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OS: Diwali ki safaai *translatn up* (Page 3)

IF_Rocks Senior Member

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 10:39pm | IP Logged
lovely OS... will be waiting for updates of each day eagerly... !!! Smile

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Charmz_58 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 11:59pm | IP Logged
Fabulous waiting for more

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mehak06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 12:23am | IP Logged
lovely part...!!!!!!!!
loved how arnav was curious to spend some time with khushi. !!!

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PSharada IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 12:56am | IP Logged
Nice OS. loved the concept

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..Smita.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 1:34am | IP Logged
Here's the translation for:
Diwali ki safaai
Khushi was shocked when she came out of the bathroom.
Khushi: He's still asleep?! Arnavji...
She sat down on the bed and patted his back.
Khushi: Arnavji,wake up!
Arnav mumbled a hmm without even opening his eyes.
Khushi: U've been saying hmm-hmm since the last half an hour but havent made any effort to get up! Unless u wake up I wont b able to clean the room.. (shakes his shoulder) Come on..!Wake up now!
When Arnav didnt budge,Khushi came up with a plan.
Khushi: So u wont listen to me?Okay then!
She removed the towel from her still wet hair and vigourously shook her head near Arnav's face.
As several droplets of cold water fell on his face,Arnav opened his eyes.
The sight in front of him took his breath away.
Khushi in a red salwar kameez with her hair strewn all over her face,looking red hot gorgeous and red hot angry!
Arnav(smiles): Good morning!
Khushi moves her tresses to the her left shoulder.
Now the view was clear for Arnav.
His eyes touched every part of her face.
Though Khushi pretended to ignore him, the blush that crept up her cheeks told a different story.
Arnav: I said good morning!
Khushi: I heard u! But what about the "wake up,wake up" which I hav been saying since a long.. time? 
Arnav sitting up): How did the thought of cleaning the house come to ur mind,that too in the morning? There r servants at home.They'll take care of it..
Khushi: No,there isnt any servant at home! Om Prakashji, Hari Prakashji, Jay Prakashji-all 3 of them have left for their village..
Arnav: What the..!
Khushi: Since one of their relatives passed away naniji gave them leave. Diwali is round the corner.None of the other arrangements have been made. To top it up,I will have to clean the whole house alongwith jiji!
Arnav: I'll arrange some other househelp..
Khushi: No,leave it. We'll manage! All u need to do is get off the bed and go outside the room! Jiji must've cleaned her room by now... Get up now!
I need to change the bedsheets and curtains,clean the fan,the cupboard and the poolside. Add dusting the whole room to the list!
Arnav: Ok,ok I'm getting up but.. Khushi r u sure u'll b able to do all this alone?
Khushi: I told u,I'll manage! U freshen up & leave for jogging!
Arnav(shrugs): As u wish!
When Arnav came out of the bathroom he saw Khushi standing on her tiptoes on the bed,cleaning the blades of the ceiling fan.
With the red dupatta covering her head,she resembled the Indian version of Red Riding Hood or so thought Arnav.
Khushi's Hey Devi Maiyya brought him out of his reverie.
Khushi threw the duster on the floor and started rubbing her left eye.
Arnav climbed on the bed.
Arnav: I've told u so many times,dont rub ur eye like that! Move ur hand,let me check..
He opened her eye with his fingers and blew gently.
Arnav: Is it okay now?
Khushi: Ya,thanks!
Arnav: U do some other work,I'll clean the fan..
Khushi(shocked): What did u say?
Arnav: U heard me!
Khushi: Arnav Singh Raizada.. will clean a ceiling fan?
Arnav(rolls his eyes): Khushi stop the drama! Get off the bed & fetch the duster for me.
Khushi did what she was told.
Arnav: Now will u keep standing here? U were saying u hav a lot to do..
Khushi: Ya.. I'll go to the kitchen..
Khushi: Ur coffee..
Arnav: Thanks!
Khushi: R u not going for jogging?
Arnav: No.I'm not going to office either. Aakash & I will stay at home to help u all with the cleaning..
He was about to sip his coffee..
Khushi: 1 minute!
Arnav: What..?
Khushi (pecked his lips): Thanks!
She was about to leave but Arnav caught her arm.
Arnav: I cleaned the fan so well & u're giving me sucha small prize for that!? Not fair!
Khushi: U've only cleaned the fan till now! Clean the whole house first & then I'll give u the bumper prize!
Arnav was about to say something when a knock on the door interrupted him.
NK: Khushiji...
Khushi: Coming Nanheji..!
Arnav let go of her arm.
NK: Tell me Khushiji,what do I have to do?
Khushi: Shift the kunde from the poolside to the gallery,one by one. I'll clean the poolside later..
NK(confused): What do I need to shift?
Khushi: Kunde.. the ones in which the plants r kept?
NK: Oh.. (shows thumbs up) Okay!
Khushi: Come,I'll help..
Arnav(interrupts): No no no! Khushi, dont even try that! The pots are heavy. If any of those pots falls on ur feet,u'll get hurt badly.
NK: He's right!Y dont u help masiji to clean her room?Dont worry.I'll shift the gunde from the poolside..
Khushi: Gunde nahi Nanheji,kunde!
NK(holds his ear): Sorry, sorry!
Khushi: Fine.I'll go & help mamiji..

