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ArHi FF: A Dark Love Story...UPD P.127+LINK P.136 (Page 71)

WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Hello everyone,

As always, before updating

and a  big HUG to all the member who commented and the silent member who hit like button. I don't eat you, so comment jiLOL.

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Mrs. Raizada

I watched in the mirror, which returned the image of a beautiful woman and I did not recognize myself. That was not me. I was the girl who loved to wear casual shirts paired with a pair of shorts.
And now, watching me in a wedding dress, made me a certain effect.

I touched my face, curious, touching as to make sure it was all real, and not a nightmare emerged from my subconscious.

I would have liked that it was only a nightmare ...

Unfortunately, I had to accept the reality, and try to live in the best way: a few hours I would become Mrs. Raizada, willy-nilly.

I turned around when I heard the door to my room open.

As soon as I saw the intruder, I frowned, glancing a look full of contempt.

Arnav looked at me, his eyes shone with a new light seemed ecstatic. He didn't take his eyes off from my figure and involuntarily, I found myself blushing and my eyes became glossy embarrassment.

He seemed speechless, I had never seen that look.

When he met my gaze, his eyes glistened as he slowly approached me. I said nothing, I did not have the strength to speak, his eyes had the ability to immobilize me, making me lose the perception of reality.

A few inches from my face, he reached out to caress my cheek, but I pulled back at the contact: the memory of that night, his strength, his brutality, hit
me like a slap, as soon as I heard the smell.

I heard him sigh - You ... – he did not finish the sentence, just looked at me in the eyes, chaining our eyes, full of mixed emotions.

- Why are you here? - Mine was barely a whisper, but he heard me, because he frowned and said, piqued -I wanted to see you– he admitted

I turned my back and walked to the window, leaning on the balustrade. I did not want to be around him, every time I saw him I felt bad.

- What do you want, Arnav? - I sighed, calling him by name cost me a great effort – You want to fool me? That's why you came? Or celebrate your victory? Have not you had enough already? -

Clearly I heard his footsteps approaching, and his hands shake me. He hugged me in waist, putting his head in the hollow of my neck, while I struggled with myself to try to stay still and not move me away, causing further infuriating.

-None of this-he breathed on my neck - I just wanted to give you something ... -

I whirled around and almost fainted with emotion: our faces were close, too close. So I dodged, with a subtle distance between our bodies.

It was a dangerous situation, I knew it.

- I do not want anything from you! - I snapped, and I saw his eyes narrow, and anger infect his features.

He walked over to me, his face tense and gloomy. He took me by the wrist, pulling me to him, bumping our bodies. I ended up with my head up to his chest, and looked up to see his face, meeting again with those eyes full of anger, resentment and disappointment.

- Why are you doing this? -he snapped

- Like what? -

- Escape me, reject me, despise me-

- I do not reject you, but your nature ... -

- I do not understand .. – he admitted, his voice was altered.

I looked at him, leaving him again.

I raised my arms in the air in exasperation.

- Arnav, I just do not understand you! You hate me, despise me, but you want to get married at all costs! It's a farce, Arnav, a fiction! You're making a big mistake, and you will not even realize ... marriage is a serious thing! - I had not even realized that I had raised his voice, until he, with a look cold, replied

- I know that is a false, Gupta, you do not need me to repeat it. But I warned you: I will not lose. -

- What's the point of all this? - I asked desperately, I need answers

His eyes were cold, as I said, rudely – I do not owe you an explanation-

- What does this mean? - I cried, exasperated, with tears in my eyes - That is what builds a relationship in your opinion? On lies, deceptions? Do not you realize you're ruining my life? I ... -

His laughter interrupted me: I looked, I could not explain the reason for his sudden laughter

- Relation? - Said, sour and sarcastic - A relationship? Ours is not a relationship, Gupta! We both fought, and I won ... this is why you're mine. You are a fool, what do you think? Whether I'm in love with you? -

The look he gave me, full of malice, almost make me fell to the ground in anger.

- I did not want to say this-I admitted, apparently calm - but I'm not still be your wife -

He came back to me, standing with its height, bringing his lips to my ear.

- And what do you expect, Khushi? That I bring you respect just because you're my wife? You'll earn my respect? You're deluded, a poor fool, if you think that this will happen. Nothing will change, you will always be the victim, the perpetrator and I ... -

His eyes burned into mine, at that time full of tears. It was what I expected? A life full of pain and abuse, the victim of such a man?

