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FF - Were We Ever Meant To Be??part 11 updt-pg2.

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Were We Ever Meant To Be??

Note-This story starts from when Arnav and Khushi
return home from Arnav's Kidnapping and Shyam was exposed by Khushi.My track
here is Different from the show after the time Arnav yells at Khushi and Blames
her for the reason why Anjali went for abortion, as I had written it then.</font>

Part 1-6- pg 1

Part 7,8,9,10,11- pg 2

As mentioned in one of my posts earlier- This is my first peice of work im posting on the forum, I do write but usually keep it to myself, however these bad times have inspired me to post my work as a simple effort to Keep the Magic of Arnav and Khushi Alive

Thanks for Reading.Comments would be appreciated.Smile

The minute she saw Di faint, and she saw arnavji
rush and hold her , Khushi knew it that she wil leave soon. Not because she
wanted to afterall shed just got arnavji back. There was so much to talk
between them still. He had stood by her today and called her his wife rightly..
How her heart had swelled with love for him.. But then she knew her being there
meant coming in between the brother and sister she loved who were her family!
She wudnt do that ever..she knew Di needed time to heal and with her there it
wud only refresh her wounds..

As the doctor gave Di an injection and put her to
sleep, all the Raizada's gathered in the hall
Arnav was worried for his Di.. And he was glad she was
sleeping since it' was better she ddnt know wht he ws going to explain to the
rest.. He saw khushi and payal standing rite in the corner and payal consoling
khushi whose tears just wudnt stop.. His heart ached to see her like this.. She
had heard so much beared so much just to reach to him and save him.. Hell she almost
gave up her life for me, he thought ,ofcourse he believed her now that he had
also heard Shyam lie tht it ws khushi who trapped him and he never did a
thing.. It didn't take him long to figure out that this lying filth had played
all along and even with him.. He would have been jailed but thinking of Di ..
He'd just thrown him was he Gona make it ever right to khushi.. She
wud understand wudnt she?

Arnav cleared his throat to speak-" it's been a
long Long day.. And I'm sorry iv let you all down.. Nani Mamiji u all are
thinking that I threw out jijai without thinking about Di.. No thts not true
for u all know she's my world.. It's time u all knew.. I knw all along he ws
lying coz thts the reason I forced khushi to marry me.. I blackmailed her into
it by tlng her tht I wud stop Akash and payals wedding if she ddnt.. She
sacrificed and beard my torture for her sis .. Shed question me everyday tht y
dd I marry her but I wudnt tell her .. Tht Shyam had confessed to me tht he
loves her and only to save dis wedding I did it.. I never told her that I had
misunderstood her as well as I ws unaware of dhyana deceit to them as well as
her fiancee.. And so I punished her got her into a contract marriage wth me for
six wsnt until BFr I gt kidnapped tht I had told khushi in anger the
reason and she evn told me the truth payal told us all today..but u knw me I
ddnt evn believe her fully cz I needed evidence..and thn during my kidnap I got
a lot of time to thnk and connect.. U all pls remmbr..her fiancees name ws
Shyam he she paled aftr she saw jeejai and thn no one knew why her engagement
broke.. And thn it struck me that Shyam ws nothing but a cheating liar..</font>

She came for me.. She risked her life .. Saved
mine.. Got me back home after all.. After all I had put her tru..aftr all she
did for us for our thts why I threw him out cz I knw his side too!!</font>

Everyone was shocked- nani mami payal Akash Nk ..
Thy cudnt believe wt thy had heard.. And felt so guilty for ever doubting they saw her curled up and crying as Arnav was telling thm.. Not a
reaction.. Nothing frm the girl who had done so much for them..</font>

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Part 2-

Nani- khushi bitiya.. Yeh sab kya and she hugged her tight along wth mami and Akash and payal.. We all knw now and dnt wrry even Anjali will realize soon but u have to give her time..and with that Naniji said- chottey take her to ur room she needs to rest and tomm we will talk the rest..

They all needed sleep.. To try to cope up wth this storm that had occurred today as they knew Shantivan wud never be the same..


