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Part 34




Dev was frustrated as since the time he had landed back to Delhi he was surrounded with problems. His finances were low, could not get through the loss tat had occurred due to his loss in illegal business. Though he still had many other illegal businesses, also it would take time to get back due to the recent raids. But the biggest shock he got after landing to Delhi, tat to within a week where he was trying to get back everything to normal made him to get more frustrated. The hotel project that he was handling along with the KC's was stopped in between in pretext to raids and later he was informed tat it was one of the major smuggling center in Delhi.  This had left Dev Raichand highly agitated and the worst was when KC.. MAAN SINGH KHURANNA was not even asked a question on it.  He had enough of the media and others and this had made him to go mad while Maan was not even ready to clear the air which made Dev to finally barge into his office.



Maan was well aware about each and every move about Dev since the incident. He was away from everything but made sure tat Khuranna's and KC was nowhere related to it. He knew tat finally Dev Raichand would be coming face to face and he was all set with his plan smirking to himself. Dev entered inside his cabin like a storm and for a second he was hell angry seeing Maan Singh Khuranna engrossed in his work that was the last hit for his anger. Maan pretended to be unaware and continued working when Dev threw the file on his desk getting him out of his work.


Maan: wat the hell is this..


Dev: this is wat hell is called Maan Singh Khuranna..


Maan: Hell is wat you have been doing under my name.


Dev: Is it.. than why don't you just clear everything Mr. Khuranna.

Maan: Clear.. its you who has to do Mr. Raichand..


Dev: Don't forget tat its you who is handling the entire Project Mr. Khuranna.



Maan smirked and smiled looking at him and next second a file was thrown towards Dev that baffled Dev more.


Maan: Have a look Mr. Raichand and all your questions will be answered.


Dev looked at Maan for a moment and held the file into his hand reading it carefully. Each word and clause was making his to give different expressions from anger to hatred and the moment he finished it he tore the file and the papers into pieces.


Maan: Its just a copy Mr. Dev Raichand.


Dev: This cant be true… it cant be..


Maan: It is Raichand… you failed to read each and every clause when you signed the contract for us.


Dev: Ohh really.. but you need to prove  such clauses.


Maan: I did not think tat you were such a fool Mr. Dev Raichand.


Dev: Mr. Maan Singh Khuranna..


Maan: Calm Down Dev.. its business… do you get.. its business Raichand.. and for business you need to be very careful at each and every step.. and as far as to prove.. this is just  not the first time as KC signs such contract with every client of its and the papers are submitted for legal procedure to court after both the parties agree..


Dev: wat do you mean by it..


Maan: I mean tat any illegal business or any thing against the law will not have any thing to do with the KC, its staff and the Khuranna's and the sole owner of such illegal activities will be the client who has signed the project with the KC.. do you get… its you who is responsible for it…


Dev: Ohh really and you think tat I will let you go free… you are also responsible for everything.


Maan: Go ahead Mr. Raichand and prove tat KC and Maan Singh Khuranna is equally responsible for the drug smuggling that was going on.


Dev saw Maan standing with confusion and a sorry face but his anger was not letting him to think.


Maan: I suppose you got your answers Mr. Raichand and instead of wasting time on me you work out to think of getting clean from this mess created by you.


 Dev: Don't think tat I will spare you Maan.. you are equally responsible for all this.


Maan: I would easy be surrendering myself Mr. Raichand but you see even if I do, no harm can touch me.. so get going Mr. Dev Raichand and yaa… the deal if off with a fine imposed on Raichand Estates…


Dev: wat the helll..


Maan: Double the cost of the project Mr. Dev… you have to pay KC double the amount and within three days.. three days Dev Raichand.. and now if you excuse me can I leave.


Maan moved out of his own cabin leaving a baffled, frustrated Dev who was still digesting the fact wat Maan Singh Khuranna said. After about few second Dev left the cabin and the moment he was out he was surrounded by the police officers and media surrounding him all over questioning him.



Repoter 1: Mr. Raichand.. is it true tat you were in drug smuggling tat to betraying KC.. the No.1 Construction company.


Dev: no comments.


Reporter 2: Is it true tat you tried to hamper KC and its image.


Dev: who the hell did say this.


Dev held the reporter by his collar but soon he was captured live.


Reporter 1: Mr. Raichand…Is Mr. Khuranna and KC imposing fine on you for using them for your illegal business.


Reporter 3: How is tat even when you signed the contract and reading the clauses you went ahead with you illegal business..


Maan stood away from there watching the show, the reporters throwing multiple questions to Dev while the police dragged him out of the KC.




He entered his room and was welcomed with the silence. He saw his wife sitting at the windowpane who was no at all aware about his presence that made him to turn angry. He marched towards her and grabbed her by her shoulder hurting her, spitting fire with his eyes.


Maan: Wat the hell is this Geet.. Kaha tha maine tat you will attend your college..


Geet: Nahi jana hain mujhe… do you get I don't want to go..


Maan: get the hell straight in your mind Geet.. tat you are supposed to do wat I say..


