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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

FF - Were We Ever Meant To Be??part 11 updt-pg2. (Page 2)

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Part 7

It had been three months since khushi had come to London..with aadi.. He was the best person shed ever met.. Any girl wud die for him for he was just a prince of every girls dream! He was her saviour her bestfriend.. the oberoi's loved her a lot his mom doted on her and so did the rest of the family.. She worked wth them but on great request she had finally got herself a small studio appartment to live in instead of thr oberoi's penthouse!! Days wud pass by in work..usually in the evenings she wud hand out wth aadi his friends and family.. It was in the nights only tht those memories wud come by to haunt her.. Of him.. She ws trying to move on but he was so much in her.. Tht it ws difficult as he'll.. But she did try a lot thinking he ddnt come for me.. To him I mite as well be dead..!!On the weekend she wud visit the oberoi's and thts how life had been since the past few months!!


She had a feeling tht aadi had this soft corner for her.. She ws more to him she knew his actions his care everything reflected that..his whole family knew.. But aadi being the gentleman he was respected the fact khushi ddnt need ths at ths time her past ws too twisted and she had to get over it first...all of a sudden her chain of thoughts was broken by her phone- she smiled as she picked up..

Khushi- yes aadi, wasup?

Aadi- hey my khush, r u ready I'm picking u up in ten and then we r heading to have some waffles and u have to help me shop!

khushi- yup aadi I'm ready! See u

Aadi- can't wait


This woman had captured his aadi waited for her to come down frm her apartment he cudnt help but wander back to how much his life had changed in the past few months since he'd met khushi! She was the most innocent, beautiful, caring, dedicated person he'd ever met.. And yet shed had so much to endure.. Only if he knew who the man was..she wudnt tell him the name..and tell him let past be past aadi please..he haunted her still aadi knew thr wer so many times he'd see her in office trying to focus but her dark circles wud betray her that she hadn't slept andr night yet again.. And so aadi tried his best to make her smile alws.. He genuinely loved her.: his family knew that they wud tease him in her absence.. But he knew deep down tht ths feeling ws one sided as khushi needed time a lot of time indeed to ever see him that way..

Khushi walked up to aadi, she ws wearing a simple knee length red colour dress and her overcoat and boots and a cute hat over hair.. She's such a baby my khush aadi Thot as he hugged her-

Aadi- hey khush.. U r such a doll

Khushi- aadii chill, let's go and yes Bhabhi is apparently wth Bhai too at Oxford street shopping I told her wel meet her there..

Aadi- khush wt ya , I wanted u to make me shop not that I wanted to go wth Bhai so tht u cud go o. Ur girl trip wth Bhabhi 

Khushi- Acha Acha apna drama baad mein Karna chalo ab!

Akash had dragged Arnav to oxford street so that they cud shop for the family! Arnav had no interest but he accompanied him.. As he saw Akash shop fr payal his heart churned.. Thinking tht I wud be shopping for my khushi too..


Khushi and diya( aadis Bhabhi) went their way to shop leaving nikhil and aadi in their favourite Burberry showrrom! 



Nikhil saw a familiar figure as he gestured aadi to follow him upto two men standing together one looking for bags and the other seaming least interested -nikhil was sure it was them, as he walked up to them.


Nikhil- so well if it isn't Arnav and Akash raizada I bump into after all these years of uni

Arnav turned frm his fone- nikhil- it's you.. Wt a surprise 

Akash- its been so long

And then after some usual catch up nikhil introduced aadi to them- this is my younger brother aaditya.. Wer settled here infact u guys must come home it's round the corner c'mon.. Mom will be so happy to see you guys aftr so long.. Infect aadi il just call diya to come home..


Arnav surprised and happy for his uni buddy- so finally u married her nikhil..


Nikhil- ya man, c'mon  well catch up on the way home.. Dinner with us tonight.And you aadi don't worry she's wth diya, ur Bhabhi won't let the love of ur life get lost!


Arnav and Akash smiled as the younger one spoke on the phone- ya we gng home bhai's met some of his friends.. You pls come over wth Bhabhi.. But ya. Ths isn't done yet u wait tomorrow I'm Gona make u go crazy shopping for me! He laughed and put down his fone:. Sorry let's go


As they reached home and had their tea and caught up wth them.. It felt good.. In uni thy wer allows tgthr wth nikhil but thn as life's got busy thy ddnt have a chance to catch up , infact bumping into him here in London was a big surprise for him.. Little did he know tha he ws in for the shock of his life..

Nikhil- so Akash u got married too.. Wow and u too Arnav I dnt believe it, u never believed in stuff..

Arnav- ya nikhil I ddnt.. It's only time until u meet tht one girl..

Akash smiled sadly as he heard his brother:. The longing in his voice ddnt get missed by him

Nikhil- oh yeah..he mocked Looovee isn't it aren't we all victims.. Here my lil brother being the latest addition

Aadi- Bhai chill ok

Nikhil- haha yeah u guys won't believe this girl .. He's crazy about her.. 

Arnav- so is she ur fianc or gf? Or wife?

Nikhil- thts the fun haha none.. He's her best friend her saviour as she puts it hehe.. It's so much fun pulling his leg..u see my brother is deeply in love..with a woman who has no clue abt it..



Aadi seriously- oh pls c'mon Bhai as if u all don't love her.. U n bhabi r practically dying to have her in the family and mom she dotes on her like don't ask.. And cud u pls stop all ths teasing .. shell be here soon.. I dnt want u to start ths in front of her:. She won't like it it's a sensitive issue fr her Bhai she needs to heal over her past first..


As arnav and Akash heard aadi go all serious all of a sudden over this girl.. Nikhil said- ok ok I'm sorry chill.. U knw I only joke wth u.. I knw shel heal u r wth her right by her side.. Shell realize it soon..

Arnav and Akash both were quiet..Arnav looked at aadi and almost saw himself in love wth khushi how much he yearned for her since shed gone lost..

Akash - ya dude chill nikhil ws just having fun.. She's a lucky girl to have u love her, Arnav just nodded

Then thy heard some commotion at the door..the girls wer back..

Aadi- il gt them here..

Nikhil rolled his eyes and told them- trust my bro now tht she's here hel make sure he doesn't let his khush out of his sight

arnavs and akash head jerked up at the name- he asked - khush??.. Cud it be a coincidence ?

Nikhil - ya see there she is

Arnavs head turned and he relaxed a lil- aadi was talking to some girl in a overcoat and stockings and cap.. May be she shares the name wth my khushi.. Khushi wt wud she be doing here.. I'm just getting paranoid..


Diya walked in and greeted the rest and sat wth them for a while- aadi and khushi hadn't come in yet and nikhil asked- what happened to aadi?

Diya- oh u knw him , she is having a headache and he is fussing all over it.. Scolding her tht she shunt have gone shopping wth me if she wsnt well..she smiled and explained to everyone..


Soon they heard their voices as they walked over, Arnav had his back to the entraice of the study but he cud hear them..

Aadi- khush please y can't u take care? The doc says u r still recovering..


He saw akashs expression of shock and he turned to see what ws it tht had cause his brother shock- and what he saw reeled the earth under him- that was his khushi standing there at the entrance and aadi ws helping her take out her coat- she held her temple--

Aadi instinctively cupped her face, what feelings were rushing thru him Arnav ddnt know - releif, happiness, anger, jealousy..and shock as he saw aadi touch his woman with extreme care- khush.. I can't see u in pain..

Khushi replied turning to walk in- relax aadi, it's just a headache, il be fine.. Come let's meet ur guests

Aadi half hugged her and she hugged him back-as he gestured in..

