Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Virat - his serenity absorbs her anguish ...

munnihyderabad Moderator

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 12:18am | IP Logged

Hawww ,, i do love such heart tugging scenes more than the coochy coo romance. as i see romance in such scenes.. .. 

those were quite a beautiful and poignant scenes of Virat and Maanvi today.,. it is not cute, nok-jhok or masti or romance. it is well above that . it is about handling of a wife's deep and inner emotions by her husband.,.. done quite poignantly by VIRAT Vadhera 

Virat Vadhera yet again proved that how a husband is not  just the sole provider of the family in terms of material things,, but he is also the sole provider of emotional support to his wife in awful times .

A husband is a FRIEND, he is a PARTNER, he is a LOVER he is a physical and emotional COMPANION,  he is a PHILOSOPHER , he is a GUIDE , he is a TEACHER, he is a PARENT/guardian, he is a MENTOR , he is a CHILD, he is everything except god..because he is all human.. he errs the same as his wife..he is the one who lends shoulders when you cry, he is the one who lends his hand when you stumble.. he is the one who picks you up when you fall.. 

Virat Vadhera is living by every single angle and every single shade of being a husband.. today he yet again proved, that he is there for Maanvi, through thick and thin.. rock solid..when everyone leaves her hand, he there to hold her.. when everyone is angry with her., he is there for her to concern for her.. when she is frustrated he calms her down . 

A husband is not one is who is a macho man physically . he should be macho man by heart, in emotions.. 

When Maanvi crumbles, Virat stands for her, rock solid, his emotional strength, absorbs all her pain ..her frustration , her curiosity, her anger, her restlessness and her tears

A husband is not one who has ego to share his fears and pain with his wife... he should leave behind his ego and share his fears and his pain and his anger and his frustration with his lady 
Virat does the same, when he is angry and hurt .. her placidity soothes him ... 


Him giving the time and space for either of them 

Virat, after the dining table scene, we all expected him to be, angry at Maanvi when he is in room.. we expected him to tell her off to keep herself out of it.. as ANY husband would react the same way .. and we would be happy to see Virat being angry with Maanvi for once... lo and behold.. our brains are so synched to the regular TV expectations..a husband would take his wife to the room and scream or yell at her, and think that his anger on his wife would be the love for her  but here we are not talking about just ANY other husband.. we are talking about VIRAT .. so he exceeds our expectations...

He was listening to all those harsh words.. of the family towards his wife.. he did not lose his cool and did not offend anyone in an attempt to defend his wife.. He did not want to complicate the issue.. he neither took Maanvi's side nor the family's side .. sometimes it is better to be silent rather than taking sides and complicating things and hurting the loved ones... he proved silence is GOLDEN

when the family left, he did not speak a word..he could see how hurt she was when her di turned her back on her..  he just gave an expression of "look what happened" he was not angry .. he was not annoyed.. he walks away giving her space and time.. and at the same time giving some time to himself as how to handle her.. Virat know's when Maanvi is onto something . she will not rest until she sees the end of it. in such a situation .. anger or admonishing is not the way as that will just make the other person more infuriated and more keen .. 

Him handling her with care 

He is standing ,. all by himself.. waiting for her to come over.. she walks in..she expects him to talk..  he doesn't talk ..letting her to start the conversation depending on her mood.. he didn't jump on her saying "Maanvi what is all this non-sense" he was not even irritated with her.. 

Maanvi, like all of us, expected Virat to blast her off.. she tells him to scold her and has tears down her cheeks..  he is Virat,,who stands by his promise.. he has to replace her tears with a smile. has to bring peace to her heart . he has to calm down her frustrated and restless nerves...he has seen how hurt she is with all the harsh words against her. he has to not only ease her pain .. but also make her understand, guide, and explain things in a more sensible and  careful manner... I agree anger, sometimes is the outcome of love.. but that doesn't mean you have to be angry to start off with ..

He cups her cheek and says, he BELIEVES that she might have seen the picture, for the first time in the last few minutes of dining table fiasco, .. Maanvi was relaxed for seeing the TRUST and UNDERSTANDING in his eyes..  the same  thing happening twice shouldn't he trust her . shouldn't he believe her. he is trusting her words..today, he doesn't say, that she might be hallucinating ..  

he agrees she might have seen the picture.. here it is not a firm blind belief ... that if she says so ..he will believe it... it was more of, he is not denying her stance that she has seen the picture . and at the same time he cannot accept  it completely ...as he hasn't seen it  hope i did not confuse you all ..it is natural ..and real.. it is not fictional where a lover boy believes blindly in whatever she says.. he was logical .. he was clear in his thoughts .. he first agrees that he believes her .. now what .. he tells her not to fall into this as sometimes "IGNORANCE IS BLISS" 

should he go against the family  and support her . no he tries to explain it to her.. she talks about her curiosity and logic.. he uses the same logic .. now that she has told the family regarding the picture.. let them handle.. he clearly tells her that she might hurt them by going against the family ...Maanvi is drowning in his eyes. the CLARITY, the CONFIDENCE , the MATURITY , the SANITY in his words are working as a charm on her .. he explains her how she should make her impression before the family ..Virat can't see any of the family members hate Maanvi.. and at the same time he doesn't want Maanvi to hurt them unintentionally .. 

