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KR OS: Living on the edge -NOTE Pg 5

a_happy_2000 Senior Member

Joined: 02 February 2012
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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 4:34pm | IP Logged
Hi Everyone !!!

I just thought that Diwali is round the corner .. so why not wish my readers ..
A very happy diwali to you and your family and a prosperous new year 

So I won't make a post to wish you all .. rite ???
Well here is my new OS ..

Well Diwali is not its main theme .. but I hope it will bring a crackling smile on your face ...

Enjoy !!!


"Darling .. what are you gifting me this Diwali .. " she asked seductively .. her hazel brown eyes filled with heavenly dreams .. she had just come out fresh from the shower .. she looked as the hot bread from the oven .. wearing a bathing robe .. which just came upto her thighs .. and combing with a wide toothed comb her thick wet black curls .. she stood  near the huge bed of their plush bungalow in LA .. admiring herself in the mirror ..

He looked up from his laptop .. eyed her from head to toe .. lingering his eyesight everywhere and especially the yummy limbs ..  trying to make her uneasy .. but she was not moved by his gaze .. so he just went back to his work .. and asked "What do you want Honey ?"

"Well I want a rock for my finger .. I have seen one " she said .. again slowly and enticingly moving her fingers of the left hand ..

He saw her from the corner of his eye '

Still without looking at her he said "What do I get in return ?"

"Something you can't deny .. " she said in her honey dripping husky voice .. that made him look at her .. she tossed the comb away .. and looked straight in his eyes .. shook her head sideways to shake off the excess water droplets from her hair .. moving slowly and stealthily towards him .. she could see the desire growing in his eyes .. she could see his breathing becoming heavy .. her hands on her robe .. untying it using her sweet time .. untying it with the skill of a killer .. untying it with such finesse .. revealing herself bit by bit .. and dropped it on the floor with her finger tip and stood just inches away from him ..

He had seen her like that god knows how many times .. but every time she did something unusual and it made it impossible for him to control his arousal ' his eyes were piercing thru her .. who the hell has made her .. how can she be so perfect in every way .. but there was not time to think but for action ..

He just grabbed her and pushed her on the soft bed with brutal force and was on top of her .. he didn't care for her soft creamy skin .. he just dug his teeth in her to devour her .. leaving his marks anywhere and everywhere ..

She matched him up in force because seeing him shirtless made every inch of her body to just rip off whatever clothing was covering him to show him her hunger .. she gave him all of herself to relish .. she dug her nails hard in his back to make his more crazy for her ..

Foreplay or any lovey dovey stuff was not their game .. they lived life everyday .. always on the edge .. always with hunger for more .. and more ..

They just wanted to consume the other with their yearning ..

Not giving her more time as her moans were growing louder every second and he didn't have the patience to hold on any more .. their uproar in the room was enough to make the glass walls of their bedroom shatter .. he directly plunged into her and reached the zenith of their passion along with her ..


Exhausted they both lay on the bed .. she cuddled in his arms .. playing with her fingers on his chest ..

"You ok with what I said  ? .. and if case be .. we might have to leave this abode ..  you know that ..rite ?" he said stroking her hair ..

"Yes .. " she kissed his chest .. where his heart was beating ..

"You .. ok with your part .. "


"Good .. so next week .. it is .. you will have the rock on your finger .. "  he took that ring finger of her left hand and was gonna kiss it .. but put it in his mouth and started sucking it ..


A middle aged man in Armani formal suit .. with a paunch and puffed up cheeks and eyes .. with few hair on his head .. a spectacles with titanium rim .. a briefcase in his hand and a hard steel look in his eyes walked early morning in the biggest jewellery store in California .. which entertained only the high class community ..

Seeing him and sizing him up ,the manager of the store came to welcome him ..

"Good morning , Sir .. how may I help you today .. "

"Well .. I have forgotten my wife's b'day .. " he spoke with an irritated look .. and took out a gum and started chewing it to reduce the irritation '

"Oh .. that is really sad Sir "

"Obviously .. "

"So what are you looking for.."

He gave the manager a look What kind of a question is that

"The most expensive gift " he spat out sarcastically ..

"Of course .. of course .. you love your wife the most  .. does she have any preference in jewellery "

"Whatever ..  she prefers finger rings .. " he said

"Sure .. please step this way ,Sir .. "

Making the man sit on a comfortable seat .. The manager went behind the counter .. and took out his most prized collection of rings ..

One look at them .. and the man said .. "She would love a huge rock "

"Sure ,Sir .. "he kept the earlier rings and took out a small box .. and opened it for the man ' a huge rock in the centre with small glittering stones around it ' it was one of the most beautiful ring the store had designed .. just one of a piece .. "A quarter of a million dollars .. to make your wife smile " he proudly said

"Is there another one like this ?" the man asked ..