- You're just a bas***d, Raizada – I breathed, her voice broken

He smiled, returned the asshole of all time - The important thing is that you yourself realized it, Gupta - he whispered, before turning around and heading for the door.

- Thou today you'll marry- were the last words he spoke before leave me alone, immersed in an ocean of anger and pain.




The wide staircase of the Raizada house was unrecognizable: the flowers covered every inch of the balustrade, and cream-colored ribbons decorated the wooden carvings of the stairs. The air smelled of flowers, which occupied the entire house. I looked around the large hall, and noticed that it was empty, and they were all out, waiting for the bride to make her appearance. I squeezed my eyes to prevent the tears from falling from my face: I never imagined that I would get married in this underhanded manner.

I walked slowly, careful not to step on the train of my dress, and at the gates of the immense garden I heard a familiar music.

The notes of Chopin floated in the air, ethereal, while looking out to the garden gate, I saw hundreds of people in dress, turn to me.

My eyes widened, I risked almost to hyperventilate: the eyes of those slimy disgusted me. In addition, I had no one to accompany me to the altar, no one who could help me overcome this difficult time. Not a loved one was next to me, with his affection, and I was alone, alone among these beasts than human had nothing, if not the features.

I was going to say goodbye to my life.

And suddenly, as if he sensed my thoughts, Arnav Singh Raizada turned to me, and his eyes gleamed in my eyes.

It was not the same person who, with such malice, attacked me a few hours ago ... seemed different, as if something between us, was suddenly changed.

He was not smiling, but his gaze was no longer cold, or bad, or sarcastic.

Simply, his eyes burning. The green flames danced in his eyes fixed on me.

Passion, desire, anger, happiness ... a mix too powerful to be tolerated.

The voices stopped abruptly when, slowly, I walked down the aisle towards Arnav.

My face was not happy, or excited.

I did not want. I did not want to marry him.

I did not want to share my life with him.

I did not want to be crushed by his sleazy world.

Either that, or death.

Choose, Khushi.

My life was too important, I would not have wasted so.

Maybe one day I would be able to escape again.

After organizing a plan, of course.

I would never commit the absurdity of escape without money or a place to go.

I paid enough for my mistakes, and I was a fool.

I arrived at the altar, and the man who so hated handed me a hand. His face was serious, but the light in his eyes was gone.

I looked at him, took a deep breath, bring courage, and I did what would have scored, inevitably, our lives.

I accepted his grip, and he squeezed my hand to his.

Before turning to the shepherd, kissed my wrist, without taking off his eyes from mine.




We both turned at the same time to the pastor, our hands still clasped, but my soul destroyed.

The man looked at us, dwelling on my face, as if looking for something he could not see. I knew I had tears in my eyes, but still trying to hold back tears.

- Arnav and Khushi, you have come here to marry freely, without any compulsion, fully aware of the significance of your decision? -

The priest's voice  was muffled and I felt the panic invade.

I had the strength to lie, to deceive all the people and, more importantly, myself?

The narrow shake of Arnav to my hands became more pronounced, and I received from my thoughts, and I noticed that the priest looked at me, probably waiting for my response.

- Yes-whispered, so plan that I thought he had not heard.

But he took the answer, because he nodded, satisfied, and continued the ritual

- And are you willing to love you, honor you, respect you, all your life, till death to part you? -

I could not just lie in front of them, but also before God?

- Yes-this time Arnav and I said almost the same moment, but you could see a huge difference between mine and his tone: he was strong, confident, and his words were echoed solid as a rock. I, on the contrary, I expressed my opinion (which, as we all know, it did not matter at all), in a faint whisper, barely audible.

- If you are convinced to unite in marriage, join hands and express your consent-

Our hands were already intertwined, but suddenly his grip grew stronger as he turned towards me.

His eyes were bright, shining, and chained themselves to my, at that time burned his own intensity.

- I, Arnav Singh Raizada, take you, Khushi Kumari Gupta, to be my wife, promising to love, honor and respect you, in joy and in sorrow, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, all the days of my life, until death do us part ... - he kissed my wrist, touching it with the nose, inhaling my strong perfume.

What kind of lies are these? It's really the same man who spoke to me with such malice, a few hours ago?

