Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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waitingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

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Day Dreaming

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how much time dear

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  wow lovely teaser devil shoba

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Part 35




He stood mesmerized seeing the nude beauty in front of his eyes. The water flowing from the shower enhancing her ever-glowing innocent skin. His eyes studied her each curve that was only meant for him while his hands ached to touch and feel the soft milky white skin under it. His legs shivered yet they moved towards the beauty to engulf it while she faced her back to him. Though his legs were bit unsteady, his hands knew their work and next moment they were touching and feeling her white marble soft skin letting her know tat he finally found her all nude and fresh for him. She tried to turn but he pushed her hard on to the wall while his fingers traced her spine making her to shiver and moan his name with fear.


Maan.. The moment she moaned his name she felt his lips on her shoulder nibbling and biting it. she hissed in pain while his hand squeezed her waist slamming her back to his nude chest making her realize tat he was not less than her, all nude. Though drenching in cold water they could feel the heat passing through their body while his lips tortured her skin. She clawed the wall trying to hold on to her hormones not getting to hold him yet she was afraid of his acts. Her lips shivered while calling him Ma.. Maan..


Shhh… Jaan.. let me have you… let my lips taste every inch of your skin.. let my teeth burn your skin with my bites.. let me get inside you the way I want..his hoarse husky yet demanding voice sent shiver through her petite frame while she tried to push him away from her trembling body angering himI said.. don't.. let me do wat I want.. let me… have myself in you..Maan turned her at once making her face him and next second his lips attacked hers nibbling and biting all over her soft petals. It was so harsh and demanding full of passion and desire tat she could not take it making her weak but he held her tight. Her hands held on his shoulders making their way through his scalp though she never intended tat she was forced with the passion.



Maan kissed her making her already wet face wet with his saliva while his hands reached her soft b****** which were now squeezed roughly within his palm making her arch her body backwards giving him more access unknowingly. He lips traveled all over her face kissing them finally finding the soft skin behind her ears and nibbled her ear lobe. After having marked her skin there, he found his way towards her nape biting all over there marking her with his love bites making her flinch with pain. He smiled hearing her moan his name in pain and pleasure while she pushed her curves more into him. he licked all his bites to soothe her pain, while his on hand traveled down to her belly button fingering there, the other busying with her curves pinching and twisting her hard buds. She pulled his hair into her fist unable to take the torture trying to move out of his hold but she was pushed hard against the wall while he trapped her with his large body and legs firmly making her fear with his intentions Maan.. please jaane dijiya na… Aaj nahi Jaan.. I have waited enough not now.. I cant hold myself anymore and I will not let you to stop me… nothing can stop me from taking you.. nothing can stop me to get inside you deep where I want to. Geet gulped hard with his raw and demanding words and said with her trembling lips making him crave for her more Maan.. please.. let me go.. please. He did not let her complete and smacked his lips hard on hers shutting her for once while his lips and teeth's sucked and nibbled her soft lining of her lips making them to bleed. He licked the blood soothing her and smiled when felt her hands holding him tight pulling his hair into her fist. After wat seemed to be long his lips left hers and traveled all the way down marking her every bit of skin with his passion while she stood clawing his shoulders with her nails unable to bear his torture.



Every move and lick from his lips and her taste was creating a different sensation in him while she was all lost in him but the moment his lips and teeth held her one bud, made her to stop moving her hands while she arched into her him more feeling the unknown pleasure. His mouth busy with her curves while his fingers moved their way towards her core that was all wet for him. the wetness and the desire to have her made him to move further and next his fingers were deep inside her stroking her with force. The dual pain and pleasure was creating havoc and fear yet she could not stop herself from biting his shoulders suppressing her loud moans tat wanted to escape her lips. His each finger was creating some summersaults inside her stomach while his lips burning her b****** with his rigorous sucking like he was hungry and waited for ages. After saturating his desire with one his mouth held the other bud taking her again into him making her scream with his moves. His strokes were turning her into jelly and to prevent he pushed her again and increased his speed taking her into a world of pleasure. She moaned loud while he smiled hearing her take his name.



It was getting hard for Maan to control while his hardness was aching to get into her and move with its intensity making her his. he slowly rubbed his erect hardness to her core bathing it with her juices and next second he  pushed her nude body hard against the bathroom wall once again, holding her tight with her legs wrapped around his waist he thrust deep inside her core breaking the last barrier, her virginity with a force making her to cry and moan loud, his mouth closed hers shutting her cries, he kept thrusting deep and deep inside her letting her tears wet her cheeks. His each stroke was making her to tremble, her nails digging deep inside his skin yet he ramped and thrust into her with all his intensity while she screamed loud when she could not bear it taking his name MAAANNN………..



