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<div align="center"><font color="#660066" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="5">FRIENDSHIP OR SOMETHING MORE..??

<div align="center"><font size="5">

Character Sketch


Miss Riya Mukherjee:
An elegant lady of 21 years. Smart in her deeds. Working as a statics
researcher in Mumbai. A brilliant researcher. All are happy with performances
so have sent her to London for more experience in her research. Her main aim is
to work in fields instead of wasting time for researching

Arjun Sukhrant Rawte:.
A handsome guy of 23 years. A brilliant cop who is sincere towards his work. He
is an ACP but works for Emergency Task Force. Along with him his friends
Rathod, Shree and Chotu is there. The Four makes an ETF team. Because of their
brilliant performances the head office had send them to London for further

Shreekant: Best
friend of Arjun Childhood Friend. Age 23 years. In love with Priya Malhorta.
Engagement is over. Waiting for his big day

Chotu: A Friend that
Arjun, Shree and Rathod meet during their college life.

Sameer Rathod: An
ETF member. Arjun's best friend. He knows him from his childhood. His parents
died in a plane crash. So Arjun's father and mother, treats him

Mr. Rahul Mukherjee:
Dad of Riya. A very rich business man

Mrs. Revathi Mukherjee:
Mom of Riya

Miss Renu Mukherjee:
Sister of Riya. Studying in plus two

Mr. Mahesh Rawte: Dad
of Arjun. He is also a very successful business man

Mrs. Hetal Rawte: Mom
of Arjun

Miss Anishka Rawte:
Sister of Arjun. Studying IT Engineering. Has a twin brother

Master Anush Rawte: Brother of Arjun.
Doing his studies for Mechanical Engineer

Roshni Khan: Friend
of Riya

Priya Malhorta:
Friend of Riya. Childhood Friend of Riya. Engaged to Shree.

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Chapter 1:      Pg 1   
Chapter 2:      Pg 1
Chapter 3:      Pg 1
Chapter 4 a, b,c(1)(2)(3):   Pg 3,4,6,8,9
Chapter 5:      Pg 12,13
Chapter 6:      Pg 14
Chapter 7:      Pg 16
Chapter 8:      Pg 18
Chapter 9:      Pg 19
Chapter 10:     Pg 21
Chapter 11 a, b,c,d:Pg 24,25,26,27
Chapter 12:     Pg 31 

Chapter 13:     Pg 32 

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Chapter 1

At London Noon 2:00 pm

Tarun (P.A): Ma'am there is a call from Mumbai

Riya: Tarun connect the call please. Riya was very happy because she knew it was her Mama calling her. With a Smiling face Riya started to talk to the caller. "Hello Mama…………………………………………… No Dad I am coming soon

Riya: Tarun, Tarun…………come soon!!!!!!!!!!

Tarun: Yes ma'am. Why are you looking so tensed ma'am? Any problem ma'am

Riya: Yes Tarun, Mama is not feeling well. She is admitted in the hospital. She wants to meet me soon. I need your help I need to go Mumbai immediately. Please book my flight ticket soon.

(Tarun leaves)

Riya: Oh God Help my mama…… Mama I coming soon. Your Chutki is coming. (Riya takes her phone and calls Priya her best friend)

Priya: Hello RI…………. Whats up??????

Riya: Preee I need your help. Please pack some of my clothes. I am going to Mumbai. Mama is not feeling well. I shall come soon to the apartment. Please Preee do it for me

Priya: Don't worry Riya I shall do it.Come soon

Riya: Thanks dear. Will meet you soon

(Tarun enters her cabin)

Tarun: Ma'am the flight is at 6:00 pm. Ma'am get ready soon (Tarun leaves the cabin)

Riya: Tarun….. Thank you so much.

Tarun: Ma'am I have already informed our chief. He told our chief. He told you not to worry and convey your wishes to your mama. Also said not to waste the time in filling the leave application which means you can leave now itself.

(Riya nods her head and grabs her handbag and moved out of her office)

Arjun: Rathod…….Rathod……………Shree……… Chotu .Where are you guys?

(Rathod and Shree running towards the living Room) 

Rathod: Arjun……….. Why are you running around the house like a mad man? Whats up Arjun? Any worries?

Arjun: Dad called me and said that Mom is admitted in the hospital. I am going to Mumbai Right now. Shree…. Please book me a ticket to Mumbai. I want to reach Mumbai today itself.

Shree: Don't worry. Tickets will be ready in a minute. (Went to call someone)

Rathod: Don't worry Arjun, mom would be alright (Hugs him)

Arjun: I want some help. Please complete those projects of our mission given to me. Also call the Chief and tell him that I am taking leave for some days.

