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What The - Aaj ki Taza BAKWAS Edition!

-Vee05- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 6:20pm | IP Logged
"If someone breaks your heart Just punch them in the face. Seriously. Punch them in the face and go get some ice cream." - Frank Ocean

-Tum aise kaise ho Khushi? Woman please you are starting to scare me! He wants to love, lust, lure you and your handing him in a platter and sajaoing him with gold and offering him to that Jhooti kamini there? Shocked Yeh Sathiya gayi hai kya? Confused Sari India mai no scratch that Duniya mai akeli piece...yup sample hai dono...namoone! Kheech ke ek gila joota marungi na dono ko Nani yaad aajeyige! Evil Smile

-Oh while your at it donating your husband away...can you get a boyfriend atleast to lust around with? It only seems fair no? Evil Smile Actually how about you get a new boy toy like every few days just for the heck of it! Youve clearly modernized...Sheetal fell down the stairs but Khushi is the one whose brain fell into place! Clap

-Oh help the Jhooti langdi around...Oh NK tu bhi aaja...dhyan rakh is gandh ka! Angry

-Yeh le phir aagaya US wala project and sentiMENTAL breakdown scene!!! More MENTAL than Senti! LOL

-AH MAMAJI MIL GAYE!!!! Hug Mama looked rather useless apparently a gawar types comes to America and becomes a big shot US Plant runner? Waise Last I  heard the US was importing clothing from India and China...when did this ulti Ganga start bahoing? Confused Waise bhi AR design ke kapde kuch khas to nahi lag rahe the! Andhe clients honge! Approve

-What is this Conference obsession???? Jab dekho Office Office khelte rehte hai conference karenge? Kitna bolte hai ek doosre ke saath yeh log! Go make other friends weirdos!!!! Angry

- Buy one get one free deal hai...Akash ke saath Khoon Bhari Tang FREE FREE FREE!!! Hello Hi Bye Bye folks...Aate rehna haan...flight pakadke jhat se and all...Free mai tickets baant raha hai na koi? Hello free wale uncle...mujhe bhi ek ticket bhijwa dena Wink

-The talks were like they were all going to become Sati in a holy pyer and perishing! They are leaving not dying ok? Paths will cross get over it already! Sleepy

-Shatir Dimag in action! Piglet SPILLS it all...sounded like a needy teenage girl! You dont like me, you didnt stop me, you dont love me, i didnt think you were so bad, i thought youd like me...I am not important for are bad...i hate you! ROFL Are we sure this kid is a boy and not a girl? Clearly seems more like Khushi's kid dropped off at the Ashram than Arnav's! 

-Shantivan can now be called an Anath Asharam...jisko koi nahi hai uska Shantivan hai! Pagalkhana cum Anath Ashram...Welcome one...Welcome all! Silly

- Ah Jhooti Kutti's plan is out...secret talks are done...adoption papers are being written mubarak ho nani all your wishes are coming true...Arnav and Khushi are Papa and Mummy now to a healthy 10 year old big foot Boy! Star

-Kuch hota nahi hai PARTY karte hai...Qayamat door nahi hai and yeh banda Party karta rehta hai! Then ASR and Piglet hand in hand dressed in "twin" outfit's will go togetehr to the Races, Museums, Parks, Malls...Khandar, Kua, Khai nahi dekhna hai isko???Angry

-Oh la la Surprises!!!! Why is Anjali so excited? Nope the new entry is NOT for you! Better luck in the next mad house you enter weirdo! Sleepy

-Ah now this crazy wife is jealous? Yesterday she was packing emptry gym bag and leaving and now shes worried about the BOGO deal here??? Bete ke saath uski mai FREE FREE FREE!!! Wah Khushi Mata tera to jawab hi nahi hai! Clap

-Ah...ASR bana Arnav...Sheetal ke Liye...Dead Promises are made to make it all right...yes woman everything WILL BE CORRECTED!!!! Dekhte rehna sab!! Wacko

-Arnav Singh Raizada...wanted one day...but shes waited for this one day for a few months...Shocked MONTHS? Really? What kind of shit character is this???? And you think you will get Meetha Phal? Oye Kamini you will get a big SITAPHAL with a frigging Chapal! All your life youl sit and try to find pieces of your past between all the seeds of a present and future somewhere in there too! Lovely on the outside and a total mind boggle on the inside! Wink

-Sheetal told him a Joke...Khushi says Chutkula...No Khushi it was in English so it was a JOKE! Bade Mazikaya ho tusi Arnavji...bade Mazakiya ho! Stern Smile

-Khushi bangayi hai Kanta Bai...Sheetal aur Aarav ki khatir daari karo khilao pilao...Bakre ko halal karne se pehle usko fatten up karlete hai! LOL

