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MG SS My Perfect! Suitor Thread 2 (Page 100)

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Eagarly waiting...Day Dreaming

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Day DreamingEmbarrassed

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              (Credit fr this lovely banner goes to PiyaBig smile)

@$ara_$hachi &  -Kia- : I LOVE YOU BOTHLOL

@Aasmina : i won't say anythingWink

@ruch26 : I think you have commented for the first time. Thank you loadsHug.I relly hope u like the story furtherWink

@priyadarshini64 : are backHugHug

@tushti-kiran : Hug don't be lazy butLOL

@ dreamy4ever : Your ans lies in this upd!Wink

@RukhluvMaan : Then in that case, Ofcourse I will continue with Rishi's styleROFL

@ajenn : busy in Christmas. No probs dearHug. Shopping is always fantasticEmbarrassedGlad u r reading the story & also liking it!


Congratulations dear!!!!!!!!!DancingPartyMe so happy that your shaadi ka rishta is pakkaEmbarrassedWinkWink.Best wishes from all of us!!!Big smileMe so happy that my reader-cum friends are getting marriedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedWink

                                       Part 17

Time refused to tick by...Even though he could hear the clock tick-tock sitting in his forlorn cabin...still time refused to tick by for him'.It was not that he was sitting idle since a very long time...Maan had done a lot of time-pass after Geet...Mishty left...For example, he engaged both the newly appointed managers in more business talks than were required & after he was done with that, he even took to scaring the wits out of Rishi!!How he enjoyed Rishi's terrified face!...but after a point of time...everything seemed to fall apart...& here Maan was passionately gazing at his mishty's ear-ring...


It was clear that he was missing her'.missing her very badly'.& the thought that he might not be able to see her again made the feeling harsh'. Maan rested back in his chair & closed his eyes. He didn't know why he had brought her to Delhi. He just did it'by intuition'or perhaps because he couldn't stand the fact of her being away from him'Then he also had to let her go back'


 Maan caressed her ear-ring hard while his eyes passionately lingered her images in front of him'There was an alien fire surging within him to be close to her'to hold her in his arms'.His breaths grew rigorous as the intensity of her thoughts increased. His mind didn't care a hoot to raise questions regarding what was happening to him'it had already decided that Geet ought to be with him...He stared hard at his phone...Precisely he feared that, after hearing her voice.  his brain would instantly come up with another plan to bring her again to him which might create problems for her in her family...


His patience, ultimately gave up to his urge & he picked up the phone to dial her number...


"If Mishty blurts out something contradictory to my plan in front of her family, then she will be in trouble..."







She gaped at the Haveli which stood tall in front of her eyes & gulped her saliva in fear'.No, it was not a Haunted Haveli'.but still, at that point of time, Geet felt that it was better to confront ghosts rather than face her family...


Two problems which stood mocking at her'Firstly, she didn't know how to defend her disappearance in her family court & secondly she didn't even get admission in St Mark which, otherwise, could have acted as a lawyer to save her from the crises... But interestingly her mind, at that time, followed an altogether different trail...


"Yeh maine kya kar diya Babaji!! I shouldn't have been rude with Maan...He was just being sarcastic...agar unhe bura lag gaya toh'.but I didn't want to hurt him..." Geet smacked her head, "What is this Geet'.there are so many problems lying in front of you aur tu unke bare mein soch rahi hai!!! Even though he is the root cause of your miseries!!!...Sudhar jaa Geet, Sudhar jaa!!!!"



Geet composed herself, trashing Maan's thoughts & finally got ready to step in the Haveli, being scared though'.She took a deep breath'..


"Babaji...Please meri help kijiye..."


And at that moment, her phone rang. Geet's heart missed a beat as the screen mischievously displayed Maan's name...


"Babaji! Maine aapko help ke liye pucha tha, problems ke liye nahi!!!!"



"Kya hai!!!?" she snapped as she answered the call.


Maan sensed that she was angry, "Kuch nahi, I was getting hiccups so thought of calling you, I did right na?"


Geet tried her very best to discard the effect of his husky voice on her...


"Anyways, what's up?" he asked coolly.


"I will tell you what's up!!!!? The sun is scorching hot & as electrical gadgets are not supposed to be exposed to sun, I need to keep my phone back into my purse!!!" she snapped again.


 "Aww...Bas itni si baat? You can wrap your phone in tissue paper & then talk to me!" he was smirking.


She pouted angrily hearing that.


"Waise, Are you speaking live from Chandigarh or Delhi?"


That startled her, "Of course Chandigarh!! Infact I am standing outside my house!!!You saw me get in the airport, right???? "


"So what? Your legs could have even refrained from boarding the aircraft!"


"And why would I stay back in Delhi?"


"Because I thought you cared for your parents' happiness but I was wrong!!"


Geet was shocked hearing that. "A-A-Aap k-kehna kya chahate hain?"


"Two vacant seats Geet!! You were hurt as you really did expect to clear the exam & get into your dream college. So couldn't you stay back & wait for the remaining names to be out, as your principal had asked you to? You could have taken a good news home, right?"

She closed her eyes hearing that. Maan was right , he was absolutely right'She should have waited...


 "I told you I had no chance of admission'.."


"And I thought you knew what I meant from my sarcastic comments! Par nahi, you were in a hurry to go away from me! I am so hurt that you left me & went away!"