(Arjun packing his bags)

Shree: The tickets are ready. The flight is at 6:00 pm. That means we have less time left. Also I called Chotu he will meet us on our way to the airport

Rathod: Arjun I conveyed your message to our chief. He said not to worry.

Arjun: Thank you guys with you I would have never…………. Rathod, Shree hugs Arjun

Priya: Ri your security check has been announced. Give my love to your mama. Take care. Will meet you soon

Riya: Bye Preee….. (Hugs Priya and leaves towards the entrance)

Tarun comes running

Tarun: Priya ma'am has Riya ma'am left. I forgot to tell her that she is appointed as an ETF member in Mumbai. Her training is over. And I forgot to give her the appointment letter

Priya :( smilingly) don't worry Tarun. I am leaving to Mumbai soon. I shall give her appointment letter there when I visit her. (Ri………a big suspense waiting for you in India)

Arjun: I think the security check has been announced. So bye guys. Take care. Will meet you soon

Rathod: Give our love to your mom. Bye

(Arjun leaves towards the entrance after hugging Shree Chotu and Rathod)

Rathod: Yes…… We shall meet you in…………..

Shree& Chotu: In Mumbai soon. (Looking each other and laughing)

Rathod: Call Priya

Shree: I have called her. Everything is done according our plans. Hope it continues like that.

Rathod: So let's go home and pack our clothes. Our flight time is at 11:30 pm. Shree….. Call Priya and tell her to get ready and we shall pick her while coming to Airport

Chotu: Arjun…………….. A big shock is waiting for you in Mumbai (hahahaha)









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Chapter 2

Arjun was very worried and didn't know how the time fled. All that he had in his mind was about his Mom, his Hetal Mom. While, Riya was also in her own world, thinking about her mama. She was very supportive for Riya. She was snapped back to reality when the Airhostess announced to put the seat belt, since the flight was about to land in Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Once they got their luggage both Arjun and Riya rushed towards the exist

Riya: Hope Dad had come. I want to meet mama now itself. (Talking to herself)

Arjun: Ramu Kaka might have come to pick me

Anush, Mr. Mukherjee and Mr. Rawte were present near the exist. Arjun rushed to his dad and Anush, his brother. Riya had tears in her eyes when she met her dad. She too ran to her dad and hugged him

Arjun: Dad, Anush………….. Hurry up!!!! Let's go and meet mom soon. And Dad you could have stayed with mom right. I even called you and said to send Ramu Kaka. Anyways just leave it. Let's go and meet her.

Mr. Rawte: Arjun. Why are you in such a hurry? Meet my business partner, Mr. Rahul Mukherjee. His wife is also admitted in Seven's Hospital. So he too came with us to pick his daughter. Rahul meet my son Arjun Sukhrant Rawte.

Arjun: Hello Uncle. (Whats with dad. Why he is acting like meeting me when I come for holidays, hope everything is alright with him. Even Anush looks alright.)

Mr. Mukherjee: Hello Arjun. Nice too meet you. Also meet my daughter Riya Mukherjee.

Arjun nods and Riya smiles. It is the first time Riya and Arjun meets.

Arjun and Riya: Hai!!!!!!!!!

Anush: Bhaiya, Lets go mom might be waiting for you. Come on dad, uncle and bha…… I am mean di


The car ride was very silent. When the car reached Sevens Hospital. Both Arjun and Riya hopped out of the car.

Arjun: Room Number please.

Mr. Rawte: Both your mom's are in the same room. Number 217

Anush: That means everything is going according to the plan. Plan 2 is done!!!!!!

Riya and Arjun reached the room and opened the room together. The entire room was filled with darkness. Admist of darkness Arjun searched the switch board and at last found it. When he switched on the switch, both of them where totally shock

All: SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Mukherjee and Mrs. Rawte were standing near the door with their hands joined together and looking each other with a beaming smile. Anishka was also smiling and Renu was near her all excited to see her sister Riya. Both Arjun's and Riya's dad came behind Arjun and Riya. Anush was also present

Riya: Mama!!!!!!

Arjun: Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Rawte: Before both of you blurt out all the questions at once, we shall answer it.

Mrs. Mukherjee: Also we are completely okay.

Mrs. Rawte: We did this to bring you guys back to India for your marriage.

Both Riya and Arjun had one of the greatest shock in their life

Riya: What?????????

Mrs. Mukherjee: Yes Riya. What you heard is right? You both are going to marry tomorrow evening. And if both of your answer is No then both can leave the place as soon as possible. Am I right Hetal?

