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~ Missing You/I Miss You ~ (Yoochun's new drama) (Page 2)

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
I finally saw the first episode and here's my review :P

Wow, so much happened right from the start. Like Annie said above, the younger actors have done a great job in portraying their characters. Yeo Jin Goo is so adorable and I am happy to see him back on screen xD Kim So Hyun doesn't seem like a child actor at all and that's amazing Clap

On to the episode, it was full of angst T_T I felt so bad for Soo Yeon and all she is going through for being a murderer's daughter. The part where her father beats her up in a state of drunkenness almost had me crying. How could he do that to his daughter? ;_; And while I was trying to control my emotions, bam, the mother overhears/sees the beating and DOES NOT stop her husband?Angry I know she backed right out to go call the cops on him but omg, that was her daughter getting beaten upCry And the nerve of the woman to then tell the cop who came to the rescue to go raise her daughter if he felt to sympathetic towards the childCensored

I don't know why but I was really surprised to see the real man behind Jung Woo's dad. The cruel hidden personality, I mean. It's something I would not have pictured in my mind upon seeing Jung Woo's initial expression upon hearing that his dad came to visit him. Oh well..

There was something definitely weird though. The future Kang Hyung Joon is actually Yoochun's uncle? *o* wow! That's... ummm.. yeah. He'll be avenging his mother (Yoochun's step-grandmom, like mentioned above in the review) by making it hell for Yoochun? Interesting! Can't wait to see more of that now.

By the way, I swear I felt my heart crack a little when Jung Woo talks to her for the first time and addresses her by her actual name and she beams like a child who's just gotten the present they asked for for Christmas. And then it cracked all the way through when Jung Woo finds out who she is and starts ignoring her altogether. That was so so so so so sooo sad :( The sadness all made up for itself though when Jung Woo proposes they become friends at the end of the episode.

It is going to be one heck of an emotional ride and I can't say I don't like them because I am a sadist like that >.< Simply can't wait to watch the next episode. Yoochun showed up in the preview and I really wonder what he's doing there already :O

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Detective Kim gives Jung-woo a ride home and is surprised to realize how rich he is. They have a heartwarming rapport already, which relieves my mind since it's so clear Jung-woo wants a close relationship with his father'at least he can find that kind of connection with ajusshi.

Detective Kim gives him a bit of advice, saying that he thinks Jung-woo will be able to fulfill his own life's unfinished dream: "Grow into a proper adult. That's the hardest thing." He leaves him with a salute and the request to look after Soo-yeon.

Dad (Chairman Han) arrives just then, and casts a suspicious look at the police siren in Detective Kim's car. Jung-woo introduces them, but Dad ignores the handshake and heads inside.

Detective Kim notices a strange van parked across the street, and his officer instincts kick in. He approaches'we see shadowy figures sitting inside it'and the van immediately peels away. Yeah, that's not suspicious. Detective Kim makes a note of the license plate.

Since having a cop around tends to put a damper on being able to continue with one's lifestyle of crime and skullduggery, Chairman Han tells Jung-woo not to associate with the detective anymore. Jung-woo says he wants to keep seeing him, only to get threatened with being shipped off to the States. Aw, this just makes me love him more for growing up into a cop.

In front of her house, Soo-yeon answers Jung-woo's call (she's carrying around the huge cordless phone). He says teasingly that he's about to cry since the wind is getting in his eyes again (in his big empty house) and tells her he had fun today, asking if he can come over again. Soo-yeon says yes and tells him Eun-joo likes him too. He sighs about how it's annoying that all Eun-joo talked about was kissing, and then cuts himself off, remembering the kiss she totally slept through.


Jung-woo tells her to be ready to give that promised present tomorrow: it's supposed to rain. She says no, it's snow on the forecast. He bursts out, "No, it can't! Before the first snow falls, it has to rain." Adorable! Since rain equals Soo-yeon's present and first snow equals kiss, he basically wants something from her before he kisses her.

