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Maan saw his Jaan sitting amidst of all but still she was far away from all. Though she had recovered from the shock but she was still a bit scared of sudden noise and darkness now feared her more than before. She would spend some time with her families but most of the time she would keep herself within the four walls of their bedroom but today there were some questions in her eyes. Maan and Prem who had entered the KHM together saw her clutching her mangalsutra and her eyes staring at it with questions. Though she was aware tat she now was married but why and for wat reason. She looked up at her family who were staring at her when Dadima broke her thoughts.


Dadima: Geet, don't get so much confuse and tensed. You have realized tat you are married now but we all know there are many questions in you.


Geet sat without saying a word.


Rano: Beta.. Hum nahi jaanthe ki Maan ne tumnse itni jaldi kyu ki. But wat ever he did he had to do it Geet.


Priya: The way you behaved after tat incident no one could control you beta.. it was only Maan who could do.. har pal you used to get wild and it was only Maan who could calm you down.


Maan: Mom….


Everyone turned to see Maan and Prem while Maan had his eyes on Geet. He could read the questions in her eyes but was he really ready to answer them. Was he able to clear the air tat why did he marry her. He had seen her repulsing to his touch ever since she was a bit normal. She would shiver and fear with his mere closeness and this was making the situation worst now.


Rajveer: Maan.. where is Khan Saab.. you know tat they will start their college from tomorrow.


Prem: Bade Papa.. Khan Saab is out for some urgent work and as far as their security is concerned either I or Maan will be going with them and the rest of the guards will be at the college premises.


Mohinder: Par Khan Saaab ko aisa kuansa kaam hain ki he went away without informing us.


Prem: He did inform me and Maan Papa.. you don't need to worry now. Everything is in place. Vicky.. I need you to stay with the girls in the college whenever you three are free and no coming out unless and until anyone of us is there to pick you.


Vicky : Ok Bhai.. but are you sure tat Geet should go.. I mean she isn't well..


Prem: She is and I cant let her stay inside the Haveli all the time. Annie…


Prem signaled Annie and she followed him upstairs while Maan and Geet still had their eyes on each other. They was a complete silence between them. Maan quietly held her hand and pulled her along with him upstairs while the others dispersed into their rooms.




Annie: Prem.. baat kya hain..


Prem: there's nothing Annie.. m just worried of you all.


Annie: When you cant lie than why do you Prem.. You were against Bhai and Geet's marriage but within hours you were with him. aisi kya baat hain Prem tat you are hiding from all of us.


Prem: Annie I said there is nothing and stop digging into my life do you get.


Annie: Your life.. why did you forget tat m your wife.. wife from a marriage which I never wanted so early.. did you forget tat..


Prem: Annie…


Prem almost raised his hand on her while she shivered seeing him so much angry. Annie looked up at his hand which was about to hit her.


Annie: ab yahi baki hain Prem. When you and Bro could not keep us safe, you did all this.. never asking us wat we want. Har pal sirf apni marzi.. where do I stand Prem.. Even after getting married to you I don't get your time.. why Prem.. Shadi.. ki.. bas ho gaya na..


Prem: Whatever you think.. m not answerable to you.


Annie:do you know Prem why I was against getting married  so early.


Prem looked at her.


Annie: ishi wajah se.. I knew tat you never would be able to give me my time.. the time where I could share my feelings with you.. the time where I could stay in your arms and soothe my aching heart which longs for you.. par nahi.. it will never happen… Jaanthe ho.. I have seen couples enjoying their life with their partners that used to kill me every second and for this reason, I used to keep myself busy with my studies. Nahi hota Prem.. I cant bear this.. atleast shadi se pehle.. I was better but now being close to you and not getting your love, I cant take this Prem.. I cant.. it hurts.. it hurts me to love you.. it hurts me to wait for you all the time..



Prem was not shocked as he knew tat she was right. He was always busy in his work and never could give her time but seeing and hearing her pour her heart made him realize wat he did. His career and his strict nature kept his own love far away from him.  He just walked away from there leaving behind a shattered Annie who was dying each second for her love her husband.



One side Prem and Annie were getting away from each other due to the pressure of time and circumstances but other side Maan and Geet though close to each other from earlier but now their relation, marriage would turn their life upside down just with the after effect of attack on Geet. wat would be the consequences when she was physically and emotionally scared. Maan did bring her inside their room but Geet was still far away from him. He made her sit on the bed and he moved to go inside the washroom when he was stopped by the words he heard form her after so many days.


Geet: tat person did not taint me.


Maan stood rooted at his place trying to digest her words.


Geet: I was not abused sexually tat you had to marry me when I was not in my senses.


The floor beneath his foot started to disappear slowly with her words.