Mrs. Rawte: Yes….yes… You can leave soon. And also forget that your entire family doesn't exist in this world. We will also consider that we didn't have such children

Arjun: Mom…. What is this????

Mrs. Rawte: No Arjun…… Don't speak to me. Just answer yes/no?

Mrs. Mukherjee: If silence is your answer, then you have proved that you don't trust you parent's decision

Arjun& Riya: No!!!!! (Looks each other, it was as if there eyes bleamed each others answer) We are ready for the marriage


Both Arjun and Riya was not completely out of the shock. Both were thinking the about the last few hours. How tensed they were and when reality hit them it was fake drama for getting both of them married. Their thoughts were disturbed by Anishka and Renu.

Anishka: Dado….. Started dreaming about Bhabhi. Wow, how romantic is it????

Arjun stared at her. Anishka understood it and moved away from him. As she knew her Dado better than anyone. No one knows what her Dado out of Anger

Renu: Jiju is looking handsome isn't it jiji????

Riya: Will you just stop eating my head, Renu? Now go away.

Renu left her and stood beside Anishka.

Renu: Anishka di…. I think both Jiju and jiji is not in a good mood.

Anishka: Yes!!!! There are not but they have to accept the reality. Isn't it Renu???

Renu nodded her and laughed at the two statues that were standing still as if the world was clashed in front of them.

Mr. Mukherjee: Mahesh since have nodded yes why don't we stop this drama and take them home.

Mr. Rawte: Yes, Rahul. Gosh! Forgot to tell them. Kids we are having your Sangeet and Mehendi Rasam in the evening at 6:30. Don't get tensed up. Everything is ready, even your dresses too. All you have to do is wear them and come for the function. Some of our family guests are also invited.

Arjun: Since everything is planned. Why don't you guys enjoy the function without both of us? Why not Riya????

Riya: Yes!!! That's a great idea (laughing)

Anush: Wow!!!! What an idea Bhaiya and Bhabhi???

Anishka: (Beats Anush's head) Then what is the need of the function. It's Bhai's and Bhabhi's function and not yours

Anush: Oops!!!!! Forgot about it

Everyone laughs. Even Arjun and Riya too laughed it. It was as if that they accepted the new atmosphere.

Anush: Come on…………. everyone can, make a mistake

Anishka: Yeah!!! Everyone does make a mistake. But it's an exception for you. Because you are already a fool

Anush: Bhaiya!!!!

Arjun: Don't worry Anush. As it is said every dog has a day and today it's your day

Anush: Funny…very funny. Anishka come home I shall taunt you as much as I could, that not even Bhaiya would help you out

Anishka: When Dado is here nothing is there to worry. (Goes and hugs Arjun)

Riya silently watches the brother-sister-brother bonding. I think he will make a good husband to me. Let's hope for the best.

Mr. Rawte: Come on let's go. There is no time to waste. Lots of work to be done by evening

Mr. Mukherjee: Forgot about that. Seeing your children I forgot everything

Mr.Rawte: Thank you…. After all Arjun and Anush is mama's boys and Anishka is dad's girl

Everyone moves out of the room. Arjun and Riya was the last to come out. Both had the idea of talking to each other but it was as if that there were no words to talk. As both the family bid bye and went to their respective car. Anush came running to the place where his Bhabhi was standing

Anush: Bhabhi, I have placed the bag in the car. Bye Bhabhi, meet you in the evening

Riya: Anush…….I am really sorry I even forgot to ask you about your whereabouts. You know the pressure both me and your Bhaiya had. Anyways I shall make out in the evening. Bye

Anush: Bye. (Riya leaves towards the parking place where dad was waiting for her) (Talking to himself)Now comes the real fun of our plan.

Both the family reaches their home and started to do their respective jobs. While Arjun and Riya were thinking about each other and about the most important event in their life




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Chapter 3

Arjun: Mom, I am going to my room. If you need my help please let me know it.

Mrs. Rawte: Yes…. Arjun, I shall call you incase if I need your help

Anush: Bhaiya…. I have kept your suitcase in your room.

Arjun: Thank you Anush.

 Arjun reaches his room. Everything seems to be the same as he left before going to London. Standing near the window he was recollecting all the events that took place in the morning

Arjun: So ACP Arjun Sukhrant Rawte going to be marry????? Hmmm……so day after onwards some is going to be with you in this room (Smiling). How funny is it? And how stupid of me that I didn't even inform Rathod

It was at this time he noticed the unfamiliar suitcase lying on his bed. He opened it and found strange which he has seen Anishka using.

Arjun: What the Hell???

