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ArHi FF: A Dark Love Story...UPD P.127+LINK P.136 (Page 87)

WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Arjuhisis

Iam in page 21 still - parm, damn it yaar - how the hell did I miss reading ur updates Priyaaa jaaniii...I really don't know why you weren't on my PM listConfused..but you continue to read and give me a LONG comment in Shilpi istyleWink - what an awesome going - future wife - wow wow - great going dear - off to read ur next chapter - lemme continue

WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Hello everyone,

As always, before updating

and a  big HUG to all the member who commented and the silent member who hit like button. I don't eat you, so comment ji.
The PM list has become long so it's a kind request to all of you to comment occasionally.
You'll make me very happy jiEmbarrassed
let see how is going to be ArHi's first morning Tongue

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Remember The Name: ASR


The sunlight woke me up, blinding me for a moment. I felt a strange warmth next to me, accompanied by the sound of a beating heart.
I stretched thoroughly, and only then I tried to squint. The first thing I saw were two green eyes, piercing, like two precious stones, staring at my face persistently.
But the detail that most caught my attention was another: those eyes were close, too close.
I jumped up, putting me sitting on the bed, and delivered me from the arms of Arnav, who had tried in vain to hold back.
- Oh my god ... OH MY GOD! - Mine was a scream so severe that it scare me.
He frowned - What happens? - He whispered, his voice was normal, no more shuffling ... and the thought struck me last night in the middle, making empurple cheeks.
Damn it! It was not possible, I was twenty and still blushed like a girl.
He smiled - You're beautiful when you blush-he whispered
I remained surprised by this remark, but I recovered immediately.
- DAMN!- I shouted, furious with myself.
I had done it... I slept with him! How could I do such a thing?
For a moment I remembered our hands clasped, eyes chained together.
And then, his mighty chest, muscular, the sweetness of his kisses ... the feeling of his body above mine made me, for a second, turn my head. In those moments, in his arms, I felt I was more fragile than ever, and with passion he made me, once again, part of him. I was so small, compared to him ... he could force me, he could hurt me, he could crush me with his weight, but he did not ...
I shook my head to dispel those crazy thoughts, and with a jerk I lifted the blanket and covered myself, preventing so that he could see me naked again.
He smiled – You don't need to cover you, Gupta. I've already seen you naked, and I can assure you... -
- Shut up! – I told him, looking disgusted
- Even the look? Yet last night you did not feel sorry that I touched ... -
- Stop it - I snapped, furious - Last night nothing happened, Arnav, no! -
- So you say ... -
I looked grim, the guilt began to be felt ...
His eyes gleamed, rather than with a jerk pulled me to himself, hugging and kissing my neck
- Would you like to reply? – he whispered
- Go to the hell, Raizada ... take my your dirty hands off me! -
I heard him chuckle as he kissed my right shoulder - Who knows why, but I've heard this sentence-
- Idiot! - I snapped
He stopped, looking into my eyes. Suddenly he returned seriously - Do you mean that you did not like what happened last night? - he whispered, and I could almost see a trace of uncertainty in his eyes.
It cannot be so…

