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FF||An Untainted LoveStory(Chap 7- Pg 17) (Page 3)

--Sarunholic-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 12:55am | IP Logged
woww!!! charactr sketch s Awesum!!! lovely pics... Arnav's pic s Super Cute Day Dreaming

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--Sarunholic-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 1:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ForeverArhi

Originally posted by sarunholic

Fab update Day Dreaming Lovng d fresh story!!! Truelly nyc n amazng concept Embarrassed nw...w8ng fr d ArShi meet !!! Update asap!


<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="4">Thank you!!!!! I'll update FALLING IN LOVE and then get back to this one... Hope u dont mind!</font>

no no...dats ur plzz update soon!! cnt w8 to read hw dis Beautiful story unfolds Day Dreaming Embarrassed
kria1996 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 1:47am | IP Logged
continue soon.. :)

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MemoriesDieHard Senior Member

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 2:47am | IP Logged

So here's the next part... Hope u all like it...

For PMs... BUDDY me


Okay, I come..


She placed the envelope in her bag and crept into her bed eagerly waiting for her first day at the college!


Khushi woke p the next morning at around 6 to get ready for her first day at college. To say that she was excited would be an understatement. She got ready for her day ahead and barged out of her room to reach the place in time.

"MOM!!!! I am leaving for college... Bye"

"Did u take all the required papers Khushi?" Her mom enquired.

"Yeah mom. Sab le liya( I have taken everything). Bye now"

Before Garima could say something she saw her daughter walk out of the house. Never had she seen her daughter so excited the very next day when they reached a new place.

"Take care Baccha..."


= | =


Arnav woke up the next morning owing to the call he got on his phone. He got up lazily and picked up his blackberry to check who it was.



The screen blinked infront of him.

Of course!! who else can dare to wake me up by calling so early in the morning.

He thought to himself as he chuckled. No one disturbed Arnav in his sleep. NO ONE. Why would they want to pour wrath upon themselves. But Yashashvini was an exception. She was the only one who could control him while it was the other way round when it came to others.

He picked up the phone as the very thought of hearing her shout at him made him shake..

"Arnav!!! Why the hell are u sleeping??!!!"

"Because I am sleepy Yash. Enna achu? (What happened)"

"Get up u LAZY BUM!!!! College poga venama?? ( Don't u wanna go to college?)"


"Yeah Yash... You called me to wake me up and Chitchat at 5.30 in the morning?"

"Illa Illa ( No No). Called u to tell that u don't need to pick me up today... I'll be going early to college,have some work to do" She replied.


"Gonna meet Kabir eh?" Arnav said never missing the chance to tease her.


" OH SHUT UP Arnav.. I have to got to the library to collect Priya mam's book."


"Ok Yash... But I know U are going to meet Kabir only..Anyways, stay careful and text me as soon as you reach college. I'll ask Kabir to pick u up. He told me that he was also going to get early to college today..." He told her.

"Kabir?? That's not necessary Arnav... I'll take an auto..."


"I am not asking u Yash.. I am telling u! I don't want u to go alone! Am I clear?" He said roughly


"Haan teek hai Baba..I'll text u when I reach there. And tell Kabir to reach home by 6.30,Okay?"

" ya!! Bye!!"

" Bye"

She placed down her phone and made her way to get ready for college.

She walked out of her room with a bag in her hand.

"Amma...I-" She stopped midways as she saw someone sitting in the living room with his back towards her. The figure got up and turned around to see who it was.

"Hi" he said.

"Uhmmm..Hi..." She replied sheepishly.

Man she was looking damn good. She was wearing a black coloured salwar suit with the dupatta adoring her neck. Her hair was let out loose and rested on her left shoulder. He stared at her for quite a longer than required.

Not to forget that she was doing the same. He was wearing a blue denim and had paired with a baby-pink T-shirt. His hair was a mess as usual.

But as they say that every romantic moment has its own spoiler, Yash's mother stepped in and broke their eye-lock.

