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MG SS My Perfect! Suitor Thread 2 (Page 67)

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eagerly waiting yar.

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waiting waiting 

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Eagarly waiting...Day Dreaming

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              (Credit fr this lovely banner goes to PiyaBig smile)

Thank you guys for your birthday wishesHug

@GurtiArti -- I loved the shayari/poemsEmbarrassed.Thank youBig smile

Now coming to the updateLOL

@$ara_$hachi- OMG!LOL u r vry expressiveWinkLOL

@ CutieSanaya & RukhluvMaan - Then in that case, thank youROFLWink

@Remya_Pillai : Yeah! I know DETTOLROFL.WinkROFL

@Kia & preethia : Missed you guys, welcum bakBig smile

@love2_soma : Do you really think Maan doesn't knows the reason?WinkLOL

@ritzy di - Simi & Geet will come face to faceWink 

@ sweetysaran : Even I was thinking why didn't you comment in the prev upd!ConfusedGlad u r bakBig smile

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                              Part 16



They were in Maan's farmhouse which made Geet truly believe that Maan lived in Delhi'.but she didn't know she was wrong'..


Instead of getting affected by the coziness of the place where she was, Geet had other worries queuing her mind. After her legs were tired of pacing to & fro, she finally sat on a chair .


"Dekh Geet, stop formulating revenge plans on that Simi!! & concentrate on something that is more important! Now when Maan will come, don't beat around the bush but directly ask him what he said in the Haveli & carried you here. Okay? "


No sooner did she resolve, she saw Maan enter the hall. He had fully lived up to her expectations of taking a bath & changing his attire. He had worn a chocolate brown shirt & his hair was slightly wet & as usual there was his signature smirk on his handsome face.


Geet clutched the table cloth next to her hard, gazing at him'She knew she had made her own coffin by telling him to freshen up, given the fact that he was looking exceedingly hotter than before'.! She automatically stood seeing Maan approaching her. His eyes were glued at her which made her uneasy, acquainting her with the naughtiness of the atmosphere'.She felt a dire urgency to throw some words at him...


"Uh...D-Did you have a b-bath?" she asked sheepishly.


"This is called beating around the bush Geet!!!!!!!!!"


"Why? Isn't my hair wet?"


Geet began to step backward as he inched closer... She was so flustered hearing his velvety that she didn't know what to say or do. Still she made a huge attempt.


" I'm going to a-ask you something very s-serious...s-so take me seriously...I-I...mean...answer me s-seriously..."


She walked backward while he stepped towards her, smirking...


"Go on! My casual ears will hear your serious questions!"


"W-W-What did you say to my family t-that they allowed you to c-c-carry me???"


"I said to them that you would miss me a lot & also would shed salted drops water remembering me, so if they don't want to start a tissue business, then let me take you with me & they agreed!"


His husky words were taken in by her horrified face'


"N-N-N-N-Nahiii'..A-Aisa n-nahi h-ho sakta'..y-you are lying!!!! I-Infact you musn't have said anything to them! Y-You might brought me h-here w-without their k-knowledge. Say yes!"


"Interesting! If you know then why are you asking?" his voice was direct.


"L-Lekin'.. t-they know I am in Delhi!! And they are so casual about it. T-They must have seen you carrying m-m-me" she was terrified by that thought.


"Then in that case, they should have stopped me, right?" he asked teasingly.


"Y-Yes. Y-You have a point..."she said worriedly, "T-Toh ab mein kya karu?"


She cast her innocent hazels at him. He smirked


"Well, precisely speaking, all these are your problems! So why don't you personally deal with them later on! For the time being, let's talk something else!" he exclaimed naughtily.


She couldn't step back any further. Maan caged her between him & the wall. His well-built biceps were on either side of her & he leaned closer with his eyes twinkling with mischief'.Also the scent of his bathing soap was having a sensuous effect on her'She required a whole amount of will power to stick to her senses'.


"You know what, it's all because of you!!!! You are the one who has put me in this trouble!!!" she whined.


"Main ek hi baat ka credit baar baar nahi leta!" he whispered, unperturbed...


"Chaddo!! Mujhe aapse baat hi nahi karni!!!" she pouted angrily, turning her eyes away from him.


He leaned more closer.


"Nahi karogi?" his voice was passionate.


"Bilkul nahi!! Let me go!!!!"


"If you don't talk to me that I will start asking you the real reason behind making me take a bath, phir mat kehna, warn nahi kiya!!"


Her shocked expressions met his menacing ones. She shrieked as his hot breath lashed her face.


"M-M-Mujhe a-apse kuch kehna h-h-hai..." Her voice was choked.  There was no air to breathe...


"That's like a good girl!" his voice again turned husky.


"W-Woh'.it's 3'o clock now's-so my entrance exam results might be out't-toh mujhe college jaana hoga'"



They were in the car on their way to Geet's college. She was all anxious & desperate...


"D-Drive faster pleaseee!!!!!"


"I can't as I follow law & order like a good citizen!" Maan snapped.


"Aap ke chakkar mein I completely forgot about my results!! Now that I am in Delhi let me go & check it instead of sending someone else'" she was all tensed.


Maan saw her doing her 'Babaji' chants.  She even had some nail- biting sessions!. He smirked


"Chalo! Isi bahane your nails won't hurt me the next time you pounce on me!"


Geet hardly heard what he said. Maan drove the car faster


She rested back on her seat.


"I have to get admission in St Mark College'"


She repeated the statement in her mind. Her trance broke when she heard Maan's voice.


"We have reached Geet!"


