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9/11 Dragon Club: Playing Telephone

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 9:37am | IP Logged

Credit for this gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


Hello, everyone! This is an important announcement. In reference to the much increased activity of the DC, and the sheer volume of posts that we get every day, it was decided that we should have a few more rules to keep the thread on topic and relevant to the show. Our fabulous Viewbie, and fellow DCian, Deeps, has come up with the following. Please take them seriously because it is for the betterment of the thread and all our fun times:

Dragon club thanks all members for their patronage. We welcome every POV & opinion and are grateful for all the members, visitors , stalkers , new entrants for gracing and making DC a super hit. As we all know this thread is viewed & read by tens of thousands.The reason we are a hit is , we have dedicated to discussing the show & every nuance of the characters, story telling and the show's technical brilliance primarily. Our vision was never about the actors but the Show. With our ever expanding family , we have to make some changes to make this thread more user friendly . So here onwards , we will be implementing some new rules which will be applicable with immdeate effect.

1. There is too much spamming & chatting which r not related to the show..Avoid it please . This forum has Chat club for that purpose.

2. Too much actor praising . We have Appreciation threads for it. Members can utilize it for that purpose. This is not to say it will not be allowed here . DC members can praise our actors in terms of looks , chemistry and acting for sure but without going overboard and hopefully limited to the scope of our show Punar Vivah.

3. Please stop bringing past resume/shows discussion of the actors needlessly.

4. Absolutely no personal lives talk will be entertained anymore. If you want to discuss GC or KS's personal life , this thread  is not the place.

5. If you reserve on the first page (or even if you accidentally post there) you must fill that post with something relevant to the episode, be it a short or long take, a fiction piece, pictures or videos.

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Hmmm since I was in a haste today I took up the space of the Index post and I'm really sorry about that (holding my ears) Please forgive me! 

Great tittle Samana Thumbs Up

I think the telephone convo gonna happened at the end of today's episode Big smile

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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For anyone who is new to the forum, or the thread, and wondering what we are all about, Dragon Club is an analysis, discussion, venting and general merry-making thread about PV where everyone is welcome and can just jump into discussion any time!


The only guidelines are:

- No bashing, no bashing, no bashing

- Try not to quote long posts or multiple posts, instead use the @Name of the person you want to respond to. If you do quote, it should be when you are replying to a longer message part by part or where you bold or select a few lines to discuss.

For the list of members please refer to the

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will post Caps Soon =D

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thanks samana!! Embarrassed

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Today's episode was good! It didn't really moved the story forward.So,don't have much to say about it. But I loved Arya moments and they again give us some kind of hint for the future Divorce revelation.Dubeys are getting on my nerves and they make me feel disgusted at their behavior towards Ansh.

Dubeys are seriously annoying me,Mr Dubey is the worst one,he does not even care about Ansh's pain.Aarthi,being an orphan has learnt to trust people by Dubeys only and now when the same Dubeys are going to break her trust,she is going to be devastated.
Prashant,I don't what to say about this guy.On one hand he makes me angry and on the other I feel bad for him too! The reason he makes me angry because he is not thinking of Ansh's pain and what all he'll have to go through for saving him.Shobha is too joining Mr Dubey and Prashant,The way she was worried for him today,it was like she has made her choice and that is her son,Prashant.

I hated the way Dubey lied to Ansh,but I was happy that Ansh took it as his Yash papa,Of course! Toady Prashnt's Dialogue made me realize that the custody battle is around the corner and once he gets cured,he'll want Ansh back at any cost.At that time,I don't want a Yash who is ready to sacrifice,I want a selfish Yash,who'll do anything to get his wife and son back.

