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MG SS My Perfect! Suitor Thread 2 (Page 7)

_Rashmi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 9:26pm | IP Logged

              (Credit fr this lovely banner goes to PiyaBig smile)

$ara_$hachi-  Aree koi nahi, u can even make a kabab out of my updateEmbarrassedLOLLOL

 shweta1491-  Yeah, I noticed jst aftr I named this SSShocked. 'Suitor' & 'Suitably' match hota haiLOL

farzu3008- m so glad u like the dialoguesEmbarrassedBig smile

 LILY111144- Hwww!Shocked Itni jaldi  live demo of kiss nahiEmbarrassedLOLLOL. baad meinWink

spicyrays- Yeah even I am scared of horror filmsConfused.I remember I watched a film & I cudn't sleep properly for I weekOuchOuch

 suhaarabia - Aww...that's so niceEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. Will surely incorporate it as the story progressesBig smile

maaneetmahi-- LOLEmbarrassedROFL. I m glad that u luv the dialogues!

Madhuri53- Aisa hai ki first Geet went to her room alone, she saw her reflection so one ghost & next when Maan came with her, so there were then two reflection of both of them, so two ghostsLOL

So here we are in the second thread! WoW!!!Big smileBig smile. IT surely wudn't have been possible except your lovely comments which filled all the pages. EmbarrassedThank you so much for your love & support!!.Star Also if you all have any suggestion or request for this SS, please do let me know!!! Embarrassed

I noticed that some of you who used to comment earlier have gone into silent mode. What happened?Confused. May be you are busy or you didn't like the updates much! Either ways, I miss you...Ouch

Also sry for the delay guysOuch.Here is a long updateBig smile




                               Narration by Maan

My dazzled eyes tried hard to meet her shy hazel ones but unfortunately she wouldn't let that happen. She was looking here, there, everywhere but not into my eyes...! Well, I wouldn't like blame her for I was invariably staring at her as minutes & seconds for me faded in oblivion...I just knew that Geet & me were on the terrace with I gazing at her from a distance, leaning against a wall...


Finally she made an attempt to look at me. I smiled roguishly which again seemed to weaken her but her eyes somehow managed to tell me to not stare at her like that. I smirked & walked towards her, adding to her woes! She must have been thinking whether to move backward or stay where she was. She chose the latter.


The night was beautiful, or atleast I felt so, knowing it was because of her presence. The velvety black sky seemed an abode for tiny shining stars & the mischievous moon. Some clouds also lurked around as if deciding whether to produce rain or not. As I neared her, the meandering wind made it's way through her soft & silky long her, heightening my heart beats...



 "W-W-Woh... there a-are no clothes hanging h-here...Rajji must h-have taken t-then i-inside..."   


She said first looking at me & then glancing sideways while her delicate fingers slipped some strands of hair behind her ear.

My eyes soaked in her beauty while her soft & sugary voice made numerous feelings surged in me...


"I-I think we m-must move indoors...waise bhi i-it's gonna r-rain..."


She hurried to go but I was not going to let that happen!


"You can't go!!" I clutched her hand from behind, stopping her. I was surprised to feel her hands run cold the very next moment!. She started breathing heavily as I moved close to her from behind'


"Mujhe aisa kyun laga raha hai ki you purposely came here & you very well knew there were no clothes hanging here!"  I whispered to her smirking.


She was petrified hearing that. I held her hand more firmly. Then guiding both our hands, I placed them on her navel... . The wind, after caressing her face, blew past mine.




"Tumhe pata tha na ki I will follow you here aur tum abhi jane ki baat kar rahi ho'.?" I crooned huskily in her ears, closing my eyes, while her hair touched my cheeks'.


She squirmed a little. She wanted to defend herself but words refused to emit out. I abruptly turned her around to face me... Her breaths stopped as I smirked.


"N-Nah'" she shook her head vigorously to aid to her choked throat.


"Shsshhh..."I placed my finger on her lip, "I just want you to be here...with me...dekho na...such  wonderful atmosphere..."


My voice was dazed as my eyes.  I sensually trailed my index finger along her waistline, finally holding her & pulled her closer. I could sense her heart missing many beats & she had stalled her breaths. Her eyes seemed lost once they met mine'& our eyes locked'Her hands rested on my shoulder arousing me more'.




