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9/11 Dragon Club: Playing Telephone (Page 38)

Kesha_H. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 1:41pm | IP Logged
ok ppl i'm leaving now gonna thief some Barfi!! anyone want??TongueLOL

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ilovepyaar IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 2:01pm | IP Logged
I enjoyed the episode! It was so cute, except for the blooper of the wet mehndi suddenly turning dry! My heart reached out to Prashant today. He's really repenting.

The precap blew me away <3

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kt25 Goldie

Joined: 23 May 2011
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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 2:15pm | IP Logged

Today's episode was good for a Friday but I am still not seeing any progress story wise. Yash has become very comfortable with Aarti and is clearly not hesitant to flirt with her in the name of following the doctor's orders to keep her stress free and take care of her health. Nonetheless, Yash and Aarti scenes are a treat to watch and just like Gayathri was saying they are indeed a cute couple.


Aarti listening to Prashanth over the phone about him wanting to go away from them for some time to keep Aarti from getting suspicious and finding out the truth that they are hiding clearly made her think that Shobha and Prashanth are up to something and hiding something major from her. The phone call has clealry made her restless and Yash was able to see her stressed out and tensed as well. It was very sweet of Yash to take care of her and calm her down by gently patting her and putting her to sleep. He was taking care of her so well that Aarti was scared of the impact of the truth that might have on him when he finds out and kept getting up. I really loved it when he said that leave all your stress to me and go to sleep. He was a doting husband who had nothing but her health and well being as his top priority in his mind. I thought Aarti has made up her mind to tell him on the day of Karwa Chauth and isn't it today the day that she is supposed to tell him? Why has n't she told him yet? Gosh! these CVs are just dragging their feet now. This whole week neither Aarti knew about what's up with Prashanth nor Yash knew about her past. I can understand Yash not coming to know the past so soon but atleast Aarti should have known about why Prashanth is back, his illness and Ansh being chosen as a donor.


It was very sweet of Gayathri to treat all three bahus the same and gift them all with jewellery that suits them perfectly. Why is Bua fuming looking at Aarti's jewellery? If she wanted something like that all she has to do is to tell SP and he would not say no for he is happy these days with his family members who seemed to have impressed him pretty good. I guess the Karwa Chauth celebration is in full swing in Scindia house and Gayathri was beaming with pride to see her bahus getting mehndi done. When you least expect Gayathri to play cupid she calls out to Yash to help Aarti who was suffering from back pain to get to her room. The CVs are all about closing loops and what a perfect loop closure to the SR night where Yash was forced to carry Aarti and now he was glad to carry her to her room with no sulking and indeed happy that he got to help his wife.


Prashanth is making me very nervous these days with his talks about how stupid he was to let go of his family to someoneelse. He just does not talk about Ansh only but talks about his family which means Aarti included. What does he think of Aarti? Is she a play doll that he could discard her anytime he wants to and then get her back when he feels like it? She is someoneelse's wife now and I hope he keeps his intentions straight and stick to just getting better as that seems to be the sole mission in Dubeys' life right now. Fine, they want to save their son and he wants to live at the cost of putting his son's life in jeopardy and betraying his mother. If he is really feeling bad about what he did to Aarti he should just ask Shobha to call Aarti home and tell her exactly as to how he feels awful about abandoning her and disowning Ansh. Instead he is in on the web of lies that Dubey has spun and would to go to any extent to keep Aarti in the dark. How is that him being remorseful and him claiming that he truly understood the meaning of a father? Is he doing the right thing as a father to his son by lying to him about his identity, keeping his mother in the dark about the decision that he has made to put his son through the trauma for saving his own life, trying to break a perfect family that Ansh has finally become a part of? I don't think so and hence no matter how sorry Prashanth is for his past deeds I don't feel like forgiving him because what he might have done in the past might have been something that he did without knowing the ramifications but what he is doing or going to do now is going to break Aarti, Ansh, Yash and the entire Scinidia family. If he genuiniely wants happiness for Aarti he should tell her everything and ask her for her forgiveness. It might be hard for her in the beginning but she is not a heartless person and she will come around to help the Dubeys find way to save his life.


Precap was adorable where Yash and Aarti are all dressed up for Karwa Chauth celebration and Yash couldn't take his eyes off of his beautiful wife. It was so cute to see him search for her in the crowd and was all blushing when she comes up and stands in front of his camcorder. I hope nothing bad happens to Aarti during the Karwa Chauth celebration because history shows that Aarti always gets embarrased in public during every single one of the past celebration where friends and family are gathered.