Aarthi is feeling extremely guilty for his hiding the truth,we have always blamed her for not feeling guilty.Initially,she does not used to feel guilty because she already had a lot of problems to think about.This all is coming in full circle,just like Yash expected Aarthi to stay in her limits and keep safeguarding Arpita's memories with him,and he gave her slight hints too,his walking out of that heart shape,him saying Yellow suits her and Yellow signifies friendship.So,in Mumbai Yash expected Aarthi to do something which is very difficult for her,that is to hold back her love for him. In the same way now Aarthi is also expecting Yash to understand her and that's why all those you are so mahaan praises,Aarthi is expecting Yash to do something which is very difficult for him,that is accept a lie,forgive and move on and we all know that Yash is terrible at accepting changes.So still 
Yash's reaction to Aarthi's history
Still remains a mystery

But one thing is sure that with his growing attachment he is going to be extemely haert broke after knowing the Divorce truth.Whatever he does,and if he thinks that Aarthi was in the game of BMT then I want him to ask the answer of "Why". Why she did it,instead of throwing stupid blames at her.Absolutely loved Arya moments today,they were adorable.Loved how Yash literally dragged Aarthi to sleep and caressed her hair no wonder he loves it.How I wish that Aarthi would have just spitted out the damn truth when Yash said "Give all your stress to me." Aarthi trusts Yash,no wonder but I don't know when she'll test that trust of hers and tell him the truth.Then ,Yash picking up Aarthi,was something interesting,and what is up with this guy he openly flirts with Aarthi but today he was so shy to pick her up.Maybe because of the family members.It was the opening of another loop or closing.Closing because it was a throw back to the scene of their SR where Yash carries Aarthi to their room for the first time.At that time he didn't have any feelings for her but now e has and Aarthi,she loves him.Gosh! How far these two have come and it can be the opening because still Yash was not looking Aarthi while walking,the day he'll do that, will be the day,He'll realize his love.

That's all for me today.Loved today's episode and missed writing take too.For the past two days,I was missing doing it.Other than all this Kratika was looking absolutaly gorgeous today in that baby pink saare and then in the precap Kratika was looking like a doll and Yash,handsome as always.I really don't want the truth to be out on KC,I can't see Aarthi crying her heart out in that lovely saare.

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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This is the DILEMMA that Aarti Yash Scindia will find herself into in the coming weeks...The stage has been set for sometime now, she never trusted anyone as much as she trusted Shobha Dubey. 

Here is a woman who turned her back on her own son when he did Aarti (her DIL) wrong...For years Shobha has been the latter's rock, telling & encouraging her to move on with her life and to forget her past mainly Prashant (her ex-husband) and that is exactly what she did.

Aarti got married to Yash Scindia with lots of guilt in her heart...when she found out that the Dubeys had deceived the Scindias by telling them she was a widow when the fact was she is a divorcee...She didn't want to get married before disclosing that piece of information to Yash by she never got a chance cause she was emotionally blackmailed into getting married by Satryenda Dubey.

Sometime after the wedding she wanted to tell Yash the truth but once again Shobha stopped her after the latter did P's last rites citing that she doesn't have to tell Yash anything cause she considered herself as a widow now. So once again Aarti listened to her & decided to forget that her past ever existed. 

But she was so wrong cause her past came knocking on her door and it threatens to turn her life upside down once again Ouch...P is ill and in order to save him the Dubeys are using & deceiving those who trust them the most Aarti & Ansh.  

Without thinking twice or blinking an eye, Shobha emotionally blackmailed Aarti into letting her son Ansh stay with them so they can used his bone-marrow to save P...Why make things more complicated? Why not just tell Aarti the truth? But most importantly how much lower will they stoop in order to get what they want? 

When the truth comes out about their deceit it's gonna break Aarti's heart cause they used her love for them against her & her son...They treated them like a means to an end...Saving their son's life while they may ruining hers CryCryAngry


Yes Aarti is lying to Yash & his family but the guilt is eating at her, she can't find peace until she tells him everything...Aarti has tried telling Yash the truth several times but as always they got interrupted.

Yash is gonna be the pillar she'll need when all her so called loved ones deceptions are revealed...Sure he'll be mad and hurt but he will stand by his wife cause he knows how much she loves Shobha and for her to deceit Aarti like that will be shattering.  