- It's different – I whispered - I was wrong and you were drunk -
He stiffened, but he did not let me go.
- But I remember everything, every detail - he said, and his voice was low, I had never seen him so serious.
- Well, it does not matter. It did not count anything, either. The next time you go to some your maid, if you want to calm down-I hissed - You have a house full ... I noticed that many waitresses do more of their work ... -
I felt him stiffen further, and he let me go, away from me.
He pierced me with a cold look, he had the power to make me more angry. He had the courage to refuse.
- What I do is none of your business-he snapped
I laughed, a cynical laugh and hysterical -And if I did the same what would you say? – I said acid - How do you know that out of here there is someone waiting for me? Someone I love? -
I immediately regretted my words when I saw him turn pale. In the throes of a cold fury, his face transfigured with rage, he jumped on me, slamming me on the bed and with the crushing weight of his body.
The air was suddenly tense, I felt the cold penetrate the bone.
My eyes widened at the sight of the look that he gave me. Everything in that moment, became muffled, as I felt his weight on the chest. I could not breathe, I could only watch, horrified, those magnetic eyes, and his face drawn by a murderous rage, animal.
- Do not play with me, Khushi-I hear muffled his words, the fear is too great. I've never been afraid of that could happen.
- It could be dangerous-his hand on my neck, but the grip is slight.
It's just a warning, which could become a real threat.
- You do not know who you're dealing with-his hands touched my stomach.
- I might even kill to have you-he said.
He very much angry.
- You do not know what I'd be willing to do ... – He brings e a lock of hair and smell it. And then look at me, a cold stare. The challenge in his eyes is clear, but for me there is only fear.
For the first time, I'm really afraid for my life.
- No one can touch my thing- His lips are insistent, pressing firmly over the groove of my neck, and then down my throat.
And back at me, cold, ruthless, enjoying my terror. I hold my breath when I feel his hands shake violently my hair and I try to move away but it was useless.
He rests his forehead against mine, our eyes are very close.
- You are only mine, Love-he pronounced the last word with contempt, making fun of me. I did not realize more than anything, I almost did not realize that he got up and wear his clothes. All without deigning to look me. Just before leaving the room he looks at me, and I see contempt in his eyes.
I'm still on the bed, lying down, upset by his fury animal, by the way he is. When I realize that his gaze wanders over my body I grab the sheet covering me and I see him smile. A sadistic smile, bad.
- I'll meet you downstairs. From now on, things will change, Khushi, and you will regret what you just said-
And he left, leaving me alone. Only when he close the door behind him I am really aware of what has happened, and the tears in my eyes look.
I know my suffering is useless.
I'll run away from there, I will get away from that bas***d.
And my eyes light up with a mad determination: I shall win this battle.