Geet: I know.. you never could take anybodies touch on my body but believe me.. he just touched me and burnt my skin but did not r*** me..



Maan : Geeettt…


He marched towards her pulling by her shoulders, digging his nails into her skin.


Geet: There was no need to marry me… so early.. he did not.. he just touched me..


Maan gritted his teeth in anger while his eyes spitting the pent up angry and fury on her.


Maan: Wat did you say.. he did not taint you.. he did not … how could you.. how could you…think.


Geet: he did not… he said… he said.. tat you touched.. me here.. so he burnt the skin.. he said.. he will.. burn me.. Everywhere you touch me…


Maan: so this was the reason you were repulsing my touch.. haan bolo.. wasn't it the reason..


Geet tried to free herself fearing the words which her attacker had said. Though she was fine but the fear of getting burnt again and going through tat torture was still deep inside her. a tender age of just 18 was not less for creeping this fear deep inside. She tried pushing him more and more while Maan held her tight.


Geet : leave me… leave me.. I know.. you also want the same.. leave me.. don't touch me.. please..


Maan: why.. why are you scared of my touch.. haan kyu.. bolo…


Geet: why you married me.. leave me..


Geet used all her force and pushed him which made her to fall down on the bed with a force while Maan hovered on to her with anger pressing her cheeks in between his fingers.


Maan: So you feel tat I married you thinking tat he touched you. thinking tat I wont get you as pure I want haan.. aisa hi hain na Geet..


She looked at his eyes blinking her eyes for a yes. ( don't get confused here dear.. do remember wat Maan used to do to her when any boy touched her. the fear has now come back along with a new fear of getting punished by someone if Maan touches here.)



Maan: so why don't you prove tat he did not do anything.. why don't I prove my dangerous love for you again. Why don't I prove my obsession and possessiveness for you again.


He threw her duppatta away while she tried to push him. she was scared, scared of this intimacy now. her nightmare was not letting her to let him come closer and touch her. maan pulled her kurti up and touched her bare skin near her waist almost clutching her skin into his large hand.


Maan:Did not he touch you here.. his bloody hands touch your skin here na.. which belongs to me.. lets see how you don't allow me now to touch you here…


Maan pulled her kurti more up while she closed her eyes feeling tat the burning sensation which she felt tat day. She started to shiver while her eyes were red with anger and fear for  herself. She struggled to get out of his hold but Maan was now hell bent on proving tat she cant repulse him. he slowly reached her b****** while his hands captured them above her b**. Geet with all her force pushed him while she crawled back on the bed with tears in her eyes that angered Maan more. He pulled her holding her leg but she tried kicking him with her legs.


Maan: Don't Geet you will hurt yourself. You said na I married you so prove tat he did not tainted you now let me prove it tat he did not.. don't make me to force myself on you.


Geet: leave me.. leave me… he will hurt me again.. he will burn me again.. leave me.. please… he did not touch me.. please he did not touch me…


Maan: but you said na.. tat he touched you let me wash his touches Jaan.. let me wash.. how can I let his touches stay on you.. let me do it


Maan pulled her harshly almost ripping and tearing her clothes into pieces leaving her full nude to his eyes while Geet stood there numb. Her mind and heart only feared tat she will be burnt again by tat unknown person. Maan carried her to the washroom and discarded his won clothes and opened the shower to drench them washing tat Dev's touches from her. He scratched her whole body with anger not tat Dev touched her but coz of her words. He pushed her on the wall and hovered on her face, neck and her b****** with his furious kisses biting and marking her all over gain but he was damn angry as she was not responding him.


Maan: Damn it Jaan.. respond to me..i need you to calm my senses Jaan.. respond to me..


Geet: he will burn me.. he will burn.. don't touch me.. don't touch me.. My Maan.. cant save me.. he did not save me from getting burnt… he did not…


Maan's world and anger stopped hearing her words. His eyes held her eyes that were covered with fear and fear of him not being able to save her from tat torture. He tried to touch her face again but her words stopped him.


Geet: he said.. he will burn me.. if Maan touches me.. its pains.. its pains… don't touch me.. don't touch me..please Maan.. don't touch me.. you wont be able to save me.. you promised but you failed.. I cant take the pain.. don't touch me..



Maan closed his eyes now with anger and left the washroom leaving her all alone in tat water which was not anywhere taking away those unwanted touches and her fear. She had lost the faith and trust in Maan who had promise to save her. Her little heart, soul, mind was now covered with deep fear of being punished and burnt if Maan touches her. Her fear made her repulsive for the touch, which would bring a smile on her face. The touch that would make her fell special, make her feel heaven but now the same touchs feared her for the unknown consequences. But how would Maan's love take it. his dangerous, possessive and obsessive love always claimed her whenever he wanted and this repulsive behavior would make him more dangerous for her and his obsession for her would not let him stay without claiming her when she was his wife now.