Akash hugged payal.. As thy entered their room knowing tht thy wud have to be strong for their siblings who had sacrificed so much for them..


Arnav took khushi to the room.. She was soo pale.. Still in shock over what had transpired.. He wanted to shower all his love on her.. Had she really gone all the distance to save him..? Yes she had and she had succeeded it was alws him...for her.. Thn why hadn't he seen it earlier?

They both freshened up.. As he got out he saw her sitting by the poolside looking at the stars gazing.. 

Arnav sat next to her- khushi.. I'm sorry.. Meri wajah se..

Khushi- arnavji Hume bass ek Baat jaani hai? Ki aapne Shyam ji ko mayka diya use raat apni Baat kehne ka..toh Hume kyun nai..toh shayad yeh sab aaj na Hota.. Kya aap sachets mien hums itni naf..

Arnav hushhed her- and hugged her nai khushi pls tum aisle mat samjho..

Arnavji arnavji she sobbed.. It hurts so so much.. I knw u stood by me today and thx for that .. But arnavji it hurts so much.. I try to be so strong but in the past few days I rlly dnt have any strength anymore arnavji.. It ws him who asked them to burn u.. Him u took me away in the cAr and tied me in the middle of the road.. I wanted to tell everyone but I cudnt thinking of Di arnavji shel b hurting so much.. Is it rlly all my fault arnavji u Thot that before.. Sab sock rahe hinge ki hamari rajah se yeh sab.. Par arnavji thts y I tried to hide it all.. But maybe my silence put u in danger the only one I.. She stopped herself frm saying wht she ws gng to.. Arnavji he's vry dangerous and thts y I had to do ths fr everyone it cudnt have waited arnavji if he cud put ur life in danger almost kill me he cud do it to Di too rite?? Arnavji arnavji I hope u understand.. Iv done all I can all I ever cud for u and te family but in the end I knw it's gng to be only me on the oddr side.. Alone like alws..kash Amma bauji hamare.. Sob sob and she cudnt stoppp crying.. The feeling of having him safe now the helplessness of the situation.. All of it ws cming out

Arnav hugged her while he let her outburst.. She needed it.. His wife had beard too much.. Shh shh khushi bass ab mat ro.. Main aagaya Hun make it fine..khushi I Wana talk to u.. But BFr that khushi said..

Arnavji- can I sleep in ur arms tonight arnavji.. Just once.. Please..

Arnav picked her up and took her to be she ws hugging him like a delicate delicate doll his baby who needed his shield.. But he had given her anything but that .. Yes ofcrse baby.. Shh sleep now.. Well talk tomm

As he saw her sleep.. He ddnt knw he ws he gng to make ths right Di, khushi, everyone..but he had too.. It's time khushi got all she deserves..and slept away..


As khushi slept in her arms she took in comfort of his arms knowing tht ths wud be it frm tomm it wud just be sleepless nights and loneliness and only his memories to live by..for she ws broken she ddnt have the zeal anymore to fight to stand by..yes she loved him but ths time even the love wsnt enough to bring bk her shattered soul.. She just wanted to be alone to rediscover herself the part which had died somewhere along ths path.. Her mission ws complete.. Her love was safe.. And now she needed to do ths.. For herself..


She had felt arnavji get up in the middle, he was in so much pain..she went behind him.. He was sitting outside dis room she went and sat beside him.. He held her hand seeking comfort..

Nani walked up to enter anjalis room, she ws awake and crying but the minute she had a glimpse of khushi she flinched.. Nani knew ths ws the toughest time but this had to be done.. Rite now Anjali needed them more.. Khushi ws strong shed pull thru she alws did.. And so she walked out and said the words she hated to but did say- khushi bitiya aap se much Kenna tha.. Her chottey and khushi both looked up.. Hume mast kerdena khushi par aap bitiya pls Anjali se Kuch time tak door raheiyega kyunki woh jita aapko dekhegi uta hi her wounds will be fresh..

Pain seared through khushi as she heard the words which she herself had realized earlier her decision now firmer-ji Naniji aap Chinta na kariye..

Arnav cudnt bear the pain as he heard those words, nani had said..he was about to answer but khushis reply shut him.. 