Soo-yeon asks what he's going to do on the day of first snow. He answers that he'll have to meet her. They are so cute.

Soo-yeon has been drawing on the wall as she talks, and now we see the chalk letters spelling our drama's title: "I miss you."


The days pass. Soo-yeon makes a little flip-book with her school notes, showing a boy and a girl meeting under an umbrella and kissing. Is your present a kiss? That's awesome. Basically there are gonna be smooches all around.

As Jung-woo looks up at the sky and holds his hand out wishing for raindrops, Soo-yeon writes in her diary of their respective waits. She's never waited for anything before in her life, but decides, "I like waiting. And I like Jung-woo."

Then, it starts to rain. Jung-woo goes tearing out of his house, HAHA.


Soo-yeon has to wait for Mom, who's taken the umbrella, and impatiently tries to usher her home so she can run back out. Mom's gabby today, though, so finally Soo-yeon just says, "Mom, I'm sorry." And runs off, leaving Mom stuck in the rain.

Just as Jung-woo races past that broken light, it sparks dangerously. He stops to take a closer look, which makes me a little nervous' and then he's grabbed from behind. A man drags him backward while clamping a drugged cloth over his mouth, and Soo-yeon gets there just in time to recognize Jung-woo.

She screams his name and runs after the car, and although the kidnapper is safely on the move, he growls that the girl saw his face. Stop the car.


Soo-yeon peers inside to see Jung-woo slumped over, unconscious. She pounds on the window begging the ajusshi to let her friend go, and finally the frustrated kidnapper opens the van door'

As expected, it's nurse Hye-mi behind this plot, acting on the instructions of Kang Hyun-joo. Hye-mi has relocated her hideaway and Hyung-joon looks better now, though his leg is still injured from that dog bite. She tells the boy that he'll get his wish and see his mom now.

Mom is still being held essentially prisoner by the chairman, and she sobs to see Hyung-joon arriving and hobbling toward the building. But rather than allowing him inside to her monitored hospital room, Mom and Hye-mi exchange a look, and the boy is dragged back to the car. I guess she just wanted to see the boy, if not up close.


She makes her decision and agrees to meet Chairman Han. He gets the call and smiles devilishly. (It just occurred to me that these two played out a bumbling romance in the MBN sitcom You're Here, You're Here, You're Really Here. What a change.)

That night, Eun-joo alerts her Dad to the umbrella she found in the street. It tugs my heart a little that she's been standing guard over it to make sure it stayed exactly like this until Dad could see, and she fears that this is bad news. Soo-yeon went to see Jung-woo, who isn't answering his phone, and she'd never throw away that treasured umbrella.

When Jung-woo comes to, he's lying with his hands tied behind his back in a grimy warehouse. He works the cell phone out of his back pocket, but the call doesn't go through.


He becomes aware of Soo-yeon lying nearby, painfully stirring awake. He scoots toward her on his back and asks tearfully why she's here. Her answer just makes it worse: "To save you."

Hearing the kidnappers moving, they shoot each other panicked looks and huddle closer together. Looks like the guy's doing some drugs, and he pays the kids little heed.

Jung-woo says, "Let's go home." He looks around and spots broken glass nearby, which he can cut his ropes with.


Chairman Han arrives to see Hyun-joo. Ah, he had her locked up in an asylum, which explains her virtual prisoner status. Hyun-joo repeats the chairman's own words at him to make her threat known: Go get your son, he won't be dead yet.

Chairman Han calls his wife immediately, who isn't even aware that Jung-woo's out of the house. But he puts on his stone face when confronting Hyun-joo, who thought she could barter the son's life for her freedom. She threatens that Jung-woo will be killed if she doesn't leave this building, but he calls her (possible) bluff.

Instead, the chairman orders her dragged off, never to see the light of day again. She's carted off screaming that he'll never see his boy or his money.


