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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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Maan :- ok Geet , I will be back in an hr hmm..

Geet:- yeah yeah !! take your time ..

Maan:- Hmm.. and the call was ended..

After half hr MSK's cabin was completely changed .. The renovation team was exhausted coz of continues work along with Adi, pinky and Geet ..who ran from here and there.. sp. Geet was totally messed up ..Dupatta tied around her waist, sleeves folded up, hair messed and her face had paint marks ,still she looked happy..

Renovation team was in hurry, they wanted to go before MSK arrives and fire them from their jobs, knowing MSK's anger, as Geet didn't tell them before that she was doing all these changes on her own and without Maan's knowledge..

Geet smiled and thanked them for their time and help .. but what abt money ??? she didn't have, and the team didn't ask money before as they knew they were going to work in KC  but now , their payment was at hold as they thought what if MSK doesn't approve this change and will deny to pay them as he, himself didn't ask them to renovate his cabin..

Adi(whispered):- Sorry Geet even I can't help you in this ..If I withdrew a single penny even ,he will ask me the details and I don't have such big amount right now..

Pinky (added ):- but we both can manage naa adi sir?? Adi nodded

Geet (interrupted ):- No adi sir, this is supposed to be my surprise for Maan.. and so this will be paid from my side only.

Geet dialed Maan's no, Maan was in last mint discussions , but when he saw Geet's name flashing on his mobile ,he excused himself and went to ans the call in hurry .. and without letting her speak he questioned,

Maan:-Geet?? Where are you ??? what happened??? You ok??? Just be there, I will get you ok..

Geet (cuts him):- Maan …Maan…Maan.. relax…am perfectly fine and am still in your cabin.. ok…

Maan(sighed):- but then, why did you call???

Geet:- Have you asked me to only call you when am in any kinda help or trouble???

Maan:- No ..but..

Geet :- Maan I wanted to ask you something that's why called…

Maan:- you scared me ..

Geet:- sorry…I didn't know you will get scared…

Maan:- Its ok Geet.. tell me why you called???

Geet:- wo.. I want some money..

Maan(sternly ):- you are not going to move out of my cabin..

Geet:- Am not going anywhere..

Maan:- then why you want money now ???

Geet:- wo .. wo.. I took money from pinky a while ago.. and am here naa so thought to return her by hand

Maan(wasn't fully convinced ):- ok, how much ???

Geet:- umm.. 50,000

Maan(shocked):- How can pinky give you that amount ???

Geet (ST):- why is he so intelligent …

Maan:- Geet???

Geet:- Maan, I took that amount in installments so now it has reached 50,000… (ST):- wow Geet you are also no less intelligent like your hubby ..(she blushed)

Maan(ST):- what is cooking in her mind.. but I can't deny her .. after all its not a big amount for me …

Maan:- ok Geet.. ask Adi and he will withdraw the amount for you.. but ..

Geet(cuts her):- Am not going anywhere …

Maan(smiled):- yeah.. Don't, ok…I will be there in half hr..

Geet:- ok.. bye.. and they cut the call.

Geet:- Adi sir now give them their payment … The renovation team sighed as they will get the money and will rush out before MSK comes to know of their blunder..

Geet handed them money and they went … Adi and pinky sighed  but next moment were shocked to see the person there…

Raj as usual went to office a few hrs later just in case he has to sign few files in Maan's absence … He reached the office and thought to see Geet first so he went to Maan's cabin…

So now he was standing in front of Geet, adi and pinky with shocked expressions ..when he saw every single thing of Maan's cabin has been changed …. Except for his working table chair and his files in the shelf… He looked at geet in shock first and then surprised .. He knew Maan's anger, and he also knew Maan doesn't like anyone's interference in his matters.. and this cabin was way too much personal for Maan…

Raj:- Geet????

Geet(scared):- wo .. papa.. wo..

Raj:- No need to get scared  from me Geet…

Seeing her fearful face Raj decided to not tell her abt Maan's anger.. He thought lets see how Maan is gonna react which he somewhere knew Maan would agree to her everything but still he was concerned for Geet..

Raj:- Actually this is perfect…This place needed renovation ..

Geet(smiled):- Really ??? you aren't angry ?

