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MG SS My Perfect! Suitor Thread 2 (Page 51)

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part 14
awesome update

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waitingDay Dreaming

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              (Credit fr this lovely banner goes to PiyaBig smile)

@ $ara_$hachi : I'm glad you liked it!Wink

@hottyangel : AS he did not want to part with herWink

@radhikasingla : That's such a wonderful compliment! Thank you!Embarrassed

@seemamary : He took her to DelhiWink

Okay now all of you are wondering what Maan must have said to her family or does her family know  her being with Maan, well the queries will be answered a little later!Wink

Also thank you to all for your wonderful likes & comments. I am really happy that u all r liking the story!Big smile. I am glad you all love Maan's characterEmbarrassed. Also I saw many silent readers commenting for this part!Big smile. Thank you guys for ur feedback!!!Big smile


                             Part 15




"Both of you are fired!!!!!!!!!!!!"


His censured voice broke the nail-biting silence making the two ex-managers before him shiver. Maan glared at  them


Rishi, who was Maan's assistant stood frozen to the ground even though he was not the target of Maan's wrath.




"Then in that case Sir, Yes Sir….!"he spoke petrified.


"Type their resignation letters!!!!"


Hearing that, one of the two fired employees gathered courage to speak.


"S-S-S-Sir, w-we---"


Maan raised his hand signaling him to remain silent.


"Don't even think of mouthing your 'last chance' excuses!!!  my ears will not entertain them!!!! You may leave!!!!!!!!"


The two men exited the cabin with their heads down. Rishi stood there with utter nervousness for Maan to calm down. Then he spoke,


"Then in that case, S-Sir y-you have very intelligently dealt with the mess they had created! I am so lucky to--"


"I don't think you get salary to deliver praises to me." snapped Maan, "Call a meeting of HOD's two days later in Mumbai! "


As Rishi was about to leave, Maan stopped him,


"By the way I noticed that you were time & again peering at the door since you entered my cabin, Are you waiting for anyone?" Maan eyed him sharply.


Rishi grew jittery hearing that.


"Then in that case, N-N-No! Absolutely not Sir!"


He scurried away before Maan could ask anything else!




Maan walked into the gaming room only to find Geet heavily engrossed in a video game. He looked at the screen which flashed animated picturesque roads of an urban city on which various bikes were racing each other. Geet's hand firmly gripped the game controller with which she was controlling her biker. The city roads were very much congested with traffic & pedestrians making it absolutely difficult to play but her biker raced at top speed evading all obstacles. Sometimes the lanes were narrow with cars coming in front out of the blue but Geet managed to dodge them all with perfect co-ordination between her brain & hands. Maan saw her eyes aggressively looking at the screen which showed how passionate she was about video games.


At times her biker would fall off when she was not able to avoid the traffic but her body language proved her determination to win the toughest level of the game which she was playing…At other times, some bikes used to race ahead of her but that did not deter her...


"I have to win!!!!" Maan heard her mutter & the next moment her biker was up again racing at full speed.


Next, her biker knocked down a pedestrian. Maan sighed.


"Freak!! Who the heck told him to cross the road now???Patience naam ki koi cheez hi nahi hai!" Maan heard her cribbing, "Ab mein kya karu, now police will tail me!"

And indeed the next moment, Maan saw a police bike trying to catch hold of Geet's biker pissing her off.


"Damn!!! Do hell with law & order!!!"


Geet was irritated & she made her biker deliver a huge kick to the police bike. Maan muffled his laughter seeing her nose turn red.


The finishing line was close. He wanted her to win it. But the next moment, the police siren was heard.


"Oh no! Before the police come, I have to cross the finish line, then I will have money to bail myself out! " she giggled a little.


Maan smiled hearing that. As she was nearing the line, another biker came head to head with her. The situation was her biker was in between the other biker & the police bike!


"Mishty, win it!!!!"


"Maine kaha na, I have to win it!!!"


Geet made her biker glide more swiftly evading everything & this is how Geet won the race in first position! Maan let out an exhilarating sigh


"Yes!! Yes! Yes! I won! I won ! I won !"


Geet exclaimed & getting up from the sofa, she literally started doing bhangda….oblivious of what effect it was having on Maan….! 


Mesmerized, dazed & lost, he found it extremely difficult to bat his eyelid…. His mind could neither fathom not stop the various things which were happening within him. He felt his senses numb & his beats halt in anticipation of not missing out anything of hers…be it the twinkle in her eyes or the angelic smile on her lips….Maan was gaping at her while she still danced unaware of his presence….


