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jaldi se update karlo..
mein ghar aakar padungi...LOL

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arreh ab tak update nahi ki..!

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Waiting please ...

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Part 32



Maan stared at a sleeping Geet who was still under the effect of the medicines. He was his and  she was hers, a sense of ownership was getting him made to just mark her as his. His own feelings for her and the desire to have her under him moaning his name was getting on his nerves but he knew he had to control it. he knew though they were married he could not do anything. He calmed himself and slowly moved near her closing the door behind. He looked at her angelic face, which always had a smile on it but now was nothing more than her fear. He slowly removed her churni while unbuttoning her choli. It was hard for him to see her bare but he had to do. he pulled a soft towel and covered her upper body with it and pulled the ghangra down covering her legs with the duvet. He cleaned her burnt skin and applied the cream to so tat it would heal faster. His fingers were as soft as her skin. He could not hurt her as he knew once she feels him near she would get wild but today was their wedding night how could he not get close to her. he wanted to feel her and he knew tat he would only remove her from this fear with his feel. He was lost in her while Geet murmured in her sleep..



Don't touch me.. please don't touch.. Maan dekho na… Maan.. save me.. Maan.. please.. don't burn me .. its pains.. please.. Please..Maan…


Maan slowly reached near her face and saw her struggling in the sleep to. He touched her forehead caressing her hair letting her calm down. She frowned in her sleep when she felt some one touching her.


Maan: Sssh Jaan.. its me.. Your Maan. see you Maan is close to you.. no one can touch you.. no one can Jaan..sshhh..


Geet: he will Maan.. he touched me.. I did not do anything.. he touched me…


Maan: I know.. Jaan.. I know. Now sleep.. sleep Jaan.. there's no one..


Maan kissed her forehead while she smiled in her sleep. Maan settled next to her but he was having a hard time to control himself. Her bare body under the cover was creating havoc in him while she slept there with him. he softly turned and rested on the bed post trying to calm his rising desire for her. Geet turned a bit while the soft towel covering her upper slipped revealing her curves covered in only her b**. He closed his eyes but could not stop the images. He slowly opened them and his hand on its own reached to touch her. his fingers traced the while milky cleavage while his body heated up with the want for her. he wanted to remove his hand but they did not listen to him. his fingers reached the exact mid point of her cleavage while his face bend down to touch the skin. His lips softly lingered on her chest while he place soft wet kisses slowly biting them, his hands trying to reach her buds. Her skin was inviting him, one hand was descending through her waist reaching her thighs. His fingers finally got hold of her one bud making him go mad. He touched the hardened bud and rolled it with his fingers. He slowly pulled her b** giving the full view of her pink buds. He licked and kissed them and held them in his mouth but before he could proceed further his fingers touched the burnt skin getting him out of his wild avatar..or say his passion. He looked up and than his eyes fell on her b***** and instantly he pulled her b** up covering her with the duvet.


Maan: how could you Maan.. how could you just loose your control like this.. she is your Love Maan.. she is yours and you need to get her well before going further..


He moved out of the bed going towards his gym when his eyes met Rano. She looked up at him questioning him but without answering him he moved out from there not before saying..


Maan: Don't worry choti Maa.. I will not claim her until and unless she gets well.. I love her an I can wait for her lifetime.. Atleast you can trust me in this Choti Maa.



Rano looked at his retreating figure. She did trust him but the way everything happened and seeing her daughter like this, her heart and mind did not wanted to trust anyone. She slowly crept inside their room only to see Geet sleeping. She smiled and moved out without going near her.





It had been a week after their marriage and Geet was slowly coming out of her fear but still feared a bit. She did not behave wild with anyone closeness but reframed herself from coming closer to anyone. Here Geet was getting better and there on the other side Maan was getting dangerous. He had almost all the information about Dev and his illegal business in Canada but not any breakthrough information about his weird behavior that Maan always had witnessed in him.


Prem: Khan Saab.. is this all you got to know about him.. I mean aur kuch..


Khan Saab: Prem beta.. agar kahu tho.. you wont believe wat I will say.


Prem: wats the matter Khan Saab.


Khan Saab: Dev.. was charged against rape Prem..