Hye-mi calls her kidnapper thugs to ask if the job's been done. The kidnapper tells him to come and get both kids, wanting to be rid of the unexpected tagalong. Hye-mi doesn't care about the girl, but she's intent on getting Jung-woo.

Hye-mi has been watching the hospital window from her car, and both she and Hyung-joon see the lights go out in the room and realize that the plan failed. The boy screams for his mother, but Hye-mi tells him to forget her now because she's dead. There's no way Chairman Han would let her live'he killed his father (who is, crazy enough, also little Hyung-joon's father) and maimed Hyung-joon's leg. Her plan now is to get Jung-woo, then somehow flee with Hyung-joon.

Jung-woo stoically works on his ropes, even though this cuts up his hand on the broken glass. Then the kidnapper approaches the kids in his drug-fueled stupor, and the scared kids clasp hands. Jung-woo pleads with the man to get his ransom from his father, but the man just grabs Soo-yeon by the feet and drags her off.


Jung-woo shouts, which gets his mouth slapped with tape and a few hard kicks to the gut. The kidnapper turns, and gets whacked in the head with a stick. Soo-yeon wields a wooden beam and warns him to stay away, while yelling at Jung-woo to go. He works harder on cutting his ropes, and Soo-yeon holds the man at bay, warning, "Do you know who I am? My father's a killer!"

She screams that she can kill too, while Jung-woo cries. The man knocks her to the ground and crawls over her body. Ugh.

Jung-woo gets more frantic, and she gets dragged away again. We don't see what happens to her, but it's perhaps all the more horrifying because of that'the sounds, the slaps, the screams. The camera fixes on Jung-woo's reactions as she's assaulted. Gack. It's wrenching.

Finally Jung-woo's ropes give way, though it's a bit late because it's over by now. The door opens, and the other kidnapper sees the scene and realizes his partner is doped-up again. He growls, "You oughtta die!" and starts punching him.

Jung-woo staggers over to see Soo-yeon on the ground, beaten and traumatized. She just lies there with her eyes open. He takes in the terrible sight, but registers that the door has been left open' and makes a break for it. Leaving her there? Ack!

I totally get why'he needs to run for help'but the way she just lies there whispering his name is pretty awful.

Then to make the worst day ever even just a little bit more hellish, it starts to snow, making a mockery of their innocent romantic hopes. Lordy. We get it. Why don't you add in a Truck of Doom while we're at it?

The kidnappers realize Jung-woo's flight and give chase, the sober kidnapper pursuing Jung-woo into the woods and the druggie driving the van. Uh, did you think this through? Didn't think you might want to trade roles here?

The chase takes them to a railroad station, where he ducks for cover underneath a train car. He manages to leave unseen and arrives in a sad-looking town. He runs from closed shop to closed shop asking for help, and spies a pay phone.

Chairman Han doesn't seem very worried about the kidnapping, and would rather not kick up a fuss by reporting it'not when the nurse is bound to contact them. But then Jung-woo calls him and gives him his location, begging him to save Soo-yeon.

Chairman Han orders his men mobilized. Then, Jung-woo calls the police line and begs for help. He's asked to provide his location' and drops the phone. He runs to hide himself, but the kidnappers find him anyway.

Detective Kim arrives at Jung-woo's house to ask after him, but Stepmom turns him away with a lie that Jung-woo's in bed. Thankfully this is not a man easily deterred, plus he gets the call that Jung-woo called the police.

Jung-woo gets a beating by the two kidnappers, but they're not out to kill him and call it a day, saying they have to get back to "take care of the girl" anyway. Jung-woo begs for mercy, not for himself but hers.

An then, a whole fleet of black cars arrives: Chairman Han and his private thug army. Druggie makes a break for it, while Jung-woo begs his father to save Soo-yeon. Dad sends his right-hand man but refuses to let Jung-woo go too, even though Jung-woo begs, saying that Soo-yeon's in danger from the second man. He can't even bring himself to say why, because it has him breaking down again.

Dad slaps him and orders him taken home.


