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ArHi FF: A Dark Love Story...UPD P.127+LINK P.136 (Page 127)

WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Love You

I believed you're fragile and need to be protected ... but the reality is that the really strong between us is you. The one who never gives up, the one that showed me dozens of times now, the girl who is so brave...You'd ever ask the stars  to stop to shine? Or river to stop flowing? Behold, I could not ask to  my heart to stop loving you. The heart would not listen, and then, I would not dare. How do I ask my heart to stop beating for heart will always beats for you...

Arnav's voice was warm and sensual, while intoning the pages of a popular book, one of my favorites.

I was lying on a blanket in the garden of Villa, with my head resting on the legs of Arnav, I was reading an excerpt from the novel I hate Love storys.

It had been days from the morning when I woke up in his arms, and things were greatly improved.

We fought rarely, if for some nonsense, and he decided to spend more time with me, easing my loneliness and neglecting his trades.

Fundamental element for our reconciliation was his promise not to kill the man who had caused me so much pain.

We did not talk more about him, because every time I talked about Richard, he changed the subject, but I was sure that he had kept his promise. He must have kept, because I could not believe his eyes, so intense and special,  had lied.

- Are you sleeping? – Arnav's voice reached my ears, loud and clear. I opened my eyes met his, and I realized that, actually, I was going to sleep.

I blushed, and he burst into laughter.

He came up to me and brushed a strand of hair from my face.

- You know you're beautiful when you blush? - He whispered, looking at me with an almost worshipful gaze.

I blushed even more, but his ironic it made me angry. I gave him a dirty look, and he laughed even harder.

- Stop-I snapped, but he continued to laugh.

I turned away from him, stiff, and saw him get serious. But only for a second: he took me by the waist and pulled me under him, making me lie down in the grass in the garden, still laughing.

His smile was contagious as it is rare, so I followed him, and we were both laughing like crazy, until we gasped.

When our brief moment of hilarity was over, we went back to look into his eyes, and I got lost in his eyes clear, deep as the sea. I held my breath, and he brought his face close to mine, kissing the corner of my mouth.

- I did not think it could happen-he whispered serious

- What? - I asked, confused by his sudden change of mood

- This-he said in a low voice, and then take my face in his hands and looking intently into my eyes.

I closed my eyes, I could not bear his penetrating gaze, almost hypnotic, who had the power to send me into confusion.

He kissed my eyelids, and then whispered in my ear

- I love you Khushi-

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Party Time kya?!?!

ASR said I love you KhushiWinkLOL


don't be excited soo muchLOL

the party is going to be spoiled by the next chappy.

The first lines of the chappy belong

to my Arjuhi FF I Hate love storysEmbarrassed
Check after Sargam comment to read the second part of the story ji

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Broken Heart

I pulled back the covers, annoyed by the scorching heat and my solitude.

It's been days since I don't separate from Arnav, but he had said that tonight he had to do something important, so he left me alone, promising to return soon.

I also accepted a particular-as-strange request: not to go out for any reason from my room until he returned.

I sighed: I could not bear to keep me hidden all those things.

My thoughts returned to him, the words he had whispered a few days ago ...

I love you ... when he told me so, I was pale, and I was not able to answer.

I could see that he was waiting for a reaction, but I was not able to say or do anything except stand still, staring at him shocked.

I did not know whether to believe his words, I was not sure that he was lying.

Yet his eyes were so sincere ...

But hatred can bring about love?

There are two intense feelings, corrosive, amplified to the extreme, and few human beings are able to love or hate in a total and complete.

Human nature is basically selfish, and this leaves no space for interest in the others and the chance to experience such feelings.

But I loved him?

I was not sure.

Something had changed between us. But I did not know if it was my simple gratitude or something deeper ... love is something you cannot control, but my reasoning had always prevented from seeing Arnav in that way ... I had always been convinced that people like him could not love or feel benevolent towards other human beings.

Yet he, in those days, he had shown me the opposite ...

I shook my head at that moment seemed to want to burst with too many thoughts, and I found myself changing position again in bed.

