feeding Kush and he is loving it too. After they are done they leave the restaurant and head for the beach.

The children are fast asleep in the back seat while Priya looks at them and then at Ram. She lets out a deep sigh! Ram looks at her and smiles his bashful smile. You can see the love they have for each other as they gaze into each others eyes. Ram breaks the eye lock and looks at the road. He says to himself "Priya, you don't know how much I yearned to do this trip all these years – you, me and ours! How I wish I could turn the clock back to 5 years ago and start things all over again."

The drive is beautiful, hills on one side and the emerald green ocean on the other side. No blaring of horns, no hustle and bustle of traffic, no people walking in the middle of the street. The road is beautiful, the surroundings beautiful and the people in the car even more beautiful. A perfect situation for the perfect couple. The children have woken up and are enjoying the view from the window.

Pihu: Wow! Mamma, this looks so beautiful. I can't wait to go to the beach.

Ram: just a little longer Rockstar! We are almost there. See the little hill jutting into the ocean? That's our little paradise.

Priya looks out of the front windshield and is mesmerized at the beauty of the place. Mother nature at its best! She sees the hill and can see a tiny cottage on the hill. This cottage is getting bigger as they drive closer. Soon they are at the gates of paradise. "Priya" is what the name plate says and Priya is touched. She looks at Ram with tears in her eyes. He looks back at her and smiles shyly. He scratches his forehead and turns away so Priya doesn't see the tears in his eyes. They drive in and get out of the car. The children run along the shore.

Pihu: Papa, mamma can we go to the beach now?

Priya: Pihu please wait for a few minutes. Let us put our stuff away and then we can all go to the beach. I don't want both of you to wander off by yourselves.

Ram: Its okay Priya. Murli, our caretaker and Chanda his wife will take out stuff into the house. Lets go to the water front with the children now.

Ram, Pihu, Kush and Priya hold hands and walk to the seashore. The children start digging the sand and building sandcastles. Ram watches as Priya takes off her sandals and walks to the waters edge. He walks by her side watching her face intently. He wants to capture every emotion he sees on her face as she is walking. After all he bought this place for her, in her memory and now that she is here with him, everything seems complete. "Priya, this is what my eyes yearned to see all these years. Are you happy? Wait till you see the inside of our cottage, I am sure it will blow you away. I love you Jaan", he says to himself as they are walking on the sand.

Priya notices that Ram is walking barefoot. Five years has made Ram a changed man. He hated the sand and rebuked her when she walked barefoot anywhere, more so on the sands of the beach in Australia, now he is walking barefoot on the sand. This place is like heaven and I am with my God and my children! What more can I ask of you? She sees some big rocks and goes to sit on it. She looks at Ram.

Priya: Mr. Kapoor are there any beach chairs in the house that we can bring here for you to sit?

Ram looks at Priya with a broad grin on his face: No Priya, I like sitting on the rocks.

Hearing this Priya looks shocked and smiles. Do I know this handsome hunk? He has changed so much for me and all I did was mess up his life. Her guilt takes over and she looks at Ram as if to say sorry.

Ram smiles shyly and stares into space deep in thought. He has pain in his eyes when he thinks of the past 5 years. He has been coming here by himself whenever he wanted to be alone. He saw Priya in his solitude for the past 5 years and now he is here again, only this time he has his beloved Priya with him. He tries to push all his anger into the background. He wants to move on, but the anger keeps popping its ugly head out on and off. He gets up and starts walking towards the shore. Priya sees him go and follows him. They are walking side by side along the waters edge, both deep in thought. A couple of hours pass and the sun is setting just ahead of them. The sky is turning orange and the reflection in the water makes the ocean glisten. Priya and Ram are enjoying watching as the sun goes down.

Kush and Pihu are enjoying themselves thoroughly in the sand. Pihu looks up and doesn't see Priya around so she gets worried. She calls out aloud: Mamma, where are you?

Kush: Its okay Pihu. I am sure she is around somewhere with papa. She cannot go anywhere without us. Murli kaka, please look for Pihus mamma. She is worried.

Suddenly they spot Ram and Priya walking back and they run to them. Pihu has tears in her eyes and wears a worried look on her face.

Kush: There, I told you she will not go without you. Priya angel, Pihu got scared thinking you left her and went away.

Priya gets down on her knees and hugs Pihu: Bachcha, how can I go anywhere without you?  I will never leave you and go. I promise you. She takes Pihu's face in her hands and wipes her tears and hugs her again.

Ram watches this and gets emotional too. He also comes down on his knees and puts his hand on Pihu's head: Rockstar, you are the most important person in our lives. We cannot even dream of leaving you and going anywhere. I also promise that I will never take you away from your mamma. She loves you very much and I love you too. He looks at Pihu and Priya feeling very guilty. The trauma of separation from Priya has caused this anxiety in Pihu. How could I have been so cruel?

Priya: Is anyone hungry? I have some sandwiches, chocolate cake and some home made chocolate chip cookies in the picnic basket.

Pihu: Yay! Mamma all my favorites. Can we have some here on the beach?

Ram: Okay, mamma and I can bring the food out here, but you have to anyway come in and clean up before eating. So why don't we go to the cottage and eat out on the patio.

They all agree and walk back to the cottage to clean up. Priya walks into the cottage and looks around. There are a lot of pictures of her and Ram taken at different times – all blown up or in collages. She chokes with emotion. How can someone love me so much? Do I really deserve this much love? Pihu also gets very excited seeing so many pictures of her Mamma and Papa. She asks why she is not in any of the pictures and Priya tells her that the pictures were taken before she was born.

