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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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plz update now

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Waiting !! Broken Heart !!

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She saw the car disappearing into dark and along with it her life. She stood there numb but the moment the car was far away from her she screamed "Maaannn" with such pain and fear tat she collapsed on the ground, her cries subsiding with the inner pain. Seconds passed into minutes and she sat there waiting for her life to come back but it did not. The realization tat she had lost everything hit her hard, squeezing here heart with fear and pain. Her muffled cries only increased with pain and fear making her to run inside the Haveli for her brother who was only the person who would help her to get back her life. She banged the door hard enough to only break the sleep of her brother and Annie who in turn were scared  hearing the knock on the door and the moment they opened it the earth beneath their feet was taken away seeing a broken Geet kneeling down on the doorstep while her face was pale with tears and her hands covered with blood. 


Prem: Geet…


Geet: Bhaiya.. woh Maan.. My Maan


She was continuously pointing behind, Annie sat down taking her into her arms while she broke down further.


Geet: Di.. woh.. Maan.. My.. Maan .. Di..


Annie caressed her trying to calm her down but her cries only increased. Prem was getting angry, pulled her up making her to look at him.


Prem: Wat Maan…. Geet.. and wat have you done to yourself.. from where did this blood come.. yeh sab kya hian…


Annie: Prem calm down.. she is scared..


Prem: Scared for wat Annie.. uski halat dekho.. and she is not even saying wats the matter… (Prem shook Geet)  Say it Geet.. Maan.. Maan kaha hain..


Geet: Bhaiya.. Maan.. my Maan.. he is dying.. My Maan will die Di.. save him save my life Bhaiya.. save him..


Prem and Annie were shocked to hear her words.


Prem: Wat the hell you are saying Geet.. you and Maan were together na.. than where is he.. wat about this blood Geet.. where the hell is Maan.. jawab do..


Annie pulled Geet from Prem and made her to sit on the bed while she offered her a glass of water but they were shocked to see her only murmuring pointing her finger outside the door.


Geet: Maan.. My Maan will die.. he is dying.. save him.. save him… I was wrong.. save him.. My Maan is dying.. please save him.. please..


Annie shook Geet hard but still she was just saying the same repeatedly while her hand pointing outside the door. Prem was getting angry as he was trying Maan's mobile and there was no response from him while here Geet was getting out of control. Loosing his patience, he slapped Geet hard bringing her out of her words. Prem shook her hard raising his voice.


Prem: will you just say where the hell is Maan and why are you saying his is dying.. kya kiya tumne Geet.. why is he not receiving my calls. Damn it Geet answer me.. where is he..


Geet looked at Prem and she broke down into tears hugging Prem tight and cried her heart out.


Geet: Bhaiya.. Maan.. my Maan.. save him.. save him.. he will die.. he will die bhaiyaa.. My Maan will die..


Prem caressed her hair trying to understand wat she was saying.


Prem: Sweetheart.. where is he.. where is Maan.. darling…


Geet: I don't know.. save him.. he will die.. he will die.. I know I was wrong.. save him.. save him.. he.. he.. sleeping .. pills.. he.. will die.. he will..


Prem: Sleeping pills.. wat Geet.. wat happened Geet..


Geet: Maan.. blood.. please.. save him.. save my Maan..


Prem parted Geet from him and wiped her tears asking her to tell everything. Geet controlled herself and narrated everything tat had happened between them since she was attacked. Prem was getting hyper listening to each words, though he knew tat Maan was wrong but he also knew tat Maan did not have any other option and the moment Geet narrated him the incident and wat she did and wat Maan did, his control broke and next moment the room echoed with a loud sound while Geet was pushed on Annie with the force tat Prem used to slap her. He raised his hand again but Annie held it tight.


Annie: yeh kya kar rahe ho Prem..


Prem: Kya kar raha hoon.. did not you hear wat she said.. damn it Annie.. she tried to kill herself… aur Maan.. she broke him Annie.. she killed her own Maan..


Prem was so much frustrated tat he wanted to strangle Geet for once for being coward. He tried Maan's mobile again, though it was ringing, there was no answer from the other side, making him get more angry.


Prem: wat have you done Geet.. agar kuch hua tho.. wat will you answer. Damn it Geet.. why are you so coward.. why damn it.. why..


Geet: m.. sorry.. m sorry.. i… i.. could .. bear… the pain… m sorry.. please.. save… my Maan.. please..


Prem: Save.. from where.. he is not even picking up my calls..