She got up and walked back, to their room..she was soo broken but whom cud she show it too..yes she loved him but wt good was her prescense here..wsnt she the reason ths all ws she wsnt blaming herself.. But wt ws ths helpless situation she ws in.. All the time..she just wanted to give love to everyone her family her arnAvji but rite now all she wanted to was get away.. She needed it badly.. Mayb in a day or two she wud gather the courage to make her heart und that ths ws wt ws needed to be done.. 

Arnav walked up behind his love unaware of her thoughts..

He whispered- khushi woh nani... To his suprise..she turned around and gave him a small smile.. Wait she ws hiding something behind it wht ws it he cudnt read-

Khushi- arnavji aap idhar aaiye chaliye so jaiiye, u need to take care of urself so tht u can TC of Di..' and urself once I leave.. She Thot


She tucked him in and he made her lie next to himself and hugged her.. He wanted to say so much but he cudnt find the words to.. He alws fell short of words but khushi wud und his silence rite she alws did.. But he ddnt realize tht ths ws the time those words were needed coz his wife's heart ws a tender one and she indeed ws also human he much cud her heart take? It ws too late.. Her heart ws broken in so many ways pain, loss, regret, she ddnt know which piece to pick up..


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The next day, as he heard her frantic scream all over for him he ws shit scared.. Arnavji she spoke hysterically.. Di Di room main nai hai.. Pata nai kahan chali gayi and tht very minute everyone went hysterical looking for her..


Everyone had gone in diff directions- khushi had a feeling smthng ws wrong she had used the caller I'd to find out where all phone calls had been made.. She ws horrified as she discovered tht Di had gone to hospital.. In a rush she reached there..she tried calling arnavji his fone ws busy.. He mus be trying to gt hold on Di.. Ok let me take her back home frst.. She walked to the docs room and heard her say- I dnt want this child doc.. Di she yelled.. Wht u saying no no doc ..

Anjali- khushiji aap pls leave me alone..

Khushi- aapko devimaiya ki kasam Di.. Hamare swath aaiye

Anjali followed her out and khushi made her sit and she spoke-

Khushi- Di I knw u dnt Wana see my face.. I'm sorry tht u had to face ths all .. But it's all true Di.. Pls I knw u will believe me one day but aap is bache ko kyun punish kar rahe hai.. Iski kya galti hai..Di.. Aap pls ghar chaliye hum aapke samne nai aayenge paka..  But don't punish ur baby Di.. Plss

Anjali, with coldness, who cud blame her, her world had just fallen apart- ok khushiji i dnt knw ki yeh sab kya but haan till the time I handle I wud like to not see u around..I und ur point I will not hurt my child.. But pls if u can leave me and my family alone for a while.. Coz I dnt knw who to blv and I dnt want my brother to be hurt..and also I cud do with nt seeing u..and with those words she walked out..unknowingly killing the only thng tht ws left in khushi, her beleief in herself..

Khushi followed her, hiding her pain.. Her soul ws already dead wt is thr more to loose- Di il do as u say.. Ab ghar chalein..


Arnav saw her missed calls and rang bak- khushi we all r bk home ddnt find Di I ws about to call police..

Khushi- no arnavji iv found Di wer coming bak , she had gone for her routine. Checkup arnavji.. We r on r way bak dont wrry..


As everyone settled Di.. Khushi deceided in her mind wht she needed to do.. Ironically today the six months were over too..she c**t tell him anything.. Or he wunt let her...but she had to do ths..she never wanted to see him torn ths way between Di and her..aftrall wsnt ths all done for her in the frst place..But where wud she go? Il figure it out and yes she wudnt leave without letting her heart out.. Shed leave him a letter.. Coz she ddnt know if her heart had the guts to do ths face to face wth her love..


Arnav frantically searched for Khushi after listening to mamiji- Why did you go meet di? Nani told you not to are u mad khushi????

Khushi- I know arnavji..but..i just went to make her eat..i also feel guilty that this all is happening coz of me..

