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waiting Day Dreaming

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Congrats...waiting for update

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Part 31




Dev was frustrated the moment he came to know tat the Khuranna's and Handa's shifted. He did find where they lived now but the more shocking news he got was when he learnt tat both the families were living under a one roof which was more dangerous for Dev now, though he was unaware tat Maan knew about him but now getting close to Geet was not easy. He closed his eyes in order to get a way out close to her when his mind drifted to the almost bare upper body of Geet the way he felt when he touched her.


Dev: uhhh.. bloody hell with tat Khuranna.. how damn he knew tat Geet was in the storeroom.


Dev broke the wine glass with his hand while Jack stood far away from him.


Dev: ehhh.. b***** Maan Singh Khuranna.. how dare you touch her.


The glass pieces pierced his palm but it did not affect him. His mission for getting Geet under him was going in vain repeatedly. The more closer he reaches her the more she was far away from him and now the way they were living together was making him wild with the thought tat she would live with Maan under one roof. Jack had informed tat none was allowed inside the new Haveli without any security check and even friends and relatives were forbidden  to go inside the Haveli.


"Do wat ever you want Maan Singh Khuranna.. you will never be able to reach me.. M Dev Raichand and Dev Raichand is a fire which knows to burn every0ne…. Keep as much as closer but I will take her in front of you.. and you will not be able to stop me taking her under me…"




The Khuranna's and Handa's tried their best to stop Maan from getting married but none could stop and now even Prem was with Maan and he did order everyone tat no one could stop them from getting married. Finally feeling lost they agreed for it and Dadima arranged the wedding in the Haveli itself followed by the press conference where Maan would finally declare about his and Geet's wedding. Though Rajveer was still unhappy, he did participate in the wedding preparations knowing somewhere tat Maan would control his anger once they are married. (hehe.. ab tho aur hoga)

Rano, Priya and Annie were getting Geet ready who though was not in senses had calmed down a bit and allowed than to get her ready. She was lost in her own world not knowing anything happening around her and the moment any male comes in front of her she would get violent.



Rano: How will she cope up with this marriage Priya. Kahi Maan ne kuch kiya tho..


Priya: I know Rano.. and though Maan is short tempered he would wait for her to get well.



Rano: Meri bachi ki kya halat kar di.. How can she get married when she does not even know tat she will be tied with Maan in few hours.


Priya: Hum kuch nahi kar sakthe Rano.. we cant stop this wedding.


Annie silently shed tears hearing them while she placed the churni above her head. She knew once Geet would be fine she would never be happy with all the events. Her dream of having a wedding in front of the whole world where Maan would fill her life with his love was crashing down now.





Maan saw her descending the steps. There was no glow no smile on her face but just was a dead body. Her waist which had the burnt skin was left a bit open so tat it would not hurt while her Churni was getting slipped again and again which Annie tried to handle.  Mohinder reached near them while he softly placed his hand on her shoulder in love and tat very moment Geet turned wild hitting and moving backwards.


Please.. don't.. come near me.. don't come… don't touch me.. please chale jao.. mujhe burn mat karo..


Mohinder was shocked to hear as till now he had not been in front of her since the incident, but now he was shocked and tears welled up in his eyes.


Mohinder: Beta.. me Papa.. see.. you are getting married na.. I need to take you there..


Don't.. go away.. it hurts.. don't touch me..


Geet pulled out her churni from her head while her hair messed up. She pushed everyone and fell down in a force hurting her more. Vicky and  Prem ran to hold her while she hurt herself pushing Mohinder away who tried to move closer.


Mohinder: beta.. Papa.. see.. Papa.. never hurts princess na….


No.. don't touch me.. I know.. you will.. touch me.. here and there.. I know.


Mohinder cried while sitting down seeing his little princess scared of him. he looked up at her while she turned violent even more. Prem and Vicky held her hands tight so tat she could not hurt her wounds more while Maan closed his eyes seeing her condition.


Rajveer: Mohinder….


Mohinder looked up and saw Rajveer sitting next to him while Geet tried struggling in their hold.


Mohinder: yeh kya hua Rajveer. How m I supposed to see all this. My daughter.. she is scared of me.. she thinks tat I will hurt her..


