Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

What I LOVED: 9th November 2012

Shalini76 Goldie

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 1:13pm | IP Logged

What I LOVED: 9th November 2012



My heart went out to Aarav. An orphan's been told a woman is his mom and his father doesn't want him and he'd have to act like she says so that he'd love him.

So finally - Arnav is not Aarav's father - but let someone deny it! He is SO Aarav's Dad now!

Arnav: The Dad


So Arnav ' the dimaag ' finally woke up!

The last time this dimaag was really working was when he bought the Sheesh Mahal! But I can't fault the guy ' after all, with a certain Khushi in the proximity, the dimaag was tuned to a different frequency.


I'm looking forward to how he discloses the game Sheetal is playing.


It was touching to see Arnav and Aarav bond.

Arnav was only trying to support Aarav but he found that Aarav is really probably an orphan that Sheetal is using for her own purpose. It was jolly decent of him to not break it to Aarav that not only was he not his Dad but, that Sheetal wasn't the mom either.


Irrespective of Sheetal, Arnav and Aarav have had their own deal ' man to man.


It was equally amazing that he told Aarav that he needn't go anywhere (away from RM). What's more, he's being a good Dad and planning to spend loads of time with Aarav. (as it is his wife spends no time with him in any case ' even if he tries to get the message across!)


Arnav is now holding up Aarav and hitting a final basket it seems.

Just as in the chess game, Aarav helped Arnav spot a move he didn't think was likely. Again, Aarav helps Arnav see the swapped role. Aarav does need to be protected ' from Sheetal.

In a previous WIL, I'd talked about the things possibly unlikely: One, Sheetal being Aarav's mom, and Aarav having diabetes.

It seems both are correct ' they are untrue. I wonder of the kid's actual name is Aarav.

On the other hand, it was likely that Aarav was trained ' and voila! He is!


But, it seems Sheetal didn't think that Aarav and Aarav could pair up and Khushi's apparent help to cause her downfall ' literally.

Arnav's really being his sarcastic best: not just words, but actions, expressions, et al!


He's announced a party and a surprise.

I think the most excited folk for this party is the Fandom!





Khushi:  Foul


She's hit the basket, and now she's celebrating that it's a goal, absolutely ignorant of the fact that it was a foul!!


Khushi it seems is finally seeing a side-effect of not following the rules ' one gets to see the game from outside the court & bite one's nails!


While she is happy that Aarav is getting his 'Dad's' attention and Arnav is being a good Dad ' his concern for the kid's mom is now getting on her nerves.

Arnav is only ' rather gladly ' helping on her suspicions. He knows what going in her mind when she asks him why he was smiling. He joked that Sheetal told him a joke (well, Sheetal did tell a joke when she said Aarav was her son with Arnav) ' and added that it was in English. Khushi absolutely didn't get it ' as expected and assumed that Arnav found a girl who was like English filmon ki heroine.

She's such a darling!


It was SO adorable! Khushi has a unique system that sends off warnings and alarms for earthquakes. Laad Governor smiling to himself means there's gonna be an earthquake.


There might be, but RM by now must be quite used to earthquakes caused by a smiling Laad Governor.



Cold & Dumb!


Sheetal! Are you sure Shyam isn't a distant cousin of yours!?

Cold, eh!


She's actually thinking of claiming that she has a son from Arnav. Then, letting him stay at RM for Arnav and Khushi to take care of while she makes it off with money --- money? Does she plan to ask ransom for the kid ' coz this is more like a kidnap, only here the victim doesn't know they are kidnapped and the people being asked for a ransom aren't even related to the victim.


And she really thinks the ASR she knew in college would fall this trick!?


At least one good thing came off her trick-wa: an orphan kid did find a home with people who can be his real family now. He can have a Dad in Arnav and a Mum in Khushi, plus a Nani, a Mami, and cha-chas and cha-chi to boot!!


Shyam was the fabled cupid for Arnav and Khushi! He got Arnav married to Khushi.

Sheetal seems to be fabled stork carrying the kid into Arnav-Khushi nest!


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Cyberpsychooo IF-Dazzler

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Oeee yaar, kitne dinon baad again me first, yay... LOL

Yap, after long time, asr ki dimaagh ki batti jalli... Wink

And in ur yesterdays will i wrote, she is there for money, and voila! Clap

And it really broke my heart, when aarav told arnav that he is an orphan... I hope he will stay... But i think he will, coz arnav made so many promises to him... And arnav wouldnt lie to a kid just to calm him down... Smile So looking forward for the NEW awesome threesome! His interaction with khushi, when he isnt imitating asr... He is such a cutiepie! Embarrassed

And mamiji ka rishtey wohi, soch nai! Hahaha... I mean, she was nice to khoon bhari taang! But wanted to hide her concern for payal...

Akaash & payal leaving :( no jiji & of the last sweet moments between jeth and bhabi today!

And we came to know, that mamaji is also in us... Gud!

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kshows_fangirl Goldie

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I for once liked the Manorama family Bond with her son Akash and daughter-in law Payal...She really does cares for Payal, even though she pretends not to..I loved her mother instincts towards Payal tdy..Hope one day she shows that to Khushi tooo Smile

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aviation-ca Goldie

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
Well me almost first!!!

Hello Shaal, after a long time back in the forum/IPKKND & wow what a turmoil.. oh well, enjoy while it lasts is my motto.

But you know what, I waited for your post & yes, finally a topic about the story, rather than actors & their personal life...

I have been sporadically watching so please excuse any inconsistencies...