As khushi walked in to nikhils study and her eyes met the familiar brown ones gazing at her wth the familiar expression her world spinned.. No no it can't be him.. And thn she saw her jijaji thr.. All three too shocked to react as aadi explained- khush this is Arnav and Akash thy used to study wth Bhai and guys this is khush- oh sorry I mean khushi- 


Akash knew he had to get the situation in control cz he cud sense his brother ws going to take khushi in his arms ths instant if he ddnt do anything- hi he mustered and gestured his bro to control himself and act normal..

Arnav, controlling himself but not taking his eyes off hers a sec said , he wanted to ask so many ques but he whispered- hi khushi


As soon as she heard him say her name, her head spinned- and she tried to muster a small hi- before all went black

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Part 8

Arnav was too shocked but as he saw her fall he jerked to save her but aadi bet him to it and he saw his love fall into the arms of andr.. Just the way he wud catch her evrytime she had fallen in the past.. And he felt as if his heart had been churned into a million peices..


Khush- aadi had yelled and got next to her and saved her from the fall..He patted her face.. Omg khush pls pls wake up! Bhabhi get water.. Dammit she dsnt take cre..she never listens to me.. I'm taking her to my room.. Bhai call the doc.. Khush he said as he sprinkled water.. This isn't good for her Bhai wt if.. No no..he picked her up in his arms.. Khush ul be fine..and He rushed out..


As the scene unfolded in front of them, both the raizada brothers were in shock.. Arnav Unable to move as he saw aadi carrying his love out into his room..


Nikhil spoke- I'm sorry guys just that he's to possessive over her.. Actualy it's a long story.. He'd found her in india.. Shed been in an accident :. A terrible one.. He'd saved her .. She ws in coma for a while and once she regained consciousness he got her here..


Akash wanted to gt as much info as possible cz his bro ws in no situation to ask, too many emotions playing on his face- here? Her family?

Nikhil explained - well her story's too sad.. Shes a orphan grew up wth her foster parents.. But apparently she fell in love with a beast- ya thts wht aadi told us- she ws used fr a deal in some sort of contract marriage of six months- who does that to a girl as pure as her? Anyway she says in was all a misunderstanding but apparently when it all got sorted she had to face nonsense from his family.. Dude I never understood how can ppl do ths? And thts why shed left cos she c**t take things..and thts whn the accident had happened..and aadi had found her..


Diya cries evrytime as she remembers aadi telling us when she woke up and he asked her about her family aftr two weeks of coma- and shed just asked - has no one come for me yet?

Aadi clarified that mayb they ddnt knw thts y.. But tht ws enough to shatter her completely! 


Just imagine u guys, aftr everything thy ddnt even look for her.. Aadi hates them .. She wudnt tell us who they are.. Bcz she dsnt want any bad on their name? Imagine this girl.. Maa says she's never met anyone so pure and nice.. Aadi fell for her it's hard not to love her.. Wonder why those ppl harmed and broke her so! She's been having a tough time moving on.. Aadi says her contractual husbands memory still haunts her but he's adamant to make her forget the past and shower her wth love.. 


Arnav, as it all sunk in- oh I see...

She felt thy ddnt come for her? He ddnt? no wonder she ddnt gt in touch wht she must be feeling lying thr all alone..Pain flinched Arnav all over..


Diya rushed in- Niks the docs here..come let's go

They all walked in to aadis room, Arnav and Akash silently joint nikhil, Arnav just wanted her to be fine as of now.. Rest cud wait all cud wait..

She was tucked in and aadi sat by her side with worry all over his face as doc chkd her..

Doc- she's fine aadi.. Relax just stressed mayb make her eat, and take care this happens in patients who ha e experienced coma

Aadi- ya doc she faints very often, last week whn i ws dropping her bak aftr dinner she ws dizzy and just yesterday shed fainted in office ..

Doc- ok ok I'm giving her some meds make sure she has thm

Aadi- yes yes sure


The doc left.. The raizada brothers were concerned too why aadi wondered it seemed thy wer both having some conversation of their own silently..qnywya he ddnt have time to care.. Khushi ws important

Finally she gained consciousness-

Aadi helped her sit up- khush,.. Hw r u? U scared me..

Khush - im fine aadi wher r the rest? She enquirer? Wanting to k w abt arnavji whthr she had hallucinated or he ws actually there..

Aadi- thy r having dinner downstairs. Bhais friends are here.. Come let's go h need to eat too!

Khushi was hungry so she agreed-

Aadi helped her walk out and when she stumbled he picked her - 

Thy heard voices as thy ate dinner

Khushi- aadi put me down I can walk 

Aadi- shh just shut up khush

He walked over to the table.. Sorry everyone .. But I'm nt risking her faint again as he made her sit on a chair and sat beside her

Khushi cud feel his eyes on her the whole time and even o. Aadi as he served her and they ate.. Their eyes had locked a few times and shed moved thm away as she ddnt want memories to burn back..

Arnav had seen so much fr a day tht the jealousy he felt had no bounds.. Like from wht he had gathered this aadi ws very close go khushi.. He loved her and wanted her.. He cud deal with that but what his heart wanted to know was wht dd khushi want? Had she really forgotten him? Gotten over him??


As they all departed aadi went to drop khushi home.. Arnav had found out tht she stays in a apptment nearby.. He'd go to see her aftr aadi left.. 

Arnav- Akash extend ourstay I'm not going back without her

Akash smiled, at the determination in his voice- ofcourse Bhai it's time we took khushiji back home!


Arnav waited for aadi to leave as he saw him at khushis door..

Aadi- khush r u sure ul be fine?

Khushi- yes, trust me I just need to sleep...and can I pls take an off tomm aadi

Aadi- yes my doll u can, and he tucked her hair behind, and cupped her fa e.. U scared me so much.. Evrytime u faint it just reminds me.. Omg even the Thot and he hugged her.. And khushi alws felt comfortable in his embrace hugged him-

Khushi- shh it's ok aadi I'm fine 

Aadi- I knw ths isn't the right time but u do know what u mean to me right khushi? I don't say cz I knw ur still gtng over him.. U really are the most precious for me.. Take care..ok.. I ..

Khushi- patted his face caringly aftrall she did love him too as a friend tho- I know aadi I know everything u dnt say it I respect it as I knw u respect my feelings.. Thx for being there alws aadi when no one else has! And the minute she said those words she realized how true they were:. This man had made a place in her heart ..he loved her unconditionally never asking anything in return..let her have her time..but was this love?? She ddnt know..

Aadi- khush u dnt have to answer ths but pls just let me say ths today.. He cupped her face and looked into her eyes.. I love u so so so much khush.. U know I do..and he kissed her foreheAd and turned away.


Arnav watched ths display of affection and deceided aftr  thanking this man for saving khushi he'd beat him black and brown .. In fury..His guts ths mans guts.. And why ws khushi being soo nice and vulnerable to him.. Shocked reeled thru him as he saw khushi hold aadis hand back and say- I know u do aadi... She kissed his cheek.. Call me once u reach home.. So tht I know ur safe..

Aadi smiled and walked off!!

This was too much to take in for Arnav .. Hed just found her but he died thinking had he lost her already to aadi..??

He walked up and knocked her door..

Khushi heard the knock and thinking it ws aadi again just rushed to open the door.. She ws in her cute pink buster tank top and pajamas..

Khushi- aadi ur back as she opened..

She was shocked to see him..

Arnav surprised to see her in tht skimpy top and pajamas and she ws opening the door in it to aadi?- hi khushi... It's me.. I Thot il chk how are u feeling now! And just out of curiosity is ths how u just open the door to any1 now?

Khushi- well thts none of it business mr raizada and just for ur info not to any1 I Thot it ws aadi any1 wud be you..