On deeper search he found out a diary. He opened it and found Riya's photo in it. He started to admire it. But came to a halt when he thought about the carelessness of the girl. Anger bolted in him. He also found a phone number in the diary. He took out his phone and dialed the number.

Riya was thinking not about the present but about her future. She was thinking whether after marriage Arjun would allow her to work. This thoughts were disturbed by a ringing tone from here mobile phone.

Riya: Hello….. Riya Mukherjee speaking. Who is this???

Arjun: I am Arjun

By hearing his name itself she felt like she was going to fall down.

Riya: Yes….What do you want….. I mean what I can I do for you????

Arjun: I think this the question I should ask you

Riya: Excuse me…. What do you mean????

Arjun: What is my suitcase doing in your house? (Angrily)

Riya: How do I know it? (Riya searches for her suitcase and understood what Arjun said). That means our suitcases got exchanged

Arjun: It's your entire fault.

Riya: What??? (Anger flaring up)

Arjun: Yes you are.

Riya: Hello… Mr. Arjun Sukhrant Rawte. I know that it's not my mistake (almost shouting) I think Anush got confused and placed it wrongly (softening up).

Arjun: Now you are blaming my brother.

Anush was walking to Arjun's room when Arjun started conversation with Riya. When he felt that everything was going out of his hands, he called Arjun

Anush: Bhaiya…. It's my mistake. Don't blame Bhabhi for it. I actually got confused and before giving the suitcase to Bhabhi I didn't even ask her.

Arjun: What???? Anush How can you be this careless???

Anush: Sorry Bhaiya….!!!

Arjun: Err….. Riya….. I am so…. (Arjun was not even allowed to complete his sentence, before that Riya started)


Arjun: Yeah… even I want mine back. Since everyone I busy, there is no other option left.

Riya: we shall meet in the Indian Coffee House, sharp at 10:30

Arjun: Done….. By the way, Riya I am………

Before allowing Arjun to complete the sentence Riya ended her call.

Arjun: What a girl is she???????? How hot short tempered is she ………. Even I am not better (laughs). Let me get ready, other else if I am late that Sherni would eat me alive. I would call Rathod soon after I reach back. (Arjun takes his towel and goes to the washroom)

Anush: Every bitter start has a sweet end (laughs and goes out of Arjun's room)

Riya: First impression is the best impression….. Isn't it????? But for me second impression is the best. How rude and short tempered he is???? Just like a sher…. Anyways I shall get ready other else he would be like a Yamaraj who would directly kill me (laughing, goes to her dressing room)

At 10:00 am

Arjun: Mom….. I am going out???

Hetal sees the suitcase in Arjun's hand, she chuckles but controls her further laugh

Hetal: Where are you going Arjun???

Arjun: Mom……this Anush has changed my suitcase with that girl's one. So I going out to bring mine back.

Hetal: Which girl Arjun??? (Asked teasingly)

Arjun: As if you don't know

Anishka: Oh!!! You are going to meet Riya Bhabhi

Arjun: Yes!!!!

Hetal: Okay Arjun….. Come back soon.

Arjun: Okay….. Bye everyone

Anishka: Give lots of love to our Bhabhi (Anush running and stands behind Anishka)

Anush: …………….by hugging her

Everyone laughs except Arjun

Arjun: (Furiously)……… Anush………… I shall pay it back

(Arjun leaves the house)

Anush: Its happy to see our old Bhaiya

Anishka: yes…yes… dado seems to be very worried when our Ro…..

Anush: Just leave it Anishka!!!!!

Anishka: Come on lets go and help mom… And Anush I have bought the dress that dad told that he would buy the next time.

Anush smiles and hugs her

Anush: Even I bought the dress which you liked it. So we are rather a good Twin Brother and Sister

Anishka: There is no doubt about it…… Thank you and I love you

Anush: Thank you too and I love you too

At Riya's house at 10:00 am

Riya: Dad, I am going out……My suitcase got exchanged with err………

Renu: Jiju's!!!!

Rahul: Okay beta…. Go and come back soon

Renu: Jiji…. Give Jiju my regards

Riya nods and leaves

Renu: Dad don't you think we bought the best match for Jiji………

Rahul: Yes…..  (Renu hugs her dad)

Both Arjun and Riya reach the coffee shop at the same time. Arjun wearing a white shirt and blue jeans while, Riya wearing a blue jeans and white long top. Both were looking were beautiful

Riya :( Talking to herself about Arjun) Hmmm….. Looking very handsome……

Arjun: (Talking to himself about Riya) Wow looking very pretty….

