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~FLAVOUR OF LOVE~ MG FF #4 NOTE on pg-161 (Page 102)

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thank u so much guys for all the likes and comments...pls shower ur love n support u lotsSmile

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{thank u so much divz...for this charismatic bannerEmbarrassed}
Authors Note:- First of all bada wala thanks for all the comments...I was so thrilled reading them...Please shower ur same support and love in future from now every update will have a twist...So be ready for a bumpy ride ahead...

Now my main concern, about charcter Ridhima gupta...our very own ridzy...After reading few comments I realized some of you have forgot who ridzy is...And dats really sad thing for me...I know its becoz of my late latifi wid this story...and also becoz I never shown ridzy again after first 3 parts...But that's how I planned it na...chalo now I will stop my bak bak...n will give a short intro of her again...

Ridhima Gupta:- A bubbly lively gal, who was studying wid geet in shimla...They became best of buddies...and geet first confessed her secret love for her childhood frnd to her only...She just mentioned his name to be "maan"...After coming back to delhi, ridzy's father sended her to London for further studies...n dats where she met a guy called maan...n they became frnds...
So this way ridzy is frnd with maan and geet both...but unknown to the fact that they r madly in love each other...
"ok ok Mr. khurana...lekin please batayiye na how much you missed me" she blinked her hazels, looking at him expectantly...
ummm itna sa...maan showed with a little space between his two which the girl pouted...but than maan smiled and cupped her face, saying..."I missed you a lot Ms. RIDHIMA GUPTA"
The words left his mouth and ridhima hugged him tight...feeling overwhelmed with his words...while maan smiled hugging her back...Not realising the presence of his jaan, his geet...who stood rooted looking at the girl, who was none other than her best friend...
"ridzy" geet whispered, digesting the shock of her life...
Her eyes filled up, seeing her only best friend after 2 long years...Last time they met when she was leaving for London to pursue her further studies...Geet smiled with tears thinking how much she cried when they parted away...How desperately ridzy hugged her, getting so much emotional...she was not even ready to leave her for a second...

Geet happily started walking towards them, but then she stopped...looking at them so drown into eachother...She kept staring at them with her over flowing tears...Her heart cried feeling so much anguish, her body trembled with unknown fear...She went numb, when saw ridzy dragging maan out of that place...Geet followed with her gaze, looking at them drifting away...Even though she was happy to see her friend after such a long time but the fear which crept her mind was too much heart wrenching...Geet remembered, how ridzy use to cheer her up for finding maan, and what irony today she is in his arms...

Geet dejectedly started walking back into the office, she entered her cabin and sat on her chair...clutching that unknown fear in her heart...
"ridzy is in delhi...then why she didn't called me once" geet was confused, feeling miserable with the turn of events...
She reminisces how ridzy use to call her daily, cribbing how much she is missing her...but then as the days went by how her voice sounded disinterested...and finally the calls minimized to once in a week and later once in a month and gradually she stopped calling back...How much geet tried contacting her, but every time she called...ridzy would hung up saying she is busy with some thing or the other...
Geet sat their clueless about what is happening with her life...One moment everything looks so promising and now all gloomy...



A certain jealousy crowded her mind, thinking about maan and ridzy together...
"woh dono ek dusare ko kaise jaante hai...and their closeness" geet gulped the lump forming in her throat...feeling awkward to think otherwise...She skipped her lunch and tried concentrating on her work...The project in front looked pointless, everything around suffocated her...
"mujhe wapas aana hi nahi chahiye tha" she painfully thought...and that is when she saw maan and ridzy walking into the office and finally entering his cabin all happy and smiling...Maan guided her to sit on the sofa, while he took his chair...
Geet looked away, trying to concentrate on her work...but her heart cried for his one assuring look...She kept looking at them through the blinds, while they were all busy catching up on their life's...Her heart cried staring at her best friend and her life right in front of her eyes, yet she was left all alone to sulk in her insecurities...Maan looks at her now and then, but still avoiding an eye he knew it would be difficult for him to look away from her charismatic hazels...He so much wanted to introduce her to ridhima, wanting his friend to know who rules his heart, his life, his soul...But geet's denial towards his touch scared him to death...He thought it would be better if he takes things slowly, according to her wish...He didn't wanted to hurry and ruin things between them...but however much he ignored, his heart cried for her touch...her presence right in his arms...



Maan was completely lost in geet, while ridhima kept blabbering nonstop...all excited to be with him..."maan you remember how we you use to spend our days in London" she giggled imagining how they first met..."tum kitne boring the pehale...meri har baat ignore kar de dete the" she looked at him..."aur woh..." she was about to continue, when found him lost some where...
"maan tum sunn rahe ho na" she pouted feeling ignored..."maan" she screamed, gaining his attention...