In Canada.


Dev was getting shock after shock when he reached Canada. His whole business that was safe even if he was not here was now sealed by the authorities and the biggest shock he got when he learnt tat one of his legal business branches was sealed due to some illegal smuggling. This was just not a blow but a major shock when he learnt tat there was an arrest warrant against him and luckily or unluckily he was right now present there and soon was arrested by the police. Dev remembered tat Jack had warned him from not going but he was Dev Raichand, and he knew how to get out form it but Khan Saab was all set to make it difficult for him as said by Maan and Prem. He had not only sent proof against his illegal business but late when he knew tat one of his legal branch was included in smuggling which was the last bomb on Dev as soon as he landed in Canada. He was held at the police headquarters and was interrogated for hours at the headquarters while Khan Saab was all gathering information about the r**** but it was highly impossible for him to get leading to none results. There was no proof tat Dev Raichand was related to it and the person who was finally arrested was hanged by the law for killing and raping many.


Khan Saab still did not get defeated, he knew if Maan had raised a question than it would not be baseless and the moment he got the biggest information from his trusted sources whom he had laid in Canada to keep a watch on Dev's illegal Business. He was informed tat Dev Raichand had a man named Jack but none knew anything about him. it was not so easy to get any detail about this so called Jack and right now no one knew about his whereabouts. He was just not his right hand men but was a man who knew everything about Dev and was hence kept away from all sources. Whenever he was to be in front of anyone he would change his looks and so not even the underworld knew about him. it was like he existed but as a invisible man to the world but this information was far more than enough for Khan Saab to get hold of tat invisible man.


The other side Dev was continuously subjected to various questions leading to dig his past records when he was arrested for killing innocent girls that led him into more problems. He was shocked but his lawyer did manage to get the court orders not to get the old case here as Dev Raichand was falsely claimed in the case and finally was let free but this had taken a bit time leading to various tortures for Dev for his involvement in smuggling. The police were hell bent on proving him guilty but Dev was adamant to prove them wrong and finally his some trusted men's were successful in getting proofs tat two person working in his legal branches of export import were doing all the illegal business inside their legal business and as Dev had shifted his base back to India leaving his business in the hands of his trusted employees he was all unaware about it. Though Dev was all free once again but he was well tortured under the law of Canada for smuggling drugs and using his legal business to cover all this.



Precap: Dangerousness …pagalpan..obessesion..Possessiveness   of               Maan  and   repulsiveness of Geet.

            Maan – Dev face to face… Kya hoga…



Do like and comment.


I really need more comments and likes now..


Ok now me ready for your jhuttis and tomatoes.. so how is the twist in the relationships.






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me first yiiipppeee
feelign sooo bad for geet
nd angry on maan...cant he see how much geet is in pain nd on the other side prem tooo

bas want everything to go according to dem
seriously want to slap dem 
nd dev dat bas***d...
kill him...
want maan to give pain to dev but not to geet
seriously maan nd prem anger getting on my nerves

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awesome,wonderful superb part
feel sad for geet
 this is really shocking revelation for her
if she is her all true sense out of pain then might be she rejoice it but all going wrong
maan's possessiveness , guilt fear, tension all r coming out in dangerous way
where geet's fear, over coming and more her delicate age giving this
hope maan will able to clear this
but fear about her possessiveness
dev is getting shock but this is really less the pain she caused for many and geet
precap is scary and interesting
continue soon

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  wow lovely painful dangerous update.. te way geet knowing tat  she is married and my maan loving her dangerously and stops wen his geet say why u didt save me, oh god which my maan never wants to hear from his geet but destinty made to hear tat harsh words from his jaan,.. geet  was not angry but hurt tat my maan didt save her...oh god how my maan going to bring te trust for him from his geet.. now dev ka destruction ready to face my devil, ur hell..i love te update dear

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awesome part dear
geet thinks maan married her thinking she is not pure
n as dangerous lover maan is provoked n asking her to prove..
it too much..
when geet says dev will burn her 4 touched by maan n he will not be there 2 save her
we can see how much hurt she was..
she is r8 at place..
dev came back to india..n he was set free by law..i hate it..

Edited by valli22 - 23 November 2012 at 8:11am

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that fateful moment broke geet's trust...
that was so heart wrenching.. he always got strength b/c of her undying love and trust..
but nw that itself was at stake...
this will make maan more dangerous and obsessed..!!!
That was so shocking update...
Also prem and annie is searching their lost moments... i hope prem will try to bring it on track..

Edited by Remya_Pillai - 23 November 2012 at 9:34am

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 8:07am | IP Logged
loved it dear
bechari geeet
feels soo bad for her

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