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MG SS My Perfect! Suitor Thread 2 (Page 94)

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Originally posted by lovelygeet24x7

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="2">vil update tomorrow!</font>
Waiting Day Dreaming

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              (Credit fr this lovely banner goes to PiyaBig smile)

Thank you to all for your wonderful likes & commentsHugHug

@-afsha-  : Well, Geet's character sketch is that way. But there is this 'blue moon day' concept which I m sure you will like itWink But I will try to make Geet lil strong in front of MaanLOL

@$ara_$hachi : Thank you so muchEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedI have something interesting in store regarding the blue moon day conceptWinkWink

@keerthi90 : That's the effect Maan has on Geet!LOL

@Khusluvsmaaneet : Maan & his family stays in Mumbai. Maan had some work in Delhi so he went thereSmile

@nehakapoor7 : I completely agree wid uEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

@nihatri - He plays pranks only with GeetWink. And to the rest of the world he is business tycoon The Maan Singh KhuranaBig smile

This part has got lots of comments from silent and/or new  readers. Thank you so much guys for your appreciationBig smileBig smile

                                               Part 18



There was merriment in the Haveli. Maan's parents & Dadima too congratulated her for her success. They were to leave the following day. Geet was amazed at how her day which started at such a shocking note could end in an equally surprising way!


"I am proud of you puttar for clearing such a tough exam!"


Daarji's praise was something which made Geet really proud of herself. It had been ages since she was the reason behind his smile. All of them had actually planned a small celebration for her where she was made to cut a cake! Geet was the star for the evening & everyone made her feel special!


"Sorry beta, I was busy preparing this small party, so couldn't come to pick you up at the airport! Did you like the surprise?"


Geet nodded, gushing & hugged Mohinder. She saw her parents very very happy & the fact that she was the reason behind it just added to her kitty of joys! But somewhere her mind still lingered around Maan...


"After the marriage prank, this was his kidnapping prank! He knew I had to go to Delhi anyway & he took advantage of that fact! Aur main pata nahi kya kya soch rahi thi! Eloping & all! Babaji! But why did he do all this?"


She realized that Maan had already disconnected the call...




After dinner, Geet languidly walked into her room. Switching off the lights, she embraced the bed instantly. Even though she was tired & exhausted, her mind was still active...


"Dekh Geet, before you start thinking of Maan, let me warn you that it really doesn't matter now as you are never going to meet him again! He lives in Delhi & you are going to Mumbai, samjhi??? Aur waise bhi, you are supposed to be angry on him! Mana ki he played a prank but saw to it that you don't fall in trouble because of that & also made you realize the importance of self confidence….phir bhi you have every reasons to be cross with him!"


She tried to make herself understand, "Aree, he almost gave you a heart- attack in the morning! Then he pretended as if he is least bothered whether you are in problem or not & made you believe that he kidnapped you! He could have cleared everything to you par nahi, he purposely troubled you & gave you so much of tension! He kept the suspense intact even during the phone convo ! I was so scared of facing everyone par unhe kya?!"


She tried to ignite herself against him but she hardly succeeded...The moonlight trickled inside her room & her eyes fell on the red rose, given by Maan, kept near the window...Her heart missed a beat...She got up from her bed & walked to the window...


Though the rose petals had withered away, her eyes were dazed staring at it...


"But at the end of it, all turned into such a beautiful surprise...Your parents showered so many praises to you & there was even a party for you..."


Somewhere deep down, the thought of never seeing Maan pricked her...She squeezed her eyes tight...


"Bas buhot ho gaya! It's better you think about your upcoming life in Mumbai...Maan & his pranks won't be able to trouble you any more!!"


She threw the rose in some corner of her room & went back to sleep...


The rose landed on her 'My Perfect Suitor' dairy...




The elders were still seated in the hall. The strategies for the hotel business were planned fully. Now all of them were engrossed in some other interesting talks.


"Whoa! What an amazing co-incidence!" exclaimed Dadima, "Annie too got admission in St Mark. She too was vouching for that!"


"St Mark is really a good college. It's great that Annie & Geet are batchmates!" Rano chirped.


"Yeah! Though they didn't interact much, I am sure Annie & Geet will get along very well!" Niharika wouldn't have said that if she knew the reality!