Cannot you see that in my eyes there is pain due to your words? You do not realize how much I'm changed in these days?

You're destroying my life, and I do not see the slightest remorse in you.

Slowly, he put a thin gold ring on my finger, a gesture full of delicacy.

His eyes never left from mine not even for a second.

- I, Khushi Kumari Gupta, take you, Arnav Singh Raizada, to be my lawful wedded husband, and I promise to love you and respect you, in joy and in sorrow, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, all the days of my life, until death do us part ... -

My voice was muffled, no one imagined how much it cost me say those words.

And when I, like him, put him the ring on his finger, I felt my freedom, with all that mattered in life, slipping away from me and take flight, leaving a sweet melancholy in my soul troubled.

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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What The Hell...

It's done. Now officially he got what he wanted.

I'm belong to him, him alone.

Say goodbye to Khushi Kumari Gupta, welcome to Khushi Singh Raizada.

The thought makes me sick.

I'm his wife. With my obligations and my duties.

Duties. Because he was very clear with me: our relationship has not changed, he is in charge.

We'll see ...

I should be happy, but on my face no trace of joy or satisfaction. I'm sitting in the garden with Arnav who shakes my hand possessively, in front of hundreds of people eating, dancing and having fun, making a mockery of my unhappiness.

Then, I see. The only person who, during those weeks, have been a friend, in the valley of despair when I was a prisoner ...

I jumped up from the table, trying to pull my hand away from Arnav, but he did not let go of it.

- Where are you going? - I hit with two cold eyes, but the irises always shine the light that it was when I reached the altar.

I sigh - I saw Payal, I would like to say hello ... -

I feel that he stiffens when I pronounce her name.

- What is it? - I ask, puzzled.

He looks at me again, it is all day that he did not detach his eyes off me.

- No – he said calmly, but something bothers him.

I leave his hand from mine and walked towards Payal.

- Khushi? - His voice makes me turn in his direction, and I see that his gaze fixed on me, he is tormented.

- Do not go far –it's all he says, and I nod, aware that this is no time to argue.

I see the profile of Payal, and I go close up to her.

- Payal! – At the sound of my voice, she turns around, and suddenly I freeze, staring at her.

I'm amazed, but the surprise soon turned to horror.

Her face was sad, and looks at me, but I am, in fact, that I should apologize.

I walk slowly, I'm afraid of falling, I'll definitely whiter than usual.

- Payal ... -

- Hello, Khushi - her voice is as sweet as I remembered it.

- Payal ... -

Sniffles, tears in her eyes and sketches a shy smile.

But that smile is false, because I see the pain in her face.

- How are you? It's since a long time we do not see ... -

- Payal - I interrupt her, now we're very close - who did this to you? -

Touch her cheek, and then the right eye, distinguished, purplish bruises that scar on her beautiful face.

I am shocked, I cannot believe that ... that ... no, it cannot be true.

Her eyes fill with tears - it's nothing, Khushi, I ... -

- It was Arnav? – I interrupt her, my voice trembling, the tears streaming down his face.

She looks at me, surprised, and shakes her head - Arnav? No, Khushi, he did not do anything ... -

- Who? - I find myself able to speak.

She is afraid, she clearly terrified to answer, but, faced with my tears of supplication, she does not hold.

- Akaash - her gaze came to rest a few meters away from her, terrified.

Automatically I turn and see a huge man, beefy, huge, with dusky skin and blacks hair who is talking animatedly with Arnav.

He, perceiving my eyes, turned to my direction, and makes the eyes darting between me and Payal. When he see my face full of tears, he becomes serious, and his eyes glow, but I do not know what is the feeling that powers them.

A brief look, I cannot support this, I cannot think what happened to Payal is my fault. He takes a step towards me, he seems to want to reach us.

I turned sharply, raising with my hands the dress and ran toward the house. At that moment my only thought is to escape from there.

I'm running and I realize that.

I escape from a reality that is foreign to me, where all my certainties disappear, pulling into a black hole from which it will be difficult to re-emerge.

The tear-stained face, bright eyes, cheeks red.

All of my appearance, show to the world my inner torment.

A world incomprehensible to me.

What man can beat up a woman sweet and fragile as Payal?

A beast that knows no love, without ethics or morals.

And I, immersed in force in this reality, I cannot stand this.