He flinched at that..

Khushi- he's hurt good he shud know how much he's hurt me..- well ud like to come in? I'm not like u who likes to throw ppl out frm the door..

Arnav walked in and she shut the door- as he sat on the sofa he observed her studio.. Yes it ws her.. Her appearance and way of dressing up may have changed but this was her..she ws in the kitchen and thn she walked upto him wth a mug

Khushi- here is ur black coffee and tell me why are u here..

Arnav smiled- so u remember ..

Khush- answer me why r u here? Aftr all these months.. Too bad for u I ddnt die

Arnav jerked up and pinned her against the wall- u seriously Thot I ddnt look for u?are u mad? I went mad.. I only got to knw frm the doc at hos aftr around 40 days of ur accident.. I hunted every damm aaditya oberoi in the country to find u.. I just ddnt knw ud be here khushi.. I ddnt knw where to look.: how cud u think.. I ws dying everyday..

Khushi was happy and releived, so he had looked for her, but her brain signalled so what? Don't fall for him again as she mustered- oh thx well tht clears the mu, please leave me arnavji ur hurting me

Arnav-say it again pls.. 

Khushi- what?

Arnav- my name pls.. Iv been dying to hear it..

Khushi controlling her heart- arnavji pls leave me

Arnav- khushi well I knw uv moved on here and I can't thnk the oberoi's enuf fr helping u but I need u to come back.. I know tht aadi loves u wants u.. But u  r my wife..

Khushi- correct urself mr raizada I ws ur wife..our contracts over..I am no more ur wife, too scared to trust him again

Arnav- no kkg, il make u mrs Arnav Singh raizada forever..u belong to me..

Khushi- oh yes ur alws exercising ur right on me.. And wht about me my feelings:.

Arnav held his cool and said- ok fine u Wana figure out ur feelings? Fine im staying here.. But u knw I'm not gona gie up soon I know aadi is in love wth u and u know it but do u know what ?

Khushi- what, she whispered as he came so close to her tht she cud feel his breath on her lips

Arnav- he's seeking what is wth me and wht he can't ever have, ur heart.. It's wth me just like mine is wth u:.

Ul realize it khushi.. That we are meant to be no matter what..I promise..

And wth those words he kissed her wth a smack on her lips taking her by surprise-

Khushi pushing him away- arnavji wht she whispered

Arnav smirked- thts sealing my promise with a kiss khushi.. And he walked out leaving a shocked khushi behind..


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Part- 9

Khushi cudnt sleep all night- he had the audacity , the guts, after all that he'd said to her the night shed left.. I wish I'd never met u.. Ur the biggest mistake..all those harsh words lashed back at her memory.. No no no she wsnt going to fall for it ever again .. All te memories lashed back in her mind..she cried and cried.. She c**t take it anymore.. She needed someone.. She cried.. She wore her coat and walked out.. She called him.. Yes he wud be there for her when no one else had been.. He'd saved her from death hadn't be? Hell save her again .. As she walked on the block towards oberoi's penthouse she called him, tears c**t stop..

Aadi saw his fone and worried.. He'd just left her and shed caught hold of hand fr the frst time and kissed his cheek even and asked him to be safe- khush , I'm sorry I frgt to call u tht iv reached safe..

Khushi crying- aadi , aadi she sobbed..

Aadi panicked- khush what's wrong are u ok?

Khushi- aadi I'm downstairs.. Pls I need to talk.. I need you to talk..

Aadi rushed down out- khush calm down I'm coming.. Relax ok.. See u in 2 mins

What cud have gone wrong in a matter of an hour.. She seemed so broken..he saw her standing in her night suit and coat.. And her cap.. The minute she saw him she ran and hugged him hard.. Aadi was surprised but then BFr he cud say anything she just cried and cried..

Aadi just let her cry and hugged her back- shh shh khush wts wrong.. Pls tell me.. Come up shh we can talk..

Khushi crying- no no aadi pls I dnt Wana see any1 right now but you.. Only you.. And she cried again..

Aadi- ok yes something ws terribly wrong- ok calm down let's go there..he gestured..

Khushi saw the small roadside cafe which ws alws open on the bond street- yes,

Aadi- ok let's now get you ur favorite waffles and black coffee..altho I dnt knw y do u have black coffee..

Khushi sighed- today she wud tell him evrything, aftrall this man loved her truly he ws alws tr fr her he deserved to knw evrything-

Aadi came wth her stuff and his coffee and was abt to sit across frm her whn she gestured him to sit next to her, ok ths ws odd but anyway he did..

He lovingly put his hand on her hair khush.. Wts wrong??

She stared at her coffee blankly and spoke- aadi do u knw why c**t I evr let go of my past till now? Coz smwhr my treacherous heart ddnt Wana let go.. U knw why I have black coffee?

Aadi- huh? Wt ws ths abt but he gestured her to go on

Khushi- coz he used to have it aadi.. It's a simple thng but it implies what I understood today.. I ddnt Wana let go.. But u know what I Wana let go now.. Coz I realize tht no matter what I can never forgive him for what he did I never told u what exactly he'd told me the night I left cs it hurt so much to even recall- he told me he wished he'd never met me , tht I ws the biggest mistake tht I ws the reason his life ws ruined his dis his jija lusted aftr me only cs i ws I ws the reason for it all.. Aadi the man I loved I almost killed myself for.. Took so much pain for his family and his honor said to me- I wish I hadn't ever met u khushi! I died that night aadi he killed my heart.. And thn I just c**t stay I had to leave.. She c**t stop.. She picked up and threw her coffee aside..And continued crying..

Aadi listened .. So much pain she had been holding in- why ddnt u tell me this earlier khush.. I cud have helped u.. Well it's his loss he dsnt know what he's lost.. U r the most beautiful person iv ever met...

Khushi- maybe he has realized aadi.. He made it very clear tonight..

Aadi now shell shocked- what khush u met him? Where when how? How dare he come near u? But where dd u?

Khushi- irony or wtever u call it aadi .. U introduced me to him.. The man who shattered me..

Aadi- what r u saying khush? Me when?

Khushi- Arnav.. His name is Arnav Singh raizada

Aadi shocked- what omg! Thts y u fainted omg khush.. I'm so sorry

Khushi- he came over aftr u left aadi and as usual he tried to claim all his right on me.. He said he's Gona have me back.. He won't give up coz he.. Coz he has my heart just as I have his.. And tht I belong to him...she looked up wth tears into aadis eyes.. I'm scared aadi.. I can't let him do this..

Aadi now All raged and wtg fury- what?? He has the audacity.. Khush I'm here ok! U dnt wrry I wnt let him come near u.. Il protect u...

Khushi hugged him and she felt her heart flutter- thx aadi, u will na? Pls I need..

Aadi- shh khush I will alws.. And he kissed her forehead

But can I ask u something khush.. Was he right in what he said.. Does he actualy have ur heart still? Do u still?

Khushi looked up at Him sincerely- I can't lie to u aadi..

Aadi felt his own heart stop, mayb she does still love him..

Khushi- I can't lie.. Until today I Thot he did have it.. But today when he showed up and said all those things , and as I say it all out to u today.. I know one thing.. My heart isn't wth Arnav Singh raizada anymore.. Finally I have it back with me.. I am ready to move on

Aadis heart swelled as he heard her,atlst her heart ws back he hugged her back- dnt wrry khush I'm not Gona let any Arnav Singh raizada hurt you anymore.. Trust me..

Khushi smiled up at him- I do aadi wth my life.. I trust u

As aadi dropped her bak home he deceided he'd have to spk to asr himself frst thing tomm himself- his khush wsnt alone now.. 

