Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

A Father's Redemption [page 6] (Page 4)

oriyana Senior Member

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 9:33am | IP Logged
So, Finally read the Story now... And it's like Heaven(Nevaeh spelt backwards) Smile

You Described The most Beautiful relation ever!! And that too in a Damn Amazing way!!

Yes, everyone say it's the Mother-Child relationship that is beautiful and foremost!! And yeah I accept, beacuse a child will be part of mother for 9 months inside her and joined by the umbilical cord... 

But a father, neither he bears his child for 9 months, nor he has any physical connection with the Baby... BUT... Their hearts are connected... A FATHER yearns to see his baby and feel him in his arms right from the moment he comes to know that he is going to be a father!! He wants to do everything for his Child, everything special... Heart

The relation you described is just too perfect same as the Mother-Child relationship. None of these two relations are more or less special than each other!! THEY ARE EQUAL!! Heart

And I Loved Virat and Nevaeh, and BP too!!

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shabsem Goldie

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 12:04am | IP Logged
its amazing. .the relatn u describe is wndrful. .plz cntinue soon n pm me

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-Aswathy- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 November 2012 at 4:10am | IP Logged
I have a special attachment to the father-daughter stories,brothers' stories etc...because I have some special people in my life likewise,my father and his brothers... :)
Sorry about my bak-bak,I love the story to it's bits...Virat's and Nevaeh's bonding...BP's and Nevaeh's bonding...Loved the portion Virat said it's because her mother was short,she's also short...Heaven spelt backwards...Aww... :) And the flashback was heart-wrenching...Virat's and Nevaeh's connection with hearts...And the title is making me curious...Please send me PMs for future updates... :)

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ragzp Newbie

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Posted: 26 November 2012 at 1:42pm | IP Logged
moved me to tears...first ever

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SmileXD Groupbie

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Posted: 26 November 2012 at 2:45pm | IP Logged


The car halted and my door opened. BP immediately picked me up in his arms like a baby and carried me up the garage stairs to the lounge. He positioned me on to the large, round, white sofa and my nurse injected something in to my arm. Papa came moments later kneeling next to BP. He took hold of my free hand and gently kissed it and instantly I knew I was going to be just fine.

Two years ago, three days before my 14th, I collapsed in my school's canteen. That was the first time I ever fainted but because we now live in an era where the flu is considered the same as suffering from lung failure- a disease of the past, i was taken to hospital immediately. The millisecond Papa was informed he literally dropped his case files in the court room and drove from Malibu Supreme Court hall to Riverside's Children Hospital. Two outcomes came from that. Firstly, he got fined a generous amount of money for speeding way over the limit and second, that was also the last time I ever saw him wear his lawyer suit. And to think that the reason behind both these problems was me... well that's just the icing to the cake isn't it? 

After dozens of painful tests the doctors at Children's came up to Papa and said I had a disease called Bardus Cor which was a type of defect in my heart making it work slower than normal. However, they also said very confidently that with the right meds, diet and exercise I could lead a normal, healthy life because 'medical science is near to perfect now'. 

So I got discharged and lived like they instructed and soon life went back to normal. 

But you see the thing is, doctors aren't God; no matter how many medical discoveries are made, or the fact that they cured cancer- the most brutal of all diseases. Doctors are not always right.

I was in class one Tuesday, doing what any normal teenager in a boring history lesson would do; draw stick figures in different colours whilst passing notes back and forth between a couple who were too stupid to sit next to each other, when the sudden pain erupted in my chest. It was as if a firm, bulky hand was gripping on to my heart with such a force that it was bent upon ripping it out of body and claiming it his, leaving me to die heart less. My breathing became almost impossible and the pain escalated to my head that the terms 'screaming in agony' couldn't even begin to describe the way I wanted to sound back then. However, due to the difficult situation I was in, screaming wasn't an option so I reached for the nearest object and slid it off the table. The thump of the scattered pens on the ground was the last thing I heard before I blacked out.