Raj:- why would I be ??? Its perfect .. so this must be surprise for him ???hmm..

Geet (nodded) :- Jii papa… and you too don't tell him hmm.. I want to see his reaction..

Raj(ST):- which I fear will be difficult for you to handle so I need to be here ..

Raj hugged Geet and said he will go to his cabin and work then they all will leave together in the evening …Geet agreed smilingly and her wait for Maan started from then..    


Geet asked adi and pinky to leave as they had works pending thanks to Geet herself..and she, waited for Maan now eagerly..

she knew he would be coming in next 20 mints so she dosed off on the couch setting an alarm of 15 mints …she woke up with the sound of not her alarm but a siren which adi has asked the watchman to ring when Maan reaches KC.. and with that siren Adi ran to Geet informing MSK's arrival at KC.. Raj was in his cabin he smiled .. He knew how staff members got scared by just his single glare like his dad…    

Raj smiled at his own thought and resumed his work..Geet just gave a one last look to his cabin and waited for him to enter..

Maan entered the KC and saw all are scary .. He got confused and headed to his cabin..

He opened the door of his cabin and found it all changed from ceilings to curtain color to his fav flower vase.. Everything.. If anything was same then it was his working table,chair and few of his files..He never liked anyone's interference in his work ..He was abt to shout for adi and pinky when his eyes caught Geet.. Looking at him with fear,tears and hope..

Geet saw him getting angry and she thought he is gonna scold her for making  these changes without his permission… so she got tears filled in her eyes.. Her 2 hrs of hard work were wasted …

Maan looked at her  and knew it must be her thinking to change his cabin.


He closed his eyes .. He didn't want to shout on her.. knowing she took all the pain to come here in, to do this change and surprise him …but again,he was so used with those simple and sober colors that he simply couldn't take this change so easily..


Closing the door behind, where all staff members were peeking to get a glimpse of inside and see his reaction… but the closed door crushed all staff members hopes.. He moved in Geet's direction… making Geet all the more scared with his angry glares…Geet tried to justify…

Geet:- wo.. wo.. your cabin looked so dull, without color and life so.. I.. I thought to change it ..I mean make few changes…

Maan:- Did you ask me ???

Geet( looked down..) :- I thought ,you will never mind.. but .. she started to cry…

Maan(sighed):- Now with your cries I can't even say you anything… He turned

Geet(holds his arm):- you can say anything..

Maan:- what will be the use Geet?? You knew my taste right ??? and.. Its just perfect..

Geet (shocked):- Huhh!!! You .. you.. liked it.. you are not angry???

Maan(smiled):- Its good indeed .. I loved this change … and one more thing .. whatever you do geet, I can never ever get angry on you for that…

Geet (hugged):- Thank you ..(she got angry on the next moment) but that means you were again pulling my leg??? She said and turned her face ..

Maan:- yes.. a little prank, I can also play.. He turned her to him and trapped her to the wall behind.. They were abt to hug each other again but .. 


A knocks and adi entered .. Both steadied themselves and Maan moved to his chair whereas Geet, to nearby couch...

Maan soon got engrossed in his work and Geet kept looking at him with happiness and tears of joy.. she had got everything. A family , loving parents, dadi , a caring bro yash, a sweet sis annie … and top of that stood her husband, her life , her pride , her love Maan..

Though this marriage was a Revengeful Marriage for him but he never ever tried to cross his limits in his revenge also.. and that made Geet fall for him…and their Revengeful Marriage turned into Love Filled Marriage..




As this was the last part, I tried to make this long and its quite long compared to my daily updates... 1500 plus words.. Smile

Feel free to ask me for pmzz or add me


like and comment if you like to



much love RoseWink

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Ong u updating mee waitingg

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loved it dear...
awesome awesome ending...
maan finally liked it... just for her...
raj concern for geet as his own daughter is so touching...
love of geet made maan to change himself for her... so cute...
beautifully written...
waiting for the epilogue...

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Originally posted by Eza_analyst

Ong u updating mee waitingg

hey Eza i just posted 

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Wooww me frst yuppiiee
vongo fr new thread nd m sad as its last part sob sob

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Originally posted by Eza_analyst

Wooww me frst yuppiiee
vongo fr new thread nd m sad as its last part sob sob

am more ... Cry



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