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Waiting !!

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Day Dreaming

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Maan hugged her from behind making her to fist her dupatta tight near her chest fearing tat she may push him away once again angering him. Maan was so lost in her tat he started to nuzzle his nose into her nape slowly undoing her hair that was in one plait while his other hand busy squeezing her tummy "Jaan.. you know na tat I love your hair open when your are with me..but its ok .. I will make them the way I want."His hand was successful in letting her hair free which was now made to rest on one side of her shoulder. Maan smiled into her nape inhaling the fragrance tat always made him go insane for her  "is this not the most precious gift Jaan…"


Maan waited for her words placing soft wet kisses on her shoulder while Geet clutching her duppatta tight near her chest "I know you are shy.. but see your Maan brought you here for our special night where I first time kissed you. Remember Jaan… this was the same place where I felt your skin with my skin.. the place where I almost.." Maan smiled himself while remembering how he had almost taken her here when he was back from London after a month and if not tat phone from his mother they would have crossed all their limits "uff.. me .. how can My Jaan forget tat moment.. she herself was so passionate… but now… I want tat Jaan of mine back.. I want her to be the same who wanted her Maan.. "Maan pulled her more into him and bit her skin near her shoulder making her to hiss in pain and later soothing the same with his lips and tongue pressing her tummy ""say na Jaan.. will I get Geet closed her eyes tight while she slowly mummers "hmm" Maan smiled hearing it while he sucked her skin pulling it with his teeth while Geet was in kashmaksh.



Maan scooped Geet in his arms making her close her eyes tight while her mind and heart fighting with herself "nahi Geet you cant do this.. you cant betray everyone.. you cant Geet.." Though Maan was walking with her in his arms his eyes were all the way gauzing her facial expressions tat as he had been seeing since morning "Jaan.. open your eyes.".Maan said in a stern voice making her open her eyes at once making him to smile "tats like my Jaan… you know I just love when you hear me like this..hmm so ready for the night na.."Geet  just kept staring at him while Maan waited for her answer "Come on Jaan.. kaha tha na maine tat I wont take no.. its high time tat you give in"..Geet softly blinked her eyes answering him while Maan smirked still his mind trying to register every move and blink of hers.



Maan walked inside the their bedroom which was filled by their photos and the moment Geet saw them her eyes had those unknown tears yet her mind and heart were refusing every emotions now. She tried to wipe them off but Maan held her hands tight placing her on the bed " Don't wipe them off… they have to be away from your eyes before I get my Jaan back tonight.. I don't want any hindrance between us.. do you get.. cry as much as you can Jaan.. cry.. let the fear and your repulsiveness for me go.. let it go.. or else.. you know wat will happen…"Maan looked deep into her eyes tat feared him for a second as they were blank. Blank like they were not ready to show wat was in them. He could not bear tat and at once placed his lips on hers taking them into his. he sucked her lower lips while slowly nibbling them trying to make an entry inside. Though she did not kiss him back, she gave him the needed entry letting him taste her. His lips, his heart and soul were busying feeling her but his mind concentrated on her eyes. The look tat was haunting him since long making him to get aggressive with the kiss and making her breathless. His lips and tongue were yet not ready to leave her but he left her thinking tat he had the whole night for him.



The moment Geet felt his lips leaving her eyes closed trying to hide her fear and repulsiveness behind them, which though saved her but, angered Maan making him furious. He held her cheeks tight, her blank eyes making him more aggressive, he puts more force pressing them more "Try not to think about tat Jaan.. just me and me… get it… I don't want any other thoughts coming tonight here.. no fear.. no tears.. no repulsiveness.. just me, you and our love…"Maan pushed her head back in anger and turned his back standing near the bed. His hands turned into a tight fist making him go insane for each passing second. He was angry the way her look was haunting her making him realize tat he failed to read them. There was something in them, something tat was making him mad, insane and foremost making him to fear. He turned holding her by her shoulders shaking her with all his force "why the hell don't you understand.. you are my wife damn it.. my wife.. and I need you more than anything.".Geet looked at him and heard him say the most dangerous thoughts he had for her "Want to do things so wild with you tat I don't know how to say them… I want to make love to you in the most wildest way tat  is beyond anyone's imagination..just you and me…"