The kidnapper's cell phone rings. It's Hye-mi, calling to check up on the hostage situation, and the kidnapper is forced to answer as though nothing is wrong, telling her she'll find the boy at the warehouse.

A figure darts in front of her car, and Hye-mi slams to a stop. I don't even know whether to be glad Soo-yeon has found them, or worried.

Hyung-joon recognizes noona, and Hye-mi realizes that this must be the extra kidnappee. This means something went wrong' so she drives backwards, leaving Soo-yeon collapsed in the middle of the snowy road. She gets ready to run her over. Goddamn it, drama, you're really starting to piss me off with all your heaps of terrible terribleness. Whatever happened to a little subtlety?


Hye-mi says that the girl knows the kidnappers' faces, so she can't be left as a loose end. Vrooom. Hyung-joon screams, "NO!" but the car hurtles for Soo-yeon, who can only stand there frozen in fear.

Chairman Han's men take care of the warehouse crime scene by setting it ablaze.

Detective Kim arrives in the vicinity to see the fire from a distance. A parade of black cars passes him on their way down from the mountain, and the chairman seems to recognize the cop. So does Jung-woo, though Detective Kim is preoccupied with the fire.

At home, Mom and Eun-joo worriedly await news. Eun-joo is keeping the details from Mom at her father's request, though she confirms that there are no hospital admittances. Mom grumbles that she's off with that boy again.

By the time the police arrive at the scene, everything is charred black. Detective Kim hunts for clues in the rubble, and finds' one charred clothespin. He knows it's Soo-yeon's, even though his teammates scoff that it's an ordinary pin and not a clue.

Detective Kim keeps looking, though, and follows prints in the snow, tracking Jung-woo's escape route.

At home, Jung-woo gets scolded by his parents, just in case you weren't clear on how awful they are as people. Dad growls at him for being a 15-year-old who had the audacity to get kidnapped, like that makes him weak and unmanly. Though really, the whole point is that he's not a man yet.


Worst of all, he called the police'Stepmom chides him for making that mistake, since drawing attention to ex-con Dad will hinder his business recovery prospects. Excuse me while I say: Boo f**kin' hoo, lady. Guh, I hate these people.

Jung-woo kneels before his father and begs him to help Soo-yeon, saying she was trying to save him. Dad says derisively, "Save you? And you left her behind?! If something happens to her, you killed her."

Fear-stricken Jung-woo even appeals to his stepmother, asking her to stay with him, but she snaps her hand back and tells him none of this would have happened if he went back to America: "Don't act so high and mighty with me. This is all you amount to." LORDY.

Finally, Detective Kim finds a clue in the snow: blood spatters here and there, and a shoe. Soo-yeon's. He imagines the scene in his mind's eye, seeing her staggering along this way, and follows that vision to the road. More blood spatters here, and then a large stain. Eek.

With renewed vigor, he returns to the Han mansion and demands to see Jung-woo. Dad's assistant tells him to get a warrant.

Detective Kim continues the investigation and makes the connection to the strange van he saw the other night. His boss gets wind of his investigation and tears him a new one, because if Soo-yeon's name gets involved, that draws interest in her father's name, and that puts them all back in the hot seat for that criminal execution. He seizes his badge and orders him not to go around doing any illegal investigations.


Eun-joo calls with news. By the time he gets back home, Mom is convinced that Soo-yeon's been taken or attacked by the victims of her husband, and begs Detective Kim to make it known that her husband was wrongly accused. Detective Kim lies to her to calm her down, saying nothing's happened and he'll bring her back.

On the other hand, news about the false accusation has Eun-joo looking disillusioned with her father. She rebuffs his attempt to explain and can't believe he'd lie, either, reminding him that he'd once said that as a cop, he hated lying more than dying. And does Soo-yeon know her father wasn't a killer?

She starts to cry, her whole world crashing down around her: "You catch bad guys, you aren't a bad guy yourself! You tell me not to lie, but why do you lie? Who am I supposed to trust now?" I really like this girl.

