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OS-My broken heart-Final chapter-page 14 (Page 13)

saibanu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 November 2012 at 12:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by niniborn2rule

great...4 pages???Tongue

I am planning to give one big Epilogue , lest see how much I  succeed in that Wink

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niniborn2rule IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by saibanu

Originally posted by niniborn2rule

great...4 pages???Tongue

I am planning to give one big Epilogue , lest see how much I  succeed in that Wink
ya ya go ahead..

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saibanu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 November 2012 at 9:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by niniborn2rule

I thought of writing last few sequence yesterday night after watching show ...But i was too heartborken to write anything Cry
Sorry , i will try to give soon in an hour  or so..!!
niniborn2rule IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 November 2012 at 10:03pm | IP Logged
ohh please ab likhlo yaar..dese ffs and os are our oxygen...

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saibanu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 November 2012 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by niniborn2rule

ohh please ab likhlo yaar..dese ffs and os are our oxygen...

Ok , Give me some more time ..I will post next chapter Smile
saibanu IF-Dazzler

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Final chapter 

Nidhi stirred next to him, deep in sleep he buried his face in her neck, nuzzling...Placing his hand around her waist, pulling her to him..Rubbed his cheeks to hers … Nidhi sighed and slowly opened her eyes …she saw him sleeping next to her like a baby , with that faint smile on his face …like he is been dreaming something beautiful …she brushed her thumb slowly on his nose …then on his cheeks which made him stir..Like magic she felt him getting nearer, felt like a pull in her gut …her cheeks flushed as sudden gush of emotions filed her heart … She caught hold of his finger and pressed it against her lips..slowly he opened his eyes and looked down at her for a moment…she closed her eyes and titled her head in sought of his lips …She felt his warm breath caressing her flushed cheeks ...his scent reaching her senses and then suddenly she felt his warm lips pressing softly on top of her forehead…And his hand letting go of her slowly …gently.

She jerked out of her reverie as finally his hand let go of her ….She got up with a start and looked up at him questioningly " Ashuthosh …Where are you going ?..."

Ashu : today at 10 , you have to go for check up and if you remember Hk and baba both are not at home  , so I am going to prepare breakfast for both us ….

Nidhi : What ? …do you even know how to light match box ??...leave it, I can prepare it today …

Ashu : Of course I know how to light match box and also how to prepare breakfast for my dear wife ..Now you go back to sleep...rest properly

Nidhi made a face hearing his comment "I am tired of sleeping …tired f not doing anything ..It's been more than 6 weeks for god sake Ashuthosh …you don't even let me get down from bed …And I don't get sleep now,Please let me prepare breakfast and do some work"

Ashu : you don't get sleep ?? well that is not my problem ….lie down till I say so else I know what to do !

Nidhi looked at him angrily " I know …you will call Db and send me with her …..! Fine , I will sleep ….if it makes you happy"

She grumbled, whined a bit and when Ashuthosh did not give much attention to her …she lied down …. And then Suddenly she called out for him " Did that doctor asked you not to kiss me also …I was waiting for you to kiss me !! "

He looked away to hide the chuckle and then Making a straight face he spoke "I asked you to sleep now …will you …..Nidhi?"

She grumbled, whined and then lied down on his side of bed ….covering blanket over her head.

It's been nearly 6 weeks since Nidhi bought back home …And from then on, Every morning has been same for him...Whatever Nidhi used to do for him before now he took up the responsibity...every day he made sure breakfast which is prepared is good for her..Mainly he encouraged her to eat more of vegetables and fruits. … And in the beginning, when her right arm was bandaged, he helped her to eat, get dressed …. .And many times at night when she got up with pain due to redness and warmth around incision, it was him who took her in his lap ….placing her head in his lap; she used to go to sleep listening to him…. May be because of the way he took care of her  or due to the extra care everyone took with her, she recovered fast ……

Today it was her final appointment and as informed in her prev meeting...from next week she can resume work ….She just could not stop feeling elated with the mere thought of getting back to work …. Her phone vibrated when she was lying in her bed thinking about the way Ashuthosh took care of her ….. She picked up her mobile to find call is from anjie" Kya hai ?

Hearing her annoyed tone …Anjie " Nidhi ..Kya hua …phir se jijai se jagda kiya kya ?"

Nidhi : did you called me to ask this….if so yes , I fought with him ….

Anjie chuckled " Kya hua ab ……"

"Anjie , he don't let me work ..or do anything ….I am bored , how much can I sleep "

Anjie chuckled even more  ..." where is Jijaji now?? Preparing breakfast for his dear wife huh ?"

Nidhi muttered " yes " for that anjie shrieked " Nidhi …what? don't tell me !! ….Jijai is so sweet and look at you ,….how much you fight with him "

" hello , you are my friend so better if you take my side ….not your Jija's side ok ?"

