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Taarey OS- May I have a tissue please Groupbie

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So hi!! I'm like back with another OS, this is the scene that I had wanted something to happen between Taarey but because it's a drama the CV's obviously have to drag the story on. It is one of my favourite scenes where I completely and irrevocably fell in love with Taarey, not that I didn't love them beforehand, but this sealed the deal for me. It is the scene where they have a food fight and Taarey go to wash themselves up. I got to tell y'all now I was screeching like a happy banshee when I saw this; the chemistry going on between them was just so overwhelmingly irresistible that I had to keep fanning myself it was just simply amazing, that I could feel their intense gaze on each other. Anyways so this is my take on it, hope y'all like it. Comment and Like Wink

Ps: Some of you claim that my one-shots are too short, I'm sorry sometimes I don't have it in me to write too long a fic, because then I lose the cuteness to the story and start writing a lot of crap trust me it happens a lot I go off in the clouds my ex-teachers words not mine, that's why they are like that. I'll try my best to make it longer, hopefully x

Pps. I got a question can we like swear in our fics? I know people want it clean and stuff, but sometimes I just get so into it a swear word or two is just so necessary for me; I am a Brit after all. You should all see my twilight fics, it's one swear word after another but it just makes it more interesting.

Disclaimer: I do not own d3


May I have a tissue please?



He felt like some sort of a perverted dweeb dragging around some innocent child with him, he looked at her from the corner of his eyes checking her out whilst she was shivering from the amount of food that was thrown at her, but damn he was totally wrong she was definitely no child, but an innocently stunning young woman, how can she still look so beautiful even with all this food smeared all over her?

How did they get stuck like this again? Oh yeah, the stupid gang; they thought it would be nice to handcuff them both together since they assumed he had some personal problems against Taani, like as if he had some vendetta to make it his life mission to always upset her, he did have a problem but definitely not what they thought it to be and about hurting her, he didn't really mean to, it hurts him too when he knows how much his words pain her. He didn't realise until she was taken away from him by that shirritating no less, that he was one possessive jealous arsehole, and he undeniably is. He had never wanted her to stray away from him, but she did and there was nothing he could do about it. He couldn't even claim her as his own, since she was not even his to claim in the beginning and she had announced to the whole of the school that they could never be anything other than friends as she already had a boyfriend. When she had said that he hadn't realised how shocked and in agony he was, he had quickly assumed that he was just worried for her because Shivam was not a good guy, and definitely not someone, who is as innocent as her, should be going out with. But it pained him immensely every day to not see her alongside him, not there to annoy or irritate him anymore or shower him with her affections. He had taken her every action for granted and thrown it back on her face. Maybe now God is punishing him, for ever wounding her fragile heart, by dangling her in front of his eyes and then snatching her away from him by Shivam.

He observed her again from the corner of his eyes, all he seemed to do these days was take sneaked glances at her, and he didn't have the guts to stare at her as he knew he would get lost in her beautiful hazel eyed orbs. They had both been silently sitting together all this time not even talking or 'sorting out their problems' like Nilesh had said for them to do, when Shivam had come in disrupting the gangs game and wanted to be handcuffed with Taani too. He almost stewed in anger at Shivam's audacity, how dare he think that Taani should be handcuffed to him, wasn't it enough that he already had her as a girlfriend? He formed his hand into a fist clenching it so hard just wanting to punch him but before Rey could actually do anything the gang had shut him up by telling him that he didn't have a problem with Taani so he should be handcuffed to Bharat instead since they both hated each other. But that didn't work out quite well and all the keys to the handcuffs fell across the room as Shivam, in his anger, threw the keys away in accident.  So now everyone was searching for the keys and he couldn't help but be happy that he had a little more time with Taani.

"Are you okay? Look, you've got too much food on yourself, maybe we should go get ourselves cleaned so that we don't feel any irritation and till then they would have found the keys." He said, noticing her discomfort, and at her nod they both stood up leaving the room whilst the gang searched all over for the keys.

"Come on, come on let's go in." Rey said as he tried to take Taani to the boys' restroom, but she stopped him before he could enter.

"Wait! Wait Rey, I can't go in there that's the boys' restroom. How can I just go in there? Come to the girls' one with me, please Rey." Taani said feeling awkward in entering the boys' restroom with him.