- Khushi! - his voice is sweet, sensual, but I know who he is, actually. I will not be fooled by his persuasive ways.

The train of the dress is annoying, it doesn't allow me to run as I would like.

To feel free, as I'm no longer.

I increased the walk, I will not pour out my anger on him.

Because the consequences can be dangerous.

One of his hand imprisons the wrist, making me flinch.

His touch burns like a fire capable to burn my soul.

He jerked violently, forcing me to turn around, to meet his beautiful eyes.

The tears streaming down my face gleam in his eyes.

I am ashamed, I will not show my weakness.

Because I know that he would take advantage.

- What happened? - It's not a question, because he knows.

The silence amplifies the pain I feel in the chest, because I have not the strength to speak.

His gaze seems genuinely troubled, and look at my face bathed in tears.

He senses my pain, because the eyes are the mirror of the soul.

And he knows that is destroying it.

He pulls me, coming closer to me.

- What is it? -

I do not speak, I just watched in silence.

Do you feel my disgust, Arnav?

You, who have imprisoned me in your world.

You feed my pain, you rejoice with my tears.

- Khushi? - He raised his voice, seems genuinely troubled.

He welcomes me into his arms, kisses my forehead, strokes my hair.

Shudder of disgust.

I go away abruptly, I do not want to dirty with his wickedness.

- Do not touch me - mine is a cry, I feel I am at breaking point.

But his hand did not stop to shake my wrist.

- What happened? Why are you crying? -

And it's there that outbreak.

How can he ask such questions? How can you not feel the excitement in me?

And the tears come back down from my eyes, but this time is different.

They are tears of rage.

- Why am I crying? How dare you? You're a bas***d, Raizada, you make me sick!
What have you done? How the hell you have reduced her! Raizada, you are a filthy, you do not deserve to be in this world - I'm crying, I realize.

As seared, he let go my wrist, lowering his hands. I take this opportunity, away from him, looking at him with all the contempt possible.

His eyes stare at the empty, arms at his sides, his face shocked.

And while the tears streaming down my face, I feel the hate, anger and contempt increase.

He is a good actor.

Because he knows.

He know what happened to Payal.

He know about the violence that Payal has suffered because of me.

The awareness fire his eyes, who returns to focus on me.

- Payal-he says.

And the anger raging, uncontrollable. I approach him, our faces are close.

- Yes, Payal-shocked I whisper - you saw her, right? You saw what they did to her? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? - I started to cry, feel the tremors shake the body.

And the feeling it was me, with my mad flight, to cause all this makes me feel even worse.

My head spin, fogging the view.

Two strong arms hold me before I fall to earth.

I feel nauseous, but I try to recover.

At that moment, the only thing I want is to get away from him.

Forget that I'm his wife, that I have been his, I have given him my body, and he took my soul.

The clarity returns, sudden, and I try to move away.

But he do not let me.

- Get off! - I struggled, he kicked hard, but he is stronger than me.

Soul and body.

I'm shaking, anger is back, stronger than before.

- Stay calm .. -

- Get off me, bas***d! -

- Khushi, you're sick ... -

Our eyes collide, attract each other like two magnets.

I take a breath.

- I feel bad when I'm with you! -

I take a thrashing, but he doesn't give up.

He is losing patience, I feel it.

And it's confirmed when he took me up without any effort, like a sack of potatoes.

He pulls me on the couch and straddles me.

Immobilizes me, but the tears gives no sign to stop.

- Now calm down-he says seriously

-You a murderess, Raizada. You disgust me, look what you did! I ... -

I freeze, I'm without breath. My chest rises and falls with the rhythm of my breathing, and his eyes hypnotize me, so are intense.

And worried, because I see fear in them.

The close to my wrist gets stronger, and for a moment I fear the worst. I'm afraid he will download its fury on my body, but I do not care.

I never come down to him.

But he just staring at me, with that look strange, almost hallucinatory, whom I had looked at the altar.

The place of a false promise.

- No, I have not done anything to Payal-his is a whisper, but I get clear. I look at him in disbelief, my eyes are wide open from disgust.

I get upset, but do not let go of it.

- A damn liar, that's what you are. I saw the bruises on her face, I saw her look of fear. Do not fool me-

I try to get away but we are in close contact.

And his eyes seem darker at that time.