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saf24 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 2:19pm | IP Logged
A good episode with some nice ArYa moments.
Episode starts with the kitchen scene where the knife falls near Bua's feet and she taunts Paridhi telling her she shoud be careful otherwise she may be accused of trying to commit murder. After she leaves Vidhi comes to Paridhi and tells her not to feel bad hearing Bua's words as she doesn't leave any opportunity to taunt them.
Back in their room Aarti is ironing when Shobha's phone rings, causing her to remember that she forgot to give it to her. She answers the call but before she can say a word, Prashant starts talking saying that he thinks he should stay away from them for a few days before Aarti finds out as he doesn't know what will happen when she finds out about their lie. Hearing these talks, Aarti is confused as on one hand Shobha acts as though she has no relationship with Prashant yet here it is she realises that they communicate with each other unknown to her. The tension is visible on her face when Yash walks in and hears her wondering out loud what is going on. He then tells her that he is going to call Shobha as maybe she will tell him what is going on and he will get to talk to Ansh as well but she stops him saying that Shobha and Ansh will be asleep as it is late. He looks at the time, realises she is right and insists that she go to bed even though she protests saying that she still has some stuff to finish. He does not listen to her and says he will finish up, while tucking her in bed and stroking her head until she falls asleep.
The next morning Gayatri gift the three bahus jewellry  as she wants them to dress like queens. She notices that Aarti looks lost and calls out to her to give her hers. Aarti thanks her saying  that is is beautiful whilst Bua fumes as she always had her eyes on that particular set. Gayatri then teases her saying that Yash won't be able to take his eyes off her if she wears it.Aarti then asks Gayatri if she could go to Shobha's house for a little while but before Gayatri could answer Bua tells her that today is Karva Chauth and on this day she should at least stay at home as people would think that she doesn't care about her in laws. Gaytri is placed in a tough position and requests her to stay home just for today. Unknown to her, Yash observes her and realises that something is worrying her.  

Dubeyji enters with Prashant, who has brought a present for Ansh. Shobha hugs him and asks where he was for the night.He then tells her that is why he called her cell last night only for her to tell him that she lost it. They then notice him looking around and Dubeyji tells him that Ansh went to school. He then shows them the present saying that Ansh will be so happy when he comes back from school and sees it. When Ansh comes from school Prashant hides. He notices the present on the table and opens it to find a toy aeroplane.He then asks Dubeyji if his papa brought it for him and Dubeyji confirms it so he yells thanks and I love you papa making Prashant smile at his antics. Prahsant has tears in his eyes watching Ansh play. He then tells Dubeyji he now
realises what a father son relationship is and he wishes that he didn't give up his family to someone else.

At the Scindias the three bahus get mehendi done. Gayatri then remarks that she is very fortunate to get three daughters in law like them and prays that no one puts evil eye on their home. She then tells them there is lots to do but to be careful before they spoil their mehendi.Aarti gets back pain when she is about to get up so Gayatri says she is at fault as she should not have let her sit like that for so long. She calls out to Yash and asks him to take her to their room. Yash looks shy while Aarti wants to protest and Vidhi and Paridhi try to hide their smiles. When she finds he is not coming,Gayatri pushes him towards Aarti asking him why he is taking so long. He entends
his hand towards her and she says she is fine and tries to get up but the pain takes over forcing her to sit back down.Yash then takes her in his arms and carries her to their room while Vidhi, Paridhi and Gayatri look on smiling. Gayatri looks at Aarti in Yash's arms and prays for their protection and togetherness. One thing that I notice with Gayatri is then when she is alone with her daughter in law, she is relaxed and herself but when Bua is there she comes accross as being tough.


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Abby-GC-Crazy IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 December 2010
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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 2:20pm | IP Logged
aahh.. a nice episode over all...
story progression and evrything was present...
so yea.. m happy...!!!
lemme start wd d negative 1st...

aahh... 1st Dubey... he sumhw wants to fulfill his motive of getting Prashant right.. olryt .. accepted as a father , he's bound to feel dat... but hes degrading himself and breaking all the morals for that... same goes to Shobha now... who just cares bout Prashant now.. and yea.. Aarti is sure only her ex daughter-in-law now... d tym , Dubeys one discussed of prashant in the hospital, Shobha first time addressed Aarti as her daughter-in-law in her thoughts and its finally coming to practice...
coming to Prashant... he is just trying to portray himself and as the bechara, kismat ka maara in front of his parents and the hero in the eyes of Ansh... bloody coward.. cudnt even gift Ansh openly and wen Ansh said ,"dat his papa has given this" and prashant repeated that PAPA.. i felt lyk slapping Prashant hard and tell him and ANSH YASH SCINDIA was addressing YASH SCINDIA as his Papa and nt d selfish freak lyk him..
Dubeys are just getting worse day by day... n no amount of repentance is gonna get them the forgiveness now atlst from me... n Prashant... sum1 just slap him and tell him dat his dirty mouth doesnt deserve to call Ansh HIS own... Ansh is Yash's Ansh ...

