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Gul, You deserve a better audience (Page 16)

sree07 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 November 2011
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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 2:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sanju01

I have watched many serials in the past and i have been a silent member of many forums.It's natural for people to blame a ph or someone from the ph when an actor/actress leaves a show or the show suddenly ends.
Trust me,this is not the first forum where all these is happening.There have many forums like that where members blamed the ph for an actor leaving a show.
Members of this forum always create their limit in whatever they do.If they love something,they will love it beyond their limits.If they hate something,they will hate it beyond limits.
There's no such thing called 'Limit' in this forum.
Don't worry,this will go on for few more months and then it will stop.Nothing is permanent in this world,hatred too.Today these members hate Gul,tomorrow slowly the hatred will slowly disappear.Don't worry!

that was a very soothing response. Thanks a lot. Hug

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Chaituv IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 January 2012
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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 2:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sree07

Originally posted by Chaituv

Finally someone made a sensible post
Why are ppl forgetting that this same Gul gave us our favourite Arnav and Kushi .
She may be at fault , but what is the proof , why are they creating all these baseless rumours?

We all know how much she loves Asr's character , she herself said that it is her favourite character and people . 

Barun himself gave credits to her in his interview ,then why r ppl still blaming her? So they don't believe in what he says?

Thanks dear

i myself criticized gul many times that she is an ASR phangirl and does not wanna share ASR with khushi. LOL

But never thought i would see a day when people say, she butchered ASRs character to take revenge. Rubbish. 
Sree ,
I know , many of them including me complained d that she loves Asr more than any character and she butchered kushi's character by making her go OTT , surprisingly now some of them saying that  she is trying to butcher his character  to take  revenge on an actor,  by butchering his character in the show, this is the best joke LOL

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Kranu IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 January 2012
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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 2:23pm | IP Logged
Its nothing new Sree. People vent out their frustrations to calm down.
Before it was full on Barun bashing, now Gul bashing.
I respect Gul for giving SARUN for me. Becoz no one is saint not to make any mistakes.
I really appreciate and respect Barun for giving me ASR. He breathed into the character of ASR.

I hope at least people appreciate Barun and Gul who entertained us for 1.5 years.

Edited by KranUsa - 09 November 2012 at 2:24pm

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sanju01 Senior Member

Joined: 15 October 2010
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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 2:27pm | IP Logged
The main reason why people are bashing Gul is because she has started Qubool Hai on zee tv and members are not happy about it.They had this fear that Gul will ignore ipk if she produces another show and now they feel their fear has turned into reality.They are assuming that Gul wants to concentrate only on her new show and that's why she is playing tricks so that ipk ends.LOLI heard this rumour too in this forum that she told SP to close the show because she started a new show.LOLAnd last week's post on Forum32 added more fuel to the fire.When the members read that the ph has ran out of ideas they felt that Gul wants to close this show.But what they didn;t understand is the ph asked them the story ideas so that they can keep these crazy girls happy who keep complaining about each and every track and each and every character.But unfortunately the members here couldn't understand this.
People degrade Gul by saying that she told barun to leave the show.If she wanted barun to leave the show then she could have told him to do that the day he signed the movie.Why did she give Barun 40 days leave to shoot for his movie inspite of knowing that she will be bashed by his fans who want to see him in the show everyday?Why did she create a separate new track specially for barun so that he can shoot for his movie and won't be disturbed by the ph?No ph has ever done this for any actor.If it was Ekta she could ahve straight away told barun to leave the show when he signed the movie.That lady never compromises anything for anybody.But Gul has compromised a lot for barun so that he will shoot for his movie.And this is what she gets in return,curses,abuses,insults!

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sree07 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 November 2011
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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 2:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by preethi.saseeda

Barun did give the credit to Gul. We give her too.. It was her Brain child... But she got another child today and wants to promote it...

Dont you see it... Qubool hi was planned after June... Barun opted to quit for movie in Mar-April... Gul was not ready to give up the revenues IPK and Barun gave.. So she made him stay and work during nights... It was a mutual deal - if you see properly... It was not a favour for Barun... 

Later after Barun came back, things had changed... Qubool Hi started shaping up and that is when madam Gul wanted to rush up things... The story line was changed and rushed through...

If PH is not to be blamed, what was that we saw in "Forums32" a few days back... 

If PH is not to be blamed, why has Akshay, Deepali, Barun, GH and many other techincal crew quit

If PH is not to be blamed, why are they hell bent on bringing a new male lead

We dont deny IPKKND was GULs child, but she has destroyed it too

PH has the resource to maintain two shows. They have different set of crews for both the shows. 

- Even if they want to promote QH more, why would they shut down the money making machine called IPK? Money is bitter?Confused

- I don't know about f32. Whatever I know, they have multiple admins for the site and everytime the naive admin breaks some news out of inexperience and forum bursts in explosion. I decided to ignore that little annoyance.

 - Akshay - Deepali quit for more creative freedom. They drastically reduces the screen time and importance of those characters on screen. PH showed more arhi, because it was what viewers wanted. Akshay had hardly any dialogue over months, we wanted arhi and we trashed payesh. Now we say they quit because of PH?

 - GH quit from IPK 4 months back i guess. He is still part of 4lions as far as i know. (not sure)

 - barun quit - he himself stated the reasons.

 - Technical staff quit? Who? I believe only in kernal.I know she quit. Anyone else?

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sree07 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 November 2011
Posts: 9436

Posted: 09 November 2012 at 2:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Oyster

Oh an idea!