A good episode where Aarti comes to know that Shobha is hiding something from her Big smile

It begins with Pari trying to chop the pumpkin when the knife slips out of her hand and lands close to boa's feet, boa taunts Pari leaving her hurt and Vidhi shocked...Boa goes on to tell her that Gayatri got such a beautiful DIL hoping that she would bring peace and harmony into the house but one or other creates problem disturbing the family, she leaves. 
Vidi consoles Pari telling her not to mind boa...Seriously why does that woman always calls god's name in vain especially when she's been mean, I tell ya that woman needs to get a life and fast Tongue LOL

Aarti is ironing when she hears a phone ringing and realizes that she forgot to return Shobha's phone, she picks up the phone and before she could says anything she hears Prashant talking...Without realizing that is isn't Shobha on the other end of the line, P says that he should stay away from the Dubeys for a few days cause he doesn't want to alarm Aarti and that he's afraid that she's get to know what they are hiding from her and that everything would be over...Aarti is shocked to hear all and she wonders what lie is he talking about, she suspects the Dubeys and wants to know what's going on...Aww my poor Aarti when you do find out the web of lies you've been entangled into your whole word is gonna come crashing down Ouch Ouch Ouch

Yash comes into the room and says that he also doesn't know what is happening, so he decides to call Shobha to complain about Aarti and talk to his son Ansh who he misses but Aarti stops him saying that it's past eleven o'clock and that they may be asleep...Yash looks at his watch and tells her to leave all her work and get some rest as the doctor told her to eat and rest on time...More than Aarti, I'm looking forward to Yash's reaction to Shobha's lie cause he has grown so fond of her...I tell you in all their haste to get P better they lost sight of how many lives they'll be destroying with their deceit Cry Ouch Angry

he walks her over to the bed and puts her to bed, he asks her who the phone belongs to that has her so worried, she's about to get up to reply put he tells her to stay lying down...He caresses her hair and tell her to let go of all her worries and tensions which she eventually does and she falls asleep with a smiling Yash looking at her...Awww it was so adorable the way he was tapping her head to put her asleep and him taking care of her Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed but I really wished he had let her talked but if he did then we wouldn't had any drama for next week now would we? Wink

The next AM, Gayatri gives her three DILs a jewelry set to wear for the occasion, Vidi gets hers first then Pari and last but not least Aarti who is lost in thoughts...Gayatri tells her that she's giving her a set that she had made especially for her so Yash wouldn't be able to keep his eyes off of her leaving boa fuming because she has been eyeing that set for years...I got to say that Aarti's set did look beautiful, Gayatri does have great taste Approve as for boa why doesn't she go do some praying and leave G3 enjoy her DILs in peace LOL

Aarti asks G3 for some time to go see Shobha cause she can't get P's words out of her head, boa takes to opportunity to taunt Aarti saying that she doesn't respect her in laws as she wants to go to her parents on this day...Gayatri tells Aarti that boa has a point and that she can go tomorrow not today, Aarti agrees...Yash who has been looking on senses that Aarti is tense, he looked worried and intrigued...I love how now he knows her emotions that just taking one look at her body language he knows that something is bothering her...They are so in synch, I really wonder if Yash doesn't already have a faint idea of what Aarti has been trying to tell him Ermm Confused

At the Dubeys, Dubey comes calling Shobha with P who looks like a walking dead, Shobha hugs him and asks him where he was last night...P tells her that he called her phone but didn't get any respond upon hearing that Dubey tells him that Shobha misplaced her phone when they took Ansh to the hospital...P is looking around for Ansh, Dubey tells him that he's at school and asks Shobha to make P something to eat...P shows them the gift he got for Ansh...One gift can't make up for all the lost times P, and why isn't he in the hospital if they are going to do the procedure withing two days? I'm sorry but that doc is irresponsible, a patient at this stage of his illness should be under professionals care and not wondering around where he can catch an infection due to his weak immune system oh well it's a serial so i'll just go with the flow Stern Smile Stern Smile LOL