The next morning khushi woke up a lil content.. She felt so light sharing everything with aadi.. Wt ws ths feeling she gt wth him she ddnt know.. All she knw ws when he ws around she had no worryno fear only comfort..she felt safe..and happy..She alws looked frwrd to be wth him.. As she recalled his last nites gestures.. He said he'd protect her.. But wait was I being fair to him? he'd protect me but as what?? She asked her heart.. Shud I give this a chance..?? Her heart fluttered aftr soo long and she smiled it's time I let asr go.. But il be honest.. To him..

Just thn her fone rang-

Khushi- long life aadi I ws just abt to call u

Aadi - hey khush 

Khushi- wht happnd? U seem a lil tensed

Aadi- yes that jackass has invited us all to dinner.. He told Bhai to get u even.. Khush I haven't told them yet but if u dnt Wana come.. I can..

Khushi sighed- aadi stop and listen.. It's ok il come.. I can deal with it now..relax.. Aadi I wanted to spk to u

Aadi relaxed- yup alws thr khush.. Ok so il pick u up BFr we go over to their hotel fr dinner? And on the way we can talk..

Khushi- hmm yup ok.. Thx


The minute she put down her down her fone she got up to deceide..wht to wear tonight.. With a smile on her face surprisingly thinking about life freshly..


Arnav was pacing impatiently.. He wanted to go over to her in the morning itself but Akash had asked him to take it easy.. Bhai give her some time some space pls.. Call them over for dinner tonight.. And thn mayb u can talk to her araam se..

Arnav thought ya mayb he's right this time I'm Gona shower her with so much love.. No asr only Arnav..


It was eight everyone had reached.. They all wer at the lounge in their hotel having some mild drinks.. Arnavs eyes were on the door aadi and khushi hadn't arrived yet..

Where are u khushi??

That's it he Thot as he excused him self to go see at the entrance lobby whether they had come or not!and tht ws exactly when she saw them enter..


As they entered the lobby, khushi took off her coat.. Aadi ws kind of stunned , she wore a knee length blue colour dress and looked like an angel..

Aadi- wow khush..

Khushi- aadi stop it.. I Wana spk to u seriously..

Aadi- yeah ok tell me u wer preparing urself all the way or what.. Come here he took her aside into an empty corridor and tell me whts bothering u.. He cupped her fa e is it him again are u nervous tht u Gina be seeing him? What is it?

Khushi- no aadi it's not him for a change.. I just.. I just I dnt knw hw to say this..

Aadi- Acha Batao na.. 

She took his hand and his heart stopped for a second.. Aadi ddnt know that so did arnavs who ws watching ths all..

Khushi- aadi what u told yesterday.. I..

Aadi- khush relax ya I told u dnt have to answe it..

Khushi- what if I want to?

Aadi- what?? His heart fluttered..

Khushi- look il be honest.. Aftr I spoke to u last night told u everything about arnavji.. I went home and really Thot.. I do feel something for u aadi.. Whn I'm wth u I'm happy content safe I look frwrd to be wth u.. I can't thnk of gng on without u if it hadn't been for u all ths while..I..I.. Look but I dnt know if it's love.. Coz I honestly I dnt knw if I blv in love anymore.. I just got my heart back..but I do feel something I dnt know what but..I feel I'm willing to give ths a chance to discover what it is.. If u feel u can risk it wth me.. Coz aadi u knw it all I hv a twisted past.. I dnt Wana be unfair to u.. And at the same time I cu t keep this wth me any longer.. I needed to tell u tht no matter hw twisted it ws and I dnt knw abt the future , heart or love..but I'm willing to give this a chance if you.. If you..

Aadi c**t believe it, he cupped her face and looked into her eyes deeply- khush I know I understand..u know I love u so damm much.. And yes ok I'm willing to to ths chance to.. Anything fr u khush.. And I dnt expect u to fall in love wth me or give me ur heart straightaway.. And yes if u r willing to risk it wth me.. Thn why not me damm are u crazy to think I'd say no..

Khushi smiled and held his hand tighter- thx aadi.. And also u know abt him.. My past will come in again and again.. He ws my husband aftrall..we do have a history.. R u willing to face it wth me?? 

Aadi- oh yes khush I'm wth u all the way, tomm even if u deceide tht ths isn't meant to be or won't work and u deceide to u knw wtever.. I'm in it.. It's a gamble for me ..but honestly it's a chance I'm dying to take.. We work out or not it's all destiny but atlst il know I tried..

She smiled and they hugged and it ws a long one.. And thn thy turned to walk in to the restaurant hand in hand..


What had Arnav witnessed.. Had shattered him deeply:. His khushi ws giving a channce to someone else.. No no no .. I'll fight fr her.. She just gave u a chance aadi.. But she can't do ths to no I won't let her I won't...why are u doing ths to me khushi?? I k w iv hurt u but haven't u punished me enuf already!  So uv confided in ur saviour he knows it's me.. Fine il face you both.. For u are the love of my life khushi and Arnav Singh raizada does not commit mistakes again and again.. Watch it aaditya oberoi u dnt know whose princess uv set out for- she is mine, she alws was- it's time I reminded her that..


He cudnt take his eyes off her the whole damm evening , Arnav Singh raizada cud not deceide what to do, either kill aadi for sitting right next to his woman and having the best dinner of his life.. Or just snatch khushi away from everyone and take her somewhere alone and get her to talk to him or atlst look his way.. She was looking out of ths world in tht helluva dress and it was aaditya oberoi damm him, who was getting to be next to her and he ws pretty sure his silence ws now pretty much obvious to the rest as he faked to be involved in his done while Akash chatted away wth the rest! I need to get her to look he deceided to text her-

Khushis bb beeped and she just smiled at aadi and asked him to hold on to the Thot thy wee talking about.. She saw his text-

Khushi, love yeh colour bhi waise  itna bura nai lagta..why aren't u looking at me? Have I finally the devil horns on my head which u claim me to be..??

Khushi looked up and caught his smirk- and fiestly replied-

Yes arnavji , don't u knw uv got ten:...rakshas laad governor!

Arnav controlled his laugh as he read her msg- this woman.. God..

He replied- iv been dying to hear that from you khushi.. No matter what has happened.. Time may have moved on.. Life may have moved for the rest.. Di has given birth.. Payal is expecting..u have made a life fr urself here..but I'm stuck khushi I do not feel scared khushi not anymore to admit in front of u.. That Arnav Singh raizada loves only once and like I told u.. It's only you.. Always have been.. Give me a chance khushi.. Just one to make it all right...

As he sent the text- he smiled to himself for he had honestly admitted a lot on those few lines.. But if ths is wt ws Gona take so be it.. Her fone beeped but BFr she cud chk it he heard aadi say-

Aadi- khush it's our fav song.. U Wana dance?

Khushi looked at him briefly and their eyes met.. She saw that pain. But she quickly looked away and smiled at aadi- yup

As they wer already dome wth dinner the rest also left soon and aftr seeing thm Arnav returned to the lounge .. Akash had gone to sleep:: as he entered he took the seat close to the dance floor and as if life wanted to get back at him for being a royal jackass in the past just then a slow song started and as he sat down wtb his scotch he saw aadi putting his hands on her waist and bring her closer to him.. And to his shock khushi put her head on his shoulder and Danced.. Jealousy seared thru him as he continued to stare at the two..

Aadi- khush u r amazing..just then a slow song played.. He took the chance.. Shall we continue? It's ok if u dnt Wana..

Khushi smiled- I want to aadi..

Aadi put his hands on her waist and held her close his heart taking at the speed of light.. He loved her so much... This was a gamble.. But it ws worth it..