Jung-woo lies in bed, mumbling Soo-yeon's name in his sleep, reliving her assault. He rips off his IV and runs downstairs yelling her name, interrupting his father's meeting to ask where she is. He's practically hysterical as he screams that Dad said he'd find her. He falls to the ground, sobbing.

(Credit: Dramabeans)

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Jung-woo lies in his bed practically catatonic, while his little sister Ah-reum cries because he cries, and tries fruitlessly to cheer him up with a song.

The doctor tells Dad that Jung-woo needs to go to a hospital, and might even need to spend some time in the psych ward. That doesn't sound like such a bad idea, but Dad's response is to leave Jung-woo in his stepmother's hands and ignore the whole problem.

Soo-yeon's mom calls out Jung-woo's name from the front gate, and he panics at the sound. He pulls the covers over his head and shudders in fear, "I'm sorry, I was wrong."

Eun-joo is there with her, and suggests that she should go inside and find Jung-woo. So Mom creates the perfect diversion, flailing around for the bodyguards, while Eun-joo sneaks in behind them. Nice.

She goes tearing through the house screaming his name, and it'd be funny if the circumstances weren't so dire. I love her pluck. She finally finds him in his room, huddled under a desk, shell-shocked.

She asks why he's hiding—does he feel guilty about something? Where is Soo-yeon?? How can he be sitting here when their family is upside-down? All good questions.


He just rocks back and forth, trembling like a leaf, not saying a word. Eun-joo pleads with him that they have to find Soo-yeon, and shows him her journal.

"You said you'd never pretend not to know her again! You said all you needed was her! See, it's all written here! Look! Don't you know how much that dummy liked you?!" Oof.

Stepmom and the maid drag her away before she can say anything else, but she leaves the journal behind.

Detective Kim finds the kidnappers' van abandoned in the woods near the crime scene, and gets to work searching for any evidence left behind.


Meanwhile, Dad's torturing one of the kidnappers, demanding to know where "that bitch" is. (He means Hye-mi. I don't think he gives a rat's patootie where Soo-yeon is.) He spares the man his life in exchange for finding her and bringing her back.

After a while, Jung-woo reaches for the journal and starts to read all the little details Soo-yeon noted about him—how he always turns to the left when she calls his name, how he memorizes the multiplication tables backwards.

We see some of their sweet, mundane moments doing homework or hanging out at their playground, as she narrates in her journal that it's weird how she thinks about him even when he's right next to her.


Her gift for him was a little good luck mantra of hers—that thing she always does with the ripples in the water as she chants, "He'll come, he won't come."

She writes that if there are five ripples, it means your wish will come true, and she wanted to share that with him on a rainy day.

He cries as he reads: "The wind blows / I think of you / The wind blows in my eyes / I think of you / I run till I'm out of breath / I think of you / The street lamp flickers / I think of you / From the street lamp to home is 280 steps / I think of you."

He weeps as he thinks of how he left her lying there, clutches the book to his heart.

Detective Kim stops by the house to pick up some of Soo-yeon's things, in hopes of finding a link to Jung-woo that can connect any of the forensic evidence that comes up to the two kids.

But then he gets a call from the lab—the blood they found matches Soo-yeon, but there's evidence that it wasn't just a kidnapping. His face twists as he hears the words, "There was evidence of rape."

He falls to the ground. Eun-joo asks him what's wrong, but all he can do is cry. He holds Eun-joo's little hand in his.


His tears soon turn to anger and he darts up, "That son of a bitch. That son of a bitch! Eun-joo, look at me. From this moment on, I'm not looking for Soo-yeon, but for you. I'm not going as a detective, but as a father. So I'm going to do anything. I'm going to do anything to catch him, and I won't leave him be. Can I do that? Can I just go crazy?"

What a good papa. Eun-joo, ever the awesome the little girl, shouts right back, "Of course you should! Of course you should go crazy—you're my dad! If you don't, I'll be really mad! Find her. Bring Soo-yeon back."

