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ArHi FF: A Dark Love Story...UPD P.127+LINK P.136 (Page 33)

WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Baby I want you

My mother's face was more beautiful than I remembered.
Shining with a new light, a happiness that I had never seen permeated by her features.
She smiled at me, her eyes bright and carefree.
- Khushi! - Even her voice had a note joyful that I had never heard when she was alive.
I looked around ... I was in Detroit, in the house where my mother had brought me when I was a little less than a year.
I looked again, and moved by a desire unknown I moved a step towards her.
Another, and another, to find a few inches from her.
And then it happened what I feared most.
I saw him.
A wicked smile deformed his face as he approached me and took me for waist, squeezing tightly to his body.
I looked at him and noticed that his eyes were not malicious, just love ... I went back to look at my mother, and I saw her smile at the sight of my body tight in the arms of Arnav, had died.
It was more benign, staring at us in disgust, pulling back slightly.
-Mom? - I whispered, reaching out a hand.
- What have you done, Khushi? - My mom's voice was angry and disappointed, I had never looked upon with so much hate ...

I woke up trembling, stifling the scream that was struggling to get out into the pillow. It was a dream, just a dream.
I got up and I sat down, brushing my forehead damp with sweat.
My heart beat crazy, I felt it reverberate in the chest at speeds unheard of, as if, at any moment, would come out from my chest.
I sighed and pulled back a strand of hair from my eyes, trying to forget the nightmare that made me so upset. Damn! Even in dreams he torment me!
I hated him with all my heart, and that scared me ... because hate was destroying my life, and I would never let that Raizada to make me like him ... be dominated by hatred and a desire to harm others!
I pulled back the covers and looked at the clock located on the luxurious mahogany bedside table on my left it was eleven o'clock in the evening ...
I got up and started to go to the bathroom, intent to have a shower, when strange noises, probably coming from downstairs, made me wince. I slipped the robe placed on the chair and cautiously opened the door ... the moans grew louder. I closed the door behind me and went up the stairs, careful not to make noise, led by the strange verses.
And what I saw gave me a powerful sense of nausea.
Arnav Singh Raizada was standing over a black boy, sitting precariously on a wooden chair.
His face was covered in blood, I had never seen someone so terrified.
I almost fell to the ground in horror, I saved myself just holding on to the railing of the stairs.
- I repeat - Raizada growled with evil voice, while his henchmen were standing on the sidelines, enjoying the scene - Tell me where you put the money and I'll let you go ... -
The boy, terrified, muttered something like a - I do not have it! -.
I heard Raizada hold his breath, furious as I had seen him a few times, and then turn to one of his man and give him a weak nod.
The latter drew his pistol and walked slowly to the poor boy, who began to fidget, trying to break free from the tight ropes that wrapped the body.
And then my reasoning vanished completely, replaced by fear for kid ...
- NO! - I cried and rocketed down the stairs. All present turned towards me, including Raizada. His face was surprised, but the surprise turned into a blind rage, and stared at me with hatred.
- Stay out! - He howled
In the meantime I had parade myself in front of the boy, trying-unsuccessfully-to protect him from those killers.
Raizada came up next to me.
I was breathless with fear and anger, I felt I was missing just about to burst out.
- Guota - he hissed, furious - Moved from here -
- NO! - I shouted again - You will not kill him! I will not let you -
He smiled, malevolent, looking from head to toe with a look of disgust
- And how you will prevent me? - he said a sweet voice.
He took me by the wrist, squeezing it firmly, and with little delicacy tried to shoo me away.
But I resisted, and without realizing it he tugged too hard, hitting me into the wooden table, placed in the center of the hall, and I fell awkwardly to the ground.
I moaned in pain, and I could almost see concern in his eyes. I wiped off the thought and stood up, wincing from the pain in his leg and putting myself again in front of the boy.
- You'll not kill another innocent before my eyes! - I cried looking at him with the challenge. He returned my gaze, the laughter was gone from his beautiful face, now staring at me with a mask of pure hatred.
- I'm telling you, Gupta. Moved or you will pay dear! -
I straightened my back and went up to him, but I did not move away too much from the boy
- Well-I whispered - kill me, I do not care. If you kill him, kill me also - he did not answer and for a moment in his eyes I saw something like ... admiration? No, impossible! It must have been my imagination to create that strange vision.
Since I received no reply, I turned to his henchmen and yelled:
- Have not you heard? Kill us both, obey to that bas***d of your head! -
Silence fell in the house, the only sound was the beating of my heart accelerated. And suddenly I felt something cold and metallic grazed on my forehead .. I turned around and saw Raizada with a gun in his hand, his face just inches from mine.
- So you chose to die too? - he whispered in my ear with a sensual voice. I swallowed when I felt the cold steel of the gun grazed on my temples, and down in a slow caress the nose, cheeks, neck
I looked at him, my eyes were not afraid, just angry. But inside me, the fear that his finger pressed the trigger, had increased the beating of my heart, that pawed furiously at a rate almost painful.
