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ArHi FF: A Dark Love Story...UPD P.127+LINK P.136 (Page 28)

ThanuAditya IF-Sizzlerz

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can i res


NO i cant lolz ! Sorry for res ! Got bit excited 

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- Khushi, from which city are you from? - The slimy voice of a middle-aged man sitting in front of me, came to my ears.
I clenched my jaw, I would have liked to yell to him, but a strong press on my arm stop me from achieving my purpose. I turned and saw Raizada: he looked at me with a smile, but the threat was clear in his eyes. He wanted at all costs that I contribute to act at the scenario he created. But to what end? Me, his wife? Was he crazy?
- I was born in Detroit - I said sharply
He nodded, smiling sweetly. The woman at his side, which was probably his wife, was staring at me as if I were a slimy worm, and dedicated to Arnav adoring glances. She was young, too young to be with a man of that age. She had long blond hair, curly and voluminous, and a body truly breathtaking ... certainly she have married that sort of troglodyte for the sake of miserable money. I looked away, those people gave me the nausea, and I was forced to have dinner with them ... what anger!
The sultry voice of Raizada made me : I turned around and saw that he was talking to the man next to him... and they were talking about ME!
- So, Arnav - said the man drawled ... I also noticed that the men that evening, had abounded with alcohol ... including Arnav, even though he looked not drunken - How did you trap such a beautiful girl? - he whispered jokingly.
Raizada's laughter rang through the room, when suddenly there was silence - Let's say I caught her! - All were silent for a second, then burst out laughing, but you could see that it was a forced laugh.
The man looked at me and howled - Good for you! You don't find everyday beauty like that! -he ended giving me a look disgustingly languid.
I stood up suddenly, and all turned to look at me, apparently surprised. The only eyes that betrayed no curiosity was the ones of Raizada: staring at me with raised eyebrows, the mouth twisted into a grimace imperceptible. I knew I was risking a lot with my behavior ...
- I'm sorry-I snapped - I have to go to the bathroom - without paying attention to anyone, I walked away, determined to escape as soon as possible from the hell. I walked quickly upstairs in my room, and I locked myself in my bathroom. Just entered I released an exasperated sigh and looked in the long mirror on my right: I almost did not recognize myself. The dress I wore had made me graceful, sensual, I hated the way the bodice swathed my curves. The face, though it was soap and water, shone with a brightness artificial, given by the combination of dark hair and ruby ??red clothing. I knelt on the ground, passing a hand through my hair. What was happening to me? I hated this, I hated what had happened to me ... the only thing I wanted was to go back to my old life. I would never have agreed to marry that bas***d ... I would never be able to survive in his world. And then, suddenly like a bolt from the blue, a terrifying thought touched my mind: this was what he wanted ...he wanted to tie me to his world, make me like him, destroy all my principles, my beliefs.
A human being without will, that's what he wanted to do. No, I had to find a way to escape, I had to run away from this place at all costs ... I would never have allowed him to make me like him. I would never become a killer, a leech of society ... never! The tears rolled down my cheeks, I looked at my helpless face marked by horror, my eyes bright and I decided that I would run away from that place as soon as possible.
Suddenly the bathroom door was thrown open violently. I turned, surprised, and saw that bas***d enter impetuosity and look around.
When he saw me a blind fury crossed his face, approached me with stealthy step and for a moment I trembled.
It was only a fraction of a second, because my eyes lit up immediately challenge, and all the hatred I felt for him poured with unprecedented violence. He got me up and took me into the room, throwing myself on the bed, ignoring my curses. He came up next to me and I shrank automatically, as I had to avoid the devil.
He took me by the wrist and held it, looking at me with hatred.
- I will explain just a concept-he whispered voice full of disgust - If I tell you something, you do it ... there are no excuses or objections, understand? -
I looked at him, my eyes betrayed a blind fury. I struggled from his grasp and he let me go, pinning, however, with a look of ice
-Why did you run? -
And in that moment I burst:- You wonder WHY? - I cried - what the hell are you thinking, you bas***d? You and me married? Are you out of your mind? I detest you!! -
He burst into a mocking laugh, which had the power to make me more angry - I'll teach you to bring respect, wifey-he grinned, then turned serious all of a sudden, giving me with a look of pure hatred - I always keep my promises, and I was not kidding when I swore that I annihilate you Gupta-
I clenched my jaw, I would have liked to slap his ugly face. But I knew he would win in a physical fight, I could only hurt him with words
- You are a disgusting, Raizada.You do not deserve to be in this world- I snarled, I had never hated him so much.
He stiffened and came over to me. I tried to shoo me away, but his arm tightened spasmodically on my wrist. He looked at me, his face was gloomy, and stroked my hair. His caress had a menacing because I did groped in vain to avoid him. He come close to my ear, his breath touched my neck, making me shiver 
- You do not decide about whether I live or die, Gupta - his voice, rather than angry, felt sad, but I decided to have imagined
- I'll pay for my sins before God, but I must not certainly be accountable to you for my behavior! - This phrase had almost shouted. Our eyes met, magnetic. I could see the reflection of my eyes in his penetrating gaze, and I realized only then all the hate I felt for him. We stood and stared for a few seconds, which seemed like hours, but he suddenly let go on my body and walked away.
He opened the door, but before leaving he snapped - This time I let you stay, but I will not be so lenient. You will be my wife, before you accept it and less you'll suffer -
He left, slamming the door, leaving me alone in the darkness of my despair ...