And thus begins his quest. (And honestly, this is the drama I'd rather be watching—Surrogate Dad, Action Hero.)

The higher-ups threaten him with his job, but Detective Kim says he stopped being a true cop the day he agreed to cover up the fact that Soo-yeon's father wasn't a murderer. He says he chose to be pathetic, but now he'll stop at nothing: "What would you do if YOUR daughter were missing?!"

He storms into Jung-woo's house armed with a warrant (and a sneer for Chairman Han), and Jung-woo surprises them all by coming downstairs and asking what took Ajusshi so long. He silently sticks his hands out, to be cuffed.

Detective Kim says he's sorry, but he's gone a little insane right now, and cuffs him. Once they're alone in the car, he says this is the only way he could reach Jung-woo, and that he fully intends to set him free.

Meanwhile, Chairman Han sends his minions to track down the second kidnapper before the cops do. After letting him go? Urg, I'd be madder if I cared about you, but I don't.


Detective Kim takes Jung-woo to the river, and Jung-woo confesses that he ran away. "Soo-yeon came to save me, but I ran away." It's in no way a thing you could blame a fifteen-year old for, and yet it's the last thing a father would want to hear.

Detective Kim just asks if Jung-woo has things he needs to say to Soo-yeon, because he does too. He tells Jung-woo the truth about her father: "I made her… a murderer's daughter."

Their mutual guilt is actually the thing to make them get their act together, and thankfully, Ajusshi is able to get Jung-woo back to the land of the living. He says, eyes full of purpose, that he'll say everything that he can remember from that night.

The important clues: one of them was missing a finger, cracked out on something he called "ice," and the van they found in the woods is the same one they were kidnapped in.

Detective Kim suggests that one of the men grabbed Soo-yeon while the other lit the warehouse on fire (to destroy evidence), but Jung-woo says that's not right: Dad came before the police, and he had the bad guys.

He darts up, ready to go question his father, but Detective Kim urges him to wait, and that he shouldn't suspect his father. Yes he should! Yes he should! Not everyone is like you, Ajusshi.


At home, Eun-joo stops short at the sight of Soo-yeon's dress hanging from the clothesline, and pins it up with a clothespin. Inside, Mom lays out Soo-yeon's uniform and caresses it like she's there, lying next to her.

Detective Kim finally catches a break when a witness comes forth to say that he saw a young girl get hauled over a man's shoulder. They search on the riverbank where the girl was spotted, and start to dig where the police dog indicates. Uh oh.

He starts to dig, and uncovers Soo-yeon's sweater—the matching one to Eun-joo's that he bought for the girls.

Jung-woo waits by the river, throwing stones and playing Soo-yeon's game: "She'll come, she won't come…"

The fingerless druggie angle makes it relatively easy to find their target, and Detective Kim starts trailing one of the baddies.

Chairman Han continues his quest for The Money, and acts annoyed when Jung-woo comes to ask him about the baddies that they caught that night. Head Minion jumps in to say it was his fault, and that when he went back, the warehouse was already on fire and they got away in the chaos.

Chairman Han walks out, telling the secretary to either send Jung-woo back to the States or lock him up in his room. Gee, why aren't we suspicious of Dad again?


Detective Kim follows Baddie No. 1 to Baddie No. 2, and beats them both up without breaking a sweat. He demands to know where Soo-yeon is. He's got the first guy cuffed to the wall while he beats the second guy, and that's when he sees it: the missing finger.

He lights up in a furious rage, and STOMPS the bloody hell out of the rapist's groin. "Does this hurt? Does this hurt, you son of a bitch?!" Well, at least karma's on our side today. I hope the damage is permanent.

He calms down enough to ask again where Soo-yeon is, and the sick bas***d laughs as he says he threw her in the river, "kerplunk," and killed her. Oof, poor Ajusshi.