Anjie giggled " Acha sun ..Today you have appointment rite, call me once you get back ok ? …"

Nidhi " haan , I will call you …may be from next week I can resume work …..Well that's what my doctor told me .."

Anjie " good , acha chalti hoon , I am not as fortunate as you …I have to prepare breakfast for my hubby ..look at him , he is still sleeping …"

Nidhi chuckled hearing her annoyed tone …

After getting ready , Ashuthosh took her to city hospital …After some blood check up and Xrays  Doctor Ajay informed her that she is doing  really great and she can resume work any time ….." Nidhi, must say …you got yourself good husband, who take care of you so well "

Nidhi smiled "Well I know ….that's what everyone keeps telling me "

Dr Ajay "So, I believe you people are leaving today for your vacation ….So happy journey "

Nidhi looked at him with confused expression "vacation?...I …I don't ..Not sure what you are talking about "

"Oops I think it was meant to be surprise for you …..I dint knew that you are not aware of this..well Ashuthosh came to me asking whether he can take you out for vacation …"

Nidhi grinned " Ohh , so its vacation  what he been planning from so many days then ..!"

Dr Ajay "Yes …it's a vacation but Be careful …..And take it easy not much jumping in excitement for few more days and once again Happy journey , I know you both are going to enjoy your vacation "

She came out to find Ashuthosh waiting for her "What happened, why you are looking so dull Nidhi? Are you feeling fine …"

Nidhi sank in chair next to his " No ..I am feeling bit dizzy in my head …One sec …"

Ashu looked at her with worried expression " Did you told him ??..what he said …let me go and talk to him "

Nidhi stopped him " yes , I told him ..he think something is wrong again , he called me tomorrow again for some more check up ….Ashuthosh can you drop me home , I want to sleep "

Ashu took her hand immediately and led her to parking lot ….All the way back home, he kept giving worried glances towards her …." Nidhi what is happening, is it paining?"

Nidhi has to look out to hide her giggle "I am fine …."

After reaching he led her to bed room and made her sleep …..And went back to kitchen to get glass of water "Nidhi here take this  ...Drink some water...You will feel better "

Nidhi got up and snuggled close to him "So what to do now …?"

Ashu "what to do you mean …..Tomorrow again we are going for checkup..Hmm..I am sure nothing is wrong, may be you caught hold of some small infection …

Nidhi: not that...I am asking what we will do now. I mean you can't cancel our vacation now ….

Ashu looked at her surprisingly:"how you came to know?"

Nidhi: Well I have my sources ….

Ashu: I am going to cancel it ……since you are not feeling well
Nidhi straight away jumped out of bed " Nooo…..You are not going to cancel it …."

Ashu caught hold of her arm "nidhi , what are you doing  …. Don't jump too much, you expect me to take you for vacation when you are not well ….So no we are not going "

Nidhi: you are becoming worst than DB …And what if it tell you, I am fine and even doctor told the same..

Ashuthosh: you just said that you are not feeling fine …..

Nidhi: I lied …if you don't believe ask Dr Ajay ….he told that I am perfectly fine and ready to resume my work...

Ashu: why you lied?

Nidhi: because you also lied to me so many times …when you were planning this vacation, you lied to me that it is for Anjie and ranganath …Well I got to know the truth now ..So tit for tat …So better you take me for vacation ….and stop disappointing me

Ashu chuckled looking at her annoyed expression, he bent forward and gave small kiss on her lips …suddenly her body freezed with sudden touch of his lips as fire leaped up and roared through her belly …Automatically her fingers yanked him close and his arm crushed her to him ….his fingers knotted in her hair and she bit down his Lower lip making him groan ….his lips parted and her tongue reached his mouth …there was nothing gentle in the way they kissed..It was filled with desperation longing and new kind of hunger which they never felt ……After a while he loosened his grip on her and whispered in her ear …."I think, we should stop here ….else we might miss out on our flight…because I don't want to disappoint my wife...What say?"

Nidhi buried her face in his chest and murmured a Yes, still dazed in his kiss….

Ashuthosh packed everything for both of them and whole family came till airport to bid them good bye ….it looked like everyone were aware of this vacation apart from her …. Db came to her " Bachi ..Kayala rakna haan "to that Ashuthosh assured that he will be there to take care of her …..

…After taking their seat nidhi asked" can you at least tell me now, where are we going?"

Ashuthosh  ..." well this flight is going to port Blair …so you can assume that we are going there "

She snuggled close to him "what is there is in port Blair …? "

" I heard lot of dolphins , flying fishes …Crystal clear blue water , sandy beaches  and the Sea vast as this universe…

Nidhi looked up at him with those sparkling eyes "Sound interesting ….and romantic too …What about mermaids, do we get to see them too? ". Ashu grinned …"well I don't know as I am not interested in any mermaid since I already have one fairy with me …."