Two weeks after

I looked again at the room, looking for any sign of distraction on the part of that bas***d, looking for a possible escape route. The windows could be opened, but I was on the third floor, and I did not know how I was going to get out of them without break my neck. I sighed, it were days that I did not think anything else: the way to escape from this nightmare. I scoured the house looking for a possible escape route, but nothing ... it was all controlled by the minions of Raizada, even the back of the immense garden was infested by their unwelcome presence ...
I snorted in frustration: I was not going to give up, but the day of the fake marriage was coming ... I still remember the day when he said the dreaded date ...

I was sitting on the bed with my head in my hands, trying in every way to not give in to despair that threatened to overwhelm me. It was three days after the dinner and the announcement of the bas***d, and since then I had not seen him. I kicked out anyone who tried to enter in my room, screaming gibberish. I did not want to see anyone.
Suddenly the bedroom door opened. I looked up, ready to rant against anyone who dared to disturb me, but a pair of green eyes, cold and cruel, made my blood freeze in my veins. Arnav Singh Raizada looked at me, his eyes were hard, his jaw caught in a grimace of anger ...
He approached me with a slow pace, almost afraid to come into contact with my body. I stood up, ready to face him.
-What do you want? - I snapped, looking at him with shining eyes.
- I'm here to inform you about the date of the marriage-
I stiffened and lifted my face to meet his eyes, and a look of pure disgust formed on my face.
- Do you really think I'll marry you? - I cried, but he only smiled, wryly.
- The choice doesn't belong to you ... -
- I'll never consent to become your wife. EVER! - I put the emphasis on the last word, to make sure he understand.
- Poor silly, do you really think that I need your permission? -
My eyes widened in disbelief - The marriage is not valid if I do not approve! -
He laughed, his laughter crystal clear, but cold and cruel as a stormy sea, made my skin crawl. He took me by the wrist and brought me closer to him abruptly, making me come to terms with his chest. I moaned, shocked and surprised by sudden of that approach, and he encircled my waist with his arms, squeezing me to him. He brought my face close to his, dropping to my height. His eyes were amused, he was making fun of me ...
- The law is not my first thought at this time -he blew on my neck. I tried to get away from him, but he squeezed too hard - You'll pay, Raizada! The evil that causes you to people will turn against you! -
He smiled sarcastically, but now there was anger in his eyes.
- Neither this interests me-he whispered
- bas***d! -
Suddenly he lifted me up and threw me on the bed with a bad grace, lying about me and staring at me with hatred. His face was close, too close
- Ah Ah-shook his head in disapproval - these words are not suited to a girl like you, Gupta. I'll have to teach you what is education ... -
I did not even have time to argue that he was resting violently with his lips on mine. I moaned again, indignant, trying to break free, but even at that time it doesn't work. I put my hands on his chest, but he, predictably, took hers and squeezed,.
I struggled and he with his hands brushed my hair, my face. Then he pulled away from me and stood up, looking at me with an amused smile and derisive. I sat down, out of breath and red cheeks, and he burst into laughter
- It was fun, even if I don't care about girls like you! -
I looked at him, shocked beyond belief.
- bas***d! - I cried, but he laughed again, heading for the door and saying, amused.
- The marriage will be in twenty days, Gupta. See you soon ... - he chuckled and walked out, blatantly ignoring all the words that I saying ...
With a frustrated sigh, I returned to reality, trying to forget that kiss and the disgust that I was assaulted for days at the thought of my lips glued to his. I shook my head. THAT SUCKS!, I thought sour. He was a handsome man, of course, but I did not mind his appearance ... what was inside, his behavior, his actions, though that disgusted me over anyway.
I groaned and sat down on the bed, I had to run away from there or I would be crazy in no time.
A shot shy at the door startled me. I did not answer the door and, as expected, he opened the same, but it wasn't Raizada: when he walked into my room, it was with vehemence, opening the door suddenly shut. Who had entered had done very carefully, as if afraid to disturb me or make me angry.
I got up and ran into a beautiful woman: she was tall and slender, black hair fell in soft curls on her shoulders. The grey eyes and sweet face, with features slightly marked, increased their charm. The eye looked good, her eyes hid an infinite sweetness, but also a veil of melancholy that hardly go unnoticed. I had never seen a woman so attractive. She looked at me and smiled at me, her eyes of ice warmed.
