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SwaRon FF: Chalk and Cheese||Chapter9Pg126|| (Page 100)

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Originally posted by Neeti96

Thanks for the likes and lovely comments guysSmile(spammers - Thumbs Up)

Chapter 6 -

"He is conscious now." said Swayam's mom as they walked towards the room. "He wants to speak to us."

Swayam nodded his head and followed his mom into the room.

His father was lying on the bed. There was a bandage covering his forehead and he was connected to some sort of liquid containing vessel through wires.

His eyes were closed but they opened as soon as he heard the door opening.

He had a half smile on his face, seeing his family in front of him.

Swayam found it difficult to see his father this way, so helpless and weak. Although he had ever told him, he had always admired his father for his strength and courage. He was not a man who would feel discouraged by a few ups and downs. In fact, he took them as a challenge to do better. Swayam had always wanted to be like his father.

His father signalled them to come closer to the bed. His mother went and sat beside her husband on the bed.She began stroking his hand gently. Swayam seated himself on the chair near the bed.

"Swayam beta" His father whispered. He was clearly going through a lot of pain.

"Yes dad?" Swayam asked, looking at his father while trying to control his tears.

" son..there is something very important I have to tell you."

Swayam nodded, urging his father to continue speaking.

"The doctor says it will probably be weeks, maybe even months before I will be able to recover fully.  I have been put on medication.  I won't be able to work for a long time now."

Swayam's heart started beating fast now. He was getting worried. Was his dad really implying what he thought he was implying?

"And in such a situation, I can't trust even my closest colleague to look after the business in my absence. So, Swayam'it will be your responsibility to handle our business now. From now onwards till God knows when, you will be incharge of our firm."

Swayam's eyes grew wide in shock.He couldn't believe what he had just heard. He was now the manager of his father's firm? The boy who had probably not worked a day in his life, would now be handling one of the biggest companies in Mumbai?


Sharon lay in bed, thinking about what had happened today. Kria was sleeping next to her , snoring softly. Sharon was unable to fall asleep.Swayam's face kept flashing before her eyes and for some reason, she felt really happy when she thought about him.

Was she falling in love with him?

Silly girl, Sharon thought, mentally kicking herself for acting like a teenage girl. Comforting a guy did not mean she was falling in love with him. This wasn't a Bollywood movie, this was real life.

But the way he had apologised, he seemed really sincere, she thought. Like he really felt bad about it.

Ugh , I have to stop thinking about him, she thought. Tomorrow is the first day of work and I have to..wait..if Mr Shekhawat is in the hospital, who will be handling the firm? I guess he must be having a secretary under him, she thought.

She got up to get herself a glass of water. She could hear cricket commentary. Her father was probably watching a match on television. She walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. She poured herself a glass of water and began drinking it.

Suddenly she heard her mother and father talking softly, practically whispering. They were probably doing so because they didn't want their daughters to hear.But they weren't aware that their daughter was in the kitchen, eavesdropping.

Curiosity made Sharon move closer towards the hall where her parents were seated.Sharon couldn't make out what they were saying.

Though she did hear one thing very clearly.

"It's time to get Kria married. She's old enough now and we'" Sharn's mom said, her voice fading slowly. Sharon was unable to grasp what she was saying after that.

But that much was enough. She was shocked. Her hands were shaking.

Kria getting married? She couldn't believe it. She knew it was inevitable but she hadn't realised it was already time.

Tears began flowing from her eyes. She kept the glass in the sink and ran up the stairs. She jumped on the bed and hid her head in her pillow, trying to control her tears.But they just wouldn't stop.

She lifted her head and looked at her sister sleeping peacefully on the other side of the bed. They were the best of friends. She couldn't bear to be away from her. Those years in the USA had made her realise the importance of her family,especially her sister. It was her sister who had been there to comfort her when she scored less marks in school, to listen to the endless stories of her crushes in college and to support her decision to move to the USA when her parents were unsure about sending her alone.

She wouldn't be able to live without her sister. Her best friend. She reached over and hugged her sister tight, just like they used to after watching scary horror movies at night when they were younger. Half asleep Kria placed her arm on Sharon too, out of habit. The tiresome day and her sobs had worn Sharon out.She fell asleep soon, in her sister's arms.


"There are parathas for you in the fridge. Warm them up in the microwave and eat them. I am going to the hospital now to be with your father.You can leave for office after that.Oh yes. The dhobi wala's wife has given birth to a baby boy. When he comes to take clothes in the morning, give him this."She handed him a sealed envelope.

Swayam was desperately struggling to wear his father's black tie. Now that he no longer went to his father's office to laze around and eat the cafeteria's frankies, he had to completely change himself.

Swayam's mother saw him struggling and walked over to help him. She was a tall woma, just a few inches shorter than 6 feet tall Swayam.

"I remember when I used to tie your dad's tie every day. That was when he had just started out." Swayam noticed that his mother's eyes were moist.