The media covers the reenactment (which I always find so gruesome, even if it's just with a mannequin), and Jung-woo watches on the television. Mom shows up in person, and stumbles up to the killer. It's of course snowing that day.

She begs to be allowed to ask him one thing, and so they bring the man over to her. She searches his eyes, "W-why?" She asks so innocently why, like there should be a logical reason.

He turns to go without answering her, and she grabs his jacket, pleading with him to say that Soo-yeon isn't really dead. She wails that she'll forgive everything if he'll just tell her that she's still alive. Augh, even though we know she couldn't have died the way he's telling it, her pain is still gut-wrenching.


Jung-woo goes running out of the hospital into the snow, all the way to their playground. He checks under the slide, just to be sure. She isn't there. Gah, that kills me.

Imaginary Soo-yeon comes and asks him the same thing she asked on that first day they met: "Will you be here tomorrow?"

Jung-woo: "No. Tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that… I'll be here every day." The vision disappears, but then he hears a familiar squeaking of the swings. He looks up with such hopeful eyes, but it's just the wind, pushing along an empty swing.

He thinks through the order of events one more time, and something about Dad and his secretary's stories don't add up. He runs back home and tears apart Dad's office to look for clues.


Inside a locked drawer, he finds surveillance photos of Detective Kim, a police profile, and a cell phone. He turns it on as a last-ditch effort, thinking it a lifeline to Soo-yeon. Suddenly, it rings. Someone's calling him? As soon as he turns the thing on? Buh.

He answers it, trembling, and it's Soo-yeon on the other end, "Jung-woo-ya…" But he barely has time to say her name before Nurse Hye-mi pushes her away and snatches the phone out of her hand.

She screams that they shouldn't have kept her alive, and Hyung-joon (clearly the one who saved her) helps her up and demands that her life be spared. Soo-yeon's face is covered in bandages, though we don't know why.

Chairman Han grabs the phone out of Jung-woo's hands as well, and argues that Soo-yeon is dead and he's being crazy. He swears he's not imagining it, but the more he insists, the colder Dad gets.


He slaps Jung-woo across the face and throws the phone to the ground. Jung-woo goes to pick up the pieces, only now realizing the truth: "You were never going to look for Soo-yeon, were you? You lied."

Dad doesn't even care to continue the lie, "Of course I did." He calls her trash and a murderer's daughter—someone he shouldn't be connected to in the first place.

Jung-woo gets up to face him and asks if Dad really only trusts his son. Dad: "I trust no one else, only my son."

Jung-woo: "Don't. Don't trust me. I don't trust you anymore." Nice. He goes up to his room to pick up Soo-yeon's journal.


Dad orders him to stop, warning that if he walks out of this house now, it's the end. Jung-woo doesn't even give a glance back as he marches right past him and out the door without missing a beat.

Detective Kim is concurrently having his own rebellion, as he smashes up his precinct over how little anyone around here cares for procedure and fact. He asks if they're just supposed to take everybody at their word—if the bas***d said he killed Soo-yeon, he just killed her? Without proof?

He simultaneously gets fired and quits, which is right when Jung-woo comes running through the door, "Ajusshi, Soo-yeon is alive!" The exchange is actually really sweet. Ajusshi: "I know." Jung-woo: "No, she's really alive!" Ajusshi: "I really know!"

He gets down on his knees and begs Ajusshi to find her. "I trust you." It means so much, in light of the crushing blow that he can't trust his own father. He turns to the other cops too, "I trust all of you." He cries, "I have something to say to her. I…miss her."


Hye-mi decides she's had enough of babysitting, and threatens to leave Hyung-joon behind if he insists on staying with the girl. She snaps the necklace from his neck.

He warns that it's useless until he turns eighteen anyway, and that she can't get to the money without him. He counters that he won't go anywhere without Soo-yeon.

She sits numbly, even as Hyung-joon shows her the newspaper with her own murder in the headlines. He says that Jung-woo left her and isn't looking for her, and she finally screams, "That's not true!"