Rajveer: Nahi Mohinder.. sirf tum nahi.. dekho.. she does not allow any male close to her.. kisiko bhi paas nahi leti woh.


Rano; phir Shadi.. how will she let Maan closer to her..


Rajveer: Mohinder do you still want this marriage to take place.. see the way she behaves Mohinder aur Maan.. tum janthe ho..


Mohiner looked at Rajveer but his eyes soon fell on Maan who was holding Geet tight in his arm,  she did not even leave him and kept hitting him with her hands and biting with her teeth. Though her hands did not effect him but she really did bit him hard all over his hands, shoulders and face which pained him but he did not let a hiss out from his mouth. Mohinder smiled seeing while Rajveer was shocked to see Maan. He never doubted Maan and his love for Geet but he was only scared and feared for his anger which could destroy everything.


Rajveer: I was wrong Mohinder.. I was wrong to judge my own son. How could I forget tat he was the one who always kept her safe. Ek galati se main uske pyar pe shaq kaise kar sakthe hoon. Our Geet need him more than anyone of us. He is the one who would bring her out from all this.


Mohinder: Jaantha hoon.. I believe him Rajveer.. aur Yeh hain na.. Maan Singh Khuranna.. he wont let anything happen to his Geet.



Geet removed the neckpiece (jewelry) hurting herself and hit Maan with it that making him to bleed from his head but still he did not let her out. He held her hard and pulled to a nearby sofa while Prem and Vicky grabbed the neckpiece and threw it away. Maan pulled her onto his lap while he held her tight. Vicky ran to get the injection which doctor advised while Prem injected it into her body making her relax a bit. Maan settled her down on the sofa and Annie came with the first aid box cleaning his wounds and applying medicine.


Prem: Maan.. how will you marry her in this condition. she is getting wilder by each second.. abhi tho Papa ko bhi.


Maan looked at his Dad and Chote Papa. He saw the concern in their eyes. He asked Annie to stop when she gave him an angry glare.


Annie: Bhai.. you are bleeding..


Maan: It does not pain Annie..


Annie: par Bhai..


Maan walked pass through everyone and bends down near his Dad and Chote Papa. He held their hands in hi, looked up into their eyes.


Maan: Dad, chote Papa.. do you still want me to delay in our wedding. Agar aap dono nahi chah the tho I will Dad..


Rajveer: You will marry her now Maan.. and I don't want Maan Singh Khuranna to get back from his decision.


Maan: Par Dad.. you..


Rajveer: I know son and I was blind in my anger thinking tat you just wants us to follow your orders. Kabhi dekh hi nahi paaye ki Geet ko ish sab se baha sirf uska Maan nikal saktha hain. how could I forget tat you love her more than your own life. how could I forget how she and her wounds affect you. m sorry Maan m really sorry.


Maan: No Dad… don't say sorry..i just want you all to trust me Dad.. just trust me an I swear the person who is responsible for all this will not live for long.. he will not dad..


Rajveer: I know Maan.. par ab ish waqt.. you need to concentrate on her Maan.. you wife.. she will be your wife Maan and you need to get her out of this condition.


Mohinder: Maan… apne chote Papa ki baat maanoge na..(maan shook his head) I just want my daughter back Maan.. just want my innocent and nave Geet back.


Maan: I promise Chote Papa.. I promise tat very soon you all will get her back, she has to Chote Papa she has to get back.





Everyone was shocked to see Maan holding an unconscious Geet in his lap while the panditji said his mantra's. Rano and Priya could not stop their tears while Dadima stood watching her angry young grandson doing all which they never accepted while Vicky smiled seeing them. Maan held her tight while the panditji did all the rituals. Annie and Prem held Geet while Maan put the garland around her neck followed with all other rituals. The Panditji asked Maan to fill her maang with the red vermillion which he did while kissing her forehead. He was given the mangalsutra which he tied around her neck while he stared at his innocent Jaan who was fast asleep and did not even know tat she was now his wife. He held her again while Annie and Prem left them. He kept looking at her who was now his possession with unknown tears in his eyes. he felt betrayed with his own idea of getting her married as he knew tat he broke her biggest dream of having a beautiful wedding. The Panditji asked them to take the seven pheras which he  loving took by carrying her in his arms promising tat he would get her back and giving her the biggest promise tat he would make tat Dev's life a living hell. Everyone had tears in their eyes when the panditji finally announced them as husband and wife. Maan bends down taking her into his arms for blessing which he was given with all love and care.