                    Lafzon Mein Keh Na Sakun

                            Bin Keh Bhi Reh Na Sakun

                            Nasha Hi Nasha Raat Din Hai

                            Na Pucho Yeh Kaisa Ehsaas Hai



The playfulness of her eyes, her very crazy but innocent mind, her shy nature, her rosy cheeks, her nose turning red whenever she's angry, her cute angry pout & her soft & sweet heart all turned me into something I wasn't, before I came here one week ago'I never dreamt of holding such a close proximity to a girl as my focus was always on my work & family but now that such an unexpected thing  has happened, I don't wish to hold back that feeling..I don't know what is this feeling but it make me feel good'




My trance halted as I heard her strained & soft voice




"L-L-Lets go i-indoors...i-it m-might start r-raining..."


Her eyes left mine & were gazing down...


"Why?? Don't you like rain??" I asked her teasingly, still holding her..


"N-N-Nahi...woh...mein i-isliye keh rahi t-thi ki..." she grew breathless as I inched my face close to her...


"Soch lo! I am not going anywhere! Incase if you find a ghost in your room then what will you do?????" I scared her a little.

She grew frightened & clutched my overcoat, squeezing her eyes tight...


"N-N-N-Nahi...I won't... won't go... I-I want to s-stay with you here..."



I smiled. Just then it began to drizzle.I have begin to love rain from the past few seconds! Her eyes opened to meet my sensual ones...Drops of water fell on her milky exposed skin...and finally as I wished, one droplet rested very close to her lips...I looked at it with ardent eyes. Her breaths had become more abnormal as I inched my hand closer to her face'.& the very next moment she released  herself from my loosening hold & ran towards towards a wall...


I turned around & saw her breathing heavily with her hand placed on the wall. Her cheeks were red & I llike that. I walked up to her...


"Geet..." I turned her to face me at the same time gently pinning her to the wall."I am very sad..."


"K-Kya h-hua???" her hazel brown eyes looked at me worriedly,"Boliye na...!"



"Actually the thing is I wanted it to rain heavily but it's just drizzling!" I said naughtily.


Her eyelashes which had notched up at once bent in shyness. I placed my hand on the wall over her head & leaned closer.


"Waise iss rain mein tumhe mere saath darr toh nahi lag raha na?"I asked smirking & there her cheeks reddened even more...




          Halki Si Barsaat Mein, Pehli Mulakat Mein,
        Pehli Hi Baar Mein Dil Ko Mere Le Gayi,
        Chahat Ke Ikrar Mein Anjaana Gham De Gayi.
        Aayi Jab Saamne Jaane Kyun Woh Darr Gayi

        Paagal Mujhko Kar Gayi

        Janeman Janeja'.





Precisely Dad was the only one who was supposed to come here to Chandigarh to complete little bit of remaining legal formalities left for the hotel to commence. Dadima wished very much to visit the Golden Temple & she wanted all of us to join her. As usual Anwesha & I cringed but had to reluctantly agree. After our visit to the temple, we all headed here, again much to Anwesha & my disappointment! It was Dadima's idea to hold the inauguration ceremony right now & the Handas agreed with it.


So we reached the Handa Haveli with I wanting to return back to Mumbai as soon as plausible. No sooner did I enter the hall of the Haveli, the first thing my eyes noticed was a photograph of a beautiful girl kept on the show case'I developed an instant liking for her & the word 'Mishty' graced my lips, not knowing how!. My eyes were still on the photo refusing to acknowledge the humans present there. I deduced her to be the grand-daughter of the Haveli & found out her name from Rajji. And ofcourse who can forget! Daarji was the only person who saw me staring at Geet's photo with desirous eyes! So there was a kind of friction between Daarji & me from that moment itself!.


I had excused myself from the hall & walked through the back coridoors. My mind was still imaging 'Mishty', first wondering how the name actually popped in my mind from nowhere & secondly why was I thinking so much about a girl whom I have not even seen in real! I was perplexed because no other girl ever before formed a part of my thoughts...


