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Taani Shekhawat

Swayam's sister
Rey's love interest
St. Louis college GS

Gender: Female

Family: Her mother
Joint family
Cousin Swayam (Mama's son)

Status: Single

Eye color: brown

Hair color: brown

Height: Tall

Home: Shekhawat house, lives with her brother Swayam

Actress: Vrinda Dawda (Gujarati)

"Bhale hi hame kitani bhi weird lage, insightful to wo he hi"
-Sharon to Rey

Taani Shekhawat is one of the main lead of the show Dil Dosti Dance on Channel 'V'. She is cousin and younger sister of Swayam. She is in love with Reyansh Singhania. She is the current GS of St. Louis College. Her character is portrayed by Vrinda Dawda.


1 Early Life
Taani was born in Jodhpur and grown up in a Joint Family. She studied upto F. Y. B. Com in Jodhpur. She also wanted to learn dance and tried to learn dance on her own. She saw India Fest Dance in Goa and was immediately impressed by the group's dance, especially Rey. She was very impressed by his dance and personality and had a major crush on him. She wanted to learn dance like him, it was the main reason of her to come to Mumbai and live with her brother and take admission in St. Louis.

2 Story in the show
After Kriya's exit, Taani is the main lead of the show. The show follows all 12 team members story now. Taani's story is of how a small town innocent girl, becomes matured and finds her true love and finds her potential. She starts to become a special girl from a normal small town girl when she finds out that her being overprotectected by her family, was the reason of her under confidence. After going through a heart break, how to recover and move on in life. How to accept one's disabilities and weaknesses and how to find out true potentials of one self and to develop true self and live life fully. It is the story of a back seat girl to be developed into the centre stage girl. It shows us to believe in ourself and start to stand up for own problems rather than depending on others. Because for becoming someone's friend, we must first become friend of ourself. For getting accepted, we must first accept ourselves and believe in ourselves.

3 Personality
Taani is very pure at heart and sensitive and emotional. She is also very innocent. She could not ever hurt anybody. She is a very nice girl. She is very sensitive that she feels bad if anyone gets hurt even if it is not her fault. She is very lovely and cute that anyone can love her easily. She is also very loyal and can do anything for her friends and family. She loves Rey very much. So much that for saving Rey's reputation, she even fakes a relationship with Shivam. Shivam manhandles her and manipulates her, but for Rey's sake, she doesn't say anything.
Taani used to be so innocent and under confident. But after Sharon gives her some confidence, she starts to stand up for what she believes and is getting strong minded day by day. Taani is becoming very independent and she always wants to handle her situations individually. She now always stands up for the truth and is developing a charming personality day by day. After becoming a GS, she starts developing confidence and stands up to people who blame her for no reason. She is just like her brother, very proud and sensible, wise and matured. Now, her personality is of a good GS, proud, wise and confident. Taani always carries a handbag with her for carrying important documents for her work.
Taani is a very good GS. She takes her decisions without any bias. Her administrative and academic skills are very good and she also has a passion for dancing. So, she understands the perspective of every student and authorities. She is always trying her level best to do what is best for the college and students. Right now, she can not do anything to stop the dance ban, so she is trying very hard to save them from trouble and even supports them indirectly even if it is against authorities.

4 Appearance
"Somebody's looking great haan."
Taani is very beautiful with waist long shiny brown hair and warm brown eyes. She keeps her hair open with princess curls or sometimes in half pony. She is very simple. She is very slim with curved body. She mostly wears Indian attire of top and harram pants. She wears earrings and does a light make up. On some occasions, like for classical dancing, she wears Anarkali suit and on some occasions, she wears simple dresses. Only on special occasions, she wears western dresses. Taani is tall, with a proud personality and is found very beautiful by boys, like Rey, Shivam and Shivam's friends. Rey also finds her to be hot and sexy on some occasions like rain dancing and after face off party.

5 Potentials
"Mene Taani ko AGS banaya, usaki sirf ek hi wajah he, usaka calliber, usaka talent."
Taani has many potentials, though she takes them for granted. She is a great GS for the college. She was a very successful AGS, because her administrative skills are great and she is very enthusiastic about her work. She is very determined and dedicated towards her work. Taani is also a great cook. She loves to cook and do home works. Swayam mentions that she loves to make different dishes for him and Shivam also mentions that he loves her cooking.
Taani is very determined and once she makes up her mind, she completes her work. She enjoys her work so much and takes full responsibility for her actions. She is very individualistic and does all her work by herself and handles her problems by herself. She used to be so under confident, but she has a gift of making everyone listen when she speaks. Like when she made up her mind, even Shivam who was very talented in manipulating people was shut up. Rey, Swayam and the team are always impressed by her. She even sometimes gives back answers to Rey, which Rey loves.