All were in good mood but Daarji was skeptical, the reason behind that was obviously Maan...No doubt, he was happy that his grand-daughter would be going to Mumbai but at the same time, he also disliked the thought of Maan being around her...


Just then Dadima spoke,


"I was just thinking won't it be fantastic if Geet stays along with us in Khurana Mansion while she pursues her studies! I think it's brilliant!" exclaimed Dadima, very much excited by the thought.


But that was not much liked by Daarji.


"No, I don't think...The thing is we want Geet to be independent. We have already searched for a very good hostel near the college. She will stay there." Daarji declined politely.


Vikrant & Mohinder knew the reason. Niharika knew the real reason... Dadima was surprised. She tried to speak but Vikrant gestured her to not say anything...






"But why Vikrant? Why can't Geet stay with us???" asked Dadima.


"Mom please! I know Mohinder's dad very well! He strictly wants our relations with them to be professional & nothing beyond that!"


"Or may be it has something to do with Maan. He must have done something which wasn;t liked by Daarji." said Niharika, recollecting Maan's marriage prank with Geet...


"But how can it be possible beta?" asked Dadima, "I have never seen Maan talking with Geet. They have always maintained aloofness from each other from the first day itself!"


Vikrant agreed. Niharika remained silent...


"I don't think we must discuss anything further in this topic as Daarji has already decided!"


Vikrant & his wife left.


"Toh kya hua? Even if Geet stays in hostel, I will make sure she often drops by in KM…" Dadima smiled...






On the other hand, Rano & Mohinder were in Daarji's room.


"Okay, so Maan is the cause of your worry?" asked Mohinder to Daarji.


"But why? I mean...I have never seen Geet & Maan interacting, hai na ji?" Rano elbowed her husband.


Mohinder nodded. Daarji didn't say anything.


"We both agree with you that Geet must stay in  hostel but I guess it would be good if the Khuranas be her Local Guardian. After all, we don't have anyone from our family who lives in Bombay!"


"I will do what is best for Geet puttar." said Daarji, reproachfully.


  After Rano & Mohinder left, Daarji was in deep thought. He wanted, by all means, that Geet should stay away from Maan. But that didn't mean he would stop her from going to Mumbai. He wanted his grand-daughter to flourish, to progress. Also, even he had always seen Maan maintaining distance from Geet. So may be, there is no reason for him to worry at all...


It took some time but Daarji finally made a decision...




 Rano & Mohinder were in their room.


"Maan kitna sona munda hai, hai na ji?" asked Rano, gleefully.


Mohinder raised his eyebrows.


"Ha! I was more handsome than him in my youth!" he snapped.


"Aap toh rehne hi dijiye!" she teased him.


"Kyun? Aapne toh hamein pasand kiya tha na?"


"Haan I had to because we had an arranged marriage, remember?"


"Par hum to aapse pyaar karte hain!" he smiled.


Rano  felt shy, "Zara dheere boliye! Geet ne sun liya toh she will tease us the whole day!"


"She is going the day after tomorrow..." Mohinder spoke little bit sadly.


There was silence...

"Oh ho! Aap bhi na baat baat main senti ho jaate ho! Uski shaadi nahi ho rahi hai, she is going for studies!"


"Ek din toh Geet ki shaadi bhi ho jaani hai..."


Rano hugged him lightly. Geet & Rajji were princesses for them...




The next morning, it was time for the Khuranas to leave. Vikrant formally shook hands with Daarji & Mohinder.


"As Geet will be staying in a girls hostel, I would insist that I become her Local Guardian!"


Dadima spoke to Daarji. Rano & Mohinder were happy hearing that but didn't know whether Daarji would agree to that.

Everyone was surprised when Daarji agreed ! The Khuranas took leave of the Handas...


Both the families were thoroughly unaware with the kind of relationship which Maan & Geet shared...The various moments they had spent with each other away from everyone's eyes...




                          Narration by Geet


"Geet puttar!! How much will you sleep? Get up!"


Mamma had been repeating herself since the past one hour!. Finally I had to give in. I got up yawning & looked around me. Thankfully, it was my own room not some helicopter or aeroplane!. Gosh! Again I am thinking about Maan!


"Maan's thoughts go away, don't come ever again!"