"And now it's you. I can't believe my son has grown up so fast. Just some time ago, you were in my arms, trying to eat my hair" Smiling at him as she finished tying his tie and tickled him a little.

Mr Ticklish shouted loudly and jumped behind to avoid his mother who was advancing towars him with a mischievous grin.

"Stop it , Mamma." He said. " I have to get to work now. Give dad my love. Bye."

"Waah beta, pushing your own mother out of the house. Not one day had gone by and you have already become so conceited?" She said jokingly as she walked towards the door.

Swayam made a face and went to the kitchen to heat up the parathas. But he couldn't hide his worry. He didn't know how he would be able to handle so much of work.

He knew his mother was trying to cheer him up but there was no hiding the fact that he was totally incapable.

Suddenly, he remembered his conversation with Sharon yesterday. She was so cute, trying to cheer him up and failing miserably. He couldn't help but smile, thinking about her. The prospect of meeting her brightened up his mood.

Maybe she would help him with the work.

After all she was his newest friend.

Sorry, acquaintance

Next update on Page 85 and after 45+ likes!!

m know  m to late  but superb update just fantesticClapClap

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You both have done a splendid job my dearies, it is just out of the world. The rapport they share is well shown in the update, the lift scene it was so sweet yet held a wealth of meaning, the feeling of togetherness and the unknown factor which binds them together is so well depicted.Well done gals, you are awesome like our SwaRon. jaldi update karo ji

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Originally posted by tanha29

Chapter 7

"Sharon!" Sharon's mom called out to her just before she could leave for the office.

"What? Mom I am getting late."

"Take this with you." Sharon's mom handed her a tiffin which office going men carry.

"What is this?" Sharon asked looking at it.

"Tiffin. Give this to Swayam."

"Why should I give this to Swayam? Are you expecting me to go to his home and hand this tiffin to him?"

Sharon's mom smiled. "No dear. Swayam is joining the office from today. His mom called me up to tell this. Swayam's mother is going to stay in the hospital throughout the day Sharon and Swayam doesn't eat canteen stuff. He can't survive on coffee right? So she asked me to pack a tiffin for him."

Swayam and office? Sharon was shocked. Sharon didn't believe her mom. Swayam was not going to come to the office that day and Sharon was going to eat the tasty food her mum had prepared for him.

"Ok" she nodded and left.

Sharon knew that Swayam was not going to turn up that day. From whatever she knew about him, she could tell that he was not an office person. So he was not going to come to office that day and the home made food was going to go straight in her tummy.

It was her first day in the office and Sharon was naturally a bit tensed. Shekhawat uncle was a nice person but who was going to replace him temporarily?

Swayam entered the lift and he heard a familiar voice that was asking him to stop the lift.

"Lift please!" someone said.

Swayam pressed the stop button until the source of the voice entered. It was Sharon.

"Thank you" Sharon put her hands on her waist and she was panting.

"Sharon?" Swayam asked. There was no one apart from both of them in the lift.

Sharon was by then breathing normally. She saw who it was.

"Swayam!!" she exclaimed. Her mom was right after all! Swayam was in the office. OMG! She gulped. "What are YOU doing here?" She still had an incredulous expression.

"Taking over my dad." He smiled.


"Dad is in the hospital. And you know it. He is bed ridden for some days and he wants me to take over his job temporarily, until he recovers entirely. So here I am."

"I never expected you here..." she said.

"I never expected myself either. It's only for dad. I never took work seriously and hence I am feeling a bit nervous today. Maybe for the first time."

The light suddenly went out. The lift stopped in between.

"Yikes!" Sharon exclaimed. "What's wrong?"

Swayam was shocked. Lights were not supposed to go like this. Sharon was shocked too. She was extremely scared of all this. She started taking heavy breaths.

"Sharon are you okay?" Swayam asked, concerned.

"Yeah. I am trying to be." It was hot inside and Sharon began sweating. Though, the lift had stopped working, it was not entirely dark inside. It was dim. Swayam could see that Sharon was sweating.

"Wipe your face Sharon. The lift will start working in two minutes again." He tried to tell her.

Sharon used her handkerchief to wipe her face.

"Are you okay now?" Swayam asked.

Sharon tried to nod slightly. She closed her eyes tightly.

Swayam went near her. "Don't get scared Sharon. You are not alone here. I am here too na. Chill."

Swayam was about to retrace his steps when Sharon firmly held his hand. Swayam looked back to see her.

"Please don't go" she said and held his hand tightly as if she was scared that someone would take him away from her.

Swayam was absolutely daft. He didn't know what to say. All he knew was that Sharon was scared and she looked like a small kid. Without arguing much with his conscience, he let her hold his hand.

Even though her grip made him feel that she was genuinely scared, he suddenly had a strong sense of togetherness.