- Arnav had told me that you were beautiful, but I did not think so much- she whispered sweet and came over to me.
I stiffened - Are you one of them? - I had used the tone was curt, but she was not offended. She frowned - Not exactly- she whispered
I snorted.
- "Not exactly" is not an answer worthy of being called such. You are or you're not! - She laughed and walked further, taking my hands in hers and giving at a happy glance.
- I am Payal! -
- Who are you? - I asked, curious and eager to know why she treated me with such kindness.
She smiled - I am the wife of Akash Singh Raizada - she whispered sad - the brother of Arnav ... -
- Then you're one of them ... - I accused her, and she shook her head.
- I correct you-she piped - not exactly-
- What do you mean? -
- Now is not the time-she said, frowning- I'm not here for this ... -
- So what do you want? - I snapped, and she invited me to sit on the bed. I agreed, and she sat down next to me.
- Arnav told me to take measures for the wedding dress -she said.
I stiffened further- You can tell to Arnav to go to ... -
-It's useless to fight, Khushi - she interrupted, her voice was suddenly cold - He wants, and he will. The more you resist, the more his desire to bend to his will ... Believe me, I speak from experience-
It's a horrible thought appeared in my mind ...
- You mean you have been forced too? - I whispered in horror here is the reason for the sadness that I read in her beautiful eyes.
Eyes were full of resentment. She nodded, suddenly icy - Akash threatened my family ... he also burned the car of my father, who was forced to let me go ... -
I read a lot of sadness in her eyes, and a blind rage, mixed with remorse and pity came over me
- I'm sorry - I whispered
She shook her head and smiled faintly -It isn't your fault - she whispered - but let's talk about more ... I'll give you some advice, Khushi: Do not upset these people, it could be very dangerous - I saw her shiver, but her fear did not infected me. The only feeling I could feel was anger toward those bas***d who forced a poor girl to submit to their will.
I jumped up, taking a walk back and forth: they would have paid. As soon as I could escape I would have unleashed against them everyone I was to involve in my battle: police, journalists, media and so on and so forth! Suddenly I stopped, while a brilliant thought crossed my mind, but of course! I'll collect during my forced stay in this hell, all possible information about their clan, and when I'll manage to escape, they would spend big trouble. I tried to hide the sudden joy that permeated in my features and turned to Payal, displaying an innocent expression.
- Where are we? - I asked cautiously, hoping she would answer. It would have been a primary goal to know the place where the most important Mafia Boss of North America held its shady practices. She looked at me a long time to decide whether to answer or not, but my expression of childish curiosity convinced her to talk.
- We're in the neighborhood of Prince William, south of Chicago-
I nodded, handing her another question.
- But you, where do you live? -
She frowned, started to get suspicious - Why all these questions? - she asked ... was clever, the girl! -However, I cannot tell you- she sighed.
I nodded again, disappointed but conscious that probably she was afraid that if she talked too much, she should suffer the wrath of her husband.
We sat in silence for a few minutes, each lost in thought, until she stood up and said, in a cheerful voice - Come on, take these measures, the time passes! -
For a moment I thought of sending her to hell, but then I realized that if she did not obey the orders of Raizada-the latter probably would take with her. So I got up and walked over to her, that, with a tape measure in hand, she did what she was told ...
The afternoon passed quickly, between a chat and the other in the company of Payal, who had been all afternoon in my room. She told me a lot about his life before marriage with Raizada's brother: she was originally from Minnesota, but for the purposes of study, she moved to Chicago. When she met Akash in college, and she did not know who he really was. She attracted him, but as a result of his persistent advances too, she had decided to stop seeing him. Too bad that he had begun to haunt her, and Payal, frightened, took refuge from his parents. But Akash had followed her in Minnesota and had threatened her family, forcing her to agree to marry him. They don't involve her in their criminal business, so she knew nothing of their trade or movements.
They had a conception too orthodox on the role of women. But I would never have become as Payal, because I'll try in every way to escape ... it's the last thing I do, I would have run from the clutches of Raizada.
With these thoughts I abandoned myself to sleep, hoping that at least it could soothe the anguish I felt inside ...

