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ArHi FF: A Dark Love Story...UPD P.127+LINK P.136 (Page 104)

WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 4:52am | IP Logged
thanks ji for liking it :)
ohhh thanks you sooo much dear XD
hehehe..updating soon ji XD

.Dulcet IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 4:52am | IP Logged
WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 4:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sarunfanatic

Gwosh... That was intense!! thanks ji

So 'HATE' is in the air eh! ;D hehe...HATE for now

She was hurt, missing her mum, crying like hell... And the only place she found comfort is in his arms.
'WHAT SHALL I NAME THIS ?"  short time memory lossLOLLOLLOL

He's afraid of her? That she'll ruin him? I dont think so. And She's too weak to do so and he have already destroyed her enough. ASR didn't have the same opinion
May be she strikes back... Nari Shakti B-) yayyy, women power zindabaad
Well I can smell some other reason for him to put her in his captivity. Hmm... Not sure what...A bad Guess huh ? ... I guess ;D hmm...what do u mean ji?Tongueexplain please ji

So he left her after wearing his pants.. Thanks for informing me that he was naked under the blanket lol. My besharam mind is always ON.. Catching small things carefully. HAHAHA..ROFL..oh gosh..u made me laugh LOLbesharam ki bhi had hoti hai jiLOL

Okay me is bhaitings for the next updatewa. Thanks for the pm n accepting my buddy req. your welcome ji


PS : I am a BIG FAN OF HR! He's so Yummy lol. And he's one amongst the 3 imaginery hubbies of mine NO WAY girl...HR is mine..he is my HUBBYWinkBig smile...keep your other 2 man but not HIMTongue.

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 4:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by .Dulcet

WHO IS THAT?! is you?Big smileBig smile
man, I love the quote that u have in your box Embarrassed
WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 4:59am | IP Logged
thanks for the congratz PriyaEmbarrassedBig smile
Originally posted by Arjuhisis

Oh my God, parm - what a great going thank uuu
When I started reading this, I never ever thought that I would be this much addicted to this story - more so since it is not on my arjuhi - but but parm, hats off to u dear - the story is so intriguing -
Excellent going parm OMG,  thanks a lot jaani for liking it soo much...i'm damn happy ji
The sadness of Khushi, her eagerness for freedom, her thoughts of her childhood and about her life outside her current home everything is superbly written parm Embarrassedgracias
I actually wanted to raise a request for another pov of Arnav and u have done that tooo WinkI read in member's mindStar
So Iam very clear of the mental state of Arnav and Khushi

- lots of emotions in the coming week Dead  ihih...yes ji
But would luv to read ur mind out about these two very different characters LOLI'm crazy
Keep up this great going parm -
This story rocks like ur other works thanks ji you a lot and will upd soon ji
Will wait for ur Monday's update
WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 5:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ASRandKKGSRFan

Hey!hey new reader ji
Awwesome story BTW!thanks ji
I came across it a few days ago and have been hooked on it since Big smileBig smileBig smile welcome in pagalpan land jiWinkLOL
Its intense, dark but that is to be expected after having read the title and going by the updates too. It also has a knack of wanting the reader to continue reading further and further and further, wayyy deep into the storyline of a point where there is no return ... Amazing!StarStarStarStarStar Thanks a lot ji for the beautiful words ji..means a lot for meEmbarrassedthanks thanks
WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 5:05am | IP Logged

Hello everyone,

As always, before updating

and a  big HUG to all the member who commented and the silent member who hit like button. I don't eat you, so comment ji.
The PM list has become long so it's a kind request to all of you to comment occasionally.
You'll make me very happy jiEmbarrassed
 I read all the comments ji and I'm really really happy by the response so far..
Sowie I didn't reply back to all of you as I have a little headacheOuch
THANKS to all of you from the bottom of my heart...
CALLING my hero KKrish
*When I call him, the upd isn't going to be VIP trio knows itWink*