Arnav, as anger took its toll- Yes, Its all because of you he yelled. I wish I wud have never ever met you Khushi, di wud have been happy shyam wudnt have done this if u weren't there, YOU are The Biggest Mistake of my Life Khushi and with that he rushed out.


Khushi couldn't believe what he had just said.This was it,she thought.The contract was over too and with these words of arnavji she ddnt want to stay back even for a day.She cried her heart out and then calmness took over her empty heart, as she went to sleep.She had thought of writing a letter before she left, but what was left now to say.


Arnav realized what he did was terrible and rushed back to find her asleep and thought ill apologize in the morning for being so rude.Khushi will understand I ddnt mean it it was just the anger.


He woke up and ddnt find khushi and when asked hp he said shed left for Mandir.Rest the whole day went by and everyone was busy pacifying Anjali .. Arnav wanted to be wth khushi but she ddnt come in front of Anjali- mayb coz nani had told her not to.. Everyone ate dinner.. She ddnt come down too..hp said he'd given her dinner upstairs..he so badly wanted to apologize but she hadn't come in front of him since morning and his di needed him by her side constantly, and so he decided ill speak to her once in the room.


Hp ddnt want to lie but khushiji had made him promise.. Yes he ws their servant but he had observed a lot- khushiji ws an angel for ths house arnavji but he knw life ws unfair to her.. And so whn khushiji while leaving had asked him to keep it a secret until tomm he had agreed- knowing tht ths family needed to realize wt thy r loosing ironically I can see her pain but thy cant..

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Part -4


After tucking Di in bed and everyone went to their rooms Arnav walked to his thinking.. Aaj khushi se sab kehdunga.. I'm sure she must be feeling so bad.. But she's strong shes my strength afterall who's making me go on.. Aaj Di ke saath purra din mien shit ek baad bhi khushi se nai pooch ki woh thik hai na thx bola Di ko ghar laane ke liye..


As he walked into his room.. His heart stopped.. He sensed the coldness in the air.. Her strs wer gone.. Her poster.. He ran upto her cupboard.. Her clothes was no no his heart reeled.. Khushi he searched the poolside.. Khushi no khushi no.. Where are u? He called her.. And he heard her fone ring in the room near his laptop.. He saw something their and he felt he died.. Her manga sutra ws thr some file his moms kangan everything..and a letter.. He opened the file frst.. Thy wer their contract papers.. It finished today.. How come he ddnt realize...panic rushed thru him as he Thot where cud she have gone at this time.. Where?? And omg why hadn't he seen her all day? Ths ws on her mind and he hadn't sensed at all.. And thn it struck him hp lied.. To him.. He's dead..Yelling his name he rushed to the hall in panic only to see Di crying holding some papers in her hand and the rest by her side..


As he reached Anjali hysterically reached up to him- chottey khushiji each keh rahi thi yeh Delhi yeh will papers Hume mile..cot ke neche..aur abi thodi der pehle ..

His phone rang- yes speaaking what? At ths time? Ok let thm come in.. The detectives entered and handed him khushis bag and her fone .. He'd put thm on search immediately so tht he cud find something against Shyam to show as proof to Di..

As thy left .. Nk quickly took khushis bag and took out tht paper.. Yeh Di nnanav dekhiye aur fone ek minute he pressed the recording but what thy heard shocked thm all to the ws the whole conv between Shyam and khushi face off as he'd taken her fine it accidentally got recorded..

Anjali, finally accepting the reality cried- chottey yeh bamse kya hogaya.. Humne aap sab par us gande aadmi ke liye.. Khushi ji ko bulaiye Hume maafi maangni hai.. Aaj she stopped me frm abortion she ddnt tell u all anything and I ws so so rude to her I said things I shiny have.. Chottey call her...

Arnav had once again felt as if  life had ended as he'd heard the recording along wth the rest.. And as he heard his Di wail and explain the afternoon happenings.. His tears cudnt stop as he beard himself tell them..- its too late Di too late she's gone..and I don't know where.. She left me.. And he hugged his nani and cried..

I have to find her have to.. Arnav deceided.. Payal called guptas no she wsnt there.. Where ws she? Everybody was panicking now as thy c**t trace her .. Anjali feeling guilty.. But the rest pacifying her tht itl be ok thyl get her back..