How many times do I have to tell myself that Maan is out of my life so its better his thoughts also leave me! And I must look forward to my new life in Mumbai. The clock told me the time to be 12 noon. Yeah Yeah! I got up very late!


"Its okay. This time around I will be in Mumbai tomorrow!" I giggled.


Next, I opened my laptop. There were two mails in my inbox. The first one said I had to go to my Delhi college & collect my passing certificate which will be needed in St Mark.


"Kya!!!!?? Phir se Delhi jaana padhega!" I sighed.


I read the next mail.


"What! Tomorrow is a guest lecture in St Mark!!???College ke first day mein hi guest lecture!"


Pah! They did not even mention who was going to come!


After I was done with everything, I felt that the remaining day was turning out to be monotonous...No doubt, I was being pampered by all since I would be leaving the next day but still I felt something amiss….I was told that the Khuranas had already left & my mind again drifted to Maan…Most of the times I was able to stop myself from thinking about him but other times I couldn't….Though I was very very happy I won't ever see Annie again but I couldn't say the same about Maan….


"Geet, get a life!!!" I scolded myself, "Would you want to hear Annie's rude remarks or be the sole target of Maan's pranks on a daily basis? No na? So you should be celebrating that the Khurana siblings are out of your life!!"


The rest of the day was too good. I had a great family time. I am so lucky that they love me so much. But at the same time, I felt they were a bit sad because I would be leaving soon but all of them tried their very best to not let me know about it. Mamma & Rajji helped me in packing. Even though the evening was quick to come, I somewhere felt that the day was passing way to slowly...I discarded those weird thoughts...


We all were seated in the dining hall for dinner. Mamma was serving me my favorite dish.


"Geet puttar." I looked at Papa, "I have booked your tickets for tomorrow. One is Chandigarh-Delhi & the other Delhi-Mumbai. Yaad se bag mein rakh lena!"


I nodded. Then everyone began to silently eat, specially Daarji...


"Oh God! What has happened to all of you all?? Daarji, why are you so quiet? I have lived in a hostel before, this is not the first time!!"


I tried to make them understand. Thankfully, I got smiles in return!


"Geet." Daarji spoke, "Bas ek hi baat hai, stay away from Maan!"


I was shocked hearing that.Now from where did Maan's topic arise? I will be studying in Mumbai, not Delhi!. Maan's chapter is over in my life along with yestarday's epilogue!


I nodded confidently...



Early next morning my family had come to see me off at the airport. I took Mamma, Papa & Daarji's blessings & hugged Rajji. It was then that Rajji slyly slipped my 'My Perfect Suitor' diary into my bag, which I had forgotten.


"Aree. I don't think I will need the diary!"


"Rakh lo! You never know di! And incase you do not find anyone, exam timetable likhne main kaam aa jayega!"


We both giggled at the suggestion. Soon it was time for me to depart...



                        End of Narration.




On their way back to the Haveli, Rano exclaimed.


"Does Geet know that the Khuranas are her local Guardian in Mumbai??"


"Oh ho! How could we forget to tell her that! Koi nahi, we will tell her once she lands there!" said Mohinder




Geet sat in the air-craft looking forward for her life in Mumbai…..oblivious of the fact that her Perfect Suitor will re-enter her life within a few hours with a prank...

I know there was no Maan & Maaneet moments, but next update mein everything will be thereWink I would really need your likes & commentsWink& suggestions are always welcomeEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


               Please add 'rashmipms' to ur buddy list

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nice update
waiting for next part
more maaneet moments next part
cont soon
thanx for the pm dear

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just read last 3 parts
haila so much happened
geet in delhi nw in chandigarh again delhi then mumbai
hahahah poor geet ko aur kitne pranks jhelne hai maan ke
loved d updates so much
geet is still unwatmre of the fact that her suitor is eagerly waitinfr her
waiting fr geets reaction
cnt soon

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Wooo superb...
Dadi kisi chakkar mai lag rahe hai... She is so much intrested in geet coming to KM..
Oh yaar geet bata dena tha...
Atleast wo tayar hoti maan k prank k liye...
Lets c nw which prank maan is planning...
Aur mujhe aisa kyu lag raha hai ki guest lecturer is non other than maan...

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simply superb...loved it...

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