"Kutty... Kabir romba nerama wait panran( The bor is waiting for u since long).." Her mother said to her as Kabir gave her a weak smile.

"Sorry for keeping u waiting..." Yash said apologetically tilting her head to one side and made a puppy face.

Kabir would have walked straight to her and hugged her tight for making that puppy face had her mother not been there.

"That's ok.. shall we?" He said.

"Uh? Umm yeah..lets go.. Bye mamma.." Yash said as she bid her mother goodbye.

She sat behind him in his black pulsar as he sped fast. She tried hard not to hold on to his shoulder but when he saw her fiddling hard to sit right he had told her to hold on to him. She hesitated first but owing to the bumpy road she was forced to do it.

They finally reached college and Kabir halted his bike. He was about to get down when he felt his back heavy. He realized that she had slept away on his shoulder. She was tired perhaps. He sat there for a while not wanting to wake her up. He brought his hand to her cheek and slightly patted it to wake her up.




She moved slightly and opened her eyes. She jerked up as their position dawned on her. She adjusted her dupatta with her eyes never looking at him. She got down from his bike and stood there.


" I-I am sorry..."


"That's ok Yashu..."

Yashu...never had she felt her name so good except when he called her by her name.


"Umm' bye' I'll see you later'"

Before he could reply, He saw her running towards the library as a smile adorned his face. This girl was affecting him like hell.


= | =


Khushi walked into the campus and stood there in awe. She had not expected anything like this. The university was hell big and the infrastructure seemed to be awesome. The greenery surrounding it made the place look all the more adorable. Khushi finally found her way to the office room and knocked the door to enter. She saw a plump lady in her fifties sitting in front of her.


"Excuse me Mam?"


The lady looked up from her desk and saw the girl standing in front of her. The girl standing in front of her was wearing a red tunic top paired with her jeans. Her hair was tied in a pony. In short she looked elegant. The lady smiled at her signaling her to come in. Khushi walked to the desk and gave the lady all the papers she had been asked to bring. The lady verified all her papers and looked up from it and smiled at Khushi.


" U have pretty good marks Miss... Khushi Gupta.. Welcome to SRM"


"Thank you Mam."

" You can attend your classes from today Miss Gupta."


Khushi smiled at the lady as she collected her admission card and left the room. After an hour of her failed of finding her class, she finally decided to ask someone. Not seeing any student around, she walked to a man who was cleaning the place.


"Excuse me... Can u tell me how can I reach the Ist BA Lit?"


The man in front of her stared at her as if she had placed a knife in front of him and tried to rob him.


"Enna ma venum(What do u want?)" The man asked.


It was Khushi's turn now to give that reaction. She felt as if she had been stranded on mars. What is this man telling? She thought to herself. Before she could reply she heard a manly voice from behind her.


"Neenga ponga anna. Naan Kootitu poren ( U go Bhaiyya. I'll take her)"


The man smiled at the guy who was standing behind and continued sweeping after nodding his head in positive.

Khushi turned around to see who it was, only to find the handsomest guy she had ever seen. He was tall and well built. His hair was gelled and he wore a black shirt. His sleeves were cuffed till his elbow. To say that Khushi was gaping at him would have been an under-statement. The first thing that had attracted her about this guy was his Oh-So-Husky Voice and the other being his honey-brown orbs. The guy walked to her and waved his hand in front of her face bringing her back to senses.

"You are the new girl right? Khushi na?" He said


"Umm... yeah, that's me and you are..?"


"Hi.. I am Arnav... Arnav Ramakrishnan, we both are in the same class." Arnav introduced himself to her.


Arnav? And that too a Ramakrishnan?? That's strange!

Khushi thought.


"Shall we go? U don't want to be late on your first day,so you?"


"Oh yeah... Come lets go..."


Khushi said as Arnav walked along with her guiding her to their classroom. Something about this guy was attracting her. For the rest of the way they walked in silence. When they were about to reach, Arnav stopped mid-ways seeing the scene in front of him. Khushi looked at Arnav enquiringly but didn't ask him the reason.