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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My eyes were fixed on the plate in front of me and with agonizing slowness I consumed my meal.
It was too sophisticated for me, especially the food that the chef had so carefully prepared. I smiled at the thought of me eating a hamburger on the couch in my house and I sighed, it was nice to think about the past, to what had been my life, but also painful.
To distract me from thoughts took a swig of wine, completely different from the wine I used to drink.
The silence was overwhelming, gravitated to an almost unbearable tension, and I was starting to wonder how long it could last even this farce.
Arnav didn't speak to me, barely looked at me and when he did speak it was with a tone so sharp as to make me wince. It was almost been a week since the day we discussed, but I kept getting the feeling that he was still angry with me.
He spent all day away from home, returning only at dinner, at which he did not make the slightest effort to establish a conversation.
The morning always came early, and I did not see him until evening.
Meanwhile, my mind was in danger of going crazy, oppressed by the stifling solitude in which I lived.
Every day, my mood became more and more fluctuating, and periods of discouragement had the better of my days.
I spent entire afternoons crying, curled up on the bed, with no one to give me comfort, without a person whom to trust.
And the night I struggled to sleep, because I was living constantly in the past, haunted by memories, all the regrets and the weight of past mistakes.
My face, day after day, it was more and more tired, drawn, purple and dark circles under the eyes it did not help to improve my appearance.
When I looked in the mirror, which happened rarely, I saw a stranger, who had nothing to do with me.
I missed my old life to die for and I often felt almost suffocated anxiety at the thought of my father, or my friends, who lived in a world where I would not be more belonged.
I wonder if they searched me, in recent months, or if they had missed me ...
- Khushi ... - The cold voice of Arnav shook me from thoughts.
I looked up, startled by the fact that he was turning to me.
Our eyes met, and after more than a month I found myself drowning in those deep eyes, expressive, almost hypnotic.
He said nothing, merely staring at me, lost in contemplation almost ecstatic. I was chained to that determined look, terribly serious, almost suffering, until I began to miss the air, while my breath is stopped altogether.
I found myself hitting the eyelids quickly, looking away, and the magic that had arisen between us broke.
I heard him sigh, then took a deep breath.
- This evening we will have guests ... -
- Guests? - I interrupted him suspiciously, looking at him intently.
His eyes lit up for a few seconds, as if my eyes had sent him in confusion, but I caught the glow faded away.
- Yes- he sighed ' There will be my colleagues at work ... and I would like you participate too ... - although he had asked politely, I saw the threat in his tone, a sign that I could not oppose or abstain in the evening. I clenched my jaw, and I jumped up, indignant, pinning him with a look affected
- And I'm supposed to be in the company of murderers? - I snarled, and I saw his eyes darken. The anger took hold of his face, and with a graceful movement he rose too, freezing me with his eyes.
- Remember that you married one-he snapped angrily, and I laughed.
I laughed, but my laughter was hysterical, sarcastic and crazy.
- You speak as if I had done of my own free will-I said ironic, then turn around and walk towards the stairs ' I'll not attend-I said firm, does not think about his reaction. I started to climb the stairs, but his arm stopped me, and I found myself with his hands on my shoulders, and his face closer than I wanted.
I expected, but I could not help but throw a look of defiance, while his hands began to shake my shoulders with too much vehemence.
- You'll come, Khushi-he said seriously, taking a wrist and squeezing hard
I snorted ready to argue, but he preceded me 'I'll drag you by force, if necessary, but tonight you're on my side, as it should be! -
I noticed in the mirror that reflected the image of a woman, tired and exhausted, despite the gorgeous dress that clung to her body. Arnav had to buy new clothes for me, as the old ones, which he had bought a few months ago,  was being overly baggy.
I was very thin, and at that moment I realized how much my body had changed.
The lightweight silk dress clung to my curves, now very prominent, and the bodice, cobalt enhancing my cleavage.
I sighed and ran a hand over my face, not even the makeup was able to hide the heavy dark circles that framed my eyes, which were now darker than ever. My hair fell loose on the back, dark curls framing my face, creating a strange mix with my pale face.
In spite of everything, I was more than acceptable, and it doesn't worth me to be nice to meet some nasty killers.
The waitress, when she saw me stared, watching admiringly. What the hell wants she?, I thought irritated ... perhaps she made fun of me.
For a moment my mind went into a total panic, due to the thought of being forced to stay in contact with the lees, but it was over in a second.
