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ArHi FF: A Dark Love Story...UPD P.127+LINK P.136 (Page 57)

WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 November 2012 at 5:53am | IP Logged
agree with you...but when u get angry, you do the first thing that comes in your mind.
hehe...let see what is going to happen...the wedding or Khushi's run away...thanks for liking it ji XD

WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 November 2012 at 5:55am | IP Logged

Hello everyone,

As always, before updating

and a  big HUG to all the member who commented and the silent member who hit like button. I don't eat you, so comment jiLOL.
Check the note after the's very imp.Embarrassed

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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I look one last time in the bag and check that inside there is everything you need: wallet, money (few dollars, to say the truth ..), pepper spray (which I magically managed to save from a search of Raizada's minion putting it in the pocket internal of jeans), a cord (I had cleverly stolen the day that girl came and took me out from the squalid basement where I was held captive ...), and a cell phone (without card, of course - the bas***d had destroyed .. - but better than nothing ... I could always call 911...). I sigh, hiding all in a crumpled folds of the bag (inside of the fabric, so, if they decided to search me, they would not find anything ...), and I do a quick look in the mirror. I frown and puff: I do not like the clothes that bas***d bought me a few weeks before ... They are too gaudy... it's attract too much attention, and it certainly does not play in my favor ... always that I was able to escape ... I shake my head and banish that thought disturbing I had to be positive and try not to let me down, otherwise it would be the end ...
A light knock on the door distracts me from my musings.
- Come on! -
The door opens and enters, with discretion, Payal, beautiful as always.
I smile, nervous, and I take the bag.
- Hey, Payal-I greet her, trying not to show all the excitement I feel.
But she does not realize it , she smiles, but her eyes seem anxious and worried about something that escapes me.
- Are you okay? - I ask, genuinely concerned ... I have nothing against her, not after she told me her story, and I'm sorry to trick her ... I'm not going to do her end, and this is my only attempt, given that in less than a week I'll get married.
Suddenly she receives and looks at me, nodding a weak smile.
- Sure-blowing, her voice tremble - let's go ... -
I nod and try not to think about how strange is her behavior ... none of my business.
Before going down the stairs I block, only now remembering a detail.
Even Payal stops and looks at me, confused.
- Ehm .. Arnav ' I don't even imagine how much it costs to utter the name - well, you ... he told me to go to him, before leaving ... -
She nods and I head back to his office, but I have an idea and I turned back to Payal.
- Payal , could you please keep the bag? - I ask, blameless, but my gesture has a precise meaning, Raizada must not look inside ... Payal, in contrast, she'll never not look through my things ...
She frowns but nods and I get back to walk to the office of Raizada.  I knock up and his voice reaches me melodious to the ears, but somehow even darker than usual, and orders me to enter. Opening the door, I am stunned ... I've never seen such luxury in my entire life. Of course, my room is rich, but ever since this ...
I look around, amazed, and know how everything shines and exudes luxury and magnificence ...
The room is huge, gigantic. The floor is marble white, the color that fits the cream of the wall, covered with beautiful paintings, I recognize a Monet, a Degas and a Rockwell ... The desk is huge, covered with papers, and behind it a score of small gold-framed television throb and come on intermittently ... cameras ...
- Get away from the face that stunned expression and begin to get used to all this -
I turn around and I realize that Raizada is a few inches from me and looks at me with a mixture of amusement and derision, and I spare his gaze defiantly.
- You don't scare me! -
He does not respond me, draws me to himself with arrogance and makes me lay again my head on his chest, stroking my hair. I try to move away, but he do not let me go.
- I came ... -
- I know why you came-ironic he blurts out, and I feel his hands on my back and I stiffen, and he realizes it because he let me go, but his expression is somehow transformed.
- Before you go there are a couple of things I want to say you - begins, and I fixed him curious, as he returns to sit behind the desk.
- First, try not to do anything stupid, the type to try to escape or ask for help ... whoever you involve in this story will be killed, and mine is not a warning but a promise ... - I shudder for the intensity of his voice. He looks at me satisfied and continues - Second, I personally chose the shop from where you will buy the dress-for a moment I thought I saw his eyes light up, but it was only a fraction of a second: his eyes are immediately returned as cold as usual - And you cannot go anywhere else. -
I nod again - Can I go? -
He looks at me, the green of his eyes hidden anguish and ... panic? But no, it will be a figment of my imagination ...
He gives me a nod and I turn around, heading to the door. Before leaving I hear his voice calling my name and I turn ... meeting again his haunted eyes.
- See you tonight-he says.
Without answering him,  I go out and reach Payal, trying to look in her eyes, calm and relaxed, but aware that in a short time I can take advantage of the unique opportunity to be free again ...