Nidhi grinned and buried her face in his chest ….until finally she fell in deep slumber.

After reaching port Blair, they took ferry to reach the island where they are going to stay for next 3 days ….On the way Nidhi and Ashuthosh sat in open deck under burning sun …looking at vast sea and the crystal clear water ……they were amazed when suddenly they saw one giant tortoise in the middle of sea and thick mangroves on sideways  ….it was nearly dark when they checked in …so they cancelled to go out for sightseeing, instead they decided to go to beach just for few minutes …..

After dinner Ashuthosh took her hand and led her to beach ….there was no moon and sky above was inky black with few stars sparkling here and there ….A fragrant breeze wandered up from sea and trailed along the beach ….they both breathed in as fishy, tangy smell of sea enveloped them ….Nidhi moved a bit further holding Ashu's hand as warm frothy water touched their feet …Ashuthosh smiled looking at nidhi's face , she seems to be enjoying ,living every moment ….He hugged her from back side ...Nidhi smiled " So ..What next MR Mathur?"

Ashu "hmm….Nothing …" as he trailed soft kisses on her shoulder ….her neck..!

Suddenly she let go of his hand and moved a bit further till water came till her knees...He groaned as she moved away from him …." Nidhi, don't go far away …its dangerous"

Nidhi turned towards him "Ashuthosh ….baba took me to Mumbai when I was little and … I liked everything about it when I saw this vast sea ...the smell , the vastness …the depth ….most importantly the stillness and unshaken silence you can hear …"

Ashu smiled "I dint knew that Sea make my Nidhi go poetic ….hmm!"

Nidhi "well not only sea  ...There are other things too which make me go poetic …"

Ashu came near and again pulled her towards him …" so can I ask ….What is that other things….hmm?"(He placed soft kiss near her neck)

Nidhi felt chill running down her spine, She turned around to face him...She looked into those eyes which are sparkling with desire...  and then slowly she touched his wrist, his face …he groaned and shuddered with longing …neither one of them moved nothing moved...It lasted for 3 or 4 second and when ashu took her hand and started to breathe again..His chest hurted as though he is been holding breath for long time … she stood there clinging to him … her eyes half closed , dazed with desire  …She can feel his warm breath caressing her cheeks and then his nose brushing her nose..His lips searching for his ….he was about to kiss her when suddenly she moved away and turned towards sea …


Ashu looked at her confused "What was that for?"

Nidhi chuckled hearing his annoyed tone …."Tit for tat !...you did the same with me ..if you remember .."

Ashu grinned …So now you are taking revenge haan…" before she could say anything he caught hold of her ,which made her squeak , cry out in delight …he took her in his arm and gave bone crush hug for that Nidhi cried out " Ashuthosh leave  ..It is hurting …."

He immediately let go of her hand  ..." did it …I..I am sorry Nidhi …."

Nidhi burst out laughing looking at his stunned face …"it's easy to fool you …"

Nidhi looked up to find ashu staring at her with total miffed off expression …His facial expression indicated he did not liked what nidhi just did ….she lowered her head and murmured a sorry ….Suddenly he burst out laughing " Got you …you too so easy  to fool …"

Nidhi glared at him for that ashu came near and carried her in his arms in one swift ….Nidhi shrieked, cried asking for  him to put her down ..he did not listened , she tried to get down which made him go off balance and they both ended up  falling down in water …..Ashu took her hand and dragged her out towards shore …" ohh Ashuthosh …I asked you to leave me down …now look me , So clumsy , wet and … "

Ashu cut her in between " I thought you liked sea ….."

Nidhi_ " I am cold …..Lets go back "

He put his arm around her shoulder and took her back to there room.

Ashuthosh took out warm clothes for her …And asked her to take shower first …she came out all fresh and happy and when she saw ashu dozed off sitting on bed …with his specs hanging down till his nose and one hand above his head …she slowly tip toed to his side and adjusted his pillow and covered blanket …..He stirred but did not wake up….. Slowly she moved to her side and lied down …after sometime she saw still in sleep his hand reaching out for her ..she took it immediately and slept putting her face just below his neck…she felt his body relaxed automatically as he sensed her near …and she slept peacefully ….. And happy.


Next day, after eating breakfast they both went out for sight seeing …first they both reached joy Bou Island where ashu took her in glass bottom boat ….which helped them to take closer look at corals and water life …..Nidhi pressed her palm on glass floor as she saw group of fish passed just beneath it….later ashu decided to go for snorkeling which nidhi refused fearing that it might be dangerous …She did not let him go near water even after telling that he is not going …. ashu wanted to take her to Vipers Island  to show her prisons where dangerous convicts were put in fetters ….where they were forced to work with their fetters on ….for months , sometime years in this island  but he cancelled looking at nidhi's tired face …so he decided to take her back to their room .