Only fools are not afraid to die, and I could also be clumsy, distracted and shy, but certainly not foolish ...
Raizada turned to his men, and growled - Everybody out! -With a voice full of resentment. Those dematerialized in a second, terrified by gaze of their master, who suddenly came to focus his eyes on mine.
The gun was still there, on the carotid artery, and had never been afraid as now ... but I would never have given satisfaction to show me afraid: I raised my head and challenged him with a look of proud and defiant at the same time.
I saw his mouth curl into a slight smile, evidently the situation was having fun.
- I have to admit, Gupta: you have courage... -
-You bas***d-I whispered, and he slid the gun, bringing it back on my temples
- You'll really die for a stranger? - he looked incredulous
- It surprise you? Well, you should not- I breathed, trying to control the trembling of my voice
- Why not? -
- Because we are not all like you, Raizada. There are people in this world, ready to sacrifice themselves for others ... -
- I call them stupid, but I guess everyone has his yardstick - he interrupted me.
- In fact-I snapped - thankfully not all think like you, Raizada-
He laughed again and lowered the gun. I almost fell to the ground in fright, but I restrained myself: I did not give him that satisfaction
He walked over to me, putting his gun on the same table against which I crashed.
He put a hand on my forehead, stroking my face slowly, but his was a caress threatening, and clearly expressed all the desire he had to crush my head in his hands. I clearly felt his anger and hatred towards me ...
I stood motionless, I knew it was useless to escape from the touch: if he only wanted to, he could hit me, and nobody will prevent ...
His lips came near to my ear, and I shivered by the intensity of his voice: - I can save his life, if you will - he whispered sweet.
My eyes widened in disbelief, and I shuddered as I felt his lips grazed my neck
- How ... what ... - I said confused.
- Tell me the name of the responsible for the arrest of Di Souza, and I'll let him live ... -
I stiffened and I dodged, moving away from him and looking at him angrily.
- Should I save a life and condemn another to certain death? - I blurted out angrily, and saw him clench his jaw. He walked back to me, ignoring my words and grabbing me for my waist.
- Take it or leave - he whispered sweet.
- Forget it - I shouted, and I saw him smile satisfied.
-How do you want -he said cheerfully. Suddenly I heard a blast and I realized that Raizada has picked me up and headed upstairs.
- What are you doing? - I cried fearfully, and he smiled.
- I'll take you over, then come back here and finish my work ... -
- NO! - Kicking and I struggled hard, but nothing dissuaded him from his purpose. Ignoring my cries he took me to my room and slammed on the bed, and then turn around and head back toward the door.
- PLEASE! - I shouted - DO NOT DO IT-
He shook his head, looked amused. He started to leave, but what I said after stopped him on the spot ...
He whirled toward me, looking surprised. He hesitated for a few seconds, but he retraced his steps and walked over to my bed, whispering in my ear
- All? -
I nodded, frightened and shaken, and he laughed, stroking my cheek. I do not move away, I did not want him nervous. The touch went down on my nose, and his fingers rested on my lips, lingering on my lips. Suddenly he stiffened, and his voice, when he spoke, returned to cold
- You may regret your decision, Gupta -
I shook my head and stared at him, trying to control the trembling of my voice
- Everything you want -I said, sure of what I was saying ... I would have done anything to save the boy.
He came up to me, our faces were so close. And, inevitably, his lips rested on mine. I tried to stay calm, while his hands held me by the hair, immobilizing me. When he parted from me a stream of bile rose in my throat, and tried to ignore the languid look that he gave me. He went to my ear, whispering sensual - One night, you and me alone. You will be mine for one night. In return, the boy is free ... -
I clenched my jaw, and I looked at him, my heart oppressed by a terrible weight, I nodded. He pleased, he rose and turned toward the door
- See you tomorrow, Gupta -

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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I say you "See you on Tuesday, crazy gang"

Tomorrow, my schedule is very busy and I won't be able to updEmbarrassed

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laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

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intense update loved it

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 8:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by laksh65

intense update loved it
Thanks a lot dearBig smile
ThanuAditya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 8:12am | IP Logged

OMG OMG you surprised me man ! I never thought of this man ! Now I get why you decided to put Arnav POV in next update ! 
I was waiting for marriage !
Story is gettin interesting and turnin very intense ! Hopefully, Arnav wont kill that boy man !

Why am hav a feelin that nor Khushi or Arnav gonna offer their life to save others life ? 

Can't wait for Tuesday already ...

Take time and take care man !
(Credit goes to dilkidhadkan)

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MyAnastasia18 Goldie

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wow I didn't thought tht this will happen...suprised me...

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by MyAnastasia18

wow I didn't thought tht this will happen...suprised me...
LOLLOLLOLlike the JatkaWink
angeldream14 IF-Sizzlerz

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wht is his prob
poor her

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