"Not at all .. just one of a kind .. like your love for your wife " he smiled ..

The man scowled ..

"Any thing more expensive than this ?" the man asked without being impressed to the least ..

The manger thought for a moment .. and said "Give me a minute ..Sir .. I will be back "

"Look at this one , Sir .. " he opened the box ..

The manager smiled at the man's expression .. he was fully satisfied that the customer would definitely buy this ..

The man was stunned looking at the breath taking ring .. there was a rose made of the diamonds .. the perfect cut .. the perfect radiance .. it was just brilliant ..

"Just half a million dollars .. Sir " the manager said .. dreaming of the commission he is gonna get after his sale ..

The man was intently looking at the ring .. as if trying to read or look thru something ..

The manager frowned ..

"Sir .. any problem ?"

"I was just seeing this particular stone .. see .. " he pointed to a small diamond on one of the petals of the rose .. "Is the cut accurate ?" he asked ..still bending down and looking at it ..

The manger was shocked .. "Of course ,Sir .. our diamonds are the best .. there is no question about it .. you don't have to worry at all "

"Hmm .. nah .. I might go with the previous one .. can you show me that too ?"

The manager was a bit dismayed .. his dream for higher commission seemed impossible now .. So he quickly said , getting the other ring too and pointing to the less expensive ring .. "See ,this ring might not look that good on your wife's fingers .. it doesn't mean anything .. the other one has a rose .. it means that your wife is special to you .. moreover see the diamond here too doesn't have an accurate cut .. when your wife sees it .. she may get more angry on that "

The man was in deep thought ..

So the manager continued "Women have lot of knowledge about these things .. they have a sharp eye too .. the rose ring is perfect , Sir .. and also when you mention the price .. she would be more than happy .. "

The man nodded slowly ..

"May be you are right .. "

The manager gave a triumphant smile ..

"But .. I think I will get her here and let her buy it .. she will be more than happy in that case .. " he stood up .. "Thank you so much  for your time "

The manager's face fell .. But .. he quickly gathered himself up .. "Sure ,Sir .. please do get Madam .." and he shook hands with the man ' and when he looked down .. he just found one ring on the table .. the one which was less expensive .. the rose ring was no where to be seen .. he looked at the box from which he had taken it out .. it was empty .. he immediately called .. "Sir .. please may you come here for a minute "

The man was at the door .. he turned and walked back ..


"Sir .. I am extremely sorry .. but did you by mistake take the rose ring .. "

The man was offended .. and flared up "What do you mean .. "

"No Sir .. but I can't seem to find the rose ring "

"So .. "

"I mean .. I mean .. I need to check .. you will have to wait .. I apologise .. but please sir .. " he stammered ..

"Do you know who I am ..   I run a business which is 10 times the worth of the  jewellery you have kept in your shop .. " the man roared ..

"I am again sorry .. but please I have to check .. I know you didn't buy it .. it may have fallen there .. but I have to check .. please .. please try to understand my situation "

The man relaxed a bit ..

"Ok .. "

The manager along with 2 guards ..  hunted everywhere for the ring .. they checked each and every pouch .. the box.. but the rose ring was no where to be seen ..

Finally the manager came to the man .. "Sir , we will have to search you .. we have no other option .. there was no one in the shop .. just you .. I am sorry for this .. but please .. "

For a change the man didn't object .. he gladly took off his blazer .. the guards searched  him thoroughly .. but unfortunately to their dismay they couldn't find the ring on him ..

"Now can I leave .." the man asked .. eyeing the manager with anger ..

"Yes ..Sure .. " still confused ..


That evening a young and high class blonde woman walked in the same jewellery shop .. her hair covering her lovely forehead .. she was wearing a beautiful evening gown matching her skin tone .. her skin more radiant than her gown ' as the gown was meant to show more than hide .. her beautiful blue eyes as innocent as a baby ..  her blood red lips with the seductive forever pout .. as if just waiting to be kissed ..

"I would like to see some rings .. Please" she said in a sweet voice .. fluttering her eyelashes .. handing over to the Manager the fur wrap which she had draped around her slim body .. letting the manager a peek in her valley and then turning slowly revealing a beautiful spectacle which was given by her backless gown ..  which left the manager's mind boggling  .. and he just had to control his tongue from hanging ..  "Sure Madam "

She took the seat and the manger went on the other side of the counter ..

He showed her a number of rings .. but none which could make her smile .. make her eyes widen .. none which were upto her mark ..

Finally .. "You can keep this card .. Maybe I will come next week .. you might have some new collection to show me .. " she gave her hand to be kissed .. the manager more than welcomed it .. he just kept the card in the drawer without looking at it ..

After his morning where in he had lost the most expensive ring .. and now this woman whom he failed to impress with any ring  .. He didn't know what was happening to him .. he just wished this day would get over fast ..