Geet pushed him as she started to fear with his closeness. Her eyes feared seeing him so close and the words said by her attacker made her to push him away but Maan held her tight bringing her closer once again.


Maan: Don't.. don't do tat..


Geet: leave me.. leave me. Please.. he will burn me.. he will..


Maan: chup… just chup..


Geet: he will burn.. please don't touch me.


Maan was getting angry at her words and her repulsive nature towards him was making him angrier. He held her cheeks in his hands while Geet tried to push him away from her. Each move from Geet was making Maan to loose his control and next second he smacked his lips tight on hers, his hands held her tight by her waist pulling her closer more and more into him while she shut her eyes tight fearing for the after results. The moment she felt the burning sensation on her skin she pushed him hard but the force made her to fall back on the bed. Maan hovered on her pulling her down squeezing her under him. He held her face at one place while she closed her eyes tight.


Maan: Look at Me…


He waited but she did not open her eyes.


Maan: Geettt… open your eyes at once before I do something that you will regret later.


He pulled her lips into his and kissed her hard nibbling and biting her lips making them to bleed while she was all numb with fear now. he waited for her response but seeing tat she lay still brought him back. He sat leaving her on the bed but next second he pulled her harshly making her to sit.


Maan: Wat the hell is this Geet.. Why don't you respond me back.. why the hell..


Geet slowly opened her eyes seeing his angry eyes she softly said.


Geet: he.. will.. burn.. me.. he. Wil..


Maan: where will he burn you… haan.. where.. ( he kissed her forhead) here.. will he burn you here.. ( he kissed her eyes and cheeks sucking them) or here.. where.. ( he placed his lips on hers pulling her into a passionate deep kiss) or he will burn you lips.. damn it answer me.


Maan pulled her duppatta away from her body and unzipped her Kurti tearing it laying her down on the bed. He once again squeezed her petite form under his hard form but the one look at her pure white skin turned him making his to tear his own shirt. He pressed his well-toned chest into hers feeling her soft mounds. He bites and kissed her nape.


Maan: say now.. will he burn you here.. haan.. lets see.. where else he will burn you..


He pulled her up a bit and unhooked her b** leaving her all naked from top. The moment his eyes held the sight of her twins his last resolve was long lost and he pulled her hard yet soft buds into his mouth biting and sucking them while his one hand busy undoing her salwaar and was thrown far away from them.


Maan: Ab kaho.. will he hurt.. this.. come on answer me.. will he burn you here.. or will he burn you here..


And next moment her panty was torn into two pieces leaving her full naked. She lay all numb in all this but her eyes casted on Maan. she flinched when he entered her with his fingers stroking her hard yet there was no response from her.


Maan: Now say where else he will burn you.. haan.. I touched you everywhere where m I supposed to touch.. now say.. where else he will burn you.. haan..


He kept stroking her while she tightened her muscles as a reflex, his mouth busy with her twins making him loose himself into her. He slowly withdrew his fingers and looked up at her only to see her into tears with fear in her eyes. he sat down on the bed leaving a nude Geet lying behind him all worn out with physical and mental torture.


Geet: he will burn me.. he …my Maan.. cant save me.. he cant save me… he let me to burn.. he let me to burn… he will burn me…


Maan turned to look at her who had her eyes all closed and was just murmuring these repeatedly. Each word from her lips was making him angry and in response, once again pulled a naked geet harshly digging his nails into her  hurting her.


Maan: Just shut up Geet. just shut the hell… he cant reach you.. nor he can touch you.. do you get..


Geet tried to pull herself away but Maan held her tight pulling her into his lap.


Maan; do you get.. you belong to me.. my wife.. and no one can touch you now..


Geet: he will.. I know.. he will burn me where you touched .. he will..


Maan: where will he burn.. here ( he touched her forbidden parts making her fear more) or he will burn this (he touched her b*****) haan jawab do.. where will he burn you..


Geet: he will burn.. he will.. burn.. Maan cant save me .. he cant..


Maan: if he burns you than how will he touch you.. the way I do.. haan.. jawab do.. how will he..


Geet opened her eyes wide hearing his words while tears made their way. She looked at him while Maan looked at her in anger holding her tight hurting her again.


Maan: Answer me Geet.. if he burns your body than how will he touch you.. how will he do things tat m supposed to do with you.. jawab do..


She did not say a word but her tears said everything. Maan was getting angry with her silence. He pushed her hard on the bed throwing the duvet on her while she cuddled up into a ball on nude under it.


Maan: get this straight Geet.. I may have left you today but not tomorrow.. your repulsiveness wont work on me every time.. so be ready for me…. Do you get.. and don't force me to take you without you permission..





The police officer shook his head on every word tat Maan said. Maan directed him to wat he was supposed to do. Khan Saab was explaining everything wat Maan said to him in detail while Maan smirked thinking tat his next plan was all set for Dev Raichand. The police officer left asking them to follow later till they do wat they were told.


Maan smiled evilly seeing Dev Raichand  being tortured with third degree treatment by the police officers. He could see everything but no one from inside could see him.


Maan: This is just the start Dev Raichand.. just a start.. Lets play Maan Singh Khuranna's Dangerous game.