The heat was really stuffy, and I could not sleep. With one click I got out of bed, I was thirsty, I wanted to go down in the living room and maybe go outside and get some air.

I slipped the robe night and opened the door of my room and out into the dark hallway. I decided not to turn on the light : the torches in the garden reflected their lights inside the house, so there was no point wasting energy ...

With agonizing slowness down the stairs, and I found myself in the vast living room of villa. That place aroused fear, because I remembered the first time I entered the house, and the terror that I had tried to deal with finding one of the most important American mafia boss.

My future husband ... how things had changed since then!

I myself felt different, and I did not like that feeling at all ... I was afraid that the world from which I had been sucked could bribe at all, make me an assassin ...

I stumbled into the kitchen and got a glass, filling it with water.

I went back into the living room and sat down in an armchair, sipping my drink slowly.

The air was tense, I felt that something was going to happen, but I did not understand the reason for my feeling ... I usually always trusted my instincts, but this time I decided to ignore it, until I heard some noises coming from the wing east of the room. I got up, cautiously, squeezing in a dressing gown, and went to the door when I felt the strange verses.

I opened it, and found myself in front of a dark tunnel, which barely make out the outline of the stone stairs ... the stairs were familiar.

I got pale, holding on to the door jamb, but when I heard that noise again I took courage, and began to slowly descend the stairs.

My heart was pounding as I felt the verses, verses humans originate from the end of the tunnel. As I continued, I saw a faint light as a backdrop to the winery where I was going down.

I followed it, while my footsteps echoing in the silence.

The seconds seemed like hours, I felt my throat locked, I could hardly breathe.

The light became more and more near.

And then it happened.

A familiar voice broke the silence, making me shiver.

- I ... please .. -

- You have suffered enough, Richard-my head was spinning wildly, and almost fell to the ground in surprise. The man who had spoken was Arnav, but I barely recognized his voice: it  was cold, cruel, inhuman.

With me he had never used that tone, even during our worst quarrel ...

The voice of a murderess.

- My wife wanted I left you alive ... she is not like me. And that is why I love her. But you ... you cannot live. You have dared to touch her, you dare to hurt her, against her will – he took a deep breath, looked like he was barely holding his back anger - I do not forgive you- he whispered, and then a deafening roar echoed in the basement, breaking my heart in half.

The firing of a gun.

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Arnav POV
I Hate You
A sharp cry rent the air, followed by the roaring sound of a gunshot.

I had pressed that trigger.

My thought, when I saw the man collapse to the ground, exhausted from the pain, went to her.

I promised her I would not have killed Richard.

I still remember the light that I saw in her eyes when I swore that the man who had brutally beaten would not have died.

She was too good, too selfless to be with me as a murderess.

Yet I was not able to stop myself ... I was down in the basement to set him free, to keep the promise made, but see his face evil, the smell of Khushi on his filthy body, feel the satisfaction he felt at the thought of hurt her, I had lost all reason that I so proudly showed it to the world.

He was not sorry that he had hurt my wife, in his face I had not seen the slightest trace of remorse.

He would never have made amends, he would never ask forgiveness for the wrong done to my wife.

And that thought sent me into a rage.

A fury of hatred with which was part of me, was very different had taken possession of me: my anger was bright, cold as frost in winter, sharp as a ferocious cry of pain.

Aware of having broken the promise, I pulled the trigger and life had instantly abandoned man.

With studied coldness I stepped over his body, and I prepared to go back to my wife.

It was a moment: two pools brown, deep as the ocean, clashed with the chill of my eyes.

I gasped, and I saw her, her eyes, open wide with terror.

She looked at me, then look away man lying on the ground, completely covered with blood.

Her mouth dropped open in an "o", but the horror was painted on the beautiful features of her face.

She looked back at me, her eyes full of tears, then turned and began to run, to run away from me.

I stood still for a moment, lost in a sea of ??unknown sensations: anger, guilt, frustration and pain clashed in my mind, making me lose the perception of reality.

Why could not she love me for who I was?

Then, there was a new feeling: awareness.

Khushi had seen me, she knew that I had lied, that I had deceived her with false lies.

With one click I collected the apparent trance state, and then start running.