Khushi saw two girls. One was shouting and the other was standing with tears in her eyes.


" Cant u understand a simple thing? You don't deserve to be his friend and you know that very well, don't you? Have u ever looked at yourself in the mirror? You are so third class and in no way related to him.. you are such a shameless girl!! This is the last time I am warning you.. Stay away from both Arnav and Kabir... you are the reason they don't like me..."


As soon as the name of Arnav was mentioned, Khushi looked at Arnav who twitched his lips in rage.

"How dare u Meenakshi..."

That was all she heard Arnav say. The only thing she could make out was the girl who was crying was in some way related to this guy who was standing beside her. She turned to the scene again.


"But Meenakshi, I-"


" How dare u Yashashvini! Don't u dare defend yourself!!."


Meenakshi was about to slap her right on the face.


" That's it! this is crossing the limits" Khushi heard Arnav say as she saw him walking towards her. Before Arnav could reach Yashashvini, he heard a sound and was shocked to see the sight. He stood rooted to the place.


Yash had already closed her eyes in the fear of being slapped. She had expected a sting of pain on her cheeks but she didn't. She opened her eyes slowly only to see Meenakshi holding her left cheek. Someone had slapped her. But she couldn't make out who it was.


" Don't you dare Meenakshi!!!."


"Kabir?? You are defending HER?? You are fighting with me for this B**CH?"

Tears started to flow down Yash's eyes when she heard Meenakshi say the last word. This didn't go un-noticed by Kabir.


" SHUT UP MEENAKSHI.. JUST SHUT THE f**k UP!!!!" Kabir barged at her.

Arnav who was silently witnessing everything so long walked up to Meenakshi and said


"Once again I see you around her... I swear Meenakshi... I'll forget that you are a classmate of ours. She is Yashashvini... My best friend!! And I decide if she deserves to be one or not... And I know that only she can be my friend!! Get lost, Before I f**king forget that u are a girl"


Khushi was shocked at this sudden uproar of Arnav. She had not expected him to have so much temper inside him. The way he had reacted was the least expected only by her.


As for Meenakshi, she could only fume and walk away silently.


"Yash... U could have opened your mouth and talked right??"Arnav asked.

Yash put her head down unable toanswer.

"Ennamo pannu ( Do whatever u want)" He said.

He speaks Tamil!!! How many languages does this guy know? Khushi thought to herself and smacked her head for being so stupid in such a serious situation.


"Arnav is right Yashu... What if she had slapped u? why cant u open your mouth and speak? You are 17 for God's sake!!!" Kabir said.

For the second time in a day, Arnav had been shocked with Kabir's words. He was brought out of his trance by none other than Khushi.


" Sorry for interrupting, but Arnav... Can we solve this problem after we attend our classes?"

"Umm... yeah... Hey Guys... This is Khushi... Khushi Gupta, newbie."

Both Yash and Kabir turned around to see Khushi.

"Hi Khushi!"

Bith Kabir and Yash exclaimed in unison.

"Hi guys...Friends?" Khushi said as she put her hand forward for a handshake. The three looked at each other for a while, smiled at each other and shook hands with each other.

"And Yash... from now on, You are my best friend!" esclaimed Khushi.


" Looks like Yash already knew you would say that... She has already prepared notes for u,u know!" Arnav said.

" Aaww... That's so sweet of u Yash... Chalo,lets gofor the classes. I don't wanna be late on the first day,do I ?" She said as she hugged Yash and winked at Arnav.

The four walked to their class with the girls walking in the front and the two boys sighing at their never-ending conversation.

= | =

So that was it for this part!! I know... the ending was crappy... And i guess it was a long update as well... do like and comment ppl

Lots of Love





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frenzyy IF-Rockerz

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so khushi joins d group finally.. yash and she are already bst frens.. great update!!

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summaiyasayed IF-Sizzlerz

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nice updt

luv it

thanks for pm

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wow !
that was awesome...!
update soon..
n thank yu for the pm.. :)

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Hey ...
It was amazing ...

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