- How about this? - Payal voice is quiet, she did not notice the frenetic drumming of my feet on the floor of the enormous store of wedding ceremony in Chicago. I look up to her, who is showing me excited about a white dress from the breathtaking beauty: the bodice is tight, little low-cut, and embroidery of pearls very refined, while the skirt is wide, coated with a fine tulle. I like it, Payal has much taste for such things.
I raise an eyebrow - The size? -
She smiles - The measures are not the same, but we'll make fit for you... -
I nod, not that I care much, if all goes according to plan, I won't wear that dress ever ...
A tailor takes my measures and, thanks to the credit card that Payal has, he assures me that the dress will be ready in three days ...
The day passes for the best, until Payal, prompted by the minion decided to return home.
But I suddenly block - Payal? - Mine is only a whisper, but my mask is, is back, and I can safely pretend to be calm.
She turns and looks at me, confused - Yes? -
- I have to go to the bathroom ...can please come with me? -
She look at those troglodytes and they nod, saying, however, they 'll follow us. I wear my mask of calm and head to the bathroom at the mall ... and I shut the door behind me. For a second I lean on it, closing my eyes and breathing deeply.
I'll be fine, everything will be fine, everything will be fine ... my only thought is, trying to convince my body and my mind that, it's okay. I'll make it, I have to do ...
I open eyes snapped, more determined than ever: Khushi Kumari Gupta is back, stronger than before, and no one will stop her ...
I scrabbled frantically in the bag, but before I look around.
Let there be a window, please God, let there be a window ... BINGO! The window is there, inviting, waiting to be opened. I welcome your invitation and look below: foreground. The rope is long enough? It must be ...
I pull it out and I weigh the length, alternating gaze on it and the height that separates me from escaping.
Yes, you can go. With a sigh of fear and a cold determination I throw the rope outside the window ... I look around, I have a few seconds to act. Ok, now is the time. I put the shoulder bag and get on the ledge. Please I won't crash my bones with the fall ... I cling firmly to the rope and I lean out the window more
I close my eyes, hoping that everything goes well and ... a moment, the space of a flutter, and find the courage to go out the window, holding on to the tool ...
While I try to get out without hurting me, my mind is too preoccupied by the concentration to realize that I did. But as soon as I feel my feet touch the cold asphalt of the road, I open my eyes suddenly and my only thought is the freedom, warm and welcoming, waiting for me, far away from that place.

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Not Any More
I ran, but I had no goal. Shortness of breath, my face marked by fatigue, weak legs. Passersby were looking at me, some concerned, others suspicious, but I did not care. The only really important thing, at that time, was run. I do not even care that I did not know where to go. For a moment I paused, trying to catch my breath. Will they be aware that I run away? Will they search me? Will they find me?

Doubts and questions invaded my mind, throwing in a state of confusion. And Payal? They'd get angry with her? I shuddered at the thought of that poor girl punished for my disobedience. I shook my head, I could not afford such qualms ... not here, not now. I looked around, trying to figure out where I wa. The road was crowded, people walked in with the usual rush. In that neighborhood there were many shops, mostly clothing and electronics ... I turned around, to turn its gaze on the other side of the street, a caf stood at my right hand, the sign shining light, although it was day ... and then a particular caught my attention away from my sight, probably a few miles away, I could see the tip of a skyscraper, shining in the afternoon sun ... Bingo! I was at St. Katy! Satisfied I resumed running, trying not to give too much attention ... I hoped with all my heart that those minions fail to see me through the crowd, otherwise it would be the end. A little further to the point where I was standing I could see a small concentration of people, all still in the same spot, as if waiting for something or someone ... bus stop!

As soon as I realized that small detail, I saw a bus stop right at that point ... from that distance I couldn't see where it would bring me, but I started to run the same: I had to go away from there ...