 "Mom .. Happy Diwali .. " she chirped happily relaxing on her bed admiring the beautiful rock on her finger ..

"Happy Diwali .. my dear  .. also wish my son-in-law too "

"Sure "

"Btw .. why are you planning to move to Venice from LA ?"

"Mom .. your son-in-law wants to setup his own business  there .. "

"I seriously don't understand .. his dad has such a huge business .. then why does he keep venturing out himself "

"Well .. maybe to impress me .. " she said slowly and her lips curving up when she looked at her finger ..

"Come on .. and why don't you call him by his name .. " her mom laughed

"Someone has said .. What's in the name .. Mom .. "she dramatically said and laughed .. "Ok .. bye mom .. call you later .. love you "

"Love you too "


He came in the room .. as she cut the call .. "So told your mom about your new possession ? "

"No .. this is just for us to know " she giggled .. "Baby you are with me for a week " she kissed her ring ..

He smiled ..

"Darling .. I love you "she lovingly said ..

"Love you too my Honeybunch"

"Look I am wearing it .. its beautiful  ..isn't it ." .. she showed her hand ..

"Yes" .. he smiled at her lovingly and went to pick a book from the shelf ..

"Darlinggg" she sang ..

He turned to look at her ..

"I said I am wearing the ring"

"Yes .. I saw that" he narrowed his eyebrows ..

"I am wearing only the ring " she looked in his eyes and raised her one brow ..

He dropped the book he had taken out and almost ran to the bed .. he slowly pulled the sheet to view the perfect ring on his perfect queen ..


The next day the cleaning woman came to the jewellery  shop .. while cleaning she found something sticky underneath the table where the rings were displayed to the customers ..

"Yuck .. I tell you these people nowadays .. they should be shot dead for chewing gum and then sticking it anywhere and everywhere .. " she grumbled '


Later that day ..

Inspector Jai Dixit and Sub-inspector Ali were staring at the card which the Manager had given them saying that it was given by the 2nd customer who had come on the day of the robbery ..

The card was familiar .. no it was the same one .. it was always there at the place of robbery as if to speak about the thieves .. it had a heart drawn on it and a within that letters K and R were entwined and below that it said "With Love , Kria n Rey"

Jai crushed the card and threw it in the dustbin .. "Close the case" he shouted at Ali ..

"What .. aren't you going to catch them ?"Ali questioned ..

"The ring will be back at its place within a week .. " he was frustrated .. he hit the table with his fist .. he couldn't believe himself .. he had tried so much .. but he was not able to catch these two .. he didn't even know how they looked ..  whether these were their real names ..

He had learnt it long back that they meant no harm to anybody .. they conned people for fun .. but whatever they took they deposited it back to the owner within  a week' this had been going on from last 3 years .. they never stayed at one place or one city or one country .. because Jai had found their card in so many different places ..

He was sure they were daring , intelligent and courageous people .. he wished they used this for some good purpose .. they just lead their lives on risks .. on thrills .. their aim in life was fun and for them life was just a thrilling game .. Jai sighed and took another case file ..

 *** The End ***

 If anyone has not understood how the robbery was conducted .. please ask in the comment .. will reply .. 


All those who have understood .. can also reply ..




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Himu_arsha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 4:40pm | IP Logged

Yay me first 

Awesome OS 

Thanks for pm 

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..nams.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 6:41pm | IP Logged
i simply love such stories u know!! thrilling adventurous with passion of love combined!! loveed it .. awsum concept nd well written :) :)
Pinkpearly IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 7:20pm | IP Logged
awsum os
bluelashes IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 February 2012
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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 8:03pm | IP Logged
ajj kal sab ko yahi ideas a rhey hey but i like it 
megical it was
u roke it 
rey nd kriya ney ye kaam b start kar diya 
i know for fun nd thrill
but kamal hey ha 
bichara inspector b pagal ho chuka hey
but at the end of the day
i is osam
merey din ki suruat achi hui
keep it up 
GayatriJethani Goldie

Joined: 20 February 2012
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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 8:05pm | IP Logged

first of all happy diwali to u nd ur family in adv

coming back to update
amazing os di...
really loved it alot...
it remained me of "bunty nd babli " movie..
but yeah it was not fully same... they do it for fun
nd whatever they robb, keep it back after 1 week... kya idea hai
keep writing more nd more...
thnx for pm

Edited by GayatriJethani - 10 November 2012 at 8:48am
rubykriyansh Senior Member

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 8:24pm | IP Logged
Awsome update di ..!
Loved it ..!
Very different concept .!
Loved d story ..!
Kriya n rey are thiffe..!
I dnt imagin dat such a story also can be written on kriyaanh..!
Really amazing .!
D way u think is just unpridictable ..!
Mind blowing work n os..!
Thanks 4 d pm ..!
aashi_arsha Goldie

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 9:25pm | IP Logged
Awesome it was :D

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