"No Taani, please, look at it this way. If you come in the boys' room no one will say anything to you, but if I were to enter the girls' room, baap reh, I'd get beaten up with their dangerous shoes, and most of the girls wear heels too, no way, please a'jao na mere saath." He pouted and whined making her giggle and then she nodded at his childishness, finally entering the room to get cleaned. 

They turned the tap on finding it difficult to work around each other to clean up properly, and Taani reached for the tissues almost making Rey stumble nearer to her because of the handcuffs that were still attached to their hands.

"May I have a tissue please?" Rey asked politely as she handed a couple to him.

She knelt down to the tap, soaking the tissues in the water to wash her face and arms; finding it problematic to clean with only one hand, they both looked towards the mirror in front of them like as if they were a married couple in their own personal bathroom. She was feeling really uncomfortable and could sense some of the food behind her drizzle down her back even more inside her clothes as she shivered in unease from the coldness it transpired. She couldn't reach for her back and was constantly bumping into him, and falling into an eye lock, looking into his powerful grey-eyed gaze that she never could seem to get out of, it was as if time itself had stopped for them and they were the only ones left on earth; he gazed at her first and then moved his hand that was locked to her side and around her waist as he moved behind her, holding her tightly to his hard broad chest.

She jumped up nervously at his sudden closeness and looked to the side at his face that was just near to her own as he looked back at her intensely watching for her every reaction and moved her towards him. She was breathing heavily now and closed her eyes as he moved his hand softly across her skin wiping away any traces of the food that was smeared across her skin. She was locked in his embrace and she was so soft and warm in his arms, he could feel the electricity crackle between them moving along with his hands, touching her as if penetrating into her soul. She was shivering and this time he knew for definite that it wasn't from the coldness of the food but from him. He couldn't help but feel his heart beat faster, and he wondered for the first time if she could feel his heart beat recklessly just for her. He moved his hand behind her wiping away any stray food that was on her back, the laced top she was wearing had bits of food stuck to it. He licked his lips suddenly feeling it become very dry and then slowly picked out the food between the laces wanting to feel her more.

She opened her eyes instantly, looking at his actions through the mirror just as he connected his eyes in the mirror as if he was marking her with his gaze; she felt her breath leave her body. Oh God, why did he always have to get a reaction like that, out of her? She could feel her skin sizzle from where he touched her and her body was heating up, it was painful to be this near him and yet they were still so far. He bent down soaking the tissues up more, making her move with him as he grasped onto her shoulder; she moved her head at his sudden movement, as he looked at her, her lips were just there right in front of him, and he wanted to move in closer. But then her phone started ringing and he quickly moved away from her, letting her out of his hold to wipe the food on his hands.

The phone kept on ringing, so she picked it up hearing Shivam's voice on the other end. She didn't hear one word Shivam had said though, as she looked on at Rey still being entranced by him. He felt her gaze on him and looked into her eyes, as he watched her phone slowly slide down from her ear. He could hear Shivam's annoying voice at the other end asking if she could hear him. He put the phone back on her ear as he knelt beside her side and moved closer.

"Your boyfriend is asking you something, why aren't you answering him?" He whispered in her ear angrily, he was so close observing her silence at his words.

He got annoyed at her quickly and at the situation they were now in, would they always be moving around in circles like this?

"Fine, don't say anything, stay here and talk to your boyfriend." He moved away wanting to storm off not even realizing that they were still handcuffed together as he dragged on hard, instantly making her wince out in pain.

"Ouch!" She cried out, he quickly stopped at the sound and moved back closer to her immediately, seeing the tears in her eyes he looked down to her wrist holding it gently in his hands and saw the mark he had caused which had instantly bruised from his hard handling.

He looked into her eyes, feeling really guilty. "I'm sorry Taani; I don't know what just happens to me sometimes, I'm so sorry for acting like such a psycho." He felt like whimpering and begging for her forgiveness at being the cause of her tears, pain filled his chest at seeing her hurt, all because of him again. He held onto her, grasping her small face within his hands.

"It's okay, I understand," She whispered back sadly as if she deserved to be hurt by him. He couldn't help it anymore; she looked so dejected and he had to tell her, Shivam could just go to hell. He wiped her tears away with his thumbs holding her closer.

"You'll never understand just how beautiful you are to me." She looked into his eyes shocked at his admittance.


"Let me speak, please Taani," waiting for her to just listen, he wouldn't hold back with it anymore so he carried on when she stopped talking.