Late at night nidhi dreamed that she is shut in vipers island , she can hear the sound of fetters …like sound of gurgle , deep disappointed sigh ! …like someone weeping, crying ….even in sleep

 …she got up with a start to find tears running down her cheeks …Ashu looked at her confused " nidhi , what's wrong …Come here "

Immediately she snuggled in his arm and he only drew her closer , stroked her hair  …" Now , close your eyes and sleep"

As if she was waiting for him to tell this…she agreed …closed her eyes and she slept!


Next day early morning they both left towards Baratang island …As planned ashu informed Nidhi that they are going to spend night there itself…

They travelled via Jarwa reserve forest ….guide told them about Jarwa tribe, that they are hostile and how much they hated outsiders in this area until when a tourist saved one jarawa kid …which changed situation …after that if not friendly but they are not hostile with outsiders…

After reaching Nilambur jetty, they decided to take ferry ….Ashu took nidhi's hand and led her near deck where they saw vast sea spreading out till horizon ….Nidhi looked up towards sky as small rain drops fell on her cheeks …" oh its started raining …. "

Nidhi smiled …" do you think, we get Adrak wali chai here …."

Ashu smiled remembering the first adrak wali chai which they drank together drenched in rain …." May be ..I have to search …you want?"

Nidhi grinned …" I saw one tea shop on the way here …"

Ashu nodded …" ok , you stay here ….I will go ,get it …."

Nidhi …" no..What if …this ferry leaves …"

Ashu cut her in between …"No …still we have 5 more minutes ….I will go get it …"

Nidhi agreed as ashu ran to get chai…

She waited impatiently and when he did not came even after 5 minutes...She decided to get down …..When she tried to move towards entrance felt the ferry moving slowly ...She panicked and moved ahead making space in between hundreds of people who are standing …and then she saw him running towards her …But she couldn't get down …as ferry already left the shore….she saw him calling out for her ..Asking her not to worry...that soon he will join her …She looked at him helplessly as tears trickled down her cheeks mingling with rain …

…Fortunately he found another ferry ..he jumped in and waited impatiently ..worrying ..hoping that Nidhi will be fine …

Ashu searched for, when he did not find her …he panicked ….he looked up at sky which is getting darker by now ..he cursed for letting her go alone … all the while calling out for her …..just when he thought he lost all hope , he felt hand on his back …he turned around to see nidhi standing  with tears running down her cheeks … she ran into his arm as he enveloped her in bone crushing hug …." Shhh..nidhi …Now, I found you…Shhh…it's ok , come  lets go from here "

He Drew away from her and led her to resort where they supposed to spend the night…..

When Ashu came out from shower, he saw nidhi standing near window which is overlooking sea …..With her thick black hair flowing behind her back…He moved and put his hand around her waist " today …. ….when you went missing ..Reminded me of that night ….( he kissed her softly on her shoulder ) …the night, we got to spend in forest "

Nidhi blushed with the memory of that night …she turned around to face him …he spoke even though by now his hands were moving over her …." I dreamed the night when you were hospitalized …..I dreamed of you !...of us …" …her head flew back as his mouth softly started kissing near throat …her nape ….his blood pounded for her as he slowly pulled her night gown aside …." Ashuthosh" she traced kisses over his face ….he couldn't breath , couldn't think as his lips skimmed over delicate scar on her breast …right above her heart !...under the skin , he heard the soft pounding of her heart …" I heard it ….your heart …..Beating …which ….kept me going "..he murmured half crazed with need ….…" I was scared that night ….scared that I might lose you ….and even today I felt I lost you "

She cupped his face …and looked in his eyes " I wont leave you …." She whispered and moaned as his lips again traced down her neck , his hands stroking ..Caressing her ..she slid away from him and led him to bed …where she   lied down dropping her hands on both side ... …His lips , searching for hers …he touched her …divine glorious caresses! …His lips met hers, sweet and hot …burning through her , making her crave for him even more ……he felt so brutally alive and she too ….As she surrendered to him ….as his breath mingled with hers…her hands softly stoking his back …taking him within her ….. Drawing him within her … somewhere only they both exist ..  To their own world…

Later as Nidhi drifted to sleep in his arm ..Slowly he traced down his hand ….over her heart ..And there he heard, the soft fluttering sound of her heart mingled with harsh seductive, never ceasing sound of sea …but this time..He heard it for real..Not a dream .. Not some imagination which keeps him going …. But real !..this mere thought Assured him …rocked him ..lulled him to sleep ..as he drift into deep slumber...Smile

Thank you all for liking my OSBig smile

Please do comment ...

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Nice Chapter SaibanuClapClapClap

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Originally posted by shah1485

Nice Chapter SaibanuClapClapClap

Thank you so much ...Embarrassed

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