When the Sheetal track started, I thought wow, what a modern refreshing track. Here is a single mother trying to bring up a child by herself. Unlike other serials, she is not looking for revenge. I was hoping for something along the lines of the "Masoom" movie, where Khushi will persuade Arnav to finally accept his relationship with the child & share custody with Sheetal.

But I guess it was a stretch too far for the world of Hindi serials... they had to make Sheetal a villan, thankfully they resisted showing Arav a male Bubbly.. then as Tia said in one your posts..

Arnav was laser focused on getting revenge, he was already damaged when he was in college.. this was no happy collegian. His whole goal was getting rich & buy back the Sheesh Mahal.. this guy wouldn't have spent his time playing basketball, drums.. celebrating graduation, getting drunk.. as he had said often enough... he didn't have a life until he met Khushi... sure he would be having a relationship to keep the demons aways, since he didn't believe in marriage... but the other stuff.. naaahhh...

But this is my rant for all the stuff that went on during my absence... will miss Payal & Akaash.. wish they had been given parallel track then the load of SI & BS would have been lighter.. wish them (the actors) both best going forward...

Yes I agree with you.. Arnav's relationship with Arav is really a treat to watch.. for such a person to bend down to a child's level is only possible by Khushi's influence...

Please keep writing your WIL as long as the serial continues... the only sane place in all the turmoil...

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NothingLasts IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
The episode was good!
bkamber IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
Feel good moments...hope they stay for a while. Clap

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Dreamcatcher Senior Member

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 2:20pm | IP Logged
Shalini loved yesterday's and today's episode and your writeup...

Sheetal seems to be fabled stork carrying the kid into Arnav-Khushi nest!

Wow...never thought this way...brilliant!
dharave Newbie

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 2:24pm | IP Logged
Well well! So we finally get Sheetal ka khulasa! Yep, you were right Shalini, her character belongs in black not gray. Despite being ambiguous about her true intentions, I had a rather sure feeling this entire time she was totally playing that poor kid! Here's what I wrote yesterday:

Given their recent bonding (Arnav-Aarav), I interpreted that look as reluctance to leave his newfound friend. Someone, who in the space of a few days, helped him to win; whether it was a game of basketball or a trophy in his school competition. Someone who won his trust and maybe did adopt the role of father figure in his life. But, it very well could be fear as well! I don't know why I can't let go of my suspicion that Sheetal has been playing this little kid all along. If Sheetal was leaving earlier than planned, maybe Aarav was afraid he had failed at achieving whatever goal he was assigned and would be punished. And that could be another reason he wanted Arnav to stop them from leaving. Sheetal leaving earlier than planned could also explain the fall (preplanned? convenient accident?), but then I'm on high alert with this woman at all times. Me and my crazy suspicions! I don't doubt she's lying, her behavior has been really really sneaky and manipulative, but I can't understand the "why" behind it all. Yes, now what???

Now she reveals this was her grand plan to squeeze money out and vanish. I totally felt for Aarav today. His reluctance to leave wasn't just because of this newfound friendship- he had believed his family was now complete. How he confessed his heart's complaint and desire in a small voice to Arnav: You didn't want me then, but mom still wanted me. She came for me. She trained me and I learned from her so that I could please you. But you still don't want me. You didn't try to stop me even once. No grand tantrums but all said so plainly it broke my heart. The poor lad wanted Arnav to stop him from leaving not as his friend, but as his father.  

So finally - Arnav is not Aarav's father - but let someone deny it! He is SO Aarav's Dad now!

This child's deepest wish is to belong, to be loved and accepted, and to have a family. The "man to man deal" they struck- great connection with Arnav lifting Aarav to make the final basket. Arnav helped Aarav to win- he won't let him down now. And this time, I'm sure it will be Khushi celebrating with them, completing the picture perfect family. And they are totally a family now!

In a previous WIL, I'd talked about the things possibly unlikely: One, Sheetal being Aarav's mom, and Aarav having diabetes.

It seems both are correct ' they are untrue. I wonder of the kid's actual name is Aarav.

On the other hand, it was likely that Aarav was trained ' and voila! He is!

So! The key players finally came face to face: Arnav vs. Sheetal. Sheetal equated the score with the DNA reports, manipulating Khushi into believing Arnav is the father of that child, leveling accusations of Arnav being drunk, and now the ball is in Arnav's court. Aarav played with Arnav against Sheetal, "a fair game"; he agrees to keep a secret from Sheetal. In the meantime, I'm not sure Sheetal's downfall was because of Khushi. Khushi was a tool and she served her purpose. She's not one of the main players in this game. Even if Khushi may have accidentally caused Sheetal to fall, she took advantage of the opportunity and conveniently claimed a sprain injury. Had Khushi not provided this opportunity, Sheetal herself would have created one (or may have already had one planned) in order to stay behind and accomplish her purpose. But her act is slipping as was shown today; Khushi was more concerned for Aarav than Sheetal, which Khushi found odd and out of place. ASR's "dimaag" is indeed working now and he seems to have the entire situation under control. All he needed through this trial was Khushi's faith, love and support.

For me, these two lines were the highlight of today's WIL:

Shyam was the fabled cupid for Arnav and Khushi! He got Arnav married to Khushi.

Sheetal seems to be fabled stork carrying the kid into Arnav-Khushi nest!

Well looking at the overall picture, I don't mind her half as much now! I'm excited for Monday, can't wait for the surprise! 

On another note, I will really miss Akash and Payal. As per Naniji, "ghar ki khushiyan to baccho se bani rehti hain". Similarly, as a viewer I feel equally happy whenever we get to see the entire family together celebrating and having a good time. I'll miss his pink shirts. I hope he'll wear one on Monday ;)

Until your next post,


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