Before the song finished he felt a tap on his shoulder- and turned to see Arnav singh raizada's fuming eyes- thts my wife ur dancing away wth aaditya.. Now if ul excuse us.. I need to have a word wth her..

Aadi, caught her hand.. She ws shivering .. This man was a devil.. He Thot- I'm sorry Arnav ur facts r wrong.. U mean ur ex wife whom u treated like what..

Khushi cudnt see this, she knew it ws going to get ugly- arnavji, aadi please.. Ths isn't the place..

Aadi- shh khush no we need to talk ths out.. Right asr? His voice reflected 

Arnav- ya damn ur's time u knew who u r messing with..

Aadi- khush.. Dnt wrry we r going to have a civilized conv.. Y don't u go wait fr us there.. He gestured towards the seating area..

Khushi nodded- she ddnt Wana create a scene..and walked by..

Arnav was shocked to see her listen to aadi..

As she left- 

Arnav- so what exactly do u think ur doing here wooing my wife?? Damm don't u have any decency 

Aadi- oh yeah right as if u did while u used her broke her and ddnt even come for her when she almost died..

Arnav flinched at that and calmed down- look aadi Tunis fr saving her.. But u shunt gt involved  between us.. It's been twisted .. But it's us all along alws was.. 

Aadi heard tht love and longing in his voice- oh yeah right thts wht u want have u Thot abt her?what does she want??

Arnav- I knw she's angry and hurt she has the right to but..

Aadi- fine u love her and I do to.. She's giving me a chance.. And u as pretty scrwd it seems dnt stand a chance.. U Wana try? Fine try? But khush will deceide.. It's Gina be her decision in the end.. And atlst u shud have the decency to accept it gracefully aftr all uv done to her..

Arnav sighed- fine.. Let her deceide.. I'm not gona give up 

Aadi- so let's who it is then .. U or me..

Arnav- fine 

And they both turned to walk back to the woman they both loved.. Only shocked to see 5 tequila shots glasses empty in front of her and her sitting thr with a hand on her head..

Arnav- khushi..

Aadi- khush..

Arnav- dammit khushi u drank all ths? Are u mad? Wt happ ur heads aching..?khushi answer me dammit..

Khushi- ohh god why are u such a rakshas laad governor.. Ul never change stop shouting at me..

Aadi looked angrily at him- khush..

She ws drunk her eyes welled up and tears rolled down-don't shout at me pls arnavji.. It haunts me.. Breaks me.. All of it.. U alws..

Arnav looked t her all drunk and crying, her words pierced him.. He took her head on his shoulder befor aadi cud- shh shh I'm sorry ok.. Khushi but tell me how are u feeling?

Khushi sobbed into his arms- I I miss them so much..she looked up.. Aadi tell arnavji to tell thm I miss thm so much.. Jiji Amma bauji.. Buaji .. Naniji.. Di.. Sab kaise hai? Do they remember me?? Tell na arnavji or am I dead to all of u... She cried brokenly.. Aadi I Wana see them.. Wait but no.. No one wants me nor jiji no one.. She sobbed as aadi and Arnav both desperately tried to console their love..arnavji why r u here?? What do u want now again after all this while..aadi aadi u ask him na why is he here?? He wants to break my heart again and again.. Nooo.. She sobbed.. Just when I deceide to move on.. And am trying to be happy.. He comes by.. All those memories... Arnavji whyyyuu? U alws hated me so much thn wht ws thy when u wer kidnapped.. U told me u loved me.. Just say it that it ws a lie.. It ws alws all a lie.. I shud have died.. Shudv.. Gone to Amma bauji..arnavji I can never forgive u.. Pls leave me alone.. Let me live.. Aadi take me home.. Pls .. Pls.. And she passed out in their arms..

Arnav himself broken at seeing her break- aadi let's take her up to my room..

Aadi- no way I'm taking her home..

Arnav- not now pls.

Aadi ddnt argue khush needed rest she did..

As they tucked her in.. Both lost in their own world and her thots.. Each let sleep take over her as they watched over her


Khushi woke up the next morning to see Arnav and aadi both gaz back at her-

Khushi- my head aches what happened? Pls tell me.. And thn memories rushed in..

Omg I'm so sorry about last night.. Pls..

Aadi- shh khush relax..

Arnav torn totally- khushi pls..

Khushi finally looked up at him- arnavji pls look at me..

Aadi confused as Arnav looked at her-

Khushi- honestly u know frm the day we met we had something! Love hate whatever.. I loved u wth all my heart.. I know u love me.. But I can't anymore.. It is t in my heart too.. Pls.. Things r finished.. Leave here.. I don't Wana see you again..plsss.. I knw I'm hurting you but plsss I'm nt dng it fr revenge.. Mayb our story is the kinds that even aftr all love we can't be tgthr.. It isn't meant to be..pls..und.. I just told aadi yesterday tht of give wht we have between us a chance.. Im not choosing here.. Pls.. My heart it dsnt e en know if it can live again.. I dnt Wana hurt you both.. Aadi I dnt knw if il ever be able to love.. And arnavji I know for sure.. I can't be with you.. Ur khushi died tht day in the accident.. She did.. Pls leave me on my own..pls I beg you..

Arnav heard her words and he knew he died tht minute- she meant it and if this was what she wanted shel get it anything for her happiness.. He looked up at aadi who actually ws feeling sad for him- ok khushi if thts what you want.. Il leave won't ever show u my face again.. Aadi take care of her.. Dnt ever hurt her like I did..he kissed her forehead and she let him and he whishpered- I love you khushi I alws will.. She nodded in acknowledgement- I knw arnavji and for that sake pls TC of urself our family our world that used to be..

He walked out of her life forever that day.. Shed asked him to leave and he did.. Aadi consoled the broken khushi.. He was sad for her.. He was.. He knew it then and there that khushi wud never be able to love again..


Arnav had left and things had gotten back to normal .. It had been three months and life ws finally gtng bak on track fr aadi and khushi.. He ws taking it really easy on her as he ws well aware of everything.. 


Three months had passed..Arnav Singh raizada returned to being asr only in nights wud he let her memories come in yes he'd loved her he still did.. Alws wud.. Only her.. But she ddnt want him..mayb she ws now happy wth tht aadi.. Yes he'd take care of her atlst tht much satisfaction he had.. But he ddnt knw tht destiny wasn't done yet with him..

What would arnav singh raizada do, if he were to know that his khushi whom he left in the safety of aaditya,was going to face another storm which might snatch her away from everyone?Destiny and fate are good friends, fate might have separated the two and arnav might have accepted it for her happiness, but what did destiny have in mind?Was destiny going to let fate overrule, or twist the tale back in arnav's favour?

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Part 10
Khushi had been feeling unwell.. Dizzyiness.. Since the past two weeks she ignored it thinking it's bcz of her accident still.. She ddnt tl any1.. She ws feeling a lil better as she got ready for her date wth aadi that night..
They chatted away at dinner and he dropped her home..she seemed a lil quiet to him and he asked her all ok?
Khushi- ya aadi just a headache
Aadi- aww come il make u some coffee..
He made her sit.. And made her coffee.. And they sat silently sipping it away..
Khushi- aadi y r u so nice?
Aadi smiled sadly- shh khush chill na..
Khushi- hugged him- u are the best..I v thought a lot and i think im ready to make this relationship official aadi...And smiled at him.. Mayb she ws finally over arnav Smwr her heart tugged a lil.. She got up .. Il just gt us some water..
Aadi smiled- yeah khush..butt are u sure u not doing this just for me? Like under pressure?
Khushi sighed - No ya wait wel just talk it out frst...I guess I'm ready fr ths relationship aadi..
Aadi- khush r u sure , no rushhh
Khushi- I do love u aadi.. I do..
They hugged again
Khushi- Acha ab paani le aaun...??
As she walked to the kitchen her head spinned and she felt dizzy and all she mustered ws .. Aadddiii and she fell ..