At the SM, Aarti is getting henna put on her hands when Gayatri comes and compliments everyone on their beautiful designs, she pays the artist and tells her thanks...She goes on to say that she is fortunate to have such well cultured and simple DILs and that she wishes that no one gets in the way of their happiness...She asks them to prepare for the evening puja, while getting up Aarti gets hit with a sharp pain in the back, Gayatri calls Yash andasks him to carry Aarti into their room leaving AarYa embarrassed LOL LOL ...they can ogle each other in front of their BILs/SILs but in front of the parent they feel like teenagers Tongue 

Aarti doesn't want to and tries getting up again when she is hit with the pain again without thinking twice Yash takes her into his arms and walks out the room while the other ladies look on smiling...Yash carries her in his arms until their room, while in his arms Aarti is looking at his face with loving eyes while he senses that he continues he watch straight ahead Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming...That was another loop closure from their wedding day when Yash didn't couldn't wait to get to his room and not wanting to carry Aarti in his arms as per their customs, the bachelor party when his ring got stuck to her saree and he had to carry out of the room last the not least when she got stuck in the bathroom and the room was in flame...It looks like we're in for some more loops closures Big smile

Gayatri looks on happily and asks god to keep their relationship intact...oh my dear their relationship is about to face the toughest yet most necessary test ever, it's the last phase before they are completely ONE...Sure there will be lots of ups and downs but in the end it would be all worth it cause the best things always are and they never come easily Geek

At the Dubeys, Dubey comes home with Ansh who comes in calling out to Shobha he stops when he sees the gift on the table and asks if it's for him to which Dubey says yes so Ansh opens it and it's a toy plane...He's happy assuming that Yash got it for him he screams I LOVE U PAPA leaving P emotional...hmm P he was saying that to Yash cause he assumes that is dad got it for him and not you.

Ansh goes outside to pay with his toy when P comes out and tells Dubey that for the first time in his life he understands the relationship between a father and son, he goes on to say that he recalls his encounter with Ansh and how he told him about the letters he used to write to his dad asking for books and toys...He says that it's as if fate has a seense of humor seeing that he has to gift his son a present secretly and that he regrets that he let his family go to become someone else's...Pfffttt cry me a river, I'm sorry P but I don't feel bad for you, you had years to get in touch with your family but you never did and the only reason you are at their doorstep now is because you're ill and Nida left...What would have been your reaction if you wasn't ill and Nida didn't left you? Would you have felt the same way? 
I say grow some and then you can come and claim yourself as a father, let me tell you something a father isn't the about biology, a father is the one that takes care of you when you ill, he takes time to spend it with you w/t you having to ask him...he loves you unconditionally and a father doesn't let his kid go through pain for him, he's willing to gives his life for his son...a father needs being selfless and you ain't that in my book so go and come again Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue

PRECAP: Yash is videotaping Aarti, she looks at him one time and he looks away, she goes back to talking with the girls but when he looks he doesn't sees her...He's looking around for her but then he sees that she up close, he looks embarrassed getting caught by his beautiful wife LOL...OMG KS looks stunning in that red saree and yup Gayatri was right to give her that jewelry set cause it seems to be working Yash can't keep eyes off of her Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

Today's episode goes to Gurmeet Choudhary & Kratika Sengar sorry I may be biased but that how I feel...they were outstanding Star Star Star...and the second place goes to Zahida Parveen, Leena Jumani & Samragyi Nema Clap Clap

P.S: Hope you guys enjoy the take, don't have time to read the takes as I'm late...Gotta get ready for my sis' bday party...You guys have a great afternoon, evening, night and a wonderful blessed weekend HugHugHug

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"sigh* sorry guys for not coming to DC yesterday Embarrassed
will post CAPS soon =)

@Sammy: Love the Title =D

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