- It was Akaash, I do not know anything about it-

I laugh, a cynical laugh hysterically.

- You could prevent –I said, staring straight at him.

Eyes are filled with anger. He looks away – It's his wife-

I opened my eyes, shocked.

I feel the blood coming back on my cheeks, to show the horror of what he has just said.

- His ... his wife? – I breath in disbelief - Just because his wife he has the right to beat her? BEAT HER? ARE YOU CRAZY? -

No answer, but the silence that follows my words is eloquent.

His eyes collide again with mine, and dilate when they see the horror that there is on my face.

- And so it goes between us, Arnav? You'll beat me to a minimum quarrel at the slightest nonsense? You'll use violence to bend me to your will? – I take breath, my voice is broken - How did you do that night? - And the memory of my cries, the violence with which he deceived me,  turn my head again.

The air is tense, tense.

I feel his body freeze, and his hands are detached from my body.

And his eyes ... his eyes stare at me empty, before the pain transfigure his pretty face.

What I would give to be able to read your mind, Arnav.

But the pain soon fades away, the mask of evil back to hide his agony. A gesture of defense, the protection of a man that the world has known only pain and death.

He looks at me, his eyes are hard, cold as a cold winter night. His hands are back on my wrists, holding on to them tightly.

He approaches, slow, sinuous, with the charm of the predator.

-I don't owe you an explanation, I will not apologize. You're my wife, I chose you, and you will be the only one to suffer the consequences. I am what I am. Or accept it, or you'll be overwhelmed by the brutality of me- he said

I'm in disbelief, the pain is the background to the vortex of anger that only he can drag me.

I do not think, I do not reflect on the consequences of my actions.

Our faces are very close, and I am doing something I never thought I could do to a human being like me.

I spit on his face, expressing in that gesture all my disgust.

He looks at me, bewildered. I do not believe either.

But the anger replaces the surprise in his eyes.

He raises a hand, is about to hit me.

I close my eyes, waiting for the shot, the result of my foolish gesture. But, again, it is not the physical pain that knocks me.

His hand stopped an inch from my face, and it is suspended in the air, as his eyes seem to want to penetrate the soul.

I look in his eyes, there is anger, but also something else. Something that I cannot identify.

And after what he do, leaves me confused, but mostly stunned.

His hand rests on my face, stroking it, while the emerald irises of his burns in mine.

A flash, something in his eyes shooting, and he stands up, his back to me.

Without saying a word he goes, leaving me alone, and the confusion took possession of my mind.

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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1- Wedding took place smoothly

2- Akash Singh Raizada made his entry and I know, I know...he is pure devil between the two brothers. Arnav is an angelLOL.

3-Khushi spit on Arnav's face. For the 2nd time, Khushi was going to receive a slap from ASR but he managed to control himself. Will be she soo lucky even next time? *there is a next timeShocked*

4- In next chappy, the Suhagrat SceneEmbarrassed...if you're less than 18 or feel uncomfortable, please skip the won't miss anythingTongue

5- Next upd on weds as tomorrow my schedule is completely fullSleepy.

6-Thanks to Priya jaani who has sent the PMsHug

Love you jaaniHug

Thats all...see you soon

Will do my best to put the Q&H tomorrow

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dilectus Senior Member

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i have turned into a sadistic!!!
what else can be the explaination for stalking and getting the place fr first cmnt for a story filled with hate and violence!!! say i am dejected will be an understatement!!!she got married to rakshas raizad!!!
though i admire her choice of not giving up life, rather adjusting to circumstance only so that she can run away in future!!!

omg!!! i would really like to see a pic of akash as a character u have created, so that i can repeat what khushi did to arnav today..spit on face!!!

i dont know why..but m angry on payal!!!

i know she dint get a choice, and akash must be a rakshas, but still, i hate those who give up!!!
khushi!!! yo girl!!!
 you do lose your cool, but its not that he will leave you alone if u dont do anything!!

atleast u have the guts to vent up your fury at many occassions!!!

i dont think it was foolish!!!

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slgirl Senior Member

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Posted: 26 November 2012 at 5:16am | IP Logged
I lke to see where this story is heading..

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laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 November 2012 at 5:28am | IP Logged
omg aakash is evil here
read the chapters on page 64 and 71 in one go.
loved it, interesting

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abika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 November 2012 at 5:37am | IP Logged
intresting loved it

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