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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- How long have you worked here? - My question is for the gardener to villa, who with difficulty tries to plant roses .
He looks at me uneasily. He's young, and quite nice. Blacks eyes, dark skin. I wonder why he is afraid to talk to me. But that's not the only one: all the inhabitants of this house are terrified of dealing with me, as if I were a monster came out of their worst nightmares.
These are days where the oppressed solitude is around me, I try to establish conversations with civil service personnel.
Arnav hardly speaks to me, and I feel suffocated by loneliness.
So, to pass the time, I help the waiter - to their amazement-to clean up the room, I prodigal to lend a hand to the many chefs in charge of preparing meals, and now I'm trying to plant rose bushes in the gardens of the villa , hoping to establish a conversation with the guy in front of me.
Of course Arnav does not know any of that ... I do not think he would be happy to know that his wife help with the housework, and I prefer not to provoke his anger.
But most of the time, that bas***d spent his time in his office and not at home.
I suspect that a maid has the work to spy me and tell to Arnav what I do my free time, and that's why I took care to warn them: if they dare to say something, I not just tear the hair, but I'll drive them out kicking out.
But, of course, I do not have this power ... let's say I'm not sure that Raizada would allow me to manage the house - and the choice of personnel-at my leisure.
With each passing day, the staff of the villa is afraid of me.
Of course, they think I'm the wife of the Boss, and I can avail of the right to treat them as rags, as does Arnav.
This is why they stay away. But they did not understand anything, and I am committed to prove that I'm not a witch b*tch.
In fact, for a few days now, I have gained the trust of the cooks, some waiter and the housekeeper.
I shake myself out of my thoughts when I hear his voice, low and confused answer my previous question.
- Well, about two years ... -
I nod, smiling reassuringly and started to dig a small hole to lay the first map.
- What else do you do? Studies? - My voice is gentle, and his is concerned
- Yeah. I'm in the third year of university, I work to pay for the line ... -
- And you feel comfortable here? ' I ask him nice, but in his eyes I see my gaffe.
- Of course, what a stupid joke-I say - it's obvious that you feel comfortable ... what else could you say to the boss's wife? - smile, crossing his eyes and ripping out a laugh.
Shaking my head, I focus on one plant.
I dug a little hole, I turn around to take another plant, but it is too far away, so I have to get up and take it.
But the boy (-Dave-) before me, murmuring a - Let me get ... -
He gets up and goes to get the plant. When he kneels by my side again I ask, smiling - Dave, could you please less formal with me? I'm not that old, you know! - He laughs, and he is about to speak, when a familiar voice intrudes.
- I do not think that would be the case of a simple gardener is informal with my lady-the anger is evident in his voice. I look up and meet two green eyes intense, and full of resentment.
Dave blushes and begins to stammer an apology, embarrassed.
But he did not listen to him, his attention is on me, and with a little kindness he takes me by the arm and forced me to get up.
He is looking at me in disgust. I'm dressed in a very simple way: shorts and a T-shirt.
- Look, you're all dirty. Is this the way to go around? ' He blurts staring at me. I inflamed by anger: How dare you talk to me this way?
- Well, I will be dirty, but at least I am doing something useful! -
I feel the gardener hold his breath, certainly he did not expect such an attitude on my part.
Probably he is thinking: so kind to the waiters, and then with the husband treats him like a scum?
Even Arnav is angry, I can see the way in which clenches his fists.
He crosses for a moment the look of the waiter and stares at him with hatred.
Then he takes my wrist badly, drawing me into the house.
- Raizada, you're a real animal! - I shout at him, but he ignores me.
Just go into the house, I see the worried looks of the waitresses darting between me and Arnav. Him, following my gaze, turns and sees them. Tightens the jaw.
- Out-
They do not move, they are still staring at Arnav's hand shaking violently on my wrist.
They're worried about me, I understand from their eyes.
- I SAID OUT! ' Raizada's voice startles and muttering excuses, they get out, but not before giving me the looks launched sorry. I smile, reassuring, and I turn to face the slimy, with a look of contempt.
- Well, what do you want? - Blurt angry
He left my wrist, finally! I was starting to feel really bad! Groaning in pain, I massage it.
- You may also avoid touching me this way ... you're hurting me! ' I scream, but he did not listen to me.
- Now you get to make friends with even the gardeners? - Blurts voice disgusted
- Yes, and then? They are people, just like you! -
He smiles, but there's no fun in his eyes - You are my wife, you should not stoop to their level-
A wave of anger  invest me in full, feel the blush in my cheeks and eyes full of fury. I have never endured such talk, since I was a little girl.
Who the hell he think he is? What, just because he's full of money, he is believed better than others?
- You're not better than them, Raizada, and neither do I! And then I do not understand what the problem is, I do not do anything wrong! - He stares at me intensely, I see a spark in his eyes indefinite
- I do not want you talk to them-
I feel the anger flowing through my body.
- Why? -
- I told you, you're my wife, you cannot stoop to certain levels. End of story-
- You bas***d! I cannot even talk to them now! I'm alone all day, I have no one to talk to, you want I go crazy? -
He sighs, and then his gaze becomes stubborn - I'll let you know the wives of some of my colleagues ... you'll be fine with them-
- Forget it Raizada! I much prefer the company of "inferior", as you call them, but at least I'm honest! I do not want to have anything to do with those stupid bitches! -
Anger blazed in his eyes, and with one click lightning he slams me against the wall.
- You're not better than them-he whispers an inch from my face.
And in that statement, my eyes fill with tears. For the first time, his comment hurt me.
It hurts, yes, because I am afraid, a damn fear that his words will be fulfilled, that I may truly become like one of the many chickens that, for the sake of miserable money, get married with assassins older than them.
Even he realizes that, for the first time, he managed to hurt me with words, because he let go off the wrist, and his eyes softened.
He raises a hand, tears streaming down my face, he caresses my hair, then dry with a finger a little pearl on my cheek.
But I go away and I am free from his grip, shaking my head and looking at him with a look of hurt and indignant. Without a word, he let me go, and I start to run, I want to be alone, I do not think about what he said. I seek refuge in our room, throwing myself on the bed and burst out with tears so hard I had tried not to pour out.

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Hey i must say in ur ff, arnav nd khushi both are like a fireball.. 
Always ready to blast, yeah the intensity is different.. LOL
I just love them..

Ermm, i felt bad for khushi's loneliness nd arnav's mistrust towards khushi, but i think it would take much more time to see arhi as a happy couple so right now m enjoying fireball mode.. Smile LOL

Keep rocking dear.. Thumbs Up
Hope to see an update soon..


I M FIRST...Dancing
YIPIIEEE...Big smile

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Originally posted by -Priya.1-


Hehe...updated the spot...go n read n comment Priya jiTongue

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interesting...  why he is doing this...  doesn't he trust her a bit??Confused
sargamfriends Senior Member

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so i just came across the story nd i must say i looove it LOL...but i m confused...u have shown Khushi to be such a strong girl...yet she gave in whn it came to sex to a man she despises Confused tad bit confused...dsnt go with her image she gave in too easily...evn if she plans to escape she has made it clear thia marriage is a farce so she is nt obliged to sleep with him...well evn if the marriage was nt a farce if she is nt willing she dsnt have to...i mean lol he dint evn have to force her there a reason tht i might have missed???other thn tht this is a very gripping concept Smile

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