The oberoi's waited outside In the hospital.. Aadi had called them I forming about khushis dizziness..
Doctor- mr aadi I knw her history but this is diff .. Dd she tell u that she's been having this a lot lately and has been taking Medici es for the same..
Aadi now shocked- no doc.. Wht the he'll is she ok??
Doc now worried- I dnt knw ths isn't cz of coma or anything I'm sure.. I need to run some tests..web put her to sleep..shel only wake up in the morning..

Aadi ws by her side the whole night.. He c**t sleep a wink.. Rest of his family had also come over.. Finally khushi ws up and she smiled at him-
Aadi- khush r u ok? Why ddnt u tell me..
Khushi smiled back.. Relax aadi it's all ok.. Kuch nai hai..
Nikhil- no khushi the doc said u haven't Ben taking care.. Uv lost weight and ur weak..
His wife agreed... Thy knw tht she ws aadis life.. And she ws family now anyway..
The doc walked in wth her file looking all worried- I'm glad u all r here.. We need to talk..I never believe in hiding things frm my patient..
Khushi and rest all gt tensed.. Aadi caught her hand-
Doc- well mr aaditya and khushi.. Khushi with ur medical history.. Ur body's suffered a lot and ur immunity has been so low.. Frst I Thot it's all coz of ur bead injury but thn yesterday I took ur blood to do some tests..and..
Khushi caught aadis hand tighter- and
Aadi- doc just say it..
Doc- ur reports abnormal khushi.. All ur injuries and stress .. Ur body hasn't been strong enuf.. Ur blood cells .. Wells let me put it ths way.. The bone marrow of hrs which makes all this.. Well something's wrong.. Aftr my MRI and ur reports.. I'm afraid- it's bone marrow cancer.. In normal terms blood cancer..
Khushis world just stopped- whattt?? No it can't be doc.. But she asked- what stage..
Doc- luckily second we can cure it if we can find a bone marrow to replace urs.. It has to match urs.. Shud be of a family member.. Preferably a baby.. Cz thts the most powerful one.. Their grow faster..
Khushi too shocked , everyo e ws as white as a sheet- hmm doc I have no family.. I'm a orphan.. So is tr no chane?
Doc now disheartened- thr is one in a million.. It's diff to fi d a matching Bone marrow.. But don't be disheartened.. Well anyway start ur treatment tommm.. Mr nikhil will u pls come wth me to complete the rest of the formalilties..

It all like as if everything came crashing ths ws it she Thot.. I'm Gona die.. Hw many times ws death Gona challenge me.. All memories ran In her mind..she shuttered as silent tears ran down her eyes.. If ths ws it she wsnt Gona let life gt the better edge by mourning over it.. Shed b brave spend the time with people she loved and cared.. Aadi.. And her family back in india and her heart whispered even arnavji... She shuddered.. And whispered -
Aadis world crashed faster as he had heard the doc- he had been crying too..- no no khush dnt wrry I won't let anything happen to u.. Il find it.. Ur cure.. Il help u fight it.. U are a fighter khush ..
Khushi smiled sadly thru her tears and squeezed his hand- yes I will aadi I will fight it as much as I can.. I'm not gona mourn over it man and she tried to laugh- I'm gona spend all the time wth everyone I love happily.. Aftrall I dnt want you all to Rembrandt me as gloomy
Aadis heart crashed- how cud she be so brave when he felt like dying- he took out his fone.. If anything Arnav Singh raizada had made him promise ws this.. He wud call him if khushi ws in trouble any kind.. And ths ws beyond his repair..
Khushi- wht r u doing?
Aadi- calling Arnav
He saw her eyes well up and he knew tht feeling and he smiled sadly- it's ok khush I know.. I know u love me a lot but u do love him too.. Dnt lie to urself now.. He deserves to know.. Ur family deserves to know..
Khuhsi with tears- I'm so sorry ths isn't fair.. To u..
Aadi- what?? Are u insane? U never lied to me.. I k w it all along u might love me.. But u wud never stop loving him too being so far away.. It's ok khush thrs nhn wrong in loving two people at the same time.. I know u love me but I know and u know too u loved him more.. So pls dnt do this now.. I love a lot but I am not selfish.. I will do the right thing..
Khushi amazed at this man- I ws right.. You are the best aadi.. I'm glad we .. Whatever moment we shared.. I dont regret it.. I never will..
Aadi smiled- I won't too either khush.. Never.. And was about to dial arnavs no when she stopped him-
Khushi- no don't call him.. Take me to india pls .. I Wana tell them myself .. I pls aadi
Aadi- what r u insane the doc will never let u travel in this condition..
Khushi- pls aadi I knw u can.. And pls u better u never know this might be my last wish ul get to fulfill.. She joked..
Aadi - are u mad? Stop it khush.. Fine il go and spk to the doc..