Suddenly, I was animated by a fierce sense of pride, I raised my head, and my eyes shone, nostalgic, a light that I haven't seen for weeks. I was proud of what I was, proud of my ideals, sure I have a clear conscience. And all of this was enough for me to bear their looks insistent, the giggles envious, the ironic jokes and sly glances that many men threw me.
I proceeded down the stairs, clinging forcefully on the wooden balustrade, my heart started beating fast.
It was at that moment, inspired by that crazy sense of satisfaction, that I crossed Arnav's eyes, waiting for me at the foot of the stairs. He looked at me, eyes bright, but his eyes were serious, he seemed to want to scrutinize me the soul.
Slowly, weighing the gestures, he gave me a hand, which I accepted with hesitation, and he held it tight, as if afraid of losing me.
The sudden silence fell, while the present admired the massive, serious and ruthless Arnav Singh Raizada, in the company of his wife. Some of the throwing glances astonished that at first I did not understand.
However, when I looked at him I noticed that he looked at me, but there was something particularly in his eyes. He seemed in a trance, completely foreign to the rest, concentrating on my face. I had never seen him in that state ... and, judging from the expressions of surprise guests, for them it was rare to see Arnav Singh Raizada so happy.
What was due to the change? However, from day to day, had he begun to talk, and look at me with insistence? Where was the bold coldness that many times I had seen him?
Suddenly, the music is expanded in the large hall, and the sweet sound of violens spread in the air. The party began, and Arnav squeezed my hand even harder, as I did through the crowd.
I just walked into the den of lions ...
Arnav's arm, at that time, was the only thing that kept me from running away.
I tight him hard, as to make sure that I was really there with him.
People looked at us, some envious, others admired, and still others by a frown on thier face.
The room was a kaleidoscope of colors, I could barely make out the faces of individuals.
I found myself shaking hands with dozens of people who did nothing but flatter Arnav and watch with curiosity towards my direction.
I could barely hold the disgust I felt about being forced to speak with those killers.
Most were middle-aged men, old and dumpy, accompanied by lady much younger, dressed in a shameful manner.
There were also children, smartly dressed, smiling in the living room, maneuvering through the crowd.
The heat of Arnav been so close was the only thing that could make me maintain some semblance of calm.
I almost felt protected by his embrace, but I knew it was a fleeting feeling, and somehow wrong.
He was my protector, and my partner. He did not love me, as I did not love him.
He was probably just happy to be able to show me to the public, as if I had been one of his many porcelain dolls.
I had forgotten everything he had done, he often spent the nights away from home, probably in the company of some of his so called maiden.
At that thought I got angry and tried to escape from his grasp. But he, as expected, would not let me, hugging me with greater force and giving me a warning look.
- Try to relax-he whispered in my ear, and before I could even think of moving away, he grabbed a lock of hair, and I placed it behind the ear, and then grazed my cheek tenderly.
I blushed, but warned him with my eyes, as if to beg him to stop.
Also because the looks, at that time, they were all pointed at us, and I thought that created some anxiety.
I stopped breathing when I looked up and crossed his emerald gems, which at that time were brighter than ever.
Why he look at me like that?
I would have preferred that he had started to treat me coldly. He wanted to make me helpless, he wanted to manipulate me, and probably he understood that, with me, the violence did not help.
He had changed his strategy, almost treating me with dignity, but I would not let be fooled by him. He was a murderess, a criminal.
He had taken my body, he had enjoyed my pleasure, but my mind, he  would not have ever owned it. A hoarse voice distracted me from those thoughts tormented, and I turned at the same time with Arnav.
He was a man of about thirty, tall and muscular, coming towards us. He had pale skin, dark hair and beautiful blue eyes.
He smiled, but his smile was something strange, it seemed almost evil, and for a moment I was in awe of his penetrating gaze.
He was accompanied by a woman with a dazzling beauty: she was blonde, her hair smooth as silk, and eyes as blue as the sea.
The silk dress swathed her body while elegantly she approached us with his charming companion, heading with bold confidence in our direction.
He stopped a few steps away from us, and pointed his eyes on mine.
That look was something familiar ... I was sure I saw this man in other circumstances.
As soon as I saw his eyes narrowed, and slowly pulled away from the blonde to take my right hand and kiss it, without taking his eyes from mine.
Numb, in a state of semi-consciousness, I watched his lips come into contact with my skin, and a slight shudder shook me.