Sharon felt safe when she held his arm. She felt protected.

The light came soon after. All through the time, Sharon didn't leave Swayam's arm. When she realized that the lift had started working again, she left his arm. Swayam felt void when she did that.

"I am sorry" she apologized.

"It's okay Sharon. It happens." He tried to encourage her with a smile.

Sharon smiled too. The lift opened and they reached their destination.

"I'll see you later." Swayam was the first to go out.

Sharon entered the office and went to the receptionist. The receptionist instantly recognized her and took her to a cabin. Mr. Shekhawat had directly promoted her to a post which was vacant, until some time ago. The receptionist made Sharon understand what she was supposed to do and asked her to begin her work without any delay.

Sharon entered the office and went to the receptionist. The receptionist instantly recognized her and took her to a cabin. Mr. Shekhawat had directly promoted her to a post which was vacant, until some time ago. The receptionist made Sharon understand what she was supposed to do and asked her to begin her work without any delay.

Sharon sank back on her chair. She was holding a good post, no doubt, but she deserved it. Shekhawat uncle was not a fool to have promoted her directly to this level. Then, her thoughts drifted to Swayam. A small incident could make a huge difference to someone. Someone lazy enough like Swayam. A small accident could turn a lazy person into a hard working one. She knew that Swayam was attached to his mom. Now, she also came to know that Swayam was equally attached to his father.

She began doing her work.

It was around 1.00 pm and Swayam was finding it tough to handle his work. He first had to arrange everything properly, then he had to check if everything was fine.He had so much to complete and so little time. He wanted a helping hand. He wondered how his dad managed everything so efficiently.

Sharon was tired too and she checked her watch to see the time. It was 1.00. Nearly lunch time. She remembered about the tiffin her mom had sent for Swayam. She also wanted to see if he was fine or not. She wished she could help him in any way. She picked up the tiffin and took it to Swayam's cabin.

Knock knock.

"Come in" Swayam said. He was already frustrated because more than 15 people had disturbed him since the morning. And know here was another one.

Sharon entered the cabin. Swayam didn't see her as he was busy arranging some files. Sharon came towards him and placed the tiffin on his work place. Swayam looked up to see who it was. He thanked god that it was only Sharon and not some irritating employee. Then after a brief eye contact, his eyes fell on the tiffin.

"What is this?" He asked her.

"Mom gave it for you. You don't eat canteen stuff right? Mom made some food for you and asked me to deliver it to you." She smiled.

"Oh that's so sweet of aunty." Swayam was glad.

"Why are you standing? Sit na." Swayam said after he realized he hadn't asked Sharon to sit.

Sharon sat and smiled. "How's your dad?" she asked.

"Dad is conscious now. He needs plenty of rest and he will be discharged only after some weeks. Till then, I have to take over."

"Oh and your mom?" she asked.

"Mom's fine. She's going to stay with him today."

"Umm...and..." Sharon began.


" are you?" she asked him a bit hesitantly.

Swayam did not say anything, but only laughed. Sharon thought that it was pure bliss, seeing him laugh like that.

"How do I look to you?"

"A worried person who needs someone to help him. Can I help you in any way?"

"No I'll manage." Swayam picked up a bunch of papers and he got up to keep them somewhere but the papers slid from his hand and got scattered throughout the room.

"Looks like you need some help, Mr. Butterfingers." She bent down, to pick some of the papers.

"Thanks" he said just before their hands met. She blushed a little bit and quickly pulled her hand back. He kept on staring at her. Her face had turned baby pink. He smiled on seeing that.

After they managed to clean the mess, Swayam once again thanked her.

"No problem. If you have any problem, tell me. I'll be ready to help you. And now, I'll get going, I have to do some work."

"Ok" Swayam said just before a brilliant thought struck him.

Sharon moved towards the door when she heard Swayam's voice which was asking her to stop.

"Sharon wait!" He said.

Sharon turned to look at him.

"What?" She asked. " You need any help?"

"No. It's just that will you have lunch with me today?" He asked expecting a positive reply.

Her eyes made a contact with his. His eyes looked at her expectantly. She penetrated deep into those eyes. His eyes had a glint of mischief and a tint of seriousness in them. It was not a different thing for him. Her eyes looked so honest. She looked good even with an impassive expression. She suddenly seemed to realize what was happening to her and immediately made up her mind.

If this was a cliffhanger, sorry..Hope you all liked this update..If you did, please leave your likes and comments!!
Next update-Page 110 and 45+ likes!! Smile
LOVE the chpter ClapClap
n left seen just awosm ClapClapBig smileBig smileLOL
res of   chpter is fab LOLLOL

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Big smileBig smileBig smile
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update it soon guys
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Guys, the page demand is complete, but we need 45 likes to post the next part! Even if we get it soon, Neeti will be able to update only tom!
P. S Thanks to all those who contributed in spamming. You rock!

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res till  update

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