Dadima: Maan.. should we cancel the press conference… I mean you cant let Geet to come in front of the media like this.


Maan: she is not Dadima.. the media will get all the proof of our marriage. Prem.


Prem: everything is set Maan.. the marriage registration certificate is all ready and the press will be here very soon.


Rajveer: certificate.. but when did you sign it.


Prem: Today Morning.. but the only thing is tat I Maan himself signed for Geet and him.


Mohinder: Par ye tho..


Prem: Kuch nahi hoga Papa.. no one knows tat its not Geet who did not sign the papers.. and we needed this proof to make the media trust us.


Mohinder and Rajveer sighed knowing tat their two sons were still out of their understanding.




The whole Khuranna-Handa Haveli lawn was filled with all the news channel discussing the reason for a sudden press conference by the Khuranna's and Handa's. There was all chaos around when suddenly they felt the aura of Maan Singh Khuranna followed by all the males of the house. There was a pin dropped silence the moment they took their seats and tat very second the reporter's flooded them with their questions.


Reporter 1: Mr. Khuranna why did the Handa's and Khuranna's shift here.. wats the mystery behind the new Haveli named Khuranna-Handa Haveli.



Prem: There's no mystery in the new Haveli. Henceforth both the families will live together under one roof.


The moment Prem said those words there were talks about their life.


Reporter 2: Isnt it odd Mr. Handa living under one roof when you have a young sister around.


Maan: tats does not matter for us.


Reporter 3: But its does matter the society Mr. Khuranna. Ms. Geet Handa is yet to be married.


Maan: Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khuranna..Mrs.Maan Singh Khuranna.


A pin drop silence was followed with Maan's claim on Geet for being his wife.


Maan: do you get.. she is not anymore Ms. Handa but Mrs. GMSK wife of MSK…


Reporter 1: How can tat be possible.. Mr. Khuranna.. kahi saath rehne ke liye you are fooling the world.


Prem: There's no need to fool around when they are actually married.


Reporter 3: And do you think tat we would listen.. Kahi koi baat tho nahi na.. that you just want to claim her as yours Mr. MSK.


Maan's blood boiled hearing the reporter comment while Rajveer and Mohinder held his hands tight.


Mohinder: Its true.. My daughter Geet has married Maan Singh Khuranna this morning and here you can have a look of their registration that was done when she turned 18 years.


Vicky asked one of the servants to pass copies of the certificate tat left the media with eyes wide open.


Mohinder: She is now Mrs. GMSK wife of MSK who were in love since years.


Reporter 2 : Love.. so is it Love marriage but how can it.. I mean.. the whole world believed tat the younger Khuranna and her were together.


Rajveer: Tat was wat you thought. None of us gave a verdict on them when you took their brother-sister relation as lovers.


The reporters shut their mouth as it was true but still how could they let go off this.


Reporter 1:but they always seemed to be together and you Mr. MSK.. we all know about the girls who had interest in him.. for example Sameera Rathod..


Prem: Tat does not mean tat they were together. It was wat you all speculated for Geet and Vicky for being close. And as far as Maan is concerned you know very well tat his life is beyond all such rumours.


Reporter 2: But why sudden wedding and why so low affair when one of the Khuranna's and Handa's have a lavish wedding than the king of Business world with such low profile wedding.


Maan: Tats none your concern.. you got to know tat Maan Singh Khuranna is not anymore single and Geet Handa now belongs to me..


Reporter 3: why don't you say Mr. Khuranna tat you want to wrap and hide things.


Maan clenched his fist tight ready to bash and kill the reporter when suddenly Prem handled the situation.


Prem: There's nothing to hide.. Maan being a reserved person did not want a high profile wedding and so the other pair.. I mean I and Annwesha had it.


Reporter 1: Why don't Geet Handa.. sorry I mean Mrs. GMSK say about all this. why it is tat none of the ladies from the family are here with you.


Rajveer: the womens' in our family prefer to stay away from all limelight and I hope tat's enough of the day.


Reporter 2:It is Mr. Khuranna.. as far we got the news of the most eligible bachelor who got himself hooked with his love..