I had to chase her, I had to stop her, I had to explain her...

Explain what, then? That I really loved her, but I was too selfish to give up my old life?

The only thing I knew was that I did not want that she hated me.

Suddenly a faint light hurt my eyes, and I realized that I have come into the living room. Khushi was still there, panting, and was trying to get away from me.

With one click I approached her and grabbed her wrist.

Her skin was burning on contact with mine.

With a violent tug, I forced her to turn around, but what I saw made me back suddenly, frightened.

Khushi was pale, dark circles and deep purple the digging face.

Her eyes were wide open, full of tears, and the mouth open, as if she wasn't able to breathe.

I could almost hear the beating of her heart speed up, and I recognized the symptoms of her illness: panic attack.

Her breathing was labored, almost tired. The weak sobs protruding from her lips, and a thousand tremors shook her.

I went to her, calling her worried.

But I felt, she was too upset.

I took her in my arms, saying with anxious voice her name.

And that gesture snapped something in her eyes. The lucidity took possession of her gaze, and yanked away from me.

I let her do, my only desire, at that time, was to come back her to stay healthy.

I watched her little figure almost doubled from weeping, and at that moment she seemed the most fragile creature I had ever seen.

- Khushi ... -

She looked up, planting her eyes filled with tears in my eyes, and what I saw made me freeze the blood in veins, hatred prevailed in every lineament, so intense.

- Khushi, listen to me-my voice was calm, poised, in stark contrast to my soul, torn by screams of pain. Her screams ...

I approached her, she pulled away, and then whisper, her voice full of disgust:

- Do not touch me-

I froze, looking dazed.

She was beautiful, so beautiful as to make me lose my sense of time.

- You deceived me-her voice was bitter, resentful, terribly cold.

I said nothing, what could I say?

- You made a fool of me, of my feelings-another blow to the chest shook me, as I felt my heart shatter into a thousand pieces.

I could not stand the pain, but I could not help but to cause her.

- You killed him, despite my prayers. Although I'd begged on my knees, to spare his life. Although you knew how important it was for me- the disgust was evident in her tone.

The same disgust he felt for me, until a few days ago.

The same disgust that in the past had made me so angry.

The same disgust that made me just want to get closer to her.

To take possession of her body, her heart, her precious soul.

To make her mine, own her forever.

The thought that she will never happen to me, I became his slave, submissive of his will.

It was she, the prisoner.

Yet, despite it all, she had grabbed and tied me with chains of steel, impossible to break.

She took a breath, clenching her fists, trying to hide the obvious hand tremor.

- But you did it, I've been stupid between us- she whispered, and her voice oozed disappointment, regret - because I believed you. I believed your beautiful words, I believed your promises, ignoring who actually you were: a murderess-

The air grew tense, tense.

This time it was my turn to fists, and avoid to attack her: she had insulted me many times, but never with so much disgust.

This was hard to bear, for me, Khushi had the power to re-float my instincts more beastly, impossible to curb.

Because when I killed, when I put an end to the innocent lives, I did it with coldness, indifference. The ease with which I killed was something enviable, that many men, in life, had desired.

But her ... she could trigger something in me that destabilized me, dazzling me.

The chill in my heart, in her presence, melted like snow in the sun, and I found myself alone, vulnerable, weak, facing an unknown love, never tried before.

I tried to calm myself down, closing my eyes and breathing slowly, but it was not easy.

- I even thought, for a mere second, that you loved me-she really laughed, but her laughter was hysterical crowds – What a stupid ... – she whispered to herself - I should imagine that your goal was only to take me to bed ... -

- You're wrong-I snapped, and my voice echoed in the silence.

She looked at me, eyes wide with pain, and slowly walked over to me. We were close, too close I could feel my desire increase, and I do not know how long I would be able to control myself, to curb my desire.

Her breath mingled with mine, and I could feel the taste of her sweet breath.

- Do not lie Arnav- she said, and her voice broke - You have used me, as you have used all the women. You wanted me, and you've made me your toy. It's useless to take fun ... you do not love me, nor have you ever loved me. You just want my body-

I did not answer, I knew that I would never change her mind, even though I knew that my feelings for her were real.