Bua got happy thinking that her words made the difference to Gayatri but wht I felt was.. gayatri herself didnt want Aarti to go out on the day of KarvaChaut so her decision was totally based on her own views and Bua ji.. bury that smile..

now , cuming to the positives and happiness...

Bua, Paridhi and Vidhi:
I laughed at the way Vidhi said dat Bua follows the tradition of galofying the bahus... ROFL n how even Papa S keeps interrupting her but she doesnt leave her habits...
Also.. from Vidhi's statements about Bua on how she has faced a lot in life and probably that has made her nature bad, I think the CVs are trying to evoke empathy for her ..

AarYa night scene:
aahh.. I knew Aarti was gonna know only as much that Shobha n Prashant together are lying to her... poor woman, got so stressed and thoughtful as to wht HER MAA was lying to her about... Aarti Scindia, she isnt ur MAA nemore but ur ex mother-in-law.. she doesnt deserve the MAA status nemore... Angry
but well.. YASH JI came to the rescue of Aarti ji... Embarrassed
haayyeee... as soon as he heard 11... as if Yash's mind rung an alarm clock.. oops! time for Aarti ji to sleep... LOL and he literally dragged Aarti to bed... LOL
awww... the way he patiently massaged her head and kept telling her to sleep...
though it was cute but for once i wished Yash wud have let Aarti speak... Aarti might have told him the truth..
but well.. I loved the bit of humor dat Yash applied speaking those lines of Aarti about singing a lullaby for her... LOL
The pretty expression of admiring his wife in the eyes of Yash was a treat to watch...

Mehndi scene:
Gayatri praising her daughter-in-laws sooo much was sucha treat... LOL looked sooo new and adorable but yet funny... LOL
I loved how cutely Gayatri tricked Yash into carrying Aarti to the room... LOL the loveliest expression by her was when she says, "Yash, take her. She's not well." It was defo an adorable expression by the lady.. Embarrassed
n den that embarrassed expression on both Yash and Aarti faces.. LOL especially Yash's expression just before he picked up Aarti...
I loved how Vidhi and Paridhi wer giggling all the time having a treat of the AarYa embarrassment... LOL
It was a very cute family scene...
and when Yash carried Aarti... i was lyk.. oops! m reminded of the bachelor party thing... LOL jz dat here's both have different feeling in their heart... LOL
All in all, an adorable portrayal of how the family is trying to get them closer... Embarrassed

The n no. of times Gayatri said that INHE KISI KI NAZAR NA LAGE.. i was lyk... lagne wali hai... LOL
but well.. I'm sure the CVs are gonna bring it on in a nice way... Big smile

The precap:
what do I say...
Yash ji, my super duper cameraman , spying on his wify... Embarrassed omg .. Yash ji was sooo adorable... especially the scene where Aarti cums in front of him and sees her in the camera and realizes she's ryt hea and shuts d camera and sees her wd the expression.. "OOPS! Caught.." it was just sooo adorable... Blushing Embarrassed Heart

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MSN_Vanny IF-Rockerz

BollyCurry Executive Director
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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 2:22pm | IP Logged
Hey All! Good night/morning/afternoon! Hug

It was a beautiful episode! Yash was too cute! I ask, "Can this guy get any sweeter?" And then everyday he proves me wrong! Tongue He might make me suffer from diabetes! ROFL

@Priya - Awesome take! Clap So true, if Bua wanted something materially, all she had to do was ask. The Scindias are rich, not like they can't afford to indulge Bua a bit. Ermm 

Yes, Yash is getting his comfort level with Aarti up with each passing day. *Sighs* I have a feeling this lie will hit him harder than expected. He's living in a bubble now.

@Kesha - Take care. Wink

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MSN_Vanny IF-Rockerz

BollyCurry Executive Director
Joined: 27 September 2012
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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 2:25pm | IP Logged
@Abby - Beautiful take! Thumbs Up Already posted my thought about your take on the thread you directed me to! LOL

@Saf Day Dreaming So vivid. I just re-watched the episode with your take! Clap Awesome!

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KamliKudi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 2:27pm | IP Logged
OMG ArYa are looking so beautiful in the precap Day Dreaming

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