Maan could not hold himself back and pulled her closer by her hair smacking his lips hard on hers taking out all his anger in tat one kiss. He bit her lips making them bleed, licked them saying"love me without this fear.. desire me the way I desire you without any inhibitions…" his kiss was full of anger, full of aggression making her realize tat he would not let her stop him. He would not take her no today and he would love her the way he wants. If he could, he would not break the kiss and would cross all the limits right now but he knew he had to wait for sometime. He left her lips, rested his forehead on hers with his closed eyes he said "I love you Jaan.. I love you.. it kills me when I see you tat you fear my touch.. fear me when I want you.. aisa na karo… I really need to love you Jaan.. I need you.." Geet tried to say something but she could not voice it out and getting frustrated Maan pulled himself away from her handing her a packet.


"I want you to wear this dress.. open it.".Geet opened the packet with her shivering fingers and the moment she saw the dress she had to wear and tat when she heard him say "Don't worry.. its only me who will see you here.. so get ready.. I will be waiting outside.. and don't let me come here to call you.. Once ready.. I need you at the backyard of the cottage."


Geet saw him leaving the room while the door closed behind his back. The tears that she was holding since long were now all set to come out and wet her cheeks. Her hold on the dress tightened fearing tat she will fail. She wanted to come out of this fear, to get out of this repulsiveness but the moment she tried more she could feel her attacker touching her and burning her even more. For once, she held herself tight and made her way out of the bed holding the dress making her way through the washroom.



Here outside Maan was frustrated on himself. He knew he was forcing her but it was the only way he could bring her out. He just wanted her to feel him and his love forgetting the fear. It was not in his hand to do lovely talks. He was always the way he was now and her behavior was getting the worst out of him and today he would finally even though she was not ready he would make her to feel him the way he wants.



Geet dressed herself in the most revealing dress tat was gifted by Maan and sat on the bed forgetting wat Maan had said fighting with her own heart and mind. It was about an hour now, Maan was getting angrier, and not having the patience, he barged inside the room only to see Geet all dressed and sitting on the bed. The moment her ears registered the sound she looked up to see Maan and in an instant turned hiding something below the pillow that went unnoticed by Maan. He had been waiting for an hour out and here she was all sitting. He rushed to her grabbing her by her arm made her to stand on her feet "do you think tat m mad.. haan jawab do.. did not I tell you tat get ready and come out.. par nahi.. your fear is so important for you tat you forget wat I said.. Hain na…"Geet blinked her eyes letting the tears drop from her eyes making him even more furious "stop this Geet.. just stop it.. dont let me force myself anymore. I have been trying by best to make you feel me but no. you are not ready.. and now.. I don't even mind forcing myself on you."



Maan dragged her out without letting her speak even a word now. His anger had taken all his senses tat made him more confident tat he was right. He brought her out where the whole backyard was decorated with flowers and balloons the way she likes. There was a table set right in the centre whole curtains gave the romantic feel.



He pulled her there making her stand while his eyes angry.."this is wat I had done for you.. par nahi…. You only can think tat I failed.. Failed to protect you na… than I agree. I failed. I failed to protect my love not once but many times.. I failed to kill tat person who touched you.. I failed.. and m tired waiting for you.. but not anymore.. not anymore.. agar tumara darr nikal na hain.. than I need to do want  have decided.. I wont mind now even forcing myself inside you so tat you forget each and everything but just remember this night.. and mind it Geet.. I will do wat I said now….i will remove each an every fear and touch of his from you now. "Maan dragged her to the table and sat down taking her on his lap. he opened all the dishes and filled on plate for them while his one hand busy playing with her curves above her dress and lips with her skin tat was revealed. He fed her forcibly and each time he made her to eat he pulled her lips into his kissing her and simultaneously making her to eat him and kiss him. His hands busy with her waist and curves and slowly reached her thighs pulling the short dress more up and touching her forbidden parts. He bit her with his teeth all over her nape while she closed her eyes with pain yet he did not stop. His fingers slowly reached the zip of the off shoulder dress and unzipped it at a go rolling the dress down her curves. The sight was worth a watch, he wanted to feast and love her curves but before tat he looked at her eyes which though open were blank again making him restless and angry  "so you don't want to come out of the fear na.. than fine.. I don't have any other way to do this.."