Prem pulled Geet by her hand dragging her out while Annie followed them. He pushed Geet inside the car and started to drive for the unknown destination in a hope tat they will find Maan. They drove towards the office where they were informed tat Maan was not seen at KC since afternoon. Prem droved almost all the places but there was no sign of Maan anywhere. Each passing second was giving Geet a sense of fear while her hand clutched her mangalsutra tight fearing for her life. Annie tried calming her down but she was nowhere. Her tears and cries were only increasing Prem's anger and for a second he stopped the car bursting on Geet.


Prem: Stop it Geet.. just stop it.. pray tat Maan is all fine.. nahi tho jo family.. the family who thinks Maan is not right will accuse you for taking their son…and trust me I will be the first one to say this.. just pray Geet.. just pray.


Annie looked at Prem while Geet, her heart was slowly being occupied by darkness, fear and pain. Her body was getting cold by each passing second while her hold on Annie increased piercing her skin.




Maan looked at the room, a place where their love had always blossomed but now it haunted him with her acts. Her look and her thoughts tat he lusted her for physical desires. Maan was back to the cottage and the moment he entered he destroyed the whole place breaking things and finally reached their bedroom where they had known each other more. His bruised hands and fingers were bruised more while blood dripped from them. His eyes not letting him focus and taking him slowly into the deathbed. He stabled himself while opened his eyes wide and the moment he saw the bed and the bottled, he crushed the bottle of sleeping pills in his hands while the bed was no where to be in place. The covers and pillows torn ruthlessly into pieces.


He moved a bit and his eyes caught all the frames that had secured their beautiful moments from their life. The moments tat they had treasured but now it haunted him with her accusations, accusations tat she failed to see his true love. Accusations tat he only lusted for her and his hands broke all the frames hurting him repeatedly. The frames were broken into pieces shattering his love like them, breaking him into pieces like never before. Each and everything from the room was broken, clothes were torn while the bed was set on fire reminding him tat this was the place where she felt tat his love was lust for her, a lust, which she would satisfy and die after. A lust tat made her to kill herself and his own love for her. Maan holds the broken frame in his hand and screams in pain and agony.


" Why.. why did you do this… Why.. why.. was my love lust for you tat you tried to kill yourself… Not anymore.. not anymore.. you wont be in any fear.. I will kill this very heart and soul who loves you.. I will kill this Maan forever and ever who lusted you… You are free Geet.. you are free from Maan Singh Khuranna."



Geet ran inside the cottage while Prem and Annie followed her but the moment she stepped inside her whole world crashed under her feet. Her eyes cried seeing tat her cottage, the most precious gift was turned into a hell where her love and their life was ruthlessly broken into pieces. Her instincts had made her to let Prem drive the car towards the cottage and she was true. Here he was but was he here. She was lost to see the state of her love paradise when Prem pushed her aside hearing a loud voice of something breaking and the moment his eyes turned towards the direction his body stood numb seeing the smoke coming out of the room. He ran while Annie followed him only to witness a destructive Maan standing at the centre of the room while a fire at the back while Annie screamed "Bhaiii" bringing Geet and Maan of their own world. Prem tried to move towards Maan but Maan stopped him while his eyes leaving him.


Maan: don't.. don't come close to me Prem..


Prem: Maan.. get out of there.. Maan.. move..


Maan laughed hearing it while his eyes glowed with the sight of seeing his Jaan coming running the moment she was at the doorstep his pain made him to stumble behind. Geet looked at him and the room, her life was slipping away from her when his words pierced her heart.


Maan: Yeh dekho Prem. See here.. my love.. my life.. my wife.. do you know.. wat she feels… for me.. how would you know..


Prem tried moving closer but Maan stopped him again still moving behind towards the fire.


Prem: I know Maan.. but please.. lets go out from here..


Maan: Don't Prem.. if you come closer than I swear.. I will cut myself with this glass.. I will cut this heart which belongs to her…. No.. how can it belong to her… you know.. Annie.. you call her baby sister na.. but she is not a baby Annie.. she is not.. she knows to talk and think much bigger than wat I can…


Annie cried seeing and hearing her brother while her eyes now angry on Geet.


Annie: Bhai.. please.. don't.. don't move Bhai.. come back bhai.. I need you.. we all need you bhai..


Maan laughed hearing it while he still moved behind..  his hand piercing his own skin with the sharp end of glass.


Maan: no one needs me Annie… no one…. You know.. your baby sister thinks.. no not thinks but she believes tat my love is lust.. she thinks tat I lust for her body… you know.. she wanted to kill herself as I lusted her..


Prem: Maan.. please.. please Maan..