It was only when his eyes pained due to constant gazing, that he brought himself back to his senses!


"Lagta hai tum mujhe kam & video games ko jyada pasand karti ho but phir bhi congratulations!"


Geet stopped abruptly as Maan's velvety voice fell on her ears. She did not look at him but sat down again on the sofa trying hard to keep ignoring him..


She pretended to play some other game. Smirking, he came & stood behind the sofa & bent close to her ears…. Geet squirmed as she felt his breath lingering on her cheeks….She clutched the game controller hard as her heart beats prepared to rise….


"You can ditch this video game, now that I have arrived…" he whispered.


"No I won't!"she tried very hard to remain stiff , "As it helps me divert my attention from the crises you invited in my life !"


She stared hard at the game screen.


"Don't strain your eyes so much, tumhari yeh khoobsurat aankhein kharab ho jayegi….!"


He crooned huskily closing his eyes & feeling the softness of her hair…..


That ended the game even before she could start it! She let go of the game controller & took charge of her rising beats…. She shrunk back on the sofa, closing her eyes while Maan still hovered near her ear….She felt his hot breath making patterns on her cheek making her go very crazy….She started to breathe heavily clutching her dress for support….


"Geet! I told you na you are….you are angry with him….why do you…always keep on for…forgetting it…???"


The ringing of the telephone came to her rescue breaking Maan's trance. He straightened himself & walked towards the phone. Geet's frayed heart beats were walking the road of recovery…


The call was from the receptionist.


"What?? Some visitor has come & is in the waiting room?" asked Maan surprised as he was not expecting anyone, "Who has come?"


"S-Sir, She has told me not to d-divulge her name to you. She wants to meet you n-now.." the female voice spoke unsurely.


"Okay, I'm coming."


Maan rang off. Then he turned to Geet.




"Maan." she had gathered courage to interrupt him. Then looking away from him, she continued in a stiff manner, "Today you brought me here, but what will you do tomorrow? I am going back within a few hours!"


Maan was shocked hearing that ! She was right. They were here together for the last time…He saw her leaving the room. Maan at once surged forward. Clutching her wrist from behind, he pulled her back to him with force. She shrieked at this sudden pull & her back was against his torso…His breaths snarled over her shoulders making her heart beat frantically. Then came his deep intoxicating voice


"You don't have to think about me!!! Hum kuch bhi kar sakte hain, aap apni fikar kijiye!!!!"


She shrieked once again while her heart throbbed. By the time his words seeped in her mind, he was gone….



Geet was pacing to & fro in Maan's cabin.


"Main kya karu? It's a real big problem!!!!Should I call at home?? No ! No ! No ! Whoever will pick up the phone will start scolding me & when I return home, then also they will scold me!! So it's better to be lectured once, instead of twice, hai na??? "


She twisted the edge of her dupatta with her fingers.

"Everything is because of Maan!!!Babaji, from the time he has entered my life, he always has left me in cliff- hanger situation!!! Kyun karte hai woh aisa??? Don't know what he said to my family. Did he even say anything on the first place or just slyly picked me up??!!! I need to clarify things with him, hai na Babaji!?"


She walked out of the cabin to find him.



 Maan was on the way to the waiting room. He was wondering who had come to meet him & his questions were answered the moment he reached there…


She saw him. Even before he could react, she ran & threw herself on him hugging him tightly. She was none other than Simi Singhania…


On the other hand, Geet was blabbering angrily about Maan while trying to find him.

"What does he think of himself!!!!?...I won't ever talk to him!!!???..Hamesha mujhe muskil mein he dalte rehte hain!! Mujhe Maan bilkul bhi pasand nahi!!!Bilkul bhi nahi!!!!"


Geet halted abruptly as she passed the waiting room…She saw a girl clinging on to Maan…Geet was stunned... Even before she could recover, she saw Simi kissing Maan on his cheeks…!! That was enough for Geet to burn in anger!!!!!


"How dare she!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"



Maan pushed Simi away. That was when Geet recognized her to be Simi. She was dressed skimpily with her cleavage being visible. Geet detested that! Simi saw his eyes had turned lava…He was looking even more hotter….


She again stepped closer & said seductively


"Maan…don't look so angry, I might lose control over myself then don't blame me for whatever happens between us!"


Geet clenched her fists. She was about to intervene but stopped hearing Maan.


"10 seconds!! You have absolutely 10 seconds to get lost from here & if not! Then the security here,  won't hesitate to do the honors!!!!!! " his voice was gruff.