Maan jerked out of his trance and looked her way..."ohhh tum kuch keh rahi thi kya" he shuttered feeling uncomfortable...
"tum kaha khoye the...mai kab se bole ja rahi hu" she complained...
"sorry woh mai kuch soch raha tha" he was still lost...
"mere bare mai" she grinned...while maan smirked raising his eye telling her stop day dreaming...
"shut up" ridhima got irritated knowing what he meant...she looked away cursing him under her breath, while maan laughed shaking his head...

Geet was looking at them dumbfounded, their closeness, their gestures irritated her now...Tears flooded, still she kept staring...her pain, her anguish poured through her helpless tears...Maan looked her way, and got petrified with her tear stricken face...He got worried and suddenly got up from his sit, but geet shook her head and ran away to hide herself away from them...



Geet ran towards a lone corridor, hiding herself between the pillar...Her continuous tears, screamed her turmoil...She needed maan, to sooth her, to love her...His presence around her meant everything to her...She longed for him, for his voice...why can't he talk to her like he is now talking to ridzy now...why he is so uncomfortable with me, but not with ridzy...why I see them more than friends...why he is doing this to me...kyu nahi samjh rahe woh mujhe, mere pyar ko...


She kept contemplating with her thoughts, not able to bear this sudden distance between them...Her chain of thoughts broke, when someone tapped on her shoulder...She smiled with tears, whispering "maan" and the next moment turned around hugging him tight...
"Please don't leave me alone" she closed her eyes feeling his warmth..."kyu mujhase dur ja rahe ho" she could not hold back her away her pain...
But her most beautiful moment, turned into her nightmare, when she heard dev speaking..."geet...I will never leave you alone" came his voice, shivering her well being...She abruptly parted away and looking at dev in shock...
"dev" she whispered...still trying to digest his presence...
"bolo geet" dev moaned, tucking her curls behind her ear...drinking in her innocence...
"I am sorry" geet moved back clutching her mouth, not able to face dev in shame..."I am really sorry" she cried clutching her mouth...

"It's ok geet...I understand" he moved closer, cupping her face..."mujhe pata hai tum papaji ko lekar tense ho...but don't worry...I will be always there for you" he was almost cornering her between him and the pillar behind...Their position looked intimate and so much sinful...Geet looked at him petrified, while his closeness scared her to death...She tried freeing herself from his hold, but dev was too much involved...She glued her back to the wall behind, creating as much gap as possible...but dev leaned closer with her every attempt to distance herself...
"mujhe jana hai" she mumbled in fear...while dev was drown in her vulnerable state...
"dev please" she helplessly tried again, this time slightly pushing him away...
"I am sorry" dev fumbled realizing what he was doing...but before he could act wisely, geet ran away from their feeling disgusted with her herself...


Her tears gave away, feeling miserable with what she did...Geet was running madly, wanting to get away from dev as far as possible...and that is when she collided with something hard...She was about to fall, when a strong pair of arms cocooned her in his warm embrace...Her eyes were closed, while her hands shivered to hold the person who was holding her now...She was in her own turmoil, when heard his hoarse voice...
"geet" came maan's voice, concerned with her state..."kya hua jaan" he jerked her a little...
Geet opens her teary hazels, realizing its maan..."I am sorry" she
cried, hugging him tight...Her guilt for hugging dev, her longing for maan, everything poured out of that hug...

"why are you doing this to me maan" she complained still holding him tight...Maan got confused with her words, not understanding what she meant by that...but still kept caressing her back, hugging her close...
"kyu jhooti umeedo mai bandh rahe ho mujhe" geet cringed more closer..."mai seh nahi paungi maan" she hit on his chest..."I can't bear this distance, this fear" she wriggled in his arms..."mujhe wapas aana hi nahi chahiye tha" she abruptly freed herself from his hold, moving away...She was ragged with her betraying heart, her longing soul...Her teary hazels accused him for breaking her heart...Maan was completely freaked out looking at her, totally confused with her outburst...He kept staring at her dejected state, while she turned around...leaving with her bruised soul...