A week later they set out for Delhi.. She ws ofcrse on heavy medication.. It had made her weak already.. She ws loosing more weight.. Her dar circles.. Appetite dying.. The doctor had told his collegue in cancer instate in Delhi abt her case and had let her travel cs he never let Dan the wish of his patient!!
As they reached igi.. Khushi asked him-
Aadi- here take this no and call them.. It's shantivans no..and I knw hp will pick up just ask him if everyone is at home...
Aadi agreed- he called and yes hp confirmed tht all were home.. asked who ws it on line.. Aadi faked yes tell asr his business client b thr in 20 mins
Hp ws a lil surprised but anyway walked upto everyone on the lunch table-
Arnav- who ws it hp?
Anjali ws feeding her child..
Akash ws feeding payal.. Fussing over how in her eighth month now she shud take care..
Nani and mami and Nk all of them as usual chatting and eating..
Hp- koi tha Arnav ji.. Keh rahe the 20 minute mein paunch rahe hai and pooch ki sab ghar pe hai ki nai..
Arnav ws a lil taken aback- duno
Kaun hoge.. Acha Akash tum dekhlo who ever it is.. I have a con call..
But soon the doorbell rang and anjali walked upto open the door-the minute she opened it.. She ddnt know what to do smile cry or hug the woman in front of her.. The one whom she had so terribly wronged..- she just hugged her and to her surprise khushi bigger her back and then chirped- ohooo Di ab andar nai bulayengi abi tak naaraz hai kya???
All the heads turned to the door- all were shocked and happy to see their khushi after all this while- Akash and payal mami Nk nani all ran to the door and hugged her- only Arnav stood reeled to his spot.. As he looked at her meeting evryone and smiling as ever.. Noticed aadi by her side.. Are they engaged? Married?have thy come to visitto inform about this to the family.. Shrew wearing her usual red anarkali but she looked wait.. So weakkk...
Khushi- oho ab andar aajaye
Evryone - haan haan come pls khushiji
Khushi- yeh aadi hai.. Well il tell u all abt in as I come in.. Isiliye toh iv come.. To gal to u all.. But frst.. I'm tired..
Arnav noticed aadis alarm as he said- khush..
Khushi -haan aadi it's just the journey..
Aadi caught her hand and walked in as they walked in- and sat in the living room..
Finally Arnav joined them-
Arnav- aadi.. Khushi he whispered.. What a surprise..
Their eyes met and pain seared thru him.. Why r u here khushi too freshen up my wounds..he saw something different in her eyes today but he ddnt miss aadi squeezing her hand-
Aadi- yes asr.. Special visit..
Khushi- haan hum Delhi aaye aur aap sab se na mile..
Hp served them water..
Naniji- khushi bitiya.. Hum da ko maaf kardijiye..
Khushi- Naniji chodiye na Acha aap da ko .. Jiji hum kite khush hai Fu hare liye.. Jijai.. Anjali ji.. Acha Acha aap sabko aadi ke baare mein bataun? Arnavji toh sab jaante hai waise..
Arnav flinched but he let her continue-
Khushi- he's my saviour.. He saved me... Iv been in London wth him all ths while.. Him his family all of them have given me so much love na..
All started thanking him- aadi smiled at evryone- no no pls I wud do it as any human and khush toh is special..
Khushi- haan haan arnavji yaad Hainan aapko iski planning.. Jiji naniji aadi toh full on plan karke baitha hai ki humse shaadi karega..
Arnav flinched again and the entire raizada family went stiff-
Nk- kyaaa khushiji.. Par nannav..
Khushi- rare inhe sab pata hai.. Hainan arnavji.. Their eyes met again.. Wht r u gtng at khushi he Thot! It's hurting dammit..
Arnav- haan pata hai toh kya yeh batane aaye ho tum dono yahan .. Congratulations.. Kab hai shaadi
Khushi flinched and whispered to aadi- trust arnavji to alws jump to conclusions without thinking
Aadi now angry at him- asr can u ever?do u even know?
Khushi shheeed him- shh aadi.. She knew she ws going to drop it now the bomb..
Khushi- nahi arnavji , Naniji anjaliji..ache thike Uff ab Bata hi dee hai.. And she walked upto him and said-
Arnavji batiye isse aadi ko ki when we wer married Maine aapko kita tang kiya..
Arnav- khushi wht r u getting at??
Khushi looked at him and turned around at vryone- Acha ab aap sab batiye isse yeh Bach gaya na..full on shaadi ke plans the.. Woh toh luck Inkatha Acha hai..
Aadi had tears in his eyes and Arnav saw that he said- khush..
Khushi- woh toh luck Haina..Devi maiya ne deceide karliya ki Hume apne pass bulane ka.. Ki yeh bach Gaye..
Arnav and evryone now shell shocked-
Payal - kya bakwas khushi
Akash and Nk and Anjali- yeh kya
Naniji - khushi bitiya yeh kya
Arnav saw the look on aadis face and he knew it something ws wrong aadi ws sitting there torn as if his world had crashed- he reeled khushi around.. Kya yeh kya..
Khushi- haan aadi kya kaha woh doc ne.. Some stupid bone marrow cancer hai.. Thts why iv come to see u all.. Kamsekam jita time Bacha hai uta toh..
Arnav still cudnt register and pulled her to himself- what dammit.. Stop this puzzle khushi.. Wht do u mean huh? This is not funny dammit.. He yelled...
She ws as it is weak and his hold on her ws too tight- she cudnt put up this facade anymore.. It broke..and tears rolled down her eyes- I am dying arnavji.. She whispered.. And Arnav Singh raizada's look now matched the look on aadis face .. As his world crashed yet again..
All the raizada's were shocked-- whattt? Aaditya ji is this true?- Anjali asked..
Aadi whispered- yes it is.. We just found out last week she wanted to come see u all.. She says shel say goodbyes happily.. I cant bear it.. He whispered brokenly
But it was arnav and khushi who stood still while the rest of the family c**t control their tears-
Arnav- khushi.. Kyq yeh kya
Khushi let it fall- arnavji iss baar shayad hum maut ko na hara paaye.. Arnavji.. And she sobbed as he hugged her..
Arnav- nahi khushi.. I won't let anything happen..
Khushi sobbed- I had to come see you.. Tell u.. I had too.. And her head spinned and she fainted and just like old
Times Arnav caught her in his arms...

They put her to bed to sleep... While aadi explained to the raizadas her condition- they said her body wsnt strong enuf to bear the stress.. The coma.. Her immunity fell asr.. She ws weakening whthin... Thts when the cancer took it's toll.. Web discovered it at 2 Nd stage.. The doc says the only cure is that if we can replace the bone marrow with tht of a new born child of her blood relation..tht can save her.. But khush told us tht she has no blood relation? Is tht true asr? Coz thts te only way.. Anyway tomm we have to show her to the doc here at the cancer institue.. They need to start with the treatment.. Radiation therapy.. He gulped as soon as possible...
Arnav flinched.. But he let aadi continue for he needed to know it all..
Aadi- I dnt know asr.. There has to be a way some way.. I wanted to call u the day we found out..
Arnav- why ddnt you?? Why did u make her travel in this condition aadi? I wud have come..
Aadi- u think she listened.. Khush.. She ddnt let me call j any of u.. She said take me there I Wana see them all.. U.. She wanted to see u asr.. To tell u herself.. Damm khush u know how much I love her.. Right? Thts not hidden frm any of u.. And will u believe shed just told me BFr she fainted that she does love me too..
Arnavs rage shot up at that- what he Thot?? They confessed to each odr..? But his heart nudged the Thot away thinking so what u can see her wth someone else for her happinees yes u can deal wth that, but can u deal wth living in a world knowing she died??? What he'll no...aadi continued.
Aadi- yes asr I know how diff it mist be for u all to hear ths.. But thngs life just plays wth me all the time..we found out.. She lay tr in the hospital bed crying and actually consoling me.. Imagine.. U knw her right.. Imagine she's telling me oho dnt wrry il fight.. I won't be sad .. I Wana spend evry moment wth the ones I love.. And the look in her eyes.. Told me she Thot of u all here.. Her family and u asr... Yes I knew wht tht meant.. She did think of moving on but we both also know she never stopped loving you.. U know she used to have black coffee as a memory of hrs to hold on to asr.. Dammit.. I knew it all along and thr she ws tlng me tht ths wsnt fair to me..u all Wana knw wht I told her..
Naniji- haan bitwa..
Aadi- Naniji.. He walked up to here these two here share a history.. I never ws a part of.. And I wanted to make a life wth her.. But thn ths news it made us both realise tht altho she did love me.. She loved him more..
Evryone now had tears in their eyes.. Aadi walked up to arnav- I told her the exact same thing.. Tht khush don't lie to urself.. yes she loves me but she loves you more asr.. It ws alws you..! Her silence at tht sentence spoke the rest.. And when I ws gng to call you.. She damm blackmailed me.. Emotionally.. Take me there aadi.. It mayb my last wish you can get a chance of fulfilling..
Arnav flinched yet again.. Trust khushi on her antics..
Aadi- how cud I say no?? How cud I? So I got her here.. Wtever this is..some old Thot love triangle between us.. But right now she needs us both.. We have to make her fight this.. For I can't.. Even the thought..
Arnav completed his sentence- kills me..
They both nodded in understanding and looked at the woman they both loved in such a pain.. So weak and fragile.. In the bed..
Arnav- wel save her .. We will.. Il get the best docs .. U need to show me her medical file aadi..

The entire raizada parivaar knew only one thing now- khushi ws fighting fr her life and thy wer going to save her.. Payal had been silently crying away when the Thot came-
Payal- arnavji aadityaji Akash.. Humara Bacha.. month.. Can we??
Aadi felt hope- will u come wth us to doc tomm? We can discuss, but..
Arnav-but what aadi..
Aadi- the doc clearly mentioned blood relation.. I knw u guys aren't..
Payal- haan par we are distantly related.. So can it be family.. We can try.. Can't we? Arnavji pls.. Ul save my khushi say it..
Arnav- payal.. Wel al go to see the doc tomm? Lers see wht he says.. Well try everything.. I will..Arnav Singh raizada will bring the sky down but will make sure that khushi is why don't u all go and rest.. Aadi u too.. Get some sleep.. It's been a long day..
Evryone went.. Aadi the last one..
Arnav- thx aadi.. For bringing her to me.. I know.. How it mus b fr u.. If I were in ur place I dnt know I cud do wht r doing..
Aadi sighed- I know asr.. But I love her.. And for her I will do the right things.. She belongs to you man.. Watch over her..
Arnav- yes I will..