She opened her eyes too see the college entrance gate. There was a huge rush of students. Being nervous, Geet  tried to get out of the car but something held her back.


"Your seat-belt!"


"W-What???" she asked flustered still unaware that she had forgotten to unfasten the seat-belt which was holding her back!


Her heart skipped a few beats when she saw Maan roguishly leaning towards her...She squeezed her eyes shut...Her breaths increased when she felt the air from his nostrils landing on her cheeks...


He unfastened her seat-belt & reaching to her ears, he whispered.


"All the best for the results..."


Her eyes notched open to see him still close...She at once got out of the car while Maan waited for her to return.



There was huge crowd in front of the college notice board. Geet could hear happy sighs as well as sad ones. With great difficulty she made her way into the crowd & finally reached near the notice board. She scanned her eyes through the various names displayed. She did not find her name...She checked again...She did not find her name...Failure hit her hard & her senses were overcome by a sudden grief...


Geet walked aimlessly through the crowd which was still pouring in...Tears had already lined up in her eyes & were waiting for her nod to flow down her cheeks'.


"I...I did not...did not...get admission St Mark...!!!"


The thought seeped in her mind breaking her completely from within'.



Maan was startled when she just came & sat in the car with a white face. He understood what the matter was. He began to drive the car silently'


By the time they were on the highway, Geet had already started to cry noiselessly'Tears trickled down her brown hazels & Maan was well aware of that'.


"If you continue to manufacture these salted drops for some more time, my car will drown & I don't want that!"


His sharp words hit her ears.


"Don't worry!! I will make sure your car is renovated!!!!"she sneered


"Okay, you can carry on with your manufacturing!"


His nonchalance did not go down well with her.


"Can't you see I am extremely shocked & sad as I couldn't clear my entrance exam!!!?"


"So you expect a shoulder to cry on! Forget it!"


"I don't even expect anything from you!!"


"Good! By the way for which college did you give the entrance exam? " asked Maan, in a matter-of-fact manner.


"Does it matter now?? Everything is over!! Princi told me to wait till evening as two more seats are vacant! But there are many others like me, I have no chance!!! So it's better to go back home!!!!" she blurted out in frustration, "But why am I telling you all this!!!?"

"So Miss Geet Handa has given up even before reaching the finishing line! Interesting." he smiled sarcastically


"The line is finished for me!! I won't be able to study in my dream college!!!"

"Yeah! Even I think you won't be able to get admission there! you don't deserve it surely! And two vacant seats!!! Very very impossible for you!There may be souls who are much better than you!"

Maan was at his sarcastic best but Geet did not understand that. She was angry with him.

"What do you mean by I am not best???!!!!!I will get admission!!! Just wait & watch!!!!!!!"


 The airport had arrived. It was time for Geet to go back to Chandigarh... She prepared to head out of the car'..


"Wait! Take these tissue papers crying baby!! It will aid you till you reach the Haveli & may be even after that kyunki admission tumhe milne se raha & you also have to face your family, remember?!!!"


He held the tissue box in front of her, smirking.That pissed her off...

"Thanks for your concern & Good Bye!!!" she sneered.


Maan watched her enter the airport'She was gone'Will he see her ever again?'Maan drove away'..




Rishi saw Maan entering the office with a very stern face. It was nothing new to Rishi as Maan always displayed sternness in office.


"Then in that case, S-S---"


"I suppose two new managers are to be appointed here before we head to Mumbai, have they arrived? " he asked sharply.


"Then in that case, Y-Yes S-Sir, they have arrived'"


Chandigarh Airport---


Geet had reached her home town. With great difficulty, she had managed to compose herself little bit'


"I did not get admission in St Mark'I won't be able to study in Mumbai'."


She saw a car waiting for her as she exited the airport. It was sent from the Haveli with a driver to pick her up. Geet sat in the car, dejected.


"Papa hamesha mujhe airport se ghar le jaane aate hain, this time he didn't come'.."


The roads seemed desolated to her even though it was not'Her face was grave, thinking hard about how she would face her family'.





"St Mark College, one of the renowned colleges in Mumbai & you know what Bhai, I got admission in there. I cleared the entrance exam!!!!!!"


Annie exclaimed  to Maan on phone, delightedly.


"That's great Anwesha but have you told mom & dad?"


"I told Dadima so mom-dad must have heard..." Her voice was dry'


Maan did not reply. There was  a pause after which Annie spoke again...


"Anyways, I am heading to the air-port. I will call you once I land in Mumbai."


The call ended. Just then Annie's car came face-to face with that of Geet's...They both got out from their respective cars'


"Anwesha, you---"


"Call me Annie!!" she snapped, "Only Maan bhai can call me Anwesha & no one else!!!!"


"Annie are you going somewhere?"


"I am going back home. By the way, heard you had gone to Delhi, were you tailing my brother?" Annie chuckled rudely.


Geet was shocked by the remark.


"So sad! And he must have rejected you like he rejects other girls!"


"What's your problem!!!!?"


"Stay away from my Bhai!! And make sure we are meeting for the last time!!!"


"Ofcourse!! Even I don't wish to see you or your brother ever again!!!!"


They both sat again in their respective cars & drove off'


"Aaj ka din hi kitna strange tha, I don't what else is there to come as the day is still not over..."


Geet was anxious & she reached the Haveli soon after...

The college name is ficticiousLOL

Thank you so much guys fr your lovely likes & comments & once again sholly fr late updateOuch

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Originally posted by anuandavi


upar dekho naLOLEmbarrassed

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