Maan's broken heart was still and for a moment, he only felt numbness...And then an anger and sadness surged through him with so much power, he didn't knew what to do...His heart stopped beating, because it was only beating for her...His mind went blank, as did his heart...His hands turned into fist, and his fingers dug into his palms until he felt them bleed...But this pain was nothing compared to how he felt looking at her walking away, giving up on him, his love...
Geet walked a little distance, leaving her maan, her soul behind...Every step she took away from him, felt like walking on thorns...She lost her hope, her desire, her world, her life...everything she ever had...
~It's like the world has collapsed...leaving only me standing not a moment I have been torn apart...that's what it feels like...with a broken heart~
Precap :- Sneak peak from our next updateWink
"geet wear my shirt...tumhe thand lag jayegi" maan forwarded his shirt towards a shivering geet...still keeping his gaze away from her wet looks...
"mujhe aapke madad ki koi jarurat nahi hai" geet looked away in anger, shivering with her trembling lips...
"pehan lo" he again tried with his stern voice...
"bola na nahi" geet pouted looking away...
"pehan lo...warna pehana dunga" maan spitted out angrily throwing his shirt on geet's face...
Hello babies here is the next update...I hope nobody is in shock after reading itOuch...Please bear wid me as i said from now on every update will have an intresting u have it to be wid me as the story unfolds...
About dev wala angle, me want to keep it suspense...n ridzy tooWink
And as i said this story has a different flavour of will have to trust me while i take my time to narrate it better...
Please press the like button and motivates me a lot...
love u all,
(C) 2012 Varsha Khedekar, All Rights Reserved.

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cute kitten sorry smiley

yippeee...mai1st aa gai....cheerful dancing baby emoticon

i luv'd dis's really nyc...!!
u updated...dat's so sweet...i wanna give u a hug...!!!

(now about update...!!!)

u devil  
u made my geet cry...n she was wasting dose precious pearls for her dat so called best friend... mad emoticon

ridzy didn't had tym for her bst frnd bt ya she can make new friends dere in london...!!!

i know distance do affect relations bt didn't knew  dat dey can even affect friendship upto such limit...dat it will bcum impossibl to make it normal...!!!smiley cries emoticon

m sure geet was really hurt due to ridzy dat i m mat at her...very angry emoticon

poor geet she can't even mourn on d betrayal of her friend...cauz her luv her lyk is also sliding from hr hand n she is totally clueless...hlpless... sad symbol emoticon

here maan is bzy in his london wali frnd...b still thinking about geet...kya fayda when u unabl to undrstand her misery...shaking head sad emoticon

bt u devil damadji u didn't stop here only...u bring dat khadoos dev to make her horrible...

dat bloody kamina dev...smiley face swearing emoticon
he was getting lost in her innocence...lost my foot...i will make him lost in african dat he never ever cumes back...devil man rage attack emoticon

o teri sab kuch phir b ok bt ur evil mind didn't stop here order adding to our misery u had made geet hug dat junglee saand...swearing rage emoticon

bt our naive n innocent she is feeling disguisting of hrslf...sad no emoticon

awww my baby m shona geet...atlast she find her heaven her maan's arm n now she can feel sum relief...!!! happy crying emoticon
well i m sure maan was feeling dijected n unbearabl pain when she left kya MU cheez hi aisi hai...

aftr reading about ridzy i was angry on u bt den socha chalo it's ok bt in dev's part in want to smashing laptop with bat emoticon n to dev i feel lyk...whipping emoticon

unexpected twist dev wala tha...i m still feeling dat i should break his dat he never in his lyk try to open his mouth...sab kuch mute ho k dekhe...n yup i also want to break his legs...n legs hote na wo chal k geet tak aata...crybaby emoticon 

challo...update was amazingly awesum dear...n i luv'd it...ha thoda senti tha painful tha bt superb tha...length b acchi thi aur crying and sniffling emoticon challo me ok now...

n dat  precap...i lub u sho much...i jst luv dat dialogue of maan n manali trip was jst woooww...!!!
my geet is lost in her pain...i hope she will b ok in few parts...!!!

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i hate uCryCry...mujhe aur geet ko itna rulane ke liye...
ye ritzy ki alag baat but i hate dev tooo... how could he????????AngryAngry
and what's behind ritzy's decreasing calls...
i know distance affects relations but ye to koi baat nahi hai ki apni dost ko bhool hi jao...
mujhe nahi lagta ye wahi ritzy hai who cried after reading geet's diary...
she was so possessive about geet then...
2 saal me hi wo geet ko bhul gayiAngry
i hate herCry
idhar ritzyAngry n udher devAngry... sab maaneet ke hi peeche pde hai
i love uEmbarrassed when geet needed him he was their though for a little while but he was their to sooth herSmile
mujhe keh rhe the choti update deti haiCry
maine padna shuru hi kiya tha tabi khatam ho gyaCry
chalo precap ne dil ko thandak diii...Wink
i'm very much excited for nxt update
n narration, kya kahe... u r my sweet si inspiration...
i loved itEmbarrassed
ab jaldi se update kr dena nhi toAngryAngryAngry

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yes yes yes...!!!
i made it...thumbs up emoticon

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Originally posted by moni6262

me last... m banner banane lag gya thaDisapprove
isi liye maine nxt cmmnt turnt nai kiya...tera wait kr rai thi...LOL

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happy tongue out emoticon

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