She woke up and saw Arnav by her side gazing at her with tears in his eyes- he made her sit up-
Khushi- arnavji..
Arnav- shh khushi.. Tum arram karo..
Khushi- main woh aadi..
Arnav- aadi ne mujhe sab Bata diya hai khushi him sabko sab..
Khushi put her head on his shoulder- when I found out arnavji for a second I felt like crashing and Thot how many times will I have to face death..but I deceided then and thr I will fight ths happily as long as i cud..and spend very min wth my loved ones..aadi ws thr.. He realized it and made me see it too.. I.. I..dnt know how to say ths..
Arnav- I know u love him khushi.. But u love me more..u alws did..aadi told u this right??
Khushi looked at him wth tears- I'm sorry.. I forgive u.. Now.. Ironically I just realized how short life is to hold grudges arnavji.. And now..
Arnav- shh khushi main sab thik kardunga..
Khushi seeped away in his arms- I am scared arnavji.. I am very scared..
He kissed herforehead- shh pls ro mat dnt stress.. Frst pls eat something.. Have ur med.. Tomm we have to go to the doc..
Khushi- ul come??
Arnav smiled- ofcrse khushi I'm wth u alws..
Khushi hesitated- pls arnavji let aadi also..
Arnav assured her-yes khushi aadi also will come..he's not gng anywhere ..
He made her eat.. And tucked her in and said- aadi is staying wth us only.. Whenever u Wana b wth him.. Just b ok khushi?
Khushis eyes widened- u guys are at truce??when? How?
Arnav sighed- khushi I love you.. I knw u both share this special bond.. I realised how precious it is to u both today.. I und..
Khushi- so u dnt have a problem wth him anymore fr loving me??
Arnav smiled- no I don't..not since we all know.. Its alws meant to be US.. khushi and also since he told me u have black coffe a symbol of holding on to me.. He joked..
Khuhsi - what he did? I'm gona kill him.. But I feel bad arnavji .. He's such a nice.. I don't wt I did to him ws right or wrong.. Tears fell down again..
Arnav- I knw khushi.. And he knows it too.. He dsnt hold anything against us.. He's a gem khushi.. And u know what i never Thot but I have found a friend in him now tht I'm not too busy being jealous of him.. He joked..
Khushi smiled- I'm so sorry once again for this mess.. But promise me one thing arnavji..
Arnav- what khushi??
Khushi- in case in case if I dnt survive this..
Arnav- shut up, u will
Khushi- arnavji.. It's cancer.. U do know what it means right.. I have to sleep wth the Thot that will I wake up tomm? Will I b able to say goodbye to u all? Tell u how much I love you all.. Ask u to take care after me..remember me.. She choked on her own words..
Arnav hugged her.. And both sat their hugging and crying.. No no no god Arnav Thot I will not loose her yet again.. U can't do ths.. Il Try all I can.. And he whispered-
We may have found a solution khushi..
Khushi- what? How?
Arnav Half smiled - payals baby.. We will b meeting the doc tomm.. To see if tht can b of any help.. And if it matches wth urs..
Khushi- if it does..this is a long battle arnavji.. But il fight hard..
Arnav- we all are there wth u.. All of us.. Aadi and..
Khushi smiled as she closed her eyes as sleep took over- and you..

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arnav.khushi Goldie

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 12:58am | IP Logged

The next day, as aadi arnav and khushi returned from the hospital- they were all they ddnt know what words to use in order to console each other.Payal and Akash were in a similar state, only wth payal crying and Akash consoling her.

Naniji- kya hua chotey? Aap sab aise?
Anjali- kya kaha chotey doc ne? Batao na pls..
Arnav- Di.. He said there might be a chance ki payals baby's marrow might match but there are still time till the baby arrives and they cannot say anything until aftr the baby is born...and till then Khushis condition might deteriorate Di.. We have to strt the treatment frst thing tomorrow- thy r starting wth radiation and mayb kemotherpy if required and until thn trying to search for a matching marrow .. The doc says dunno wher ths will lead and thy wont give false hopes as of now we just need to start..
Aadi- the treatment. Don't worry we all will be strong for khush. She needs to be admitted tonight for the frst session tomorrow.

Khushi had silently walked away when arnav was talking. She ddnt know wht was ahead.. It scared her and worried her and she went to do what she did best- make her jalebis- who knows when she might get the chance to next?

Suddenly they all heard some noise and saw khushi come in from the kitchen with hp trailing behind her with a tray full of jalebis-
Arnav- what the khushi? U need to rest dammit
Aadi- khush why the hell dnt u listen
Anjali and nani- khushi kyun Tina stress
Payal- khushi tum pagal

Khushi at hearing evryone rattle at once, - ok enough everybody, relax Kuch nai hua hai I just made some as I was worried but u know what now I am not that scared.. Pls everybody.. I know I have all of urs support thru this.. I will fight this.. Now stop worrying .. Nothing is going to happen to pls can we have these yummy jalebis

Arnav now thoroughly suprised at this woman how cud she be so strong when they all were dying wth fear- khushi ??
Khushi turned around and walked up to arnav and cupped his face- Just relax arnavji- have this sugar free jalebi I made for u- she fed him one and then walked upto aadi- aadi pls u too need to take it easy ok-
Hume Kuch nai hoga aap sab Haina aur Devi maiya ka aashirwad hai.. Aise kaise woh khushi ko Kuch bhi hone dengi- 
C'mon everybody lets have a group hug and thn get ready to dhishum dhishum this cancer - as everyone came together in the group hug khushi embraced their love and took her strength from it-I will fight this no matter what she thought and sent her silent prayer as usual- Devi maiya raksha Karna 

They had settled in the hospital and everyone left fr the night, only arnav staying wth her in the room.he knew she was scared and she knew he was and so in order to make the other feel better they were trying to have a normal conversation wen all of u sudden arnav just hugged her hard and ddnt let go until he cried out all te pain and fear he felt- for khushi it was heart wrenching and she cried out too- and thn she broke apart-
Khushi- don't worry arnavji I'm Gona be fine and let us spend all our time happily instead of these tears and I want you to know that-Even if I have all the time in the world with you, it will never be enough. This is how much I love you. This is all I need you to know arnavji..
Arnavji- khushi without u there is no arnav and now it's time we fight this thing together. I won't let anything happen to u.. I will
Khushi- yes laad governor I know.. U will bring thn sky down..and she smiled.. Isn't it? Afterall there isn't anything in the world that arnav Singh raizada can't do isn't it?
Arnav smiled thru his tears- yes khushi,u r right- he kissed her forehead And he tucked her in bed and put her to sleep.

As he watched her sleeping - Arnav Singh Raizada prayed- he prayed to the god he ddnt beleive in before- he Bowed his head down and begged to Devi maiya to end this nightmare soon- to make khushi healthy again - to give him back his life. His devotion was so strong that somewhere far away-

Even Devi maiya opened her eyes from her meditation and deceided smilingly-I alws knew u wud come to me arnav one day- well it's time I looked into Khushis case personally and give u a Miracle-something which u never believed in.

Note- sorry for the short update!will be updating the next few chapters in a few days

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update is really amazing... jst loved it
shamin1 Senior Member

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beautiful story...m crying reading it...keep it up dear
jerz Groupbie

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plzzz update
i cried bucket loads
so heartwrenchingCry

love it

plz updateClap

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