I looked back with horror and saw that men who had escorted me to the mall and Payal were aware of my escape  For a moment I stopped, paralyzed with fear, unable to move a muscle ... However, when I saw their eyes to focus on my image, I began to run, trying to get ahead of them at the bus stop which, fortunately, was still standing. I ran, I ran for my life, to have the opportunity to redeem my humanity from the oppression of those bas***ds, animals without feelings and sense of duty, and nothing would prevent me from fighting for a right to which all people, for better or worse, are entitled for.


I saw the bus moving and I start screaming at the driver to stop, hoping that luck was on my side. In a short time I got to the bus stop, and clapped my hands on the glass of the vehicle, to ask the driver to open the door. I looked back, they were close, too close ...

They were close to me, I was ready to give up, when the doors were opened, and I, upset and out of breath, rushed to climb.

- For God's sake, shut that door! - I shouted to the driver desperate ... they had almost reached and soon could have been up too ... But, unexpectedly, the driver did as I had said, without asking questions or looking at me, and I sighed, relieved ... I had it done, I was able to get away ...

For a moment my only thought was, as I was in the hall way of the bus, ignoring the looks confused people on board threw me. I sat down on an empty seat, huddling on the seat, terrified. Because my mind began to analyze the situation too early where I was: I was alone, no one could help me, I had no money, no place to go ... Looking out the window the road, which ran under my eyes, I estimated, for a fraction of a second, to turn to the police ...

I rejected that option immediately, knowing that often the police collaborate with Chicago mafia clans in the area, in exchange for drugs and laundered money ...

Arohi ... I could call her, but  would I involved her in the mess I had kicked?

My eyes watered at the thought of being alone, and having to fight with something bigger than me, without being able to count on anything or anyone ...I had to be strong, I do not need to despair ...

Ignoring the lump in my throat, I rummaged frantically in my purse, looking for the wallet ... fearful, I opened it, and saw what was left of my savings were about twenty dollars ... what I would do?

First I had to think about where I was going ...

- Excuse me, where does this bus go? - My whisper was directed to a middle-aged man sitting next to me, who, before answering my question, I looked for good, warily ...

- At Utterly Square, fiftieth street-was his answer.

I thanked him: Utterley Square ... not a nice neighborhood, suddenly I remembered. Drugs, prostitution and money laundering were the order of the day but ... the place also boasted the presence of numerous motels at bargain prices ... my twenty dollars would be enough for one night ... but then what? And, again, the thought of tomorrow returned to my mind, causing me a twinge of uneasiness in the stomach ... maybe I could go back to Phoenix, at dad's home. But if I had been found? Maybe Raizada would give up and he gave up ... I smiled at the silly thought maybe I had forgotten who he was. If that bas***d wanted something, he would do anything to have it ... and I knew it. The night spent with him back to me with unprecedented violence: his hands on my body, his violent kisses... and the words he had spoken.

You lose, Gupta.

I clenched my jaw, and my eyes lit up with a light neutral happiness: it was he who lost, not the reverse. I had escaped, had resisted his power, to his many psychological violence, and why not, even the lure, which sometimes have the power to strike where the strength never will.

A sudden stop brought me back to reality: we had come to an end, it was time to get off. With a sigh, I stood up trembling, looking towards the exit of the bus.

And as soon as the doors parted with a dull metallic sound, a gust of wind hit me in the face.

I closed my eyes, breathing in deeply, to enjoy the smell ... the smell of freedom.




The Start Pairing was a really seedy motel.

Three stories high, overlooking on one side the metro station, passing continuously, at any time of the day or night, shaking the walls of the room I had rented. The other side of the building facing a road rather broad, very busy night.
I watched the road at that hour of the night with prostitutes and drug dealers.
Where the hell I landed? Sure, it was the best that I could afford - the room had cost me barely twelve U.S. dollars ... - I could not help but get depressed at the thought that, just a few miles away, I had a home, warm and cozy, just waiting to welcome to its former owner

The frantic knock at the door interrupted my thoughts, and I turned toward the door, scared.

They were ... I really had managed to find me? I got pale, trying to breathe regularly…

I cleared my throat, trying to take courage and control the tone of my voice.

- Who is it? - Mine was a whisper, but I hoped, however, that he had heard.

TOC TOC. My heart skipped a beat, and then resume at a frenetic rhythm.

TOC TOC. Trembling, I approached the door, wide-eyed and terror painted on my face.

TOC TOC. The door was near now.

TOC TOC. I just had to deal with it ...