It's as if him voicing her fear makes her face the trauma all over again, and she breaks down in a fit of terrifying screams as she relives the horror.

And then it fades into the same future sequence we saw at the beginning: Adult Jung-woo running to Soo-yeon, Crying Hyung-joon, and Bullet-in-the-brainpan Jung-woo.

As he lies there bleeding to death, he says in voiceover: "I'm not crying because I'm sad. I'm crying because the wind is blowing."

(Credit: Dramabeans)

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ayaniie-chan IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 December 2011
Posts: 2554

Posted: 25 November 2012 at 5:03am | IP Logged
Finally caught up with all 6 episodes!! Impatiently waiting for ep.7!

@Jahn- agree to everything you said.. don't want to repeat the same.

Only 6 episodes in but I can say this drama has made me cry more than any other combined.. 14 more to go!.. I cried through the whole of ep.4! Why did it have to snow?!! makes it that much more heart-breaking!.. I really didn't want Eun Joo's dad to die, too soon! T_T The scene where he imagines Soo Yeon walking in the snow!.. it was so haunting!! I liked how he treated her as his own daughter. I wish he didn't die! I really like Eun Joo too, thankfully, directors didn't listen to Yoochun's crazy fans. 
I loved the transition between the Jin-Goo & Yoochun's character! Yoochun showed so many sides to his character in the last two episodes, loved it, esp, the karaoke! <3 I like his relationship with Soo Yeon's mum, she really treats him like her son, which is really sweet. I think she felt sorry for him that he couldn't get on his life because of Soo Yeon. That reminds me she had one of the heart-rending scene as well, when she questions the rapist. I was crying enough when she said Why her? What did you get? then when she said I won't be mad as long as you tell me she's alive.. I couldn't stop!! 
Less than 2 mins in, I really liked Yoon Eun Hye's character too & towards the end of ep5 & parts of ep.6, she showed her vulnerable side and her pain as well.. the shower scene was the saddest thing ever! The end of ep.6, can't even describe how I felt!.. 
& ooh~ this is the first time I'm watching Seung-ho, he's soo good that I can't believe he's just 19!! I might have a 2nd lead syndrome?.. I support SooYeonxJungWoo as well but the ZoexHarry were cute in ep.5! 
Overall, amazing cast & plot.. it's beautifully shot too! love it!

Edited by ayaniie-chan - 25 November 2012 at 5:05am
ayaniie-chan IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 December 2011
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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 2:51pm | IP Logged

[Corrected Trans] Preview Ep7

SY: He hasn't changed at all. He's still the same just like since he was 15. 
Kang Sang Cheol (Kang Sang Deuk's brother): Han Jungwoo! Han Jungwoo! It's that guy who killed him! 
SY: Because I miss him... 
HJ: Didn't you want to torment/torture Han Jungwoo? 
JW: I saw a girl who looks like Suyeon. 
JW: Why did you stop me?
Wait? Wait for what?! 
JW: Is it/Are you Suyeon...? 

Edited by ayaniie-chan - 25 November 2012 at 2:51pm
-Jahnvi- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 August 2010
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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 9:30am | IP Logged
Question: I was a little confused about Han Tae Jun's secretary. Has he always known the whereabouts of Nurse Jung and the kids and never told Tae Jun or did he recently find out? Someone please clear it up for me Tongue
Xiahtic-5 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 March 2009
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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
I finally watched the first 4 episodes...

The story is dark i mean really dark i don't know if we should expect happy ending...

Little Jungwoo and soo yeon are so cute they acted so well...The story is definitely different...

I felt sorry for Soo yeon she went through hell first her father beat her up and even though her mother loves her she sometimes went too far and acted rude toward her own daughter...

The detective gosh he is the real hero here i just love his character he is amazing and i just hope he put everything back...

One little scene of Yoochun made me so happy he is brilliant..

Going to watch 5/6 episodes i hope to get more of Yoochun
-Jahnvi- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 August 2010
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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 9:09pm | IP Logged

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