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9/11 Dragon Club: Playing Telephone (Page 42)

MSN_Vanny IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 7:51pm | IP Logged
@Kadeen - Thanks for gracing me with your presence! Much appreciated! Hug

My exact thoughts on Shobha! Why participate actively in the lie? She could have saved herself in Aarti's eyes at least! Ouch

Nope, all points made were correct. Doesn't make you sound old! Tongue And your post on fatherhood was awesome! Clap

P.S Just wanted you to come out of stalker-mode! Wink

@Gemmy - So true! It is like a triangle with AarYa as one entity! I love that! Thumbs Up

@inlieu - I would love to see the circumstances that led Bua to behave as she is now. That would be interesting!

Maybe you're right, Yash may know bits and pieces and yet to paint the entire picture. Ermm

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anonee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 7:51pm | IP Logged

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored…………………Aldous Huxley

Shobha, following Aarti's marriage mentally accepted the fact that her son, for all purposes, was dead and that her only living child was Aarti.  She was always at odds with Dupey regarding associating in any manner with P.  When he came by and visited them – she performed his last rites and pronounced him dead for her, Dupey, and Aarti.  And subsequently when Dupey started meeting P clandestinely  she reprimanded him and was sincerely disgusted at his weakness for his "khoon ka rishta".  I am not going to mention her fault list of P – we are all familiar with them. 

Both Shobha and Aarti mentally accepted that P was dead and went ahead with their lives.  However "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored".  And Shobha despite her misgivings had to put aside her animosity and give in to her motherly feelings when she heard and saw P's medical condition.  She never dreamt that her accepting P would require her to back stab Aarti, put Ansh through a serious procedure, put Aarti's unborn child at risk, and AarYa's marriage in jeopardy.  Shobha who always advised Aarti to keep Yash in the dark re: her divorcee status - is finding that to continue keeping this lie alive she has to go forego her principles and worse still, dupe Aarti into trusting her.  The least she can do is prevent P from fantasizing that he can rebuild his relations with Ansh and Aarti.  But that too is beyond her control – for P is only looking at what could and should be his.

How long and to what extent can Shobha sacrifice her principles and ignore her conscience?  Ignoring one's conscience allows you to justify every act.  By conscience I do not mean God and religion.  I mean the human faculty that judges one's actions and thoughts by the light of one's highest standard. When you violate your conscience, it condemns you, triggering feelings of shame, anguish, regret, consternation, anxiety, disgrace, and even fear. Shobha is not a pathological liar or a manipulator.  She believes in virtue and has high moral standards.  So soon the warnings of her conscience are going to smote her.  She will have a choice either numb her conscience or revolt and correct the mistake that is being done by Ansh, Aarti and AarYa by informing Yash and/or Aarti. 

Aarti today realized that "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored".  She realized that P would always be Shobha son and she her DIL.  And, as such Shobha's loyalty towards P would always be stronger.  For Aarti this is a serious breach of trust – irrespective of P illness – her world has come crashing down.  The person whom she looked at as a mother figure has a P based motive to lie to her.  She just cannot wrap her head around this thought and is too much in shock to think and act coherently. 

Yash today has observed that his wife is stressed and perhaps overheard that she wants to visit Shobha.  My prediction is that he will take the initiative and visit/contact Shobha without Aarti's knowledge under the pretext of visiting Ansh and get to know the truth.  He may know something is amiss from Ansh who probably calls him to thank him for the gift.  Like all of you I sincerely wish it would be Aarti – who spills the beans regarding her divorcee status and P's return to Yash but given the circumstances I do not think that it may happen.

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angake IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 7:58pm | IP Logged

I am loving where our story is poised at the moment. 

Opportunities for so many people to rise above human frailties and become the hero of the moment. Who will it be? Could it be Shobha who finally bites the bullet and approaches Yash and Aarti and confesses? Will it be Dubey in realizing how he is betraying the girl who has been looking up to him as her father? Will it be Prashant who can put aside his growing fondness and desire for the family he threw away and come clean with Aarti about the situation? Will it be Yash who can put away his feelings of betrayal and hurt and understand the depth of deception that was meted out to Aarti?or Will it be Aarti herself who can build up her courage and confess her past to her husband and have faith that he will stand by her side.

Some of my favorite moments today:

Aarti-Yash lori moment: 

I loved this scene not because it was romantic but because it portrayed something so much deeper than mere love.  Yash is so aware of Aarti. He knows she is upset about something.  I loved he first soothes her and then casually asks her who she was talking to on the phone. When she becomes agitated, he continues to soothe her and goes on to reiterate that he will take all her stress. When he watched her getting worked up again he immediately changed her focus by lightning the mood and threatening her with a lori, all the while continuing to calm her down. His action of stroking her head may have looked like something he would have done for a 5 year old but for Aarti, how precious was that. Here, she had for the first time a man who was willing to take her pain even before he knew the depth of her pain. Had anyone done this for her before? There are lots of people who love her yet has there ever been anyone who told her "give me your pain, I'll take it". Even Shobha while she loved Aarti and empowered her during her difficult phases how much of it was 100% for Aarti's benefit?  