Ram: Pihu, don't worry, I have a lot of pictures of your with me and I will bring some of them and put them up here.

Kush: what about my pictures papa?

Ram: yours too Kush. How can I forget your pictures. I will get all the pictures blown up and framed and bring them here. Maybe we can all come over on a weekend and put the pictures up together.

Both the children are very happy. Priya is still too choked with emotion to say anything. She is just silently looking at all the pictures around the house. Ram shows her around the house till he finally comes to his bedroom.

Ram: And that is my bedroom.

The door is closed and he walks past the room not wanting to show her the room. Priya realizes that asking him to show his room might open a lot of wounds causing a lot of pain, so she doesn't insist on seeing the room.

Priya: Mr. Kapoor, do you want some adrak chai?

Ram: I wouldn't recommend it. Chanda makes the worst tea EVER.

Priya: I was going to make myself a cup so was wondering if you wanted, so I could make you one too.

Ram: Yes, that would be wonderful. Been such a long time since I had some really good adrak chai Priya.

Priya sees sweat on his brow and is itching to wipe it. She takes a step forward and stops. No, on second thoughts I better not. He seems to be in a good mood and I don't want to change that in a hurry. She steps back again and walks away into the kitchen.

Ram and the children are on the patio, overlooking the ocean. The sun is on its descent and the place is looking so lovely and romantic. Priya comes out with the picnic basket and puts all the food on the table. She gives Ram his cup of tea and sits down with hers.

Priya: This place is beautiful. You have built a really beautiful cottage away from the hustle and bustle of the city and being by the ocean, it is a lovely place to unwind after a working very hard.

Ram: It is almost sunset, can we take a walk by the ocean and sit on the rocks and watch the sunset. This is the most breathtaking sight I have ever seen. Will you come with me Priya? I have to show you this scene before we head back.

Pihu: Papa, can we spend the night here?

Priya: Pihu, papa has to go to work tomorrow and it is a long drive from home. We can come back sometime on a weekend perhaps. She bites her tongue almost as soon as she said that and looks at Ram. She is not sure he wants to do that as yet.

Ram looks at Priya: Actually it's a great idea. We should come back on a Friday after work and spend the weekend here. I would love for us to come here sometime soon Pihu. But like mamma said we have to head back today.

Priya: I know schools will be reopening after Diwali break, so we need to talk about getting Pihu admitted soon. I was looking at some schools and wanted to talk to you about them and take a decision. All schools want both parents to accompany the child for an interview after the written test. So we should decide on some school soon.

Ram: Okay Priya. Now that we are done with our snack can we go for a walk? Pihu and Kush, you can stay here and watch a show or something if you don't want to come. We won't be long. I just want to show mamma how beautiful this place looks while the sun is setting.

Kush: Pihu, I have some board games here and we can play them while they are gone.

Pihu is a little apprehensive and she looks at Priya.

Priya: Princess, if you want you can come with us. I promise I will come back and we will all go home together.

Pihu: its okay mamma. I will stay and play with Kush. Please come back soon.

Ram and Priya step out and walk to the waters edge. The sun is almost setting and Priya looks around her. The bright orange sky meets the dark blue waters of the ocean. She puts her hands on the cheeks and looks wide-eyed: Its beautiful Ram! The most beautiful scene I have seen after the sunset at Mah-Guj border 5 years ago. This is breathtaking. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

Ram is looking adoringly into her face. This is what I wanted to do for the last 5 years. Watch the sunset with the one person I love the most. Wait! (he frowns but still has the smile on his lips) Did she call me Ram?? Everyone calls me that, but why does it sound so beautiful when she calls me Ram? Still seems so special hearing it from her. Says to himself: Priya, please say my name again, please. Just one more time. For now, that's all I want from you.

Priya as if she has heard his words looks into Ram's eyes: Ram! Thank you for bringing me here to see heaven on Earth. To herself: with the person who means the most to me in my whole life!

As they are walking back, Ram takes her hand in his and Priya looks at him questioningly. Ram just shakes his head and shuts his eyes for a brief second and smiles at Priya as if to ask "May I". Priya looks down shyly and continues to walk by his side hand in hand. His touch is like a 1000 watt bulb passing so much current into her body. She wants to savor the touch, enjoy the moment. Can this moment last forever? Ram, this is where I want to be always, close to you so I can feel your presence around me and listen to our hearts making silent conversation. Thank you Ram. You sure know how to make me feel special. I couldn't have asked for more.

Okay friends, lets leave them together for now. Let them spend the evening together, not thinking about what tomorrow holds for them. Let them live this moment and cherish it because they deserve to give their love a second chance. Isnt that why they are back together again? More in my next.

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viny_queen IF-Rockerz

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so much love 4 priya
Omg picture you  really made my weekend yaar with that lovely update
raya solve their problem or not
 again i must say the idea of beach cottage

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shonuz_mom Senior Member

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Its awesome. You write so well. I could almost picture the two of them watching the beautiful sunset. Looking forward to your next update
jineejiggs IF-Sizzlerz

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It's so beautiful, I think RaYa should go to such place and sort out their differences, they are quite mature enough, I luved ur write up, superb portrayal of the beach house, do continue
kaparikh1 Goldie

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Yes they are our RaYa...And yes they need to give their love a second chance and that...They are magical...Please continue their magical love story...You a fantastic writer...

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