Then, suddenly, I saw her get away from me, back, and her face blanched even more.

- I bet it is not the first time that you lie to me. I bet you've killed the boy, with whom you have exchanged a night of sex with me! – she screamed, but I could see a hopeful note in her voice: she was hoping that I'll correct, that I ensured her  that the man was free, safe and secure.

But it did not, and in front of my silence, she realized the truth.

I saw her eyes filled with fresh tears, but this time she doesn't fall to the ground, shaking and upset.

She came up, eyes blazing, her face distorted with rage, and stretched her right hand, ready to strike.

At that moment the monster dormant in my mind resurfaced, I could bear everything but not her hate.

I froze her hand, grabbing her wrist. But I do not let her go.

I was too angry, pain echoed my thoughts.

I heard her moan when, with unprecedented violence, I clenched the wrist, causing her to fall on his knees in front of me.

I smiled and leaned toward her, not breaking the eye contact.

- Does it hurt, Khushi? - I whispered, clutching her wrist with greater force.

She did not answer, so I tugged her slightly, but the gesture provoked another groan.

-Does it hurt? Hurts like your words? Your goal is to hurt me, or make me mad? - I asked again, but also again, no response from her.

- Well, you do that, in both cases-I whispered and the anger was clear in my tone.

With a jerk, I lifted her like a porcelain doll, and dragged her to the center of the room, slamming violently against the wall to my right.

I did wrong, I realized from the way her body was arched, trying to avoid pain.

I grabbed her arms, pinning to the wall and adhering to our bodies.

- Look at me-I whispered, and the monster inside me roared, fierce, eager to see the terror in her eyes.

She didn't listen, and in protest she turned her face to the right.

At that moment, I lost patience and pulled a resounding slap in her face, leaving her to go.

She fell to the ground, like a child, she was so small and fragile.

My conscience screamed at me, forcing my mind to stop, not to hurt her.

But her hatred for me was acting like a drug: the more she hate me, more my desire to bend her was strong.

She tried to crawl away, but I joined, and I grabbed her by the shoulders again.

I yanked, to see her face, to enjoy the pain imprinted in her eyes.

With her in my arms I headed for the stairs up to my room, where I threw her on the bed badly.

She gasped, frightened: suddenly, all the courage she had boasted had abandoned to make room for fragile girl who was in reality.

I didn't give her even the time to realize where she was.

I threw myself on her, crushing her with my weight.

The monster reacted satisfied at the sight of her grimace of pain.

- What is it-I blew on her neck – You're not doing the courageous girl? - I kissed her jaw, and suddenly, due to my accomplices gesture and my words, she began to scream, get excited, screaming and yelling at me. I smiles satisfied.

- You do not need to provoke me, Khushi-I whispered, closing her wrists and pinning her with my body - the consequences could be dangerous – the silence fell on the room, until she decided to break it.

- You're a bas***d, an animal! – She screamed, and I dropped another slap, strong enough to make her turn her head to the side.

Her eyes for a moment, clouded, a sign that my gesture had almost knocking her out.

My conscience screamed, furious, to stop treat it that way, but not this time.

- And so I am so much disgusting? - I asked, knowing the answer.

She did not answer, she do not look at me.

This made me nervous: she had to look at my face.

I turned her head with one hand, forcing her to meet my eyes.

Her were full of tears, but lit a spark of anger that fascinated me even more.

- Answer-

She did not speak even this time, and anger mingled with impatience: I wanted her to speak, wanted to hear her melodious voice.

I tugged gently, letting her know that it is time she would not have got away.

- YES-she shouted, and her tone was not afraid, just angry - You make me sick, You're repugnant. HOW I HAVE TO SAY IT AGAIN? -

I stiffened, I don't like the tone she had used.

I took her by the neck, but moderating  my strength: I did not want to stifle her.

- Really, Gupta? And yet, when did you f*ck with me, you didn't look so disgusted-

To prove my theory, I touched her breast, but she stiffened.