It had been a week and thy c**t trace her.. It ws hell for the raizada's Arnav had lost it totally!! He had her pictures flash all over Delhi.. Newspaper news evrywhere as missing still no clue..He ws unaware tht his love ws now very far away from them and life itself as she lay in coma in a  hospital in ghaziabad where her taxi had met wth an accident and the people around were kind enuf to rush her to the hospital.. In time to save her from death but not frm coma.. Khushi Kumari Gupta ddnt Wana wake up anyway.. Mayb now everyone she loved wud be at peace at having her away.. It ws a slumber.. It ws her coocoon her protection as she slept away frm the world..

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Loved it
Do continue soon
arnav.khushi Goldie

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Part 5

Aaditya oberoi had saved this girl..he was on his way to the airport from home back to London when he saw the crash on the road.. This girl was injured.. He'd forgotten the rest and taken her to the hospital.. She had been critical and had been in coma since the past week.. Who was she he'd tried to find out but since he was just Here on business from London he ddnt know much about anyone in india.. But yes he had extended his stay for her to see her well.. He ddnt know why but something about her had struck his heart as he saw her everyday lying mum in the hospital..

Today as he sat next to her he felt her move.. He'd rushed to call the doctors.. She was out of coma.. Releif rushed thru he went to meet her-she ws still frail and weak but as he entered she smiled weakly-aaditya wondered cud any1 get more beautiful..

Khushi gestured this kind soul who'd saved her to come sit by her-thx aadiyaji doctor ji ne Hume bataya that u saved me.. How can I ever thnk u..

Aaditya- frst call me aadi, and tell me hw u feeling??and who are u I tried to find out gt in touch with ur family.. But c**t find anything pls let me knw so tht I can tell them and he tenderly brushed her hair..

That simple gesture meant so much to khushi- wht support shed been seeking from her loved ones she got frm ths stranger- my name is khushi.. Hasn't anyone come for me yet?

Aadi, confused- umm no, mayb they ddnt know

Khushi broke yt again thinking that no one cared a damm tht shed left- and almost died- thy ddnt know or mayb no one everwanted to find out..silent tears crossed her eyes


Aadi at seeing her cry,- khushi pls don't cry tell me wht is it? Tell me about ur family il inform them.. Just don't cry..

Khuhsi looked up at ths stranger, his words were so comforting, sometimes hw strangers can seem to be their own, should she tell him her story? She wondered and said- no aaditya ji I dnt want to Inform any1..I have to face this alone.. Thts why I had left it all behind in the frst place..

Aadi, cudnt und but he sensed something terrible had gone wrong in her life and he wanted to make it all fine.. Why ths sudden care for the girl he'd saved he ddnt know- what did u leave behind khushi.. Tell me all.. I'm here to hear

Khushi- it's a long story aadityaji..

Aadi- khushi pls tell me.. Here have water frst eat and thn we can talk..

Khushi obeyed this stranger her saviour and felt she cud tell him- as he helped her eat and drink she deceided to confide in him wht ws there to loose anyway-she told him everything from the start her being a orphan being taken care by Amma bauji buaji her sis.. Growing up in Lucknow.. Meeting him and everything until she left the house.. She ddnt disclose his actual name and her connction wth the raizada's.. Tho..

Aadi just listened.. Shock reeled thru him to finally und how much shed been thru in such a tender age - her ex husband used her as a deal for contract marriage? Yes he loved her shed said but wht love is this to notice hw much pain he'd caused her tht shed left..anger rushed thru aadi- whts the name khushi? Who is he? The family?

Khushi- no no pls I felt I cud share it wth u my story I did bug I do not Wana disclose any further pls.. I loved him mayb I alws will I knw he's nt at fault it's his Di who needed him more..

Aadi- khushi u still defending this man? Ok fine I won't ask anymore but thn why hasn't any1 looked for u? Come for u? It's been 20 days dammit!!

Khushi, sadly- I dnt knw anything anymore.. I'm going to start afresh .. Once I'm outa here aadityaji il get a job live somewhere alone I need to do ths frmyself ..