Prem: Rape…


Khan Saab: yes.. he was charged against raping innocent and nave girls in Canada..


Prem: Than how come he was not punished.


Khan Saab: The cases were not strong enough.


Prem: Cases.. Yani…


Khan Saab: It was just not one girl.. but a case against continues rapes and killing girls. Say a serial killer type..


Prem: Wat.. are you sure…


Khan Saab: Yes Prem.. but later the real culprit was arrested and Dev was  free. The authorities had to finally agree tat it was a misunderstanding and tat Dev Raichand was never a culprit and hence they had to officially apologize to him and as far as his illegal business is concerned, he does not handle it. he has many men's who hold different positions in it.


Prem: So.. even if it revealed he wont be arrested..


Khan Saab: Tats true but it will affect his legal business as most of his money comes from there.


Maan: Tats enough Khan Saab..


Khan Saab looked at Maan who was just looking outside the window.


Maan: You may fly off to Canada right now and do the rest. Make sure tat none recognize you.


Prem: but Maan.. its off no use.. it wont affect him.


Maan: I know but it will affect him a bit. I know its not a big deal as he may have much more than wat we know. But right now getting there and exposing his bit of illegal business will be a shock for him. Abhi tak shadi ka shock digest nahi hua hoga.. let him get another one Prem..


Prem: So you mean just a mild shock..


Maan: right…. He is here without any worries about his illegal business in Canada. So lets play safe with him as agar humne yaha kuch kiya than he will be alert and this I don't want.  I want a slow death for him without him realizing tat who is giving it to him.


Khan Saab: Right Maan Baba..


Maan:Khan Saab.. can I get the details about tat case..


Prem: Why tat Maan..


Maan: Kuch hain Prem.. there's something missing here. Do you remember the high alert for girls here.


Prem and Khan Saab nodded for a yes.


Prem: you mean the same way in Canada.


Maan: I cant say Prem.. but isn't it the same type.. I mean girls getting kidnapped and being killed.. I had a talk to the commissioner and he had given me the details about the case. Was just trying to correlate it.


Prem: Hmm..


Maan: Khan Saab you may leave now and get down with your work but make sure tat you are not anywhere in the scene.


Khan Saab left while Prem and Maan settled down.


Prem: Maan.. wats the matter.. I mean why suddenly you want to correlate both the cases.


Maan: Kuch tho hain Prem.. there's something which is linked. I cant get.. but why so suddenly girls are being kidnapped and killed in Delhi. I know Delhi is not safe but still isn't it strange here.


Prem: hmmm.. wat have you decided about Geet now.. I mean she is getting better now.. why don't you tell her truth even though she knows about it. Apna magalsutra dekhkar tho samjh hi gayi hogi na.


Maan: I know Prem. Tat she did realize tat she is married to me.. But how to break the news. She is just getting better now.


Prem: Par Maan.. we cant keep her inside the house.. she needs to complete her college too.


Maan: hmmm





Dev was frustrated. He was angry the moment he got news about the raids on his illegal business. None knew about it nor could the police get any information than how could they just raid his business.


Dev: How damn did this happen Jack.. how dare anyone leak about it.


Jack: There's no proof Boss.. it was a sudden raid and everything is destroyed. Kuch nahi ho saktha. The authorities seal the whole business and our men's are arrested.


Dev: Damn with those bloody police.. They will pay.. get my jet ready Jack..


Jack: its  not safe boss. A small mistake from you than you will be revealed.


Dev: than wat you want I should sit here.. its not a small business Jack.. a business worth thousands of crores.. Just get the bloody jet ready..


Jack: par Boss..


Jack shut his mouth seeing Dev in anger. He knew tat a word more from him and he would die.




Precap: Maan – Geet… Dangerous love back…. Guess kya hoga

            Dev ko ek aur jatka…



Hi everyone.. Now don't get mad. I did not want to stretch her wild behavior more so I did not show how did she cure. Just gave a week gap and made her normal but not too much.. abhi tho bahut kuch baki hain… Now.. it will be more intense... which will turn everything into intense as I will be back to Dangerous Maan and his dangerous love and desire for her..



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