Maan: I never knew Prem.. I never knew tat my Geet.. would think this.. think tat my love was only lust for her.. you know…. I hate this love Prem. I hate… I lust her Prem.. I lust your sister… lust her.. you should kill me Prem.. you should kill me for lusting and touching you sister.. come on Prem kill such a b*****.. kill me Prem..


Maan comes closer to Prem with his unsteady legs and pulling his one hand and handing him the glass piece.


Maan: come on Prem.. kill me…


Prem: Maan.. just leave all this.. you need medical attention Maan..


Maan: For wat Prem.. just to listen tat I lust my own wife.. I lust her Prem… I lust my own love..


Geet walked towards Maan gathering herself but the moment Maan felt her near he pushed Prem and stepped backwards while Geet was shocked to see him repulsive to her closeness. Her eyes once again shed her tears while her voice chocked not letting her speak.


Geet: M.. Ma.. Maan….


Maan: Don't.. don't call my name..i lust you Geet.. I lust your body.. dur raho mujhse.. dur raho…


Geet moved a bit forward while Maan backwards..


Maan: Move.. go away.. I will tarnish you.. I will tarnish you with my lust.. move.. go.. Take her away Prem.. Annie take you sister away before my lust takes her away.. go..


Geet: I cant… I cant.. I need my husband.. do you get.. I need you..


Maan laughed hearing the word husband.


Maan; a forceful unwanted husband.. a husband who lusts his wife.. a husband who forces his wife on bed..


Geet's eyes feared the moment she saw Maan almost falling behind but Maan balanced himself. His eyes caught the site of her hand clutching her Mangalsutra. He smiled seeing her and slowly moving closer to her, Geet smiled seeing him coming towards her but next second he hold her mangalsutra tight pulling it out  from her neck making Geet to gasp with his acts.


Maan: this  is was wat bonded you with me Geet Handa.. this was wat made me to lust you.. here it goes (he threw it into the fire) but you know.. I still lust you.. a love which is pure devilish lust for you and your beauty… go away before my lust controls me.. go.. move…


Geet stood there numb without a word while Maan continued his words while his palm held the glass piece tight cutting his skin further.


Maan: Lust… Lust and Lust… I never knew.. tat you will consider my Love as lust.. but now I know. I know tat it was only lust. Nahi tho..  I would have never tried forcing myself on you.. Jaanthe ho Prem.. I lust you sister Prem.. I lust her… since she turned 18 my lust only increased.. just lust not my love.. Annie…. My lust forced me to marry.. her when she was not in her senses.. My lust forced me to bring her here and make her to kill herself.. My lust forced me to tarnish her innocence.. not my love.. do you get.. I never loved her.. but only lusted her..


Prem: Maan..


Maan: nahi Prem.. you should not take  a b***** know na.. I lust you sister.. m a b*****.. I use her for my desires.. take her away Prem..



Maan eyes were now all droopy making him to be unsteady. His legs were leaving him while his words became heavy.


Maan: go…. G..o…. ta…ke.. her…i……


Prem saw Maan falling down but before he could hit the floor that was full of broken glass, Prem held him tight. Annie help Prem to steady Maan but the moment Annie felt his cold body she feared.


Annie: Prem…. Bhai.. his body.. save him Prem.. save him..


Prem looked at Annie and than at Geet. He asked Annie to help him to take Maan to the car. They settled Maan in the car while Prem ordered Annie to drag Geet back with them while their love paradise their cottage was slowly turning into ashes.



Geet stood at a corner, she was numb, there was no life and no blink from her while Prem stood outside the  OT waiting for the doctor to arrive and say something. Annie stood next to Prem crying making Prem even angrier.


Prem: just stop it.. stop it Annie.. why do you cry now.. har baar tho.. all the time you blamed Maan and his behavior.. now why these tears.. just quite..


Annie knew tat it was his anger but somewhere his words were true. It had been an hour now and their fear was only increasing. The moment they had brought Maan  to the hospital the doctors had warned them of dire consequences seeing his condition. his whole body was bruised badly and upon informing tat he had taken a full bottle of sleeping pills, they had feared the worse. Prem had warned the hospital doctors and Annie tat no one will inform the family. He could not let them take any tension and especially when Maan was injured he could let Dev take the opportunity of the situation to harm Geet and spoil their plan to destroy him.  He was lost in his thoughts when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Prem looked up to see the doctor who was himself pale and had lines of worries.


Prem: Don't say tat you failed doctor… believe me a step wrong.. than you will face the worst from me.. its Maan Singh Khuranna.. do you get..