4 hours later...
Khushi comes out of the room,looking for Arnav.
She spots Aakash on the staircase.
Khushi: Jijaji..
Aakash walks up to her.
Aakash: Yes Khushiji?
Khushi: Have u seen Arnavji?
Aakash: Bhai is in di's room.. Should I call him?
Khushi: Call him if he's not busy..
Aakash: Sure!
When Arnav entered the room,he saw all the contents of his cupboard lying on the bed and recliner.
Arnav: What happened Khushi?
Khushi: Where's ur white shirt,Arnavji?
Arnav: I dont know..
Khushi: I've checked all the clothes but I couldnt find that shirt anywhere..
Arnav: Must b in the laundry..
Khushi: But Hari Prakashji gave me the clothes which had come from the laundry yesterday. It was not in that lot. And I havent given any other clothes for dry cleaning. So where did it disappear?
Arnav: I hav no clue.. How did u find out that the shirt is missing?
Khushi: a.. U have'nt worn that shirt since a long time. So I.. thought I'll get it drycleaned,so u'll b able to wear it. (clicks her tongue) But now I cant find it..
Arnav: Wow! I never knew that u notice what I wear and when!
Khushi: hh..haa.. Actually a.. u'd worn ur black shirt yesterday so..
Arnav comes and stands right in front of her.
Arnav: So..?
Khushi: So.. The white shirt suits u as much as the black one. So I.. thought..
Just then Anjali came inside the room,as usual,without knocking.
Anjali: Khushiji,which..
She stopped when she saw Khushi and Arnav's expressions.
Anjali: Sorry! I'll come later..
Khushi: No di! Plz come in.. What do u need?
Anjali: Which curtain should I choose for my room? (shows two different curtains) This one or that one?
Khushi(points to one): This one will look better!
Anjali: Alright! a.. Chhotey,plz come & change the curtains of my room whenever u r free..
Khushi: U can go now itself,Arnavji.. Anyways I dont need ur help to clean the cupboard. Plz go & help di with the curtains...
Arnav gave her an angry-cum-disappointed look before leaving with Anjali.
Arnav wanted to spend some time with Khushi post lunch.
He went to look for her in the kitchen.
Arnav: Paayal have u seen Khushi?
Paayal: She must b in dadiji's room..
Arnav went to nani's room but found it empty.
He saw mamiji coming towards him.
Mamiji: Arnav bitwa,bhat r u searchings?
Arnav: Mami have u seen Khushi?
Mamiji: Phati saadi was with NK babua in his room..
Arnav: Thanks!
He met NK and Aakash outside NK's room.
Aakash: Careful,NKbhai! The mattress is quite heavy..
NK: Its very heavy,Aakash bhai!
Arnav: NK,where is Khushi?
NK: I dont know,Nannav. She left a long while back..
Arnav(thinks): Where has this girl gone?
Aakash: Bhai..
Arnav: Huh?
Aakash: Bhai,we need to collect  the mattresses from everyone's rooms & keep them in the sunlight,on the terrace.. Will u help me & NKbhai with it?
Arnav: Sure!
Aakash: Thanks bhai! Plz help NKbhai with this mattress,meanwhile I'll get the mattress from maa's room..
Arnav nods.
Arnav is relieved to find Khushi in the mandir area.
Nani: Khushi bitiya,plz help me to clean the mandir..
Khushi: Alright naniji. First I'll help u & then I'll help jiji in cleaning the kitchen.
Arnav comes there.
Arnav: Khushi..
Khushi: I'm so glad u came here,Arnavji!Plz help di & jiji in the kitchen..
Paayal(from the kitchen): No Khushi.. Its okay,Arnavji!We'll manage. Half the kitchen is done anyways.
Arnav: No,thats okay.I'll.. help u..
He realizes that until the whole house was cleaned,he would not get to spend time alone with his wife.
Dejectedly,he went ahead with the cleaning up.
7:30 PM,Shantivan..
Anjali: The freshly cleaned house is looking so nice! Right nani?
Nani: Right! If the work we do turns out good,we feel really happy!
Anjali: That's true!
Nani: U all have worked very hard today. Now go & rest for a while. Manorama will help me in cooking dinner.
Khushi: No naniji.. Y shall u both work alone? U also must b tired. Jiji & I will help u!
Paayal: Yes,yes!
Arnav: Nobody needs to do anything! I've already ordered food,it'll be delivered after some time..
Mami: U did a bhery good thing,Arnav bitwa! Bhel done!
Nani: U all go,have a bath & take some rest. Dinner will be served in an hour's time..
Much to Arnav's relief,everyone retires to their own rooms.