Involuntarily I clung to Arnav, wondering myself of my act ... but the man had something strange that made me uneasy.
He did not speak, his eyes wandered slowly on my face, then down the neck, my body... I found myself blushing, and I felt the close of Arnav become more powerful.
I looked up and I collided with two eyes dark and angry, staring the man with a disarming coldness.
- Richard - said Arnav, without detaching from me.
He smiled, watching for a few seconds.
- Finally I know your wife, Arnav ' he whispered sarcastically, then go back to look at me.
I gasped, Arnav's gasp was getting almost violent, it began to hurt.
The air was charged with tension, increased by the insistent and shrill sound of violins ... I recognized the music they were playing, a famous composition by Chopin.
The silence lasted for a few seconds, but the deep voice of the newcomer forced me to meet his gaze again.
- You could not get anything better, Arnav - jokingly he said, smiling sweetly - You made a good choice ... -
I got nervous: I had never liked the fact that people talk about me as if I were not there, but apparently these people do not know good manners.
- Do not worry, Richard ... You know me - Arnav growled, and I looked at him, curiously he was really furious, but he tried not to show it.
Richard laughed, and his companion did the same, but it was clear that he had done only to please her man, because I do not think she understood the bad joke.
The man looked at her, almost nauseated, and said:
- I guess you remember my wife Eveline, Arnav ... -
He nodded, and shook her hand without speaking.
The girl looked at me, seemed almost envious, and approached me, holding out her hand to me.
The conversation, rather tense, lasted for several minutes, in which I stood in silence, watching the handsome man in front of me, which threw me often mischievous glances.
In fact I do not even hear what they said, my mind was elsewhere ... I was more than sure that I had seen the man, but I just could not remember where ...
I did not realize that Arnav, suddenly, was dragging them away.
When they had finished speaking? I threw a last glance to the man, who looked at me smiling, but I couldn't see a spark of resentment in his eyes.
- Arnav? - I called him, worried.
He was walking too fast, almost I couldn't match his step, if it was not for his arm dragging me by the wrist.
He took me into the garden, lit by hundreds of torches, stopping in the shade of a big maple tree.
I froze, bringing a hand to my chest: I was out of breath, I could hardly breathe.
- Can you tell me what the hell is wrong with you? - I snapped angrily.
He stared at me, his eyes glowed in the darkness.
- You like that guy? - Barked
My eyes widened, too surprised to react.
How ... how the hell could he think of that nonsense?.
- Arnav, what do you say? - I said incredulously
He sighed, moving closer to me. He grabbed me by the waist, bringing her face to me.
- I do not like how is looking at you-
I stiffened - Even me too-I confessed and then I look down.
He lifted my chin with one hand, the anger seemed gone from his face.
- What is it, Khushi? -
- Nothing-I lied, looking away
He sighed, looking forward - Do not lie! - Snapped - You know you do not succeed ... tell me! ' he ordered, and this time it was my turn to sigh.
- You know, Arnav - I ventured, with downcast eyes. I could feel his scent close, and this encouraged me to lucidity.
- I cannot be with these people ... I feel uncomfortable, almost nauseated. I do not understand why you want at all costs to force me to relate to them ... Arnav, I'm not like you! -
He stiffened, then he let me go.
- Always the same story-he barked, looking at me with shining eyes
- You need to always complicate everything? ' he ran a hand through his hair, he seemed angry
I looked at him, backing away slowly when I saw the anger in his face spread. With one click he took my waist, slamming me against the trunk of a tree.
I moaned in pain unexpected, and tried, unsuccessfully, to get rid of.
He brought his lips to mine, ignoring my feeble attempts at protest.
He kissed me with violence, as I tried in every way to distance. I froze, with the crushing weight of his body against the tree.
I almost gasped for air for the vehemence of that kiss, and he saw it, because he left away from me slowly, looking at me with desire.
- I'm sick, Khushi-he whispered on my neck. I shuddered - You're my wife, but I disgust you. But I want you- he rested on my lips again, with the same vehemence as before. I clung to his shoulders to keep from falling.
He pulled away again, leaning his forehead against mine.
- You don't know how much I desire you- he whispered, his hot breath invaded my nostrils. He took my hands, squeezing them between his strong ones.
Suddenly he went away and I fell on the ground, breathless and shining eyes. He looked at my body, invaded the coldness of his eyes again, which collided with mine.
- Tonight you will be mine, Khushi -he did not give me no time to answer. He turned and walked away, leaving me alone in the garden, to fight against the ruthless desire that I had felt when our lips were put in contact.

-I was hoping you'd be here - a familiar voice, but not too much, reaches my ears.

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