I woke up in the ICU two days after the incident and the first thing I remembered was the pens. When I tried getting up, I felt two arms gently hold me back down and after blinking my eyes twice to see more clearly, I found Papa on one side of my hospital bed and BP on the other. They both looked equivalent to zombies but still delivered a Vadhera smile each. I remember wanting to crack a joke to ease the sullen air in the room but as soon as I tried to remove the plastic mask of my face, the doctor came in. Actually it would be more accurate to say he was a doctor who came in with news.

Apparently when they had their little doctors meeting about yours truly, they found out that what THEY thought was a manageable case of Bardus Cor was actually pretty life threatening. (in your face medical science, I proved you wrong)

You see, my heart didn't like me very much and it decided to give itself the privilege to pick out random points in my life to suddenly stop working and quit it's job of keeping me alive. It was also an arrogant little thing too considering it came with no notice beforehand meaning I had no time to prepare my funeral. I said the last part out loud and the doctor just stared at me and BP started to cry, and I mean seriously cry, this included the shaking, and the denial and you can fill in the rest. Papa on the other hand just seemed to disappear. His tall fame was physically next to me but it was as if what resided inside him; his soul, was somewhere far, far away. I wanted to shake him and say come back, I'm not going anywhere, I was only joking but I knew I went too far this time. I should've known not to mention the word 'funeral' in front if him, especially not when it's mine.

And what about me? 

How did I feel after the news?

Apart from the tiny victory mentioned above, I felt nothing. 

I still have no idea how to describe the nothingness, the name to give to that almost empty feeling I felt that day when I was told I was just another wasted body with useless organs on this earth. That there was no purpose of me being alive; that I could do noting important. I would've liked to feel at least something, if not a little anger, but I didn't. Nor did I feel jealousy, or rage or even sadness. 

Just plain empty.

I was hospitalised for three months after that, forced to share a ward with kids with wasted bodies such as mine who had no better jobs to do than to self-pity themselves the whole day. They were the 'ill' ones, the ones that inherited past diseases from their parents and were immune to accepting the new meds. I was the only one with a new disease there, stuck out like a sore thumb I did, but I admit, I did/do feel sorry for them. The question is, will me pitying cure them?? 

The worst part of hospitalisation was watching Papa and BP spend all their time with me instead of at home or in court. They ate the same, tasteless food I did, took turns to sleep in the uncomfortable armchairs while the other slept on the guest bed and also hearing their 'private' conversations when I was meant to be asleep.

In one conversation I overhead papa whispering to BP, something I wished I didn't have to overhear. Something I hope he never knows I heard. He said, "I can't lose the only thing I have left of Maanvi, I can't lose Nev Bhai, I won't be able to handle it the second time." I felt like the most horrible sick person alive. 

Life at the point sucked.


I watched my daughters eyes slowly drift in to a deep slumber and I counted to ten slowing down my rapid heartbeats. I am never going to be able get rid of the fear of watching her sleep; fear that she wouldn't wake up. It wasn't just watching her sleep which worried me, everything concerning Nevaeh made me tense, scared and agitated. I'm a parent, feeling those things was part of the job description which unfortunately came with no instruction manual. On top that, having a child who's ill just made me extra cautious. Bhai must've noticed my attempt at calming myself down as he squeezed my arm reassuringly. 

"Your daughter is a fighter, stop worrying."

"OUR daughter," I corrected, "and speak for yourself Bhai, your hands are still shaking."

We both now sat crossed legged on the floor and started to laugh. "Look at us Viraat, 19 years ago nobody would've even imagined us fretting over a child so much as we do now," Bhai said as I covered Nev with red. 

"Forget child Bhai, we worry like a couple of housewives. I mean, just yesterday I was actually wondering which washing up liquid was better than the other. I'm a guy, I shouldn't care about those things!" I exclaimed. 

Bhai shook his head, "You think that's bad? I advised Fran (Chef) that she should stop using too much ginger in the soup and she chucked me out of the kitchen shouting curses in Russian at the same time. One was, 'The day a man tells me how to cook I will become the beep president of this beep country.' I mean before when something was too salty I'd still eat it but now I actually care about the amount of Ginger?"

I patted his knee understandingly. "Not your fault, remember Bhabbi used to complain about the ginger 24 7?"

"Ohmygosh! Don't remind me," he rolled his eyes, "her and Fran used start WWE in the kitchen with Maanvi as the referee. Those were the nights when me and you always ended up ordering a pizza for dinner."