6 Dance
"Kabhi na kabhi to dance aa hi jayega. Par muje dance naturally nahi aata."
Taani is not a good dancer. She loved to dance though. She likes indian classical dancing styles more. She always wanted to learn dancing, which was her first reason for coming to Mumbai. She always tried to learn dance on her own, but didn't succeed. After she gets into a trouble for becoming 6th dancer on fake CD, Rey trains her and she starts to learn dancing a bit. She has a knowledge of bits and rhythm, but is not a trained dancer. She might learn dancing from her friends after the dance ban though. It is still undecided. She has a huge passion for classical dancing though and understands her brother and friend's passion for dance and always helps them to achieve it, though indirectly as she is a GS now.

7 Relationships
Love interests
Rey- 'Iss relationship ko kya nam dun?'
"Me aapko janana chahti hu, aapko samjhana chahti hu. Kese pata nahi. Par aapke alawa kisi aur ke bareme socha hi nahi he mene kabhi."
Taani had a crush on Rey since she saw him in India Fest and one of the reasons for her coming to Mumbai was to meet Rey. She always gave him respect and looked upto her in admiration. She always behaved a little differently with Rey. She used to dream about him so much and wanted to get closer to him which is why she became 6th dancer of weakling team. Rey found her cute and was very protective of her as she is his best friend's sister. When Taani found out about Rey's first girlfriend, she was very jealous, and that is why she tried to find out more about her and behave like her. She also dressed like her. But when she proposed to Rey, Rey got angry and insulted her so much. After that she becomes very nervous and agrees that if he doesn't like her, she will not force him to like him. Rey was very jealous of Taani being with Shivam.
After some times, she manages to regain her confidence a little and Rey also starts to realise that he has become very hyper and possessive towards Taani and doesn't like it if she even talks to some other boy. He doesn't identify that he likes her though and Taani doesn't know about Rey's feelings at all. When she goes with the girls to Sharon's farmhouse, Rey spies on her with the boys and starts noticing how beautiful she is. He also starts to find her hot and sexy and even imagines having romance with her because he feels an urge to touch her. He still doesn't understand his feelings towards her though. When Taani and Rey faces college opposition, they both come closer to each other, but after that Taani fakes a relationship with Shivam whom Rey dislikes and more dislikes because he is Taani's boyfriend. But he starts to realise his feelings towards her and develops those feelings and both on more than one occasion comes closer. After the food fight, Rey becomes very intimate towards Taani and love blossoms further. His feelings become stronger and they both share many romantic scenes. Rey now loves Taani deeply and Taani also loves him, but they have not confessed it. After Taani's breakup now Rey has a chance with Taani. Taani even drags Rey for Rose Day as date, though just to get entry in college.

Shivam- 'Fake relationship'
"Acting, acting kar rahe he ham."
Taani doesn't like Shivam, but they were pretending a relationship with each other. Taani always liked Rey only but for pretending sake, she had to face Shivam. After a while, Shivam starts developing feelings towards her and confesses his feelings to Taani before leaving the college. But Taani is totally oblivious of that fact.