Aadi, his decision taken thn and there and asked her- khushi I und and I Wana help! I dnt live here I stay in London will u come with me there? It's a new place u can start afresh and even get a job atlst ul have someone as ur friend there by ur side? U can work with me for me? Or wth my brother and my Bhabhi wtever u want!

Khushi was surprised at his offer,- why are u doing this aadityaji?

Aadi- I don't know I honestly dnt but I sense tht god sent me to save u may have a bigger meaning attached mayb it's his sign tht u shud start afresh and moreover I have a feeling iv found a very good friend...

Khushi smiled at him, yes it was a gamble but she wanted to run away so bad- hmm yes aadityaji.. Il come.. I can't say no.. U saved me..ur giving me anoder chance to live on.. U r right mayb this is what Devi maiya wants!


Aadi did the ret, spoke to his family.. Told thm everything his mom was happy abt his decision- yes beta bring this innocent girl here.. Wel take care , ur Bhabhi says she can work wth her.. Poor girl.. Aadi god will bless u fr ths son, uv saved a soul...


A week later, khushi was off to London with Aadi.. Towards a new life.. A new beginning..

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Thanks!! I have updated about 5 Parts..will be doing all the rest i had written till now also soon..
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Part 6

40 days and still no sign of khushi- arnav ws dying of worry and panic when suddenly his fone rang .. Everyone ws in the hall and the call was unknown and not in a mood to receive it.. He just put it on speaker-

Doc- is that mr Arnav Singh raizada?

Arnav and the rest now alarmed- yes it's me, who's this?

Doc- I'm calling frm city hospital ghaziabad, my name is dr khan.. We saw the girls photo being flashed in news.. So we called..wish it had been flashed here, earlier..


Arnav- yes what is it? No his heart screamed hospital..No nthng cud happn to khushi


Doc- ok so the girl who ws admitted here looks pretty much alike like the pic uv reported .. Her taxi met wth an accident  around 40 days ago .. Luckily the person who saved her mr aaditya oberoi got her just in time to us.. She ws critical..


Arnav crashed bak into his seat- critical? Doc tell me are u sure it's her.. Why's wrong is she ok?? I'd my khushi fine? We r coming!


Doc- well  she was in coma for about two weeks.. she had a severehead injury u see..

Arnav- what the? How's she now? Is she fine answer me dammit!!

Doc- calm down sir , let me finish.. She had regained consciousness within two weeks, we and mr aaditya the one who saved her.. Both asked her if she wanted to inform any1 but she said no thr ws no one for her to inform.. And thn after about 10 days of recovery we discharged her..


Arnav- whattt? Wher dd she go? Who paid the bills?

Doc- oh he was such a nice soul mr aaditya.. He took care of her paid all the bills and last we know tht he ws wth hr whn we discharged her.. But duno anything more..sir sorry..


Arnav felt his world fall as he registered the happenings! Releif he found her but fear- khushi ws in coma? Tht hurt? Fighting for her life? And thy ddnt know no one ws on her side she ws all alone! The raizada's were in shock! Arnav was as pale as a ghost that his khushi had been thru hell yet again and whoever this saviour was.. Yes he thnked him for saving her.. But he ws yet a stranger.. Omg khushi hope u r safe? Where are u khushi where are you? I need you .. Need to find you.. Get u back..we belong together..


It had been three months now and Arnav cud not trace his love yet! He hunted down all aaditya oberoi's in the country but there ws no sign of his khushi,none of them seemed to know anything! Days went crazy in trying to pull strings to get  any information and nights were he'll in her memory.. Guilt killed him to the core..all the raizada's were extremely worried for chottey as he had stopped living it seems...Anjali had moved on frm her depression as she was now about to give birth.. Payal and Akash were also expecting to be parents.. Time moved on but Arnav cudnt.. He was nothing solely nothing without his woman now his dis words made more sense.. If she isnt thr ul feel as if u can't breathe... Khushi had vanished into thin air.. No one had heard from her..!!


Today after months he and Akash wer going to London for their business trip-work was the only thng tht distracted him ..

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