"Yes, those two were so-" I stopped, suddenly feeling lonely. I looked at Bhai who also stopped smiling and wore the same sad look on his face as I did. Just talking about her made her presence so strong that it was as if she was right here, next to me. I blinked once, forcing the pressure of my tears to reduce. "I miss them Bhai. I miss her."

Nev stirred in her sleep and I immediately remembered that I couldn't break down, not now, not ever. 

"You know they said they have an idea," Bhai said softly, changing the topic. 

I faced him, "Really?" 

He fiddled with his fingers, circling his index fingers, making wheel motions. "They said we should think about bringing her home, but-"

"Don't think about the 'but' instead think about it working," I stopped talking concentrating on the nurse attaching Nev to SAM, making sure she did it properly without hurting her. 

"You're right Viraat," Bhai said also keeping his gaze on the nurse and the wire. The nurse finished with the final wire and switched SAM on and said goodbye following Tom the housekeeper out. I checked that she kept the functions accordingly and Bhai checked that the wire placed beneath Nev's ears were inserted properly. Satisfied that everything was working I sat on the single round couch next to the large one and passed Bhai a pillow,

"This time I hope I'm right."

Bhai positioned himself on the same couch opposite and yawned, "Me too." 

#1173- Giving gum to your friend is like a drug deal. You didn't hear anything, see anything, and you didn't get it from me.

The note: A long note

Where to begin... 

Firstly Maanvi:
- I know she isn't 5ft2, but Nev being 15 and having Bardus Cor has stopped growing, so she is. Maanvi in my story can be 5ft4, but that's as high as I'll go because I want to keep her short-ish.
- So Maanvi's dead. Yeah, I know I kind of killed her BUT that doesn't mean she is absent from the story, oh no, now that wouldn't be fair. 

The disease: 
- Okay for this particular story I had to think ahead as in the future. (yes in my future Maroon 5 and Adele are like legends who live on) And when I imagine 2028 I think of cancer being cured. (hopefully) and medical science being so advanced that nobody gets ill anymore. 
- Bardus Cor is therefore made up. It's Latin for Slow Heart which is clearly what Nev unfortunately suffers from, so everything medically related here will be purely based on my imagination.
-Saying that, this will not be as medically focused as Perfect Mistakes because I don't want Nev suffering as much.

And finally, Nevaeh:
- The name actually exists but so far I haven't come across anyone call Nevaeh yet. 
- She can be a little sarcastic, maybe rude but you either hate her or love her, so your pick.

Things probably won't make much sense now, but I'm going to give you one more part after this one (soon, maybe) and if you guys still think it's worth reading, I'll continue it. If not, well nobody's perfect, right?

Oh, and last time I did quotes, this time I'm doing posts courtesy of Tumblr. 

Take Care,
Ava :)

Phew, long note. 

Ohh and THANK YOU for the comments! :D

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Kanwal_chohan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 November 2012 at 3:28pm | IP Logged
You really know how to put tears in someones eyes
From the beginning to the end I had tears
Your this story has every emotion you made me laugh
You made me cry and also angry it was beautiful love
The connection between nevaeh, viren and virat is
Beautifully displayed just love it

Ps yeey commented before the pm
Lol continue soon and do pm me

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-Aswathy- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 November 2012 at 9:11pm | IP Logged
''-Saying that, this will not be as medically focused as Perfect Mistakes because I don't want Nev suffering as much.''

Thank you so much for this!Seriously...Had seen Maanvi suffering in the show and most of the OS/SS/FF's...Virat suffering in Perfect mistakes(That was too hard for me)...Now Nevaeh!Can't take that much!So thank you for making her less suffer...
Am fallilng for Virat-Nev-BP trio more and more...This is exactly what happens...when we are sad,BP's will cry with us and fathers like Virat put on a brave face just for our sake...Ah and am loving Nev's sarcasm..though it hurts me at the same time...And whenever you mention Maanvi,my heart cringes..
Love you for giving us this heart-touching story :)

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afreenkansal Goldie

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 4:37am | IP Logged
awesome update
continue soon

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