"Kitana ajib sa ticklish feel karata hu, jab bhi Taani ke aaspas hota hu. Is this really...?"
Taani has had a huge crush on Rey since she first saw him in India Fest Goa. She was very impressed by his dance in India Fest. She wanted to learn just like him and become a good dancer, that was the main reason for her to come to Mumbai in Rey and her brother's college.
Rey at the beginning always defended her as she was his best friend's sister. But as the days spent, he started to become more and more protective towards her. As the days passed, he started becoming more and more protective, possessive and hyper when it came to Taani. Though, he didn't think about her more than a friend. When Taani found out about Kriya and Rey, she was very jealous. She wanted a place in his heart, so she tried to dress like Kriya and propose to Rey. But Rey became angry on her as he never could think about her as more than friend. Taani became very nervous after that. After their fight got over, he started developing feelings towards her and so much that even if she talked to some other boy than he started becoming irritated.
Rey's enemy Shivam is angry on him for making Taani AGS, because he wanted to be AGS. So, he, for defaming Taani and Rey, posts an article 'Rey aur Taani ki prem kahani.' All students of their college tease and taunt them about it, because of which Rey becomes very angry and Taani gets hurt. Rey is very worried about Taani and he finds her, but finds his anger uncontrollable and fights for Taani holding her hand. He then checks on her and when Taani sees his wounds from the fight, she tends to him. Rey now finds himself drawn towards her care, love and beauty. He feels touched by this, though still angry for all the articles.
"Tumhe sachme lagta he ki mere sath acha hoga? Kehti kuch ho aur karati kuch aur."
He thinks about her more often and speaks softly to her, but when the article matter goes worst, he calls an assembly to clarify that he didn't appoint Taani as AGS because they are a couple. But matters get worse in the assembly and Taani for saving Rey lies that she is with someone else and Shivam takes its advantage and announces to everyone that he and Taani are a couple. Rey feels hurt about it. Taani agrees for Rey's reputation sake to pretend that Shivam and she are the couple. Rey gets hurt and angry over this and tries to accept this fact, but is unsuccessful. He for so many times gets angry on Taani for no reason, taunt her about her relationship, and question her actions and care for him. He loves when she cares for him though and tries to talk to her always, but gets very angry when she even says her boyfriend's name. He for more than one occasions gets lost in her eyes and actions and beauty. He cares for her so much and becomes so hyper about her. He even tries whenever possible to keep her away from her boyfriend.
During the party in canteen, they share some intimate moments, which strengthens his feelings for her. He even considered her as an option for girlfriend, but can't do anything as he believes her to be in a relationship with Shivam. They both shared a great professional GS- AGS bond. But Shivam used manipulated footages of the party to suspend him and becomes GS. He feels very sad about this, just because he could not spend time with Taani. He even mentions to her that he is going to miss her irritating him, talking according to his mood etc. During the campaigning for elections, Taani starts to stand up for what she believes and Rey likes her more and more because of this. He even thinks to himself that he is sooner or later going to question her care towards him.
After elections, he becomes more and more attached to her as now without any responsibilities he thinks more and more about her and gets so lost in her for so many times. He feels happy when she mentions that she misses him. He misses her more than often. His eyes always search for her and he uses Swayam's possessive nature towards Taani to keep her away from her boyfriend. During the Dance Camp, their relationship becomes more stronger and he always tries to make a talk with her and talks so softly with her. He even cried once because he missed the moments spent with her. He feels so restless always because he can't be around her. He feels bad when she is not in the most important moments in his life.
During the Dance Camp, he began noticing how much Taani is uncomfortable by Shivam and he tries to question himself why that would be so. He still doesn't know about her faking relationship though and Taani tells him to avoid talking about it. During the Dance Camp, he even noticed that Shivam was manhandling her and told him to not to do that. He becomes very happy when Taani breaks up with him in front of the group and takes her away from him same way he did the first time in the assembly. After that he has a chance with her and he tries to always talk to her without reason. He calls her without any reason and always talks to her lovingly. When Taani exposed Shivam's manipulations, he becomes very proud of her, but a shock comes to him after that.
During the Dance ban, Shivam leaves the college thanks to Taani. Taani is appointed as a GS which Rey feels like a betrayel as he didn't want any one of the group to become a GS as they will have to support the Dance ban. He feels like Taani chose power over friends and him and becomes very angry on her and behaves rudely to her, but Taani doesn't support the Dance ban and tries to do everything she can for him. She is hurt by his behaviour, Rey parts ways with her when she becomes GS. He tells her that they can never be friends which hurts Taani. It hurts him too, but he can't do anything about it,
Rey now loves Taani deeply.

"Kahin na kahin, I really started liking you. Swear."
Taani used to consider Shivam as a friend because he helped her in her bad times. Though he only did it to get closer to her for taking revenge on Swayam and Rey. He tells her to fake a relationship with him for saving Rey's reputation and always tries to get closer to Taani in front of Rey. Taani doesn't like him and tells him to behave. Whenever he finds her getting closer to Rey, he tries to come in between them and after finding out that Rey and Taani like each other, he even starts to get closer to her more like asking for kiss. After sometimes, he starts to like her more and even behaves with her. Though his main intention is to use her as a weapon, he does want her to be with him. So, he starts to manipulate and manhandle her. After Taani exposes him in front of the team, he leaves, but before leaving he confesses his feelings and tells Rey indirectly that Taani likes Rey.

"Offo Taani kaha le ja rahi ho? Patience patience."
Taani shares a good friendship with Sharon. Swayam loves Sharon deeply, so Taani calls Sharon bhabhi, though Sharon hates it. Taani doesn't call her bhabhi in front of her, but around everyone else. Sharon is also one of the person, who is always besides her. During campaigning, when Taani was hurt by everyone, Sharon was the one to comfort her and she was the one who told her to stand up for herself.
It was only because of Sharon that Taani started to take a stand for herself and believe in herself.
"Taani, tum thik to ho na?"
Taani shares a great bond of friendship with Neha. Neha was the first person in the group aside from Swayam and Rey, that accepted Taani and became friends with her. After Taani becomes confident, they become more good friends and chat a lot.