- Who is it? - This time I set for myself to turn up the volume of my voice.

I knew what that silence meant but, somehow, I always suspected that I would not be able to escape ...

Silence. A silence filled with waiting.

And then ...

- Miss Gupta, I'm Pete, the manager. I have come to bring clean sheets .. - the gruff voice of the owner of the motel made me almost fall to the ground with relief. I grabbed the door frame, I had never been so scared in my life ...

For a moment I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of well-being that had invaded the body and mind at the sound of his voice.

Then I straightened up, remembering that the man was going to knock and call me, and looked the peephole in the door, to see if it was really him and not a figment of my imagination.

I saw his face, the hole of the door, and smiles: it was one of the most neglected and gruff person I had ever seen, but it looked nice ...

The fingers were trembling but still, commanding to stay calm, I opened the door, snapping the key in the lock.


Suddenly, without realizing it, I was slammed to the ground, while a deafening roar filled the cramped space of the room.

I groaned and touched my forehead in pain from the blow just received, someone had slammed the door with such violence against me that I bleed. I tried to open my eyes, while my mind was filled with a single, terrifying thought that they had found me.

The shouting stopped suddenly, but I was still on the ground, and I could smell the blood iron invade my nostrils.

Someone else, apart these men had entered the room.

I opened my eyes, and I ran into two wells green with breathtaking beauty.

Those eyes were chained to mine, and I peered with a terrifying intensity. They stared at me with anger, resentment, disappointment, a hypnotic mix.

Suddenly the tears of defeat filled my eyes, I could not hold them back. I left them scroll on my cheeks, and my soul was shattered into a thousand pieces.

I fought and lost. They found me ,again and I could not do anything, but to submit to its brutality. This thought made me even more pale, and a sob escaped my lips. I closed my eyes, pouring down like a rag, at the mercy of his will, his desires, my pain.

I felt a rush of air, and a heat ephemeral spread from my weak body, when, opening my eyes, I noticed that I had been raised up by Raizada, and he made me lean with my head against his chest. It was a gesture almost tender, but I knew that it was only an illusion: he would make me pay, I was well aware. But I did not have the strength to rebel, to shout, to reject it.
Not any more.

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Khushi run away but our ASR managed to find herEvil Smile

What will happen now?Day Dreaming

Nothing romanticROFLLOL
@Laxsha: The wedding is taking place for your khushiLOLWink
Get ready and prepare your best outfit.
1) I have an exam on 3rd of Dec. so I won't upd next weekend.
I'll do my best not to leave a cliff. jiEmbarrassed
2) You may wondering how this 2 characters like ASR and Khushi will fall in love. Because they clearly hate each other like hell but if you have the patient to follow me,
you'll know it ji.
They're meant to be in this FF, remember this always as they'll go throughout a rollercoast of emotions, feelings before the ending.
I have planned a couple of scene which are cruel but according to the plot they're needed.
So asking already your forgiveness for what will happen later...Sowie jiEmbarrassed.
3) I already told you that in this FF, I won't make any sexually explicit statement and I kept my word when ArHi spent thier first night together.
Maybe, I wasn't so much clear when I wrote the scene but I haven't created the scenario of a love making scene since many times (more than a year) and I think I lost the touch ji.
So will do my best for the next timeEmbarrassed.
4) Yay, I crossed 50 pages...Thanks to all of you for the support ji.
Thats all

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siva2901 IF-Sizzlerz

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Ha ha After a long time 
I am back WinkWinkWink

My Comment for last Chap :

After reading this "WAKE UP" You really broke my heart ji Broken Heart LOL

I really wonder ji how you are writing so wellStar

Kushi deserve slap ji  But ... A Real Man won't hit a Woman
So Kushi is planing to escape Embarrassed

Freedom : 
See you tonight BlushingLOL
Omg Its to filmy jiLOL 
Kushi escape scene Omg i can visualize everything ji . It looked like i watch a film Smile
Kushi feelings were beautifully written jiClapClapClap
A smell of Freedom Embarrassed i like this line jiSmile
Poor PayalOuchOuchOuch

Not Any More:

Poor Kushi 
I am Scared about Arnav . 
Dont know what he will do Ouch

Thanks for info ji They are going to marry wow Dancing

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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you're the first , finally XD

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siva2901 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by DUGGUlicious


you're the first , finally XD

Yeah I am happy Big smile

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