Maan sat straight in his bed while his body was full sweating still with the passion and heat. He stabled his breadths, looked here and there trying to see where he was, and realized tat he was all dreaming when he saw Geet sleeping far end of the bed. He sighed and the moment he realized tat once again she was sleeping far away from him, angered him and next he pulled her hard into him taking her on his body making her lay on him breaking her sleep. Geet for a second  feared but the moment her eyes saw Maan she feared more thinking wat he was doing but felt a bit relief when he made her sleep on him holding and wrapping her in his arms. She was scared since the time he had said tat he wont stay away from her and take her even if she was not ready. She slowly tried to move out from his hold but her each struggle was only making him to tighten his hold on her pulling her more into him  You need to sleep Jaan.. as tomorrow night you wont be able to sleep even for a second..Woh… he… Maan increased his pressure digging her nails in her skin as his hands were inside her kurti feeling her skin now  I said sleep Jaan.. bahut raat ho juki hain… and no more excuses.. so take good sleep and I need you fresh tomorrow.. do you get.Geet kept looking at him while her tears were making the way. She knew he was angry and her words and repulsiveness was just adding to it. She knew she did not have any way to make herself ready for their union as a fear still was lingering in her. She was once again pulled by her head making her to keep her head on his chest and she slowly drifted to sleep while Maan caressed her hair thinking about ways to make her understand tat no one could harm her if he touches her. He himself knew tat wat he did yesterday was not right but wat would he do.. his love and desire for her always had made him insane and he never denied tat he wanted her physically and she was well aware about it as she also knew tat he was not good with words and would always express his love in this way ever since she had turned 18. Just the thought tat she had turned 18 he used to get wild with her and now when she was his wife, how could he hold himself when she was right in his room sleeping next to him.




Dev and Vishal were angry upon hearing wat the lawyer had said and that very moment Vishal called Maan anting ask  him wat the hell was it. Though Maan very well knew, tat this was supposed to happen he still did not receive the call and let the phone vibrate. He smiled smirking to himself while Vishal's name flashed on his screen. The lawyer who was representing the KC was amazed to see them so angry and for a reason he started to fear but he knew tat being from KC these Raichands would not be able to do anything to him. He slowly handed over the legal notice making Dev to slam his already wounded hand on the glass table making it to bleed even more making the lawyer step back from his place. but he knew wat he had to do and could not back out from his work and said with a very firm voice tat they indeed had to pay everything making Dev even more furious making him to run with his wounded body towards the KC followed by Vishal.



Maan could see the Raichands waiting for him since long or say around 2 hours making them restless and angry with each passing second. Dev even tried to move inside his cabin but Maan's security pushed him away hitting him once or twice and feeling helpless Vishal made him to wait for Maan. It was not with Dev tat he could wait for anyone and once again he tried to intrigue the cabin pushing the guards who on the special order from Maan hit Dev but were aware tat they were not supposed to hit him hard. It had been around 10 minutes tat Dev was arguing with them when finally he saw his cabin door opening and he pushed the person exiting out entering the cabin and within few seconds Dev held Maan by his collar and in return Maan kicked him hard on his right spot making Dev to yell and fall down while Vishal ran to support him.


Maan: Wat the f*** is it.



Dev stood up with the help from his father and hit Maan hard but Maan was too smart tat he dodged him and hit him back on his stomach and before Dev could retort back he was held by Maan's security.


Maan: Wat the hell was tat Mr. Raichand.


Dev: You b*****.. how dare you send your bloody lawyer at my place.


Maan: Bloody hell with you Dev. Is this the way you behave in business world.


Dev: business world.. oh really.. so this is wat you call business.


Maan: If you have forgotten than I would like to remind you Dev Raichand tat you are supposed  to pay the amount for our loss.


Vishal: you Loss.. Maan.. you do know tat Dev was trapped in this case.. and how we are supposed to pay for it.


Maan: Mr. Raichand.. I do know and it was me who had cleared his name but tat does not mean tat I would let my company suffer for no reasons. Dev very well knows tat the contract has this clause where he has to pay us within 3 days. Still I let him to wait for a week now.



Dev: Cleared my name.. ohh really… Mr. Khuranna..


Vishal: Dev.. don't forget tat its him due to which you are out now..


Dev: I don't care Dad… its final tat I wont pay..


Maan: Than you will be arrested, again Mr. Dev and I suppose you know tat all your personal and official property will be sealed. Dekheye Mr. Raichand (Maan looks at Vishal) I know its very tough to pay but as per the rules and regulations I cant do anything in this matter. Nothing is in my hand.


Vishal was a bit calm after listening to Maan as he was thankful to Maan to save his son.


Maan: Dev.. I had already informed you in this case.. tat there's nothing wat I can do.. its all law.