Maan carried an almost naked Geet inside their bedroom and before lay he her down on the bed he ripped her dress in anger and pushed her hard on the bed while he himself ripped his own shirt hovering on her and the moment he saw her eyes he backed off for few moments but the realization tat it was due to her fear and repulsion he smacked his lips on hers while she clutched the pillow ends tight into her fist. The kiss was not at all a desirous but one that gave pain and poured out his anger. His hands busy undoing the strapless b** and playing with her heavy globes which once always gave him pleasure but today them for taking her out of fear. His mouth reached her curves taking one of it into it while other was being roughly caressed with his hand. The other hand reached her panty line and ripped it into pieces leaving her all bare for him while he was in his jeans. His fingers did get the entry into her core stroking it with it. However, she was in fear but her body did arch due to the pain he was giving while her hands still holding the pillow tight and her eyes trying to look at the pillow. Maan though was harsh but every time his eyes were on her and her eyes trying to see something else.


Maan got up to remove his jeans and the moment he did she shifted a bit from the pillow and his eyes widened in shock seeing wat he never thought of. His eyes kept looking at the pillow while Geet feared more seeing his anger and the moment she realized she turned to see but he picked the wat he saw. It was not late for him to understand wat tat blank look had meant. It was not late for him to understand tat why she did not pushed him away from morning and the next second she was slapped hard by Maan making her lips to bleed making her whimper in pain "Maannn.."



"Sshhh…"Maan shut her by showing his fingers "so this is wat you were planning….the way you were acting from morning.. the way your eyes were blank hain na…"Maan pulled her by her hair slightly and pushed her again with pain she was about to give him. "Kehti kyu nahi.. wanted to punish me for all this.. punish me for life time by killing yourself… phir maar dalo.. why did you wait for so long… "he pulled her again by her hair now with much force making her to speak "woh .. Maan.. i… i…"  "sshhh not a word more…you were waiting to fulfill my body pleasures with your body na.. aur uske baad yeh khane wali thi… tats nice.. wat a plan Geet.. just fabulous.. mujhe apni hi nazaro ke samne girake… wah… so tat everyone blame me tat I killed you.. so tat everyone say.. tat Maan Singh Khuranna killed his won wife after satisfying his sexual needs…".Geet shook her head denying his words but he just pulled her closer letting his all anger on her "Yahi plan tha.. you could tell me.. I would have slept with you the very night when I married you.. itna dard deni ki kya zarrurat thi mujhe.. Maar hi tho daalna tha na mujhe…" Geet once again shook her head while he looked at her in pure anger "Nahi.. m ..i.. fear.."Maan pushed her back hitting her head a bit to the bed post  "Fear.. wat fear.. oh my god.. is it tat you are punishing me for your fear.. I see.. so blind I as.. I never knew tat you would take revenge from me like this.. a revenge where I would be punished for loving you insanely…. Just coz I failed to protect you.. just coz I love you and want you beyond anything… chalo theek hain.. let me take your revenge.. let me punish myself with my own hands.".Maan stood up and hit his hands on the wall hurting himself still there was no pain. He eyes turned towards the windowpane and at once he banged his hands into it breaking the glass into pieces, piercing his own hands with the glass while his hands started to bleed. Geet got scared with his wild behavior and tried to get up but the moment Maan saw her trying to stand he pushed her back on the with his bloodied hands "Uthne ki koshish bhi mat karna Geet.. don't even dare try to get up.. you wanted to punish me for lifelong na.. tumne tho mujhe jeete jee maarne ka plan banaya tha.. just coz I love you.. just coz I love u more than anyone.. tho ab dekho.. sit and watch my destruction.. see the way you and your love destroy me Jaan…. Dekho… dekho how I punish myself.." Her heart cried seeing the pain.. the pain tat was first time seen in his eyes.. the pain which made her realize tat the moment she thought to kill herself by once giving her body to him.. she never wanted to do.. but the pain and fear she was having.. the pain his words had given her tat how will someone touch her if she is burnt like her.. had slit her heart and soul.. the pain which her beauty has always given her.. she just wanted to free herself from all this but for once she never realized tat his life was depended on her.. once she did not see tat his anger and his closeness were the ways he was trying to get her out of her fear. She cried seeing the blood dripping and coloring the floor "m .. sorry.. please…aise.. m.. sorry.."