Dev hit and broke the television with his bare hands making a way for the glass pieces to pierce his skin. He burnt everything with each and every word he heard from each of them on the television. His anger reached to new heights hearing tat they had married and were now one. He pushed and kicked breaking each and everything in his den where he was having his thirst satisfied for failing but soon Jack informed him about the live Press Conference. He almost strangled the poor girl who laid naked in front of him and next moment she was harshly killed by him. He was filled with rage and lust for her.


B******.. Maan Singh Khuranna.. you will die…. You will die but not before you see her nude and naked under me. You proudly announced her as your wife na.. but will proudly take her in front of you.. it will be fun Mr. MAAN SINGH KHURANNA.. to see me inside her.. with you own eyes. Get ready for the wild ride Maan Singh Khurnna.. to see.. me with you wife…




Maan evilly smiled thinking tat he was successful in giving the first shock to DEV RAICHAND. He had purposely had the press conference live so tat the news reaches to him. Prem was shocked to see him calm but he knew tat behind this evil smile there was a dangerous smile.


Prem: So next.. Maan..


Maan: let him stay away Prem.. abhi tho sirf Shaadi ki news mili hain.. let him enjoy it.


Prem: Maan.. can I know the reason.. I mean does he love Geet..


Maan stood up angrily and held Prem by his collar.


Maan: No one is allowed to even see my Geet… do you get..


Prem held his hands and while Maan left the collar.


Prem: I know but..


Maan: There's no but and if's… no one means no one is allowed to even think about her in their dreams.


Prem: Par Maan.. the way he has attacked Geet, it proves his craziness for her.


Maan: He will pay for it…


Prem: Wat do you think Maan.. why is he doing this. aur kahi woh attack on Vicky and Geet in college.. was it by him.


Maan: Its yet to be proved Prem….


Prem: But I feel its him Maan.. kahi na Kahi tho its related with him.


Khan Saab: Its him Prem.. Dev Raichand is responsible for it.


Maan and Prem turned to see Khan Saab coming inside the study. They were shocked and waited fro him to say further.


Khan Saab: Wahi Hain Dev Raichand. There's news from the underworld tat the contract killer was hired by some Indian named Dev Raichand. My informers has given me this information through their sources from underworld Maan Baba.


Prem: Par.. how can it be possible.. I mean..


Khan Saab: Its possible Prem.. Underworld people have their own rules and regulations and they inform their trusted people before taking any work in hand and here it was a big contract killer tat led to some chaos and doubts in their world.


Prem: Par Dev Vicky and Geet ko kyu..


Maan: It was only Vicky..


Prem and Khan Saab loaked at Maan and they realized wat he meant.


Prem: It means even he thought tat Vicky and Geet.. yani ki… he obsessed with Geet.


Khan Saab: Yeh nahi ho saktha Prem.. I have seen him with various girls in parties.. aur sirf ek ladki ke liye aisa kuch karna matlab.


Prem: He can.. Khan Saab.. Geet ke liye kuch bhi kar saktha hain the way he attacked her two times..


Khan Saab: Yani ki.. ab Maan Baba ki.. I mean he will attack Maan Baba now.


Prem: If wat we think is true than he will Khan Saab.


Khan Saab: He can even attack Geet baby na.. ghar mein se kisi bhi member ko..


Maan: Leave me alone..


Prem and Khan Saab looked at Maan who had his back towards him. They knew tat he really meant to be alone and they quietly left the study.


Dev Raichand.. you are not want you look. Aksar ek ajeeb si cheez dekhi hain mujhe tumari ankhon mein which made me to hate you.. the way you look at Geet the way you always tried to get closer to her.. physically.. kahi kuch tho hain.. its not the way it looks.. but wat I heard kya tha woh… Dev Raichand wat ever it is.. you will never reach Geet again… you will never.




Precap: Arre Precap tho Suhaagraat hogi na…

            Dev ko dusra Jatka..



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Yippie Me first...
Omg geet is becoming wilder..
She bit and hit maan still maan didn't flinch a little, Awww...
Finally maaneet got married...
But poor geet,Her wedding dreams have shattered...
Dis bas***d Dev...
Plzzz give him the most painful death...
Waiting for MSK's action
& of course Maaneet's SR...


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