"I- I know that you're with Shivam, and I have no right to you whatsoever, but I can't help it. I can't stop myself; I can't be away from you. Because I care about you, so much that it hurts every time I watch you both together. I'm sorry for everything, I'm sorry I couldn't make you mine. But I should have known from the beginning that your feelings for me were not wrong but right, but I lost the right to that too when all I did was break your heart and now you're with him and not me. I was so cautious and afraid and now I've lost you forever, but I have to admit this that I love you, I know that I love you so much and knowing that, admitting it now is useless. My jealousy and my actions always hurt you, but how do I stop myself from feeling this way I don't know, especially now that I don't know if you could ever feel the same way for me again." He told her the truth and now he knew he had to put a stone in his heart and let her go, so he turned around dropping his hands from her face, wanting to just curl up and cry from his loss.

"I- I'm not with Shivam Rey, we were just pretending to go out. I- I wanted to tell you the truth so much, but I just didn't know how to'" He quickly turned back around, not believing her words; she had tears in her eyes as if wanting to make him believe her.

"What-'but then why??" He couldn't help but ask, he was so confused and he had to know.

"I did it so I could protect your reputation Rey, you were being accused of being with me, I didn't want you to lose face in front of the whole college just because of me so I told everyone a lie, but then Shivam came and told everyone he was my boyfriend because no one believed me. He convinced me to go along with him and not tell anyone, you or Bhai, so I didn't. I'm sorry for causing you any hurt, I didn't mean to, I have only ever loved you and only you," She replied back in all honesty, the tears falling from her eyes.

He couldn't believe it, she did this all because of him? He used the handcuff to his advantage and quickly pulled her towards him, wrapping her around him as he held onto her hip with one hand and used the other to grasp for her cheek. And then leaning down, he brushed his lips against hers, feeling the spark growing between them, his tongue slipping out and brushing against the seam of her lips and she was lost in the feeling of his lips. She closed her eyes and parted her lips allowing him entry and he groaned within her mouth as he heard her moan slightly as he tasted her lips. Deepening it, God may she always be with him like this, he kissed her like there were no tomorrow holding her close he was never letting her go this time. They broke the kiss, gasping for air as he connected his forehead to hers.

"Don't ever do anything like that again, you're mine, and only mine, you hear." He told her, gripping her tighter to him.

She blushed at his words as she replied with a, "Yes, Sir!" remark.

He smiled at her, "And I am going to kick that Shivam's arse for even having the nerve to be your 'fake boyfriend' he is never touching you again." She gave him a disapproval look, not wanting him to cause any scene, yet she was secretly glad of his over-protectiveness. He was her perfect prince Charming, everything she ever wanted and more, suddenly she started crying again.

"Why are you crying?" He said confused and worried that he had done something wrong.

"These are happy tears." She replied back with a smile on her face.

He sighed, "You are completely weird with you filmy dialogues Taani, but I love you just the way you are. Here let me wipe it away, you look better when you're smiling at me adorably. Tissue?"


The end!!!

Well hope you all liked it, much lovage! Ellie xoxo Wink

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can we like swear in our fics?..LOL..
yeah di...not the smartest question ever...
But i doubt anyone will notice..

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Awesome os dear
kikass love it

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Originally posted by Labyrinth89

can we like swear in our fics?..LOL..
yeah di...not the smartest question ever...
But i doubt anyone will notice..

Lol, shut up. It's a legitimate question. Thanks for checking my grammer. X

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Originally posted by hotarsh

Awesome os dear
kikass love it

Thank you darling! X
...Natasha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Ellie you did a fanstatic job. I like the name of your OS. I so wish ths had actually happen in D3 for real. It was so heartfelt and romantic. Love Rey confession, I like it even better when he daid he will kick shivam Censored lol. And Taani tears of happiness was so cute. Overall u did a excellent job. Now plz update your FF now

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Originally posted by Natasha.

Ellie you did a fanstatic job. I like the name of your OS. I so wish ths had actually happen in D3 for real. It was so heartfelt and romantic. Love Rey confession, I like it even better when he daid he will kick shivamCensored lol. And Taani tears of happiness was so cute. Overall u did a excellent job. Now plz update your FF now

I did update my ff yaar, i have to think up what to write next, because I write whatever comes in mind I dont have a basic plan, well much anyways. But dont worry i'll write up the next chapter soon,
I just cant promise updating everyday. So your going to have to wait a tiny bit Natz xox
And thanks i really enjoy reading your comments on my fics Wink

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hey it was amazing!! their confession part luvd it a lottHeart do write moreEmbarrassed

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