The doctor for once feared his tone but he was doctor and he had let him know the seriousness of the time.


Doctor; Mr. Handa.. I can understand but you need to know tat he has little chances to get through this. Its just not tat he lost his blood but the poison from the pills have already affected him making it worst.


Prem held the doctor by his collar almost shaking him in fear.


Prem: get this straight doctor… he is Maan.. Maan Singh Khuranna.. and I need him to be all fine.. just all perfect.. do you get..


Doctor was frustrated with his words as he was not getting wat he was saying.


Doctor: Do you feel tat its easy.. do you know in which critical state is he.. his all body is having cuts.. skin pealed off from places.. he has lost so much blood tat even if we give him blood the poison from the pills is not letting him to respond.. his whole body is weak and the biggest thing is tat he himself is not ready to fight back.. do you get… I need his body to react for the treatment first so tat I can proceed further.


Doctor left saying this while Prem saw Geet with pure anger. Each word from doctor was only increasing his anger on his own sister who was responsible for it. he moved towards her and before Annie could stop him, Geet was slapped by Prem. His eyes spitted fire seeing her not responding to him. he shook her hard bursting all his anger on her.


Prem: This is wat you gave him Geet.. a pure death for loving you.. a pure death for spending sleepless nights ever since you were 15… this is wat he gets to love you insanely.. kya galati ki thi Maan ne Geet.. Kabhi socha ki Maan aisa kyu hain. do you even know.. he has been not sleeping and is in constant fear.. blaming himself for all this.. blaming himself tat he could not protect you.. par nahi.. you say he lust you na Geet.. how could you say this Geet.. Jawab do.. is his love so cheap… do you even realize Geet tat he fights with his own self tat he cant  express his feelings for you.. do you even know wat he feels for you.. Jaanthi ho.. kabhi jaane ki koshish ki hain.. Maantha hoon.. tat he is an angry person.. and tat anger makes him ruthless… his family and you are his weakness Geet.. I know him how he broke when you and Vicky were here.. inside struggling for life.. and he could not even break down.. he stood away from all so tat no one can feel wat he was going through.. he could not let anyone of you know tat he was breaking each time.. par nahi… wat will you understand.. wat will you feel.. you only gave him pain by trying to kill yourself… socho Geet socho.. if he had ever lusted you..would I your won brother let him near you.. would I let him marry you.. Kyu geet.. why did you kill him in his love.. aise karne se tho acha hota ki tu khud maar jaathi Geet..


There was still no response from her, Prem himself again  slapped her hard. His frustration his pain was all coming out. He knew wat Geet meant for Maan. Though Maan never showed how weak he would get but Prem knew it since Geet was 15. he had seen him getting scared and worried for her and Annie. His love for her was only making him go more obsessive and passionate for her. If he wanted he could kill Dev the very day when he knew it was him but he wanted to give him slow death.. a death which would even be scared to come near him. Maan was just not a lover but he was the pillar for the whole family and seeing him getting punished for his love Prem was breaking down and his pain and fear was coming out in form of anger on Geet. he raised his hands again but was stopped by Annie.


Annie: wat the hell are you doing Prem..


Prem: take her away Annie.. take her away before  loose myself.. and tell her tat if anything happens to Maan.. I will never forgive her.. I will never Annie.


Annie pulled Geet along with her and made her to sit down. Though Annie herself was angry, she knew tat Geet was also not wrong. She had seen geet going insane for Maan when he was away to London. She knew tat it was her pain and fear. She tried to bring Geet back from her world but she was all drifting into the dark life.. a life where her own words and acts were killing her. Her unsaid words through her acts made her life to kill him.



Precap: Will this mistake cost their love..





Hi everyone… so here is next update


Next update after 260+ likes and more no of pages with comments.. I would like everyone.. even the silent readers to like and comment yaar…



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me istDancing
scary update,geets words hit maan badly dev vil surely take advantage of maans cndetion
scard 4 nxt

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M speechless now completely
it's emotional heart wrenching part
pls save maaneet and their love
continue soon

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going scary

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No word to describe this part

It was fully emotional n painful

Prem know Maan feeling which he held for his sister

Liked the way how prem described Maan insecurity, possessiveness n care toward Aniee n Geet

I just hope tht dev doesn't get any info on Maan condition n Geet to be safe n sound from the devil

Maan just recovered soon n punished the devil before he harms ur loved ones

I hope Geet to be alright n to take care of Maan n understand his feeling for her as Maan don't know how to show emotions by expressing it in word

Will wait for next part

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