 Indu and  I had this conversation today. We said how we believe this time around Yash is going to be different. He has begun to understand and feel for Aarti like no-one else. He will feel hurt, he will feel betrayed but I think his feelings for Aarti will give him the strength to rise above all that and make sure that Aarti gets through this troubling time. 

Yash The Peeping Tom: He is always hovering around Aarti isn't it? But I love how he is so tuned to her now. He knows! He knows something big is bothering her. 

Aarti-Yash carrying moment: Throw back to Suhaag Raat when he very reluctantly carried an even more reluctant Aarti to their room. Today their hesitation was for a totally different reason. The feelings of acceptance and love and shyness were all so evident.

By the way,  I think she may have soiled Yash's shirt with the mehandi when he carried her. I wonder if the perfectionist in him will get miffed about that. LOL

Finally the pre-cap: I honestly lost my marbles watching this scene.Embarrassed It was the epitome of cuteness. I absolutely adored the gamut of expressions on Yash's face. The excitement and happiness at watching Aarti and then the embarrassment at being caught were so nice to watch.

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MSN_Vanny IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 8:04pm | IP Logged
@Indu Di - Welcome! Smile Your reply to me about Yash's perspective only deepen my hopes that Yash will successfully heal Aarti's past wounds. Since it's always best to live in the present(Yash) than dwell in the past(Prashant). 

@Anonee(Meena) - Awesome take! Clap I always felt Aarti to be a very strong woman but the one person she always confided in and shed her inhibitions was with her mother, Shobha. But now even that right was snatched from her. Poor soul! Cry Hit really hard with reality. 

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inlieu Goldie

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 8:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anonee

Originally posted by Tilashini

it would have been better if yash had to get aarti dressed since she applied mehndi...ok ok i will stop here!!! ROFL
How do you know he did not dress her up - behind camera?Embarrassed
Have patience my dears, that day will come!

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kt25 Goldie

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 8:12pm | IP Logged
@morris - Thank you! I just gone done with reading your take and @Indu's. Loved your take.
@Indu - I finally had time to read your take today unlike other days where I am either too late or too early to read and/or respond to your post. I loved every bit of what you wrote in your take and your response to my post was reassuring to me that I am not the only one looking at Prashanth as someone who is gradually building a sand castle knowing fully that it will not last longer and will be desparate/selfish enough to try to make it last longer. However, like you said, he thinks that it is his right to claim Ansh's bone marrow with him being his own flesh and blood and hence not once stopped to think the pain and suffering that he might be inflicting on Ansh during this whole process. That is what bothers me. I know Dubey keeps reassuring him with Ansh being his own blood and all but not once did he stop to think that how selfish he is to use Ansh for his own ends and means and is bribing his way to get his love and affection. I am not saying that he deserves to die but I am saying that the act that he is putting out is definitely not convincing enough for me to buy into the fact that he does not want to interrupt Aarti's married life. He cannot just say Ansh is my son and is only after Ansh as we all know that there is no Aarti without Ansh and vice versa. 
ITA with you when you said that the minute Yash and Aarti notice changes in Ansh's behaviour they will definitely pull all stops and Prashanth can kiss good bye to seeing Ansh for good. Yash is very protective when it comes to Ansh and with Aarti's blessing he will not let Prashanth have his way with Ansh.
@Saf - This is the first time I am seeing you post caps. All of them were beautiful. Thank you!
@inlieu - What makes you think that Yash more or less knows of Aarti's past? I did not get what you meant by that? Would you mind clarifying that to me? May be I missed something in today's episode.

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MSN_Vanny IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 8:16pm | IP Logged
@Kirthi Di - Fabulous take!! ClapClap Loved how you highlighted the important and meaningful scenes and put them under the microscope separately. 

You have so much hopes pinned to Yash. Even I have my share of hopes on him and I hope he lives up to our expectations, since the last thing we need right now is him losing faith on his relationship with Aarti. Disapprove

The lori scene did make Aarti felt cared for. Hence, the baby-like innocence that emanated from her facial expression. It was never something she had experienced as a child nor as an adult. 

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InduG64 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 8:17pm | IP Logged
<<I loved this scene not because it was romantic but because it portrayed something so much deeper than mere love.  Yash is so aware of Aarti. >>

@Kirthi: Aha...so loved what you said about that sweet moment. It was so simple yet so poignant. Yash is completely in sync with Aarti's heartbeats...any discordant note there and he immediately feels the dissonance in his own heart. The beauty is even though he knows she is taking pressure over something, and he needs to know what it is for him to be able to calm her, he refuses to let her dwell on it, lest it causes more pain. So he teases her away into a lull... and that caressing...Gosh, Kirthi...my heart was in my throat there; there was so much of love in his eyes, such tenderness in his touch, such possessiveness in his nearness. How can this man hurt her now? No way. He can never disbelieve her as well. Anything that comes his way via a third source even will not shake his faith in her. He will only take this as his lack...that he couldn't still make her have enough faith in him.

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