- Are you tough, I admit. But you cannot win with me, Khushi. I thought I was clear. Do you know why I killed that man? - I asked, and my voice was hard, ruthless.

She shook her head, tears in her eyes resurface.

I kissed her face, wiping, savoring the taste.

- Because you do not touch what is mine. You are mine, Khushi. You cannot fight fate, you cannot oppose to forces greater than you. – I touched the leg and felt her tremble with fear.

- You're mine, Khushi. Belong to me. As a wife, partner, friend and sister. You are my universe, I gravitate around you. But I cannot change what I am, and that you need to understand the ... -

- I DO NOT… I WILL BE NEVER THE wh**e OF A MURDERESS! - Her shrill scream  almost pierced my ears.

Stunned, I looked at her face: she had red cheeks, marked by the blows I had struck bathed in tears. Small sobs came from her lips, and her body trembled.

- You're already my bitch-I snapped, and gave her a kiss.

She did not return and I, frustrated and angry, bit the lower lip, making it bleed. From surprise she opened her mouth, and my tongue slipped there, gently touching her. She did not move, nor let herself be carried away by passion, as was happening to me.

When my hands began to slip under her nightgown, brushing her soft legs, she began to stir, and I let her go.

I did not want to take her by force, because I knew that I would surely regret.

So I got up, leaving her on the bed, shocked and breathless.

Without another word I left, imprinting in my mind her face and her tears.

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Wooohhh...Edited everything and

 I want longgg comment from everyone...many thins happened in this upd.Big smile
Chalo start commenting back.
I hope to give next chappy in the new thread so
*looking around*

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sargamfriends Senior Member

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what the

the first part was just oozing with love i mean the whole garden and the book reading the laughter and the confession it was simple and yet beautiful


lol tht wasnt a 360 degree turn on the situation it was a turn and a major angle change...

Khushi was still reeling from the confession starting to question her own feeling...who knew a glass of drinl could do this much damage
when she was snooping around i knew wht was cmng lol so i wasnt surprised at tht...but wht followed shocked me infact i think like Khushi froze did after watchng the murder i froze after reading post murder
the action of abuse towards Khushi wasnt tht of a ASR the mafia leader it was of  a husband who is totally obsessed and possesive abt his wife was not to give justification of why he did wht he did  it was to tell her tht she in every sense belonged to him and there is no two way abt wasnt to show who is the dominant one because in the first part itself he accepted tht she is the stronger was to show tht whn it came to her evn she cannot snatch herself from him...

BUT Arnav ur head was telling you no for a reason...Khushi's pain wasnot as much physical as it was emotional she truly did feel like a girl who was used for her not blame her to think tht way...and there is no gng back here ...wht he has dne today will imprint in her mind for a very long time...i will not blame her if she just becmes a breathing living stone in front of him...infact i would love her to becme emotionless just like a make him realise the gravity of wht he has dne!!! he is a man blinded by his obsession and posessive nature...his past and present are obviously too dark and Khushi os the only source of light no wonder he wants to eliminate everythng tht will remotly hurt her or take her away...I am nt supporting his behaviour rather trying to understand it lol wht he did was very wrong i will maintain tht

Khushi my angel she must feel horrible infact i wouldnt be surprised if she did smethng tht will hurt her bt make sure tht it will rid her of the pain but i hope and knwing her she wnt...but there is no doubt the pain mst be too much to bear...she mught just go all quiet and only breathing to survive kinda person

Arnav sme one needs to hit his head or have a serious heart to heart talk lol...he has serious issues he needs to deal with...its obvious he is aware of the pain he is inflicting and worst tht pain hurts him more thn it hurts Khushi bt smethng in him cannot helo bt act the way he is...smethng has made him like this and the reason so strong tht his mind refuses to think otherwise...he is too moulded in his now life tht he refuses to accept tht he can change from an animal back to a human 

Last but nt the least Beautifully Written i cant wait to read more but i knw i wnt be able to read tomo and tht y but saturday night my comment u shall find ...if i have nt said it before u r an amazing writer...

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Originally posted by sargamfriends

i blanked the other one lol are u planning in a uper long update??? i actually dint get tissues LOL
wait and see jiLOL

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