Just then I saw a girl crawling out of the window with a bag in hand. I at once stopped her & the moment I saw who she was'.I was dazed & shocked'Geet was even more beautiful & elegant than her photograph... there was a kind of hulchul going on within me which I couldn't comprehend'my heart, for the very first time, skipped a beat for a girl & just after that her words shocked me...


"Kyunki...Kyunki everyone wants me to marry you but I don't want to..."


I, at once, came to know that she was suffering from some misunderstanding but whatever it is, she rejected me!!!!!!!! I felt a jolt of strange sadness within me but I was strong enough to not let her know about it. But her refusal itched me & that moment itself I decided to carry on with her misunderstanding & devised the marriage prank...That moment onwards I, unknowingly, turned mischievous & naughty which I was never before...


Then started the game where she always failed to reject me everytime & I rejoiced heavily on that!


"Tea is made by Rajji, I just put sugar in it!!!"


"I wanted to say that aaloo ke parathes  are  made from aaloo i.e potatoes!"


Her every answer amused me & had me in splits & who can forget this one'


"W-W-W-Woh'I'I-I just came to ask you whether you want sugar or cheeni in your coffee.. "



So basically Geet drools over me which is not a new thing for girls when it concerns me but when it comes from her, I feel good! Also she is very much affected by my presence. The way she responds to my closeness seals the fact & I admire that!


                                      Na Jaane Kya Baat Hai 
                              Ajab Haal Mera Yaar Hai


My liking for her heightened with each passing day, with each passing moment with her. Be it her innocence, her craziness, I adore everything about her...I don't know what's up with me, but I don't want to part with this feeling...I admit that the marriage prank was not supposed to be played'but it just I was hurt...!




My reverie was interrupted when I sensed Geet running away from my hold blushing! Yeah! I had caged her between me & the wall & had gone way too close to her in my trance!


She stood by the parapet of the terrace overlooking the entire area around the Haveli. I went & stood behind her placing my hand on hers on the parapet. I felt her heart beats rise even more as she sensed my touch...She closed her eyes as I sided her hair which blocked my view of her face...


"Ma-an...k-koi d-dekh..."


"No one is here...neither your Dad...nor your Daarji..." I huskily whispered in her ears, playing gently with her long ear-rings...


Her eyes were still closed...

"Waise do you want anyone to see us?"




"Mere paas aane se tumhe koi aitraaz hai?"


" Mujhe koi aitraaz nahi!"


I was very surprised at her abrupt & firm reply. She turned her face slightly to look at me, I was already staring at her. This was the first ever statement she has said without stammering or hesitation tonight...


              Kehti Hai Chahate Deewana Mein Ho Gaya 

                   Teri Chahat Mein Sanam Najaane Kab Kho Gaya
                   Yeh Kaisa Hai Asar Mujhko Na Itni Khabar

                   Janeman Janeja'..

                  Lafzon Mein Keh Na Sakun, Bin Keh Bhi Reh Na Sakun

                  Nasha Hi Nasha Raat Din Hai, Na Pucho Yeh Kaisa Ehsaas Hai...

The drizzling had died down &the skies had fully cleared. The air turned more chilled but friendly. Suddenly there blew a very strong wind & we heard the terrace door getting shut!


We immediately rushed towards the door but the discovery was not a pleasant one...


"Oh No...! T-The door got locked from inside...We are struck here...Everyone will be back within some time...If they find both of us here on the terrace...p-phir k-kya h-hoga..."


She was terrified at the thought...


"Nothing will happen! We will get out of her before they arrive!"


"But...but how!"


I scanned my eyes looking around & located a long ladder leaned against a corner.


"We can use that to move down!"


Geet stared at me wide-eyed, completely white in face


"Yeh aap kya keh rahe ho??? It's...very risky...We are at a great height... "


I smirked. "Toh thik hai, will you come for a helicopter ride with me?"


She clearly did not see that coming & that too at such a tense moment. She stared blankly at me while I dialed the pilot's number...


I have edited some lines of the song to suit the updateLOL

           Please add 'rashmipms' to ur buddy list

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awesome update
loved it

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it awsem

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wow great story plz update soon
it's an amazing story
thanks for the pm

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awesome update

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Awesome update.

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loved the update

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