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Soo...liked or not???
Khushi isn't happy at all but it's ASR hasn't the same opinion
We had the 1st kiss between ArHiTongueLOL
Payal's entry is very imp. for the storyWink
Thats all I can sayEmbarrassed

Banner made by NikyBig smile

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res lolz...

Awesome update yaar ! But I want more lolzz Nww I can't wait for next update !

ArHi First kiss Hayee !

Feel bad for Payal man ! 

Hopefully, both Akash and Arnav will change at end ! 

Can't wait for ArHi's wedding ! 

Hope, Khushi dunt find a way to escape man ! ****Im a evil Arnav's fan lolz****

Love the banner ! Its outstanding !

Update next part soon coz u  made us gettin excited about ArHi wedding nww it seems like cliff hanger for me nww ! 
(Credit goes to dilkidhadkan)

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beautiful update
loved it

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Originally posted by LaxshaLOVEArshi

res lolz...

Awesome update yaar ! But I want more lolzz Nww I can't wait for next update ! hahaha, you have to wait a little for the next upd:P

ArHi First kiss Hayee ! WinkWink

Feel bad for Payal man ! me too yaar but this is the kahaaniTongue

Hopefully, both Akash and Arnav will change at end ! can't reveal much about itSmile

Can't wait for ArHi's wedding ! 

Hope, Khushi dunt find a way to escape man ! ****Im a evil Arnav's fan lolz****yeah, finally someone who want that this wedding take placeLOL

Love the banner ! Its outstanding ! thanks NIKYClap

Update next part soon coz u  made us gettin excited about ArHi wedding nww it seems like cliff hanger for me nww ! LOLwill do it soonLOLLOLLOL
(Credit goes to dilkidhadkan)

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I too want this wedding to happen. What can i say i like Arnav the Bad BoyWink
Poor Payal and poor Khushi.

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I hope Payal will be a help kor Khushi..plz update soon and pm me

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