Simi was unperturbed. She walked sensually to him..


"Maan!I didn't know our first meeting would be so interesting…You have already set my heart on fire…now don't make me wait more for you!"


She was about to again touch him but he pushed her away..




He growled which made even Geet shiver along with Simi..


The next second the guards had arrived.


"Fine!! I'm leaving but I will come back because I know even you desire me & you're concealing that!" her voice was sultry.


Maan glared at her balefully. Simi left but not before giving a lustful glance at Maan. Her heart was burning in  desire….


Geet was hell angry & she could feel tears building in her.


"Incase if I meet Simi ever again then she will have it from me for this!!!!!How dare she come close to Maan!!! "


She left in a huff. Neither Maan nor Simi were aware that Geet was watching them…  



"She not only hugged & but also kissed him…That means her touch, her scent is all over Maan!!!!!"


Such thoughts were making rounds in Geet's mind.


Maan was walking to his cabin extremely disgusted with whatever had happened.


He entered his cabin to find someone sitting on his chair with the back faced towards him. That enraged him even more. Before he could say anything, he heard the person speak.


"I have a confusion! Infact a very big confusion!"


Maan's anger died down at once hearing Geet's voice but at the same time, he was surprised to hear the tone of her voice. She had never spoken to him like that.


He walked towards the desk.


"Can I be of some help to you Ms Handa?" he asked her huskily.


Geet managed her breaths properly. She twirled the chair to face him.


"I was doubtful about which colour shirt would suit you the most, brown or black?"


"Why? Doesn't this white shirt suit me?" he asked her impishly.


She turned away from his mischievous glance, "Dekhiye, you have to have a shower & also wash your face with Clean & Clear face wash, then as ritual you will need to change your clothes!"


"Now what is this new drama?"


He gave her a questioning glance.


"I can't tell you!!"


He walked roguishly to her. Her heart missed a beat & she twirled the chair. He clasped the arms of the chair & bend close to her, incarcerating her.


"Why do I need to change my attire & why do I have to bathe on the first place?" his voice was husky.


With great difficulty, she moved her eyes away from him. His breaths lingered on her cheeks…


"It's an order!!!"


She said abruptly & then smacked her head mentally for saying that!


He smirked.


"Order? Well…ah! I am not in a habit to listen to orders, so I can't fulfil your wish!"


She took a deep breath & looked at him. His eyes had that glint in them which was not good for her heart…


"Ma-an…Please w-will you have a b-bath & c-change your c-clothes… " she said in the sweetest possible tone..


"Hayyee, ab itne pyaar se tum request karogi, I don't have the heart to refuse you!"he whispered huskily, "Thik hai, toh lets go to my farmhouse, there I will do as you say & we will also have our lunch! "


She nodded without thinking, wanting to get rid of Simi's every touch on Maan as soon as possible!


They still held close proximity when Rishi entered without knocking & saw both of them….


Maan & Geet both were startled. Maan glared at him


"Then in that case, S-Sorry to disturb y-you S-S-Sir!"


And he exited the cabin speedily.


Geet, wanting to account for her missed beats, too was about to exit when Maan stopped her.


"Geet, you did not reason out for your weird demand!"


Her eyes opened wide. Now she just couldn't say the real reason. Her mind worked skillfully to prepare a fake reason..!


Then without turning back, she answered...


"W-W-Woh…your…your white shirt is too white…haan…"


"Excuse me??"


"Aapko dekhkar aisa lag raha hai as if you are to advertise for some detergent to bring whiteness to clothes!"


She said in one whole breath & trotted out of the cabin!

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yipee me firstDancing

awesome update.
geet lost in game and maan lost in geetEmbarrassed
"Mishty, win it!!!!"maan wants geet to win even though it is a video gameWink
and simiAngry
"Dekhiye, you have to have a shower & also wash your face with Clean & Clear face wash, then as ritual you will need to change your clothes!"geet wants maan to take bath and change the shirtLOL and want him to use Clean & clear face washLOLLOLWinkomg geet bi na
and geet giving order to maan Ouch
"Aapko dekhkar aisa lag raha hai as if you are to advertise for some detergent to bring whiteness to clothes!"
omg me still laughing ROFL geet ads bahut dekhti hai lol
continue soon

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simply superb.loved it

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Too good to describe just in words, hats off to you...ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
Keep it up *i am using so many emotions after a very long time, indeed*

Do cont soon & do PM me

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