-Jalebi making is on...talks of leaving is on...but fikar not...Gupta's have moved in! ROFL

-Why do Bhenji's think their husbands want a gori mame? Is it in the Bhenji Turn Mod guidebook? Confused

-Aarav is a ok...Paraya maal hai na...ishiliye...apna maal hota to sambhalti shayad! Tongue

-Shatir dimag in action...jaane ke liye we might be back on Monday to show you more...nahi aaye to Alvida sab ko! We might take a break...we might not take a break...but monday Bhookamps will happen LOL

-Waise what paisa is everyone thinking about when they come into this house? Dont they see the DIL's dress like toxic waste? Men have no money to go shave and get haircuts for months and they eat wholesale mai bought khana peena that can be kept forever for every meal once the Bhindi Bazaar Veggies run out...Confused

- Jaan Jab Tak Hai Jaan Mai Nachungi!!!! ROFL

Bhookamp Shakeout: T Postponed until further notice!


"I wont cry for you...My Mascara is Too expensive!" - unknown

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ipkbs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 6:20pm | IP Logged

Aj kal episodes are so much better, interesting, gripping and make you want to cry everytime. Shayad because when we know we're going to lose something we realise how much it means to us.

So Jab tak hai (Arnav ki) jaan, will watch it.Embarrassed

A wonderful shaatir brain filled with ASR goodiness pataka episode.Big smile

Akhir Churail ek Churail hi nikhali.Angry

Evil and kaali to boot.

Aarav in his childish innocence tells Arnav all and shaatir dimaag pieces together the jigsaws and realises what is wrong.

And trump card in hand, he makes his move and plans a party to expose the vamp.

Khushi. Tera ki hoga...tut tut. So much insecurity. Didn't she hear Arnav saying hamesha and what crap some minutes ago?? So why so much doubt on Arnav? Sorry to say. This girl is absofreakinglutely mad or does not have any bharosa on Arnav at all. And if show runs on after D-day. Her trust issue will be the big factor in Arnav getting kidnapped by aliens or getting sucked up in a vortex(forever).. Phir aayegi khoobsurat pati ki qadar Khushi bitiya. Phir flashback karna with ugly naya pati.Ouch

Madhura's forte is negative roles. She can't do dukhi aatma's. She was great in her transition today. Sheetal. You're days are numbered. Arnav will fry you and feed you to Lakshmi's bhoot. Hey, she even got her own evil music.Evil Smile

Payash. Farewell. Sorry to see you guys go. But good riddance to waste of space.

Loved Payal and Arnav scene. Always wanted to see these two interact. So glad to see this. Not thanking anyone hmmph. Except Deepali and Sobti.Geek

Buaji and Amma return from the land of the lost mothers. Might be the last time we see them.Confused

Buaji eyes up Churail and wants to know why the girl stays here? She stays so Arnav can rip her to shreds and Khushi can noch her baal.

Khushi is suspicious because Sheetal's non-existent mamta has disappeared.

So Churail wants the money??? Kaha se paisa milega?? RM is kangal themselves.

Tujhe kya chocolate pennies denge?? So pakka the little midget is Arnav and Khushi's ready made bacha. Ab pal pos kar bara kare. Beta naam roshan karega and we'll have a 'Baghban 2' in the future when Arnav will sings "kyun dard hai itna" in a phone box to Khushi.Wacko

Finished epi ASR style with the pataka music and the glare. Man! I love you! You're going to make us cry one day..Cry

Oh pretty please. Aakhiri kwaish. Before ASR disappears off the face of earth, Can they please make the pool useful and fall into it??

I've always wanted to see it. Doesn't necessarily need to include a rabba ve. Although it will be an appreciated bonus.Tongue

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showstruck IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 6:33pm | IP Logged
One question Vee, you think it through and write or it just flows as you start writing?

You are a fabulous writer on regular days but your angry writing is la jabab. Had loads loads and loads of fun reading.

Did you like the episode?

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premparbat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 6:34pm | IP Logged
Hi Vee

Could not keep away from watching today...

The character ASR will really be missed.

There was a hurry to get over the Sheetal track and the slow build out was fast forwarded , as usual.

I watched it with a sinking heart...

The boy Aarav is really good . I loved those few seconds of interaction between Arnav and Payal. Such a wonderful oppertunity lost not using existing characters.

Seeing buaji and Garima was so refreshing. And yes Sobti does look tired ..he looked the most haggard of the lot.

Once he is gone he is not coming back so let's enjoy him as long as we can. His blue shirt was back...

Hugs to you guys...