Since the rest are singing anti-Gul anthems, why don't we compose our pro-Gul anthem?!

And with that thought, I leave you smarties cuz it's past 1:00am and I should get some sleep...!

Good Nighty. 

Sure baby LOL/ We will compose one.

Good night dear

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-Cheeni- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 November 2008
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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 2:29pm | IP Logged
some positive post
from last 2 days i wrote on every post
dnt care abt anything
save Arshi love story
we live wid them
more than 200 people involve which make them epic couple
I never believe Sarun ever cry becoz of ph tht bullshit i ever read
yes they r stressd but life is full of difficulties
one small bad thng never make them cry
i love Sarun
live with Arshi
4 lions create them
stop blaming to others

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rozy Groupbie

Joined: 20 May 2012
Posts: 129

Posted: 09 November 2012 at 2:34pm | IP Logged
For those siding with Gul. I want to tell you all just a few things.
If Gul made  teh actors popular, she must also realize that the actors immense strength and the Directors like LM and Akhan, are the ones who made her show an INTERNATIONAL hit ..
For many of us people, we shall not be watching Qabool hai or any other freaking show by 4 Lions. They have multiple times ditched us , been rude to us viewers and never really listened to positive feedback.
They had been told again and again and again not to sideline the characters as such. But they did exactly that. They were told to bring back the detail and the intensity in the show. They refused to do that. They were told to keep the show positive, they made it hell full of negativity and rushed up all the good plots while lingering on and on and on with the pathetic plots !
Its Gul and the 4 Lions that lost interest in IPK because they are only good enough to produce a show with 100 episodes. Even their new show will bomb after 100 episodes , just you watch .. its their habit now , but they should know better that they could play with the audience, once , twice but not every single time. No one here will believe Gul this time, because she is saying the same crap about a show being her baby etc etc , this is all that they did with IPK too and we saw her kill her own baby so mercilessly.
If Gul or PH feels that they can run this show without Sanaya or Barun, let them give it a shot and time will tell that if actors cant work without a good storyline. even the bestest of writing and a storyline cannot touch the heights of glory without brilliant actors. its a two way street  and they have to admit that this success was not Gul's alone. Sanaya, Barun , every side action, LM, Arshad khan and all those silent workers all shared the responsibility and made this an international hit.
And last but not the least, keep one thing straight, international audience might not give TRP's but they buy channel subscriptions and the channel makes hell of a lot of money due to this international audience. So cut the crap when you people say that we are not TRP audience and gul did us a favour by listening to our feedback. She should infact be extremely thankful to the international audience for giving the show the status that it stands on today . Gul is using that to her benefit in her new show!
Originally posted by sree07

Read some of the abuses used against gul in the forum. What the hell guys? Are we so cheap? Insulting a woman like this? Do you have any proof against this lady?

  • The mighty barun himself clarified that the credit of IPK goes to gul.
  • Abhaas tweeted that she is a nice human being and a brilliant producer.

Agree, confessions-of-a-barun-addict teenager is the trend topic and page 3 news today. But does that require abuse of Gul! 

Even more, a FB page insulting her and butchering her character. What the!!!

Don't be so delusional with drooling that you forget basic logic and ethics.

Gul is a person who gave us Arhi with her creativity. She is the one we thanked during the first one year of IPK. We adored her back then.

Agree she has made judgemental errors with IPK. But no one is a saint. Does she deserve such hatred? Respect her If not as a woman, as a human being.

As the No barun, No IPK anthem makes rounds in the forum, my heart really goes out to those 200+ people who are gonna be temporarily out of the job. I feel bad for the sidelined actress(es) who toiled for 18+ months just to get a bitter end of the show.  

Kudoes to the fandom. When the craziness subside, hope we realize how mean we were.

Well... Forget mine...Read Oyster

Originally posted by Oyster

Thank you for making the only sane post. I refuse to believe anything against Gul Khan. The writer said that this show was her fantasy. The writer was not convinced by the story but Gul supported it until she saw her dream turn into a reality.

Sanaya screamed that the award goes to Gul Khan at SPA. That shows how much she loves the woman. So there's no way on earth that today SI would be crying due to Gul.

Barun said without hesitation that all the credit goes to Gul Khan. Oh so he was under pressure? Gul might have sent assassins to his home if he didn't say that!

I seriously fail to understand the level of stupidity on this forum at times. Someone from timbaktu comes and posts inside stories that are not known to the real-life news reporters who probably spend their days outside the sets and even the actors themselves. Then you see a mob supporting the post and believing everything as truth carved on stone. I wonder if people have brains to think..

The producers made Daljeet, a side character, stay on the show and they would force out the male lead now?! Am I out of my mind to believe such crap?

Gul needs to become Ekta Kapoor and make her audience realize that it's she who runs the show, not the actors. 

Looking at the kind of insults hurled at her, I really hope Gul continues the show with or without Barun. Even if Sanaya opts out tomorrow, she should still continue! To tell you the bitter truth, IPK with its "hottest jodi" on earth has low trps for a Starplus show.  So yes in terms of business, it's not doing an incredibly amazing job.  Gul should revamp the script and add saas bahu spice to it to make it a TRP garner. And then she should come out to say this: To the hell with those viewers who thought I was nothing without my lead actor and this is my response to their insults!

With her new show Qubool Hai, Gul has proved yet again that it is not the actors who make her success but it is she who makes her actors successful.  QH proves that the ability to create an incredibly amazing show is part of Gul's genetic makeup, bas!

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