Arjun: Shall we have a coffee                                                                

Riya: Okay

Rathod, Chotu, Shree and Priya reaches at Arjun's house

Rathod: Dad, mom…… we are here. Where are you all?

Anush & Anishka rans to Rathod calling Bhaiya and hugs him

Mr&Mrs Rawte: Rathod………..

Rathod, Chotu, Shree and Priya takes there blessing

Anishka: Shree Bhaiya…. Our plans have been successful

Shree: Why won't it be successful when Rathod is the producer, myself the script writer and Preee and Chotu the co-helpers.

Rathod: We even bought a suspense for both Arjun and Riya

Chotu: Our training is over, so we will work here in Mumbai.

Priya: Also, Riya has been appointed as the Statistics and Forensic Researcher in ETF

Anishka: Wow!!!!!! Dado and Bhabhi working together.

Rathod: Let it be a suspense for both of them. We would give this shock soon after their marriage. What you say???

All: Okay!!!

Priya: By the way where is Arjun?

Shree: According to our plans, they are meeting each other with the suitcases. Rathod come lets go and meet them right now

Rathod: Come guys….. we shall come back and fresh up.

Rathod, Shree, Chotu and Riya leaves

Chotu: By the way Anush where are they meeting?

Anush: Indian Coffee House


Arjun and Riya drinking coffee. Both of them wants to talk but doesn't know how to begin the conversation. Arjun gathers his courage and talks to him.

Arjun: I am really sorry for being harsh in the morning. You know even now I can't believe those events that took place in the morning. I am really sorry

Riya: I am also sorry….. I was also a bit harsh to you

Arjun: Guess what we atleast share some kind of taste

Riya: Yep (both look each other and laughs)

Shree, Priya, Rathod, Chotu reaches the coffee                shop. Shree identifies Arjun's bike and Riya's car

Priya: Shall we do one more thing to add masalas to our arrival

Shree understood what Priya meant and went near Riya's car and opened the air tube of the car. Everyone laughed and went inside the shop and found both Riya and Arjun talking

Riya: But still now I don't get how dad and your dad planned everything I mean…

Arjun: Yeah even me don't know about. All that I know that it is someone who knows both my family and your family. It's a mystery to be solved yet.

Rathod: The mystery is solved

Both Arjun, Riya turns back and see the 4 people wlking towards their table


Arjun: Wait a minute….. You know them???

Riya: Yes I do….  So you also know them

Arjun: The mystery is solved (laughing)

Rathod: Yes your guess is right. Now……… now don't waste more time in asking why we did this? I shall answer you when time comes. Just know that it's a wish of someone special to both of you.

Arjun & Riya: Special to both of us!!!!

Shree: Arjun, why wasting time. We have lots of work to do. Come let's go

Arjun's goes and pays the bill. The entire group goes out of the room. Riya bids farewell and goes to her car and notices the punctured tyre.

Riya : Oh shit!!!! (Kicks her car)

Arjun notices this. Even Rathod and the rest notices and starts giggling.

Shree: Riya, since you can't go. (Turns to Arjun) Why don't you drop her? Since we are tired and not yet freshened. Its better you drop.

Arjun nods and Riya was left with no option, so agreed with Shree. Arjun gave his suitcase to Shree and placed Riya's suitcase infront of him. Riya sat behind him and placed one hand on his shoulder. Arjun had a smile on his face. They bid farewell to Rathod, Shree, Chotu and Priya.

The bike ride was very silent. Arjun sometimes peeped through the Rear glass to meet Riya's eyes which was fixed on those glasses. Arjun reached in front of Riya's house and handed her suitcase.

Riya:   Thanks……umm…Why don't you come in????

Arjun: Thanks…. Next time. Have lots of work before evening. Will meet you in the evening

Riya: Okay bye….. Forgot to say Renu gave you her regards

Arjun: Even Anush& Anishka too….. Give my regards to her and your family too. Bye

Riya: Mine too……..








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So friends... this is the updates... Please share your ideas about how Riya's sangeet and mehendi should be????... Feel free to share it. Also friends I tried to upload the photos... but couldn't do it... I am not an expert in writing so if you felt anything wrong please be free to explain it to me... And about the pm... I shall send you a guys the note about updating the part... but I don't know to send the link... From today onwards I shall send Short short updates since my P.C is not working... I shall post it via mobile... Sorry for the inconveice

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hey nice update continue soon
u wrote gud dear
update was awsome
in sangeet and mehandi
keep some romantic and funny scencs

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omg...u jst come in as a bang...
3 chaps in one go...perfect writer...

1st chap was grt...
aby othr chaps will comment here once done...

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