His eyes smiled but yet they were spitting fire seeing Dev being tortured on ice tat to all bare. He was laid on the ice and was beaten with sticks from all angles. His screams crashed with the four walls and none was aware about wat was going inside.  Khan Saab looked at Maan who though was smiling and smirking but he knew wat was going inside him.


Maan: Khan Saab.. is everything set.


Khan Saab: Yes Maan Baba.. the lawyer will be soon here..


Maan: Let him complete everything and let Dev Raichand get tortured a bit more.


Khan Saab looked at the way Maan was looking and he was all shocked to see Dev was being burnt with metal rods on his waist and all over his body while they could see and understand tat he was screaming in pain. Khan Saab for a second panicked.


Khan Saab: Maan baba.. he will die..


Maan: he is not supposed to die Khan Saab.. abhi tho bahut kuch baki hain.


He signaled Khan Saab with his fingers that made Khan to shiver for a second. He saw the police officers holding him tight while the hot metal rods were placed on his waist and other on his hands. Dev was screaming while Maan smiles feeling a bit happy.


Maan: Ye tho sirf shuruvaat hain Dev Raichand.. abhi tho bahut kuch baki hain sehna..


Khan Saab kept looking at Dev but now with sheer anger and hatred as this was nothing wat Geet was going through. He smiled seeing Dev getting worst punishment while next second he was more happy to see tat his legs were kept on the burning hot coal while his mouth shut by cloth. He writhed and struggled for his escape but the officers were strong enough to hold him while they continued to hit him at all forbidden parts. Maan slowly signaled Khan Saab and soon he called one of the officers and asked him to stop.




Vishal saw his son all limb who was being carried by some constables while Maan smirked seeing him. Maan softly placed a caring hand 9n Vishal's shoulder and he instantly looked at him with tears.


Vishal: Thanks Maan.. agar tum nahi hote.. than I would never able to get him free from here.


Maan: Its ok Mr. Raichand. But m sorry I could not help earlier..


Vishal; Nahi nahi.. aisa mat kaho.. its kind of you tat you did try to find the truth.


Maan: Par.. still Dev was tortured.. and the way he looks I can just say tat m sorry Mr. Raichand.  If I knew tat someone else was playing with us I would have got hold of him earlier but when Dev came and confronted me I was shocked to know tat he was all innocent but still it took two days for me to get hold of the real culprit.. but m sorry its all because of those clauses.


Vishal: No son.. its not.. you are a business man and you know how to go about.. and Dev. He was just excited to sign the best deal with the KC but where did he know tat someone would use him this way.


Maan: I know.. Mr. Raichand.. lets go now..


Maan and Vishal supported Dev to walk to their car while Dev still  had some senses kept looking at Maan.


Maan: Dev.. its hard to say sorry but m really sorry.. I never knew tat someone would use my clauses and would do all this.. but it not late you see.. the real culprit is now inside and you are free..


Dev looked at Maan and than at his dad who nodded saying.


Vishal: Haan Dev.. agar Maan ne sachayi pata nahi ki hoti.. than you would have never been free.. we should be grateful tat he spent his precious time for us and helped me so much..


Maan: Its ok Mr. Raichand.. it was my duty.. you see.. family friends… but right now..  you need to take care of Dev..


Vishal: Thanks Maan..


Maan helped Vishal to settle Dev inside the car while they drew back and Maan back to his car where Khan Saab was waiting.


Khan Saab: I must say Maan baba.. you are way to ahead of him…



Maan: we should be Khan Saab.. I cant give him a easy death.. abhi tho yeh shuruvaat hain.. let him get all fine from this… and get the next plan all set..



Maan smiled looking at Khan Saab and they both left back home getting a bit happy but Maan was not. How could he when his Jaan was repulsive to him..





Precap: Chalo update mein precap dhoondh lo tum sab… not in mood to give


My last update crossed 240 likes and I would be happy if I get now 250 likes and more pages of comments… its request to every reader do like and comment wat u feel about the update.


Do like and comment…





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gr88 updt di...luvd d way dev was tortured ...good fo that Bas*****...i feel geet should b fine n out of her fear ...she should b bit strong ...cant guss d prcap updt sooon plezzz
Eagerlyy waiting

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Awesome and hot dear

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 7:38am | IP Logged
Loved the update
Wht maan doing wid dev ws tooo goood
But feeling bad for geet
She is still in fear.
Nd maan not able to understand him...

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awesome, brilliant part
loved it
well dev is getting what he deserve
he should rot in hell
but feel sad for geet
she is still in trauma
well it's tough for her to come out from the nightmare
she is scare
but maan nehi samajh rehe han,
 the fear she is feeling now
pls update soon

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awesome update
love to see him liek this
i hope geet gets out of all thsi

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awsome part.. that way Maan is treating Dev is absolutly correct.. he deserves hell

hope Maan Geet's relationgo in next level.. Both r best.. Maan will get sure sucess to take Geet's fear out..

i m missing their passion .. love

waiting for next part

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awesome update...waiting 4 next part...

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