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 6:35pm | IP Logged

IPK is on a roll these days, another good episode for the second day in a row. It is one that had the old IPK feel to it, where we saw the cast utilized to the fullest and really makes you value what you are watching now that you know what you're about to lose. Leave that to later, for now Barun is still here and so is IPK so onto the episode

Arnav meets Aarav and suddenly pieces start falling together through their talk, Arnav learns Sheetal has been lying all along and has been poisoning this child's mind. I really felt for Aarav today, yes he was in on it but was used. Sheetal much like Shyam used a child for her own personal gain, she took a child from an orphanage and gave him a life of lies and false hopes. Fortunately he has met a gem of a family that will surely keep him when this is over, who will adopt him remains to be seen but in all likelihood it will be Arnav and Khushi.

Speaking of Khushi the girl seriously needs to chill. How many times does Arnav show her and tell her how much he loves her? He once said she is the biggest deal in the world for him, he cannot live without her so why fear he would so easily eliminate her from the picture? Where's the trust? Looks like a danda hit to the head is needed or maybe not since the hit Aarav got seemed to do the trick. Looks like Arnav's dimaag is not the only one working as Khushi realizes something is suspicious about Sheetal and Aarav's relationship. Good some common sense is kicking in and blinders are coming off

Payal and Akash are leaving and are getting the fitting exit they deserve, we are actually seeing a meaningful exit which includes the return of the most missed Buaji and Garima. There were some really touching scenes between Manorama and Payal which proves what Nani said to be true, Manorama is not bad at heart at all

Madhura, I was one who questioned her acting but today I could see why she is casted in negative roles it is because she does them well! Finally the mask is off and we are now fully aware of her motives, she is dark and her days are numbered with Arnav's shaatir dimaag back in action. I loved the return of ASR's famous BG score as he looked on at Sheetal, he is all set to expose her for the fraud she is and I cannot wait to see this happen.

So it looks like tracks have been changed at the last minute and I couldn't be happier with this as this means Sheetal will not be hanging around to be a love interest for NK or running off with Arnav. Hoping with her being exposed there is at least one scene where she and Khushi face off, where Khushi feels like a fool for trusting her and rips the hair off like she wanted to in her dreams. Looks like no character assassinations after all and this show will attempt to keep IPK intact at least for now, so for that I thank them and can only hope it is this way until the end.

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meens80 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 6:35pm | IP Logged
Vee/ Tee Smile

Hats off to you guys to continue making awesome posts and keep things in perspective when the offscreen drama has clouded everyone's judgement and emotions.
The episode was good, i actually loved the Arhi scenes yesterday and the Arnav Khushi hamesha hugging in their bedroom is where the show ends for me..
The story is moving along at super pace, i think the Sheetal track will wrap up by mid next week followed by some Diwali cheer and then the following week wil make way for the new entry..
I have tried to stay away from the blame game so far coz it is more than evident that there is a lot going on back stage that we are not aware of but i was heartbroken to see Barun's pic posted by that gal who visited him and he sounded soo low in the interview. The pressure and games are definately getting to him and he looks n sounds exhausted Cry

I'm not sure what the coming weeks bring, i understand the SP cannot end the show at the drop of the hat but i hope all the parties concerned can reach an amicable decision and give the characters, story, actors and audience the dignity we deserve..

Edited by meens80 - 09 November 2012 at 6:46pm

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Hriju321 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 6:42pm | IP Logged
"When all else fails there's always delusion."

Sheetal is as black as coal and she is out to get ASR's lovely money with the added bonus being separation of Arshi.And our dear darling Khushi was so well under her spell that she was actually going to leave Arnav.Are both of them out of their minds? I mean Sheetal,you were supposedly once a part of the "awesome twosome" and you don't know Arnav Sjngh Raizada? You felt that you can just barge in his life with a child in tow and claim that he resulted from a postgraduation night drunk spiel and claim alimony? and in the process separate Arnav from his Khushi?Are you out of your mind ?No one, and I mean no one messes with ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA !!! Khushi...where is your forever?You promised to be with each other,you are soul connected and you try to leave at the first hint of trouble in paradise?without verifying the truth and believing your Arnavji,when he says he is not the dad? I know you did a DNA test,but girl,you are the wife of ASR,where is your shaatir dimaag?You should be by now accustomed to take nothing at face value and should have rechecked just to be sure.But as your sixth sense has warned you that there is something amiss in the ShitAl-Aarav relationship. Atta girl !!!

Anyways,whats done is done.Finally,we get to see the shaatir dimaag connecting the dots.Aarav is the white rook/second card just castled the white king from the nefarious plans of the Ace/black rook.Now all is left is for the king to checkmate the enemy.


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sugar_babe IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 6:43pm | IP Logged
Omg omg omg

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