Upon entering his bedroom,the first thing which Arnav did was closing the door and latching it.
Khushi(stretches her arms): I'm so tired! My back is aching & so r my feet!
Arnav: Khushi,come here!
Khushi(stands next to him): Ji?
He put his arm around her waist & pulled her flush against himself.
Khushi(shocked): What r u doing?
Arnav: The house has been cleaned! Now its ur turn to be cleaned!
He scooped her in his arms and went towards the bathroom.
Khushi: Leave me!
Arnav: Noways! I've been waiting for this moment since sucha long time! U know what? Now I get why buaji calls u Titaliya?"Throughout the day,u've been roaming,no flying around the house like a butterfly!
To her utter shock,Arnav took her inside the bathroom and latched the door.
Khushi: What r u.. going to.. do?
Arnav: I'm going to clean u & myself! Now we will go out only when we r clean! 
Arnav & Khushi reached late for dinner that night.
Nani: What happened Khushi bitiya?What took u so long?
Khushi: Cleaning..
Nani: What?
Anjali: But Khushiji we're done with all the cleaning. What were u cleaning?
Arnav: Di,r bathroom was really dirty.So.. we were cleaning that.
Anjali: Okay..
Arnav noticed that Khushi's eyes were fixed on her plate while her cheeks had turned a deep shade of red.
Nani: Since tomorrow is Dhanteras,I've called the jeweller in the morning.
Anjali: Nani,we'll have to make the sweets tomorrow itself,isnt it?
Nani: Yes. And we need to get the required items for Lakshmi pujan from the market..
Arnav: Nani we're having a  conference tomorrow.So Aakash & I will have to go to office. We'll come back as soon as the conference is over.
Anjali: But Chhotey tomorrow is a Sunday..
Arnav: I know di.But since the clients r free only tomorrow,we had to schedule the conference accordingly..
Nani: Doesnt matter! Once u both reach office,send Mohanji home alongwith the car.
Arnav: Ji.
Arnav noticed that Khushi remained silent throughout the course of dinner and her attention was only on her plate.
Once the kitchen was cleaned,Khushi and Paayal retired to their respective rooms.
Khushi plopped down on the bed and sighed heavily.
Arnav(cups her cheek): Khushi,r u alright?
Khushi shook her head.
Arnav(panics): What happened?Should I call the dr.?
Khushi: My condition isnt that bad yet. Its just that I'm very,very tired. All the housework had,as such,left me tired. What u did in the bathroom has left me twice,no three times more tired!
Arnav: I'm sorry! But if this was the issue,y didnt u stop me?
Khushi: U knew I was tired.U should've understood on ur own! Had I stopped u, would u have stopped?
Arnav: Of course I would've stopped!
Khushi: Now there's no point in talking about it.The damage is done. I dont want to fight with u during the festival.Niether do I want u to be upset..
Arnav: I'm not upset!
He gets off the bed.
Khushi: Where r u going at this hour?
Arnav: To get the pain reliever spray for u..
Once he sprays the pain reliever on her waist,he tucks her inside the duvet.
Arnav(kisses her forehead): Goodnight! Sleep well tonight & all ur pains will vanish by tomorrow morning!
Khushi: Goodnight! U also go to sleep.U have also worked very hard today. And u're having a meeting tomorrow.
She waits until Arnav falls asleep.
Then she sets an alarm for 5:30 AM in her phone.
Khushi(thinks): Had I told him that I need to wake up early tomorrow,he wouldnt have allowed me to do that. I'll have to finish all my work before he's up tomorrow.
She keeps the mobile on the bedside table and dozes off within minutes.
Kindly ignore typos & mistakes.
P.S. I am planning to write a series of one shots for each day of the festival - Dhanteras,Chhoti Diwali,Badi Diwali and Bhai Dooj.
 The OS on Dhanteras will be up tomorrow morning.
Thanks for reading! Happy Diwali!Hug

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 1:52am | IP Logged
wow nice part
will wait for next OS

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--Kittu-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 2:05am | IP Logged
Beautiful !!!!!
loved it...plz continue.

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 2:45am | IP Logged
beautiful one,
thanks for pm

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