Maan laughed hearing her sorry and once again broke another windowpane letting the glass to pierce his skin even further yet there was no pain in him  "Maann….."sorry.. don't be.. it should be I.. I m sorry.. sorry for loving you… sorry for being possessive.. sorry for being obsessive…. Sorry for touching you.. sorry for marrying you thinking tat you loved me… m sorry.. but now. I have to rectify my own mistake….. tum kyu apne aap ko maar dalogi.. its me who should die.. haina.. after all no one likes me.. not even my own family.. remember Dad.. my own father wanted to break us.. so its time tat I myself break.. hain na.."his each word slit her into pieces still there was no stop from him and the moment his eyes fell on the glass table he smirked looking at her and at once hit his head into it breaking the glass making Geet to scream holding her mangalsutra tight "Maannn…"she tried to move and hold and stop him but he just glared at her while his forehead now bleeding but still there he was smiling "Nahi Jaan.. dont move.. don't worry.. I wont be there to touch you anymore.. see.. my hands are all pierced with glass.. so now you don't need to die.. hain na.. you are free from me Geet.. free…"Maan took the broken glass piece and slit his hands further…. While Geet jus cried with pain.  Maan reached near her touching her cheeks and than his eyes saw saw her mangalsutra. He holds it with his hand and said "This one thing binds you to me na.. let me remove it Geet.. let me remove pir tho… you will not fear me tat I will touch you.. jaanthi ho na.. I will never cross my limits without this.. so let me remove it" the moment Maan held her mangalsutra Geet holds his hand tight shaking her head for a no.."please… don't do this..please" Maan looked up at her and the moment he saw her eyes his anger took over him. He pushed her back grabbing the bottle containing the sleeping pills tat she had brought. He looked up at her, the look in his eyes now feared Geet to death, and before she could do anything, he was all ready for his next destruction.



Maan fisted her hair pulling her naked body out of the bed with one hand while his other hand which was bathed with his own blood held the bottle tight and gulped down the whole content of it through his throat in one go. Geet's eyes widened in fear with tears streaming down while her body shivered with wat she saw as her lips let out a slow whimper "Maan…."



Maan smiled hearing his name while she tried to free herself and said with pain "wat did you do Maan.. kya kiya aapne.. you had the whole bottle of sleeping could you do it.. mera kya hoga.." Maan smiled and laughed hearing her You "will be free Jaan.. Free from this insane love and husband.. Free from me.." Geet was shocked while her eyes only looking at him. he pushed her down on the bed, reached to the wardrobe and pulled a fresh shirt wiped his hands and forehead, but still he was bleeding. He put the shirt on his body and pulled a dress for her throwing it on her he said  "get dressed.. need to drop you back home.."his words fell on her deaf ears as she was all lost in him now realizing wat she had done in fear and pain. Maan watched her and not getting any response he held her hair bringing her out of her thoughts "I said cover yourself with this… need to drop you home before you think anything else.."Geet looked up at him trying to touch his bleeding forehead but Maan pushed her back and left saying "Just 5 minutes… dress up and come.." and the moment Geet heard the door shut she was brought back realizing tat her Maan.. her husband.. was on the verge of death. she ran out but soon felt herself naked, turning back she wore the dress and rushed outside only to see Maan seating inside the car but his shirt was all wet with his blood and his eyes almost closing while Maan looked at her with his closing eyes "Sit…" " Maan please…" "I said sit inside." He spoke in stern voice but here mind and heart was not letting her to listen which angered Maan, he came out and pushed her inside the car and drew back to the haveli. Though his eyes were not with him along with her body he concentrated on the road and driving while Geet just kept saying sorry and asking him to go to the hospital yet he did not and upon reaching the haveli he did not wait and dragged a pleading Geet out of the car shoving her away from him and making his way back into the car and disappearing into the dark night leaving his better half all alone on the door step of the Haveli who broke down completely seeing her life being taken away from her.




Precap: Nahi dungiii….


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So how was the twist.. did you ever feel tat I would make Maan to force himself on Geet. I agree his anger and obsession for her is very extreme but he would never do tat without her consent.. and now.. lets see wat happens…


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me firstBig smile
great update
geet should not have done that
but still i pity her

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