Dev: law.. my foot.. You very well know tat I was not wrong than how can you impose this fine on me..


Maan: It's the loss which KC has gone through and you ought to pay for it Mr. Dev.


Dev: And wat if I don't pay..


Maan: Than get ready for jail Mr. Dev Raichand and don't ever think tat this time I will help you as my reputation and principles are at stake in the b-world. You know Maan Singh Khuranna is known for his rules, regulations and principles.. tat wats make me No.1


Vishal: Maan.. you cant do it.. we will be left nothing with us.. you know tat this project was the biggest for us.


Maan: I know Mr. Raichand but seriously.. I cant do anything. I cant let KC suffer for helping you. but still I have a solution for this.


Dev narrowed his eyes while Vishal felt a bit relaxed hearing him but next words from Maan baffled Dev even more.


Maan: A simple solution.. you know.. I would take over the Raichand estates and you work under me Mr. Dev Raichand.



Dev pounced on Maan hearing his words but tat very moment he was pulled back by Maan guards who were all ready.


Dev: You.. b******.. How dare you.. Tum shayad bhool rahe ho ki tat you are talking to DEV RAICHAND..


Maan: and you are forgetting tat you are standing in front of MAAN SINGH KHURANNA.. the no.1.


Dev: No.1.. haan.. wat a joke Maan Singh Khuranna..


Maan kept his calm knowing tat he could not make them doubt him or else his would fail in his plans..


Maan: Maan Singh Khuranna.. just the name is enough Dev.. and right now either you accept my proposal or be ready to get inside the prison once again.


Vishal: Maan.. its not possible.. you know we cant do this.. Raichand Estates is our pride and how can I let you to just take it away..


Maan: I cant help you in this… m sorry.. you just have two days and if you fail than I will be forced to seal everything tat belongs to you along with getting your son DEV RAICHAND ARRESTED.. now if you can excuse me… I need to attend a meeting..


Vishal pulled Dev along with him while Maan settled himself on his chair smiling and smirking. The moment he closed his eyes with contentment Prem and Khan Saab entered his cabin making him to open his eyes.


Prem: So….


Maan: hmmm.. all fine..


Prem: Lets move on to next step Maan..


Khan: Haan Maan Baba.. Prem is saying right.. agli chal khelne ki baari aa juki hain.


Maan: No.. not now.. just wait for two days..and than..


Prem: but we need to pass these news to him anyhow..


Maan: its all planned Prem.. he will get the news by tomorrow.. and than the next step..


Prem: Maan… I must say.. you are just superior.. the way you are hunting him and the way you are helping him will make him all insane.


Maan: Lets wait.. anyways Khan Saab.. wat about the person whom you were speaking about..


Khan Saab: the search in on Maan Baba..


Maan: hmmm..




Maan observed Geet, her each step and action was telling him something which he failed to understand. Though she was afraid and feared of his closeness today she not even struggled to move out of his hold when he had forcibly kissed her today morning. Maan for a second was happy tat she did not struggle but the moment he realized tat she did not respond him back made him confused and now it was the same when he had returned back home for lunch. He was back early today as he had planned tat somehow he would make her come out of her repulsiveness and make her his in all senses. She followed each and everything he said and asked to her without any response from her. She followed him to his car while he drew them towards the cottage where he had first kissed her in his life on her birthday, a day when he had first time felt her skin with his hands. He was very well aware tat this cottage meant a lot to her and so he had finally decided to come here and make her feel him. He helped her out from the car and she did, following him all the way inside the cottage, which was decorated, with all her favorite flowers, balloons and curtains giving it a romantic feel. Geet looked around everywhere but she could not feel anything as her mind was busy as to how she would proceed further to stop her mind, heart and soul from feeling the fear and she knew wat she had to do. She knew how to get away and free herself from this fear for once and all.. But the main question was will she be able to do it. Will she ever have the courage for taking tat step… will she succeed in helping herself to get free from this fear and pain. She was in pain but now the pain tat her attacker her instilled in her was less compared to wat Maan had said to her when he had almost forced himself. The words tat how will her attacker do things with her like he is supposed to do.. the words which Maan had said in anger were deep in her heart making her hate herself even more now. she loathed her own body, her own soul her own beauty making her loose all her innocence in this dangerous love. The love which always had made her to suffer yet she never raised a voice against it as she could not stay with away from  Maan but was she the same Geet anymore. She was first attacked physically and emotionally when she was just 15, than as she grew she lived under his possession and obsession for her and now someone unknown again physically tortured her.





Precap: Maan's Dangerous, possessive and obsessive love crosses all boundaries of insanity..



Me ready for everything from you all... but please do like and comment for this update.. and get ready for yet another twist with just the dangerous Maan..








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