He handles her ever so carefully when she is down emotionally.. the way he cups her small face.. saying "do you understand me" in a much gentle and softer tone.. was beautiful to the core as if those words sealed her restless heart... she understands him . she trusts him ..she believes his words.. and later they talk their own style .which brings a SMILE on her face.. .and he wants to divert her mood away from the issue and promises to take her to a movie .his little antic of booth .. makes her laugh of loud..

he literally molded her emotions or diverted her emotions or cast off the negative emotions in her, to bring PEACE to her restless heart, to bring a SMILE on her lips and to bring her LAUGHTER which filled the room .. Incredible CHARM of Virat Vadhera, on his petite wife.. 

her tears, her pain, her frustration, her restlessness  are replaced by his placidity, his tranquility, his maturity and his understanding 

his apologies and his promises on her behalf 

but fate has a different role,.Maanvi did not go towards the issue.. but the issue came to her.. she once again tries to share , this time with her di.. but the rest of the family blast her..left right and center. Maanvi was about to argue for her di.. 

Virat steps in right at the moment. she was drowning in a web of emotions .. while he becomes her savior.. This scene is quite POIGNANT.. and quite touching  to me personally.. 

when Maanvi was arguing ,. he did not come to her and held her hand forcibly and did not question her as why she is arguing with his bua.. even after him explaining .. he wouldn't do that .. as he is not ANY husband .. he is VIRAT VADHERA...

It takes a MAN a lot of courage to say SORRY to anyone. as his ego wouldn't let him.. Virat even without thinking for a split second goes and apologizes, before his bua, on his wife, Maanvi's behalf.. he bends his head and promises  not to ever bring up Karan issue 

This is what I call RESPONSIBILITY .. he took Maanvi's responsibility on himself .. he explained to her. but still things went out of hand. so he takes upon himself to apologize on HER behalf..  I want to ask .. how many men in real and reel world have apologized on their wife's behalf..Responsibility comes with a baggage,. which Virat is bearing to night .. 

Trust me, it is not easy for a man.. Here Virat proves yet again to be the perfect saathiya. the partner for Maanvi . where he is equally responsible for all her actions.. generally it is other way round..Wife will have to bear, the consequences of husband's actions .. for the first time i am seeing a husband bearing and taking upon the consequences of his  wife's actions.. It looks a simple scene - ok husband seeks apologies for his wife and saved her.. it is not simple as it seems as that is against the norm where a man is feeling responsible for every action of his wife... it is quite poignant scene if seen from a husband and wife angle...

Virat promised on her behalf. will Maanvi abide by his promise. yes she will ,, the beauty of their relation is that they are so synchronous and emotionally compatible ... which is just endearing

P.S: posting well after mid-night on a weekday.. so sorry for any errors.. and if there is no sense.. pans please?

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..Gowri.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 12:19am | IP Logged
They love each other, they care for each other & adore each other in such a way that leaves me wondering.. Love.. The one word used by millions around the globe of which many complex definitons are given, Is it this simple? Must be, Else y would i adore VirMan?

My mind is one hell of a place.. It refuses to understand complex formulae..
I mus thank VirMan for giving me the rawest ever definition of love..

LOVE = Understanding each other without caring for the world around or what they might feel.. Its not a guiding light where one is always the leader.. It simply means.."Walking Together during charmy springs and on sun burnt summers!"

PS : This is it dii.. No more words from me.. 
Cos seriously No words on earth will match the overwhelming feeling in my heart now!ClapClapClap
 Hope u will like my one liner this time also..! Love ya dii fr such a beautiful post!Hug

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aaliya172 Groupbie

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 12:34am | IP Logged
Virat is the bestStar

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 12:49am | IP Logged
Munni...though i dnt watch the show nowadays..bt the way u xplained the scenes i felt lik i hv watched it...i guess u bein married...gave u an upper hand in vry much explaining the beauty of such scenes b/w husband n wife...

fab post Munni...n i am glad my Virat is still kahin na kahin same like old times..

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Suarez Goldie

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 12:51am | IP Logged
Undoubtedly Virat is the best hubby ever!!! Love him!! Loved that scene!! N the way u explained it...made it even more beautiful!!!! Embarrassed

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..Jessie.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 12:52am | IP Logged
i feel like keeping my comment  res !!
what else shud i say u have said almost !!
additional points nia and kushal's acting were amazing!!
rest all copy pasteBig smile

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munnihyderabad Moderator

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 1:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nikki028

Munni...though i dnt watch the show nowadays..bt the way u xplained the scenes i felt lik i hv watched it...i guess u bein married...gave u an upper hand in vry much explaining the beauty of such scenes b/w husband n wife...

fab post Munni...n i am glad my Virat is still kahin na kahin same like old times..

Nikki . you commented here.. that is so sweet of you Embarrassed

glad u could see through the scenes .. Virat and Maanvi such genuine souls... 

yeah nikki .. in a way we can credit the extra bit to me being married.. helping in writing of their scenes...

Thank you so much Nikki .. yeah Virat is the same or Virat's character  after marriage is just beautiful 

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ravi_ehmmbh Groupbie

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 2:20am | IP Logged
Virat is the best...,

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