He ended his serious lecture with a husky touch!


"I would never want to meet you again, samjhe aap???"


"Aww'.you broke my heart again Geet!" he exclaimed  smirking though he meant what he said!


"Chalo, Koi nahi. I will still give you moral support when you face your Daarji & parents!!!"


He was still smirking when he said that. But Geet was petrified by that thought'


"I don't want any of your support!!! " she whined.


"Did I ask you for your opinion?. No, right? So just do as I say!!"


"No! I won't! Main phone rakh rahi hoon! Good Bye once again!!"


"Ah! Don't even think of disconnecting Maan Singh Khurana's call!!!"


His voice rang a warning which made her shiver...


"Now listen!! Put  your phone in speaker mode & enter the Haveli!!"


She was shocked.


"N-N-Nahi'par kyun'but I'I-I'but why'm-mein'"


"Chup!! Bilkul Chup!!!!!"


She was so terrified hearing him that she literally put her finger on her lip!


"I know why are you saying this. You want to hear everyone scold me, h-hai na? I know'"she pouted, whining.


He smirked, "Ab kya kare! I am like that!"


She didn't dare to cut the call even though she knew he was not physically present there & that they would never meet each other again'.

She put her phone in speaker mode, holding it normally & stepped in the Haveli. Maan embraced silence as now only his ears would hear the talks which would soon surface'.


"Oh ho! I forgot to ask her the name of the college for which she gave the entrance exam! Now I can't even speak!"





                          Narration by Geet


I sauntered through the corridors with Maan on hand  as I was in no hurry to reach the hall & face the jury who would bombard me with questions once they catch sight of me! Maan is right! I mean'.my parents were so excited like me that I would continue my studies in Mumbai...& when they will come to know that I did not pass in the entrance exam & did not even wait for the vacancies, they will be hurt, especially Daarji! Babaji, I am feeling guilty from now itself...!Even Papa did not come to pick me up from the airport'.


I stepped in the hall to see Daarji, my parents & Rajji...



                              End of Narration                                     



All four pairs of eyes were staring at her. Geet, failing to look at even one of them, gazed the floor instead'.Maan waited with eager ears sitting in his cabin'..



"What's all this!!!!? Why did you leave for Delhi without telling us!!!!???"


Daarji's strict voice fell on her ears'.


"Sorry Daarji..."


She stuck to her standard reply &,as usual, she received a couple of sighs in return which were emitted by her parents!


"Atleast you could have informed us!!!!"


"Sorry Papa..."


"I was right, Maan had kidnapped me!!!!!!!!"


"We were so tensed puttarji!!"


"Sorry Mamma..."


"Tension toh mujhe ho rahi hai yahan pe! Now I will definitely be asked about Maan!"


"Chalo Mishty, wait & watch what comes next!"


"Woh toh achcha hua ki one of your professors called me yesterday to inform that the college website crashed & so you have to go to Delhi itself & see the results!"


Geet stared at Mohinder in surprise.


Maan smirked hearing that "And co-incidently I heard that so I could carry you with me!"


"Haan! Aur I know you di!" chirped Rajji, "You might have been very tensed about your results so you left for Delhi early morning without informing us so that you can bring good news home & surprise us na?"


Everyone smiled. Geet just didn't know how to react.


"That means...they have literally no clue that Maan carried me to Delhi in sleeping form!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Maan smirked as he could make out what was going on in Geet's mind. But he sighed


"But end mein sab gadbad ho gaya with Geet not getting admission..."



All of them were looking with expectant eyes towards Geet. One problem got solved but another still loomed...


"Koi surprise nahi hai Rajji..." Said Geet sadly, "Mamma, Papa, Daarji...I...I-I...did not get admission in St Mark College..."


Geet broke down by the time she completed. Maan was shocked.

"Mishty wanted admission in St Mark!!!!!!!!!?????"


Everyone was surprised hearing Geet.


"Who told you did not clear the entrance exam??? You  got admission in St Mark!!!" exclaimed Daarji heartily.


Geet did not expect that coming... Stunned, Maan abruptly got up from his chair...


"P-Par k-kaise...???I-I d-did n-not---"


"Geet puttar! Your principal told us that she suggested you to stay back but you didn't! Now the college website has started functioning, so we could check the results & you have got one of the two vacant seats!!!!! "


Rano announced excitedly. Mohinder joyfully brought the laptop to show her & Geet couldn't believe her eyes when she saw her name added to the list of other successful students...


Maan felt very happy. He could imagine the happiness in the Haveli & also Geet jovial face'.He disconnected the call oblivious to Geet...






Maan kept his phone on his desk, smirking'.


"Interesting! Very very interesting! So Mishty is coming to Mumbai'Anwesha & she will be studying in the same college as batchmates'..! "


His eyes were flamed with passion as he lifted her ear-rings...

"Mishty, I thought we would never meet again. But I was wrong! On the contrary, we would meet everyday'.every single day'.because you are coming to Mumbai..." his thoughts were intense...


"Toh thik hai Mishty, I will take the honor of 'welcoming' you to Mumbai'. "


Maan smirked as yet another prank crept his mischievous mind'.. 

Okay, did I tell you all that I am very happy with the response I am getting???Dancing. Thank you allHug

              Please add 'rashmipms' to ur buddy list

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