Simmi, Rinni
"Are you serious Taani? Tumne bataya kyun nahi?"
Taani used to share a common bond with them, but after being a GS, she starts to become good friends.

"Kyun Rey kyun? Kyun use hi sabkuch easily mile? Just because wo Swayam ki behen he?"
Taani shares a not so good relationship with Vishakha as Vishakha hates the fact that she gets everything easily and she hates her because she manipulated for becoming 6th dancer in her team.

"Three cheers for Taani"
Taani shares a good bond with the team. Everyone now looks at her as she is the first in command due to her position as a GS.


Swayam- 'brother'
"Dekho muje ye nahi pata ki kya hua, par me bas ek cheez kehna chahta hu. Ki I am always there for you. Tumhara bhai hamesha tumhare sath he."
Taani and Swayam are cousins. Swayam is Taani's brother from her mom's side. Swayam's father and Taani's mother are brother sister by blood. They both live in the same house. Taani and Swayam share a very strong bond of brother sister. Taani respects Swayam very much. Swayam is very protective of Taani. He feels that Taani is his responsibility so he must take care of her. He loves her very much. When Taani was facing problems, Swayam was one of the persons who never left her side. He didn't want Taani to be given stress so he even accepts her relationship (though it was fake) with his enemy Shivam. Swayam is very philosophical, wise and matured, so he understands Taani and her issues and he always gives her right advice. Taani always looks upto Swayam. Swayam is very individualistic and he has a huge hand in Taani's confidence. He feels very proud of her when she stands up for herself and becomes the GS of the college.
Though Swayam is a typical Indian possessive brother for Taani. He hates Taani's ex boyfriend Shivam and just didn't say anything to him for Taani's sake. Though whenever Shivam tried to get cozy with Taani on more than one occassions, Swayam threatens him. Their bond is turning more stronger than ever with time. He is very happy and proud of Taani after she matures and becomes a GS. He even gifts her an antique pocket watch for being a GS and is very happy for her, even though he has to work under her.
Swayam also suspects Taani and Rey's feelings towards each other, but still is not sure about it. He is an original possessive bhai and typical Indian brother.

Only Swayam of Taani's family is introduced in the show, but it is mentioned that Taani leaves in a Joint family and she has so many brother sisters. Her mother is also mentioned and it is also mentioned that Taani is very close to her nani.

"Of course, tum AGS ho. Tumhara is meeting ke liye importance he."
Taani shares a professional relationship with VP. When Taani cheated to be 6th dancer, she was put in detention by VP. After that, on Rey's suggetion, Taani was appointed as AGS by VP. As Taani proved to be very efficient, VP develops confidence in her.

"Taani I want ki tum Rey aur usake friends pe kadi najar rakho. I am sure they are up to something."
AVP and Taani also share a professional relationship. Khushboo maam appoints Taani as GS, which causes drifts between Rey and Taani. It is shown that AVP trusts Taani a lot and seems to rely on her in every matter. Taani though doesn't approve of the Dance Ban, has to support Khushboo maam unwillingly.

"Khushbu maam ne college ka GS mujhe banaya he."
Taani is GS of the college and accepted by them as an efficient representor.

8 Enemies
No enemies

9 Phases in life
Jodhpur phase
"Ye meri cousin he, Jodhpur se aayi he."
Taani was living in Jodhpur untill F.Y.B.Com with her family. This phase of her might be revealed, but is not sure.

Weird phase
"Meri pyari behen ke muh se paani gir gaya, kitani weird he. Aur bhi bahot kuch he."
When Taani came to Mumbai, she was very innocent and used to behave a little weirdly as she had no idea about the world.

Nervousness phase
"You are not yourself."
After Rey insults her when she proposed to him, she becomes very nervous and underconfident. Rey is very angry on her, but understands his mistake and effect on Taani's mind, and starts to help her coming out of this. Shivam was also very much responsible for Taani's nervousness.

Mitwa phase
"Tumhara boyfriend kuch puch raha he tumse, use answer kyun nahi de rahi ho?"
For saving Rey's reputation, Taani fakes a relationship with Shivam. During this phase, she becomes very under confident and silent, but also starts to become more matured and sensible, but still trusts people blindly. She becomes very hurt during this phase because she can not do anything when Shivam tries to take advantage of her and behaves despo and Rey hurts her always by taunting her about her relationship and she could not tell him that she was faking a relationship.

Recovering phase
"Par ek insan he jo tumhara sath kabhi nahi chodega. Pata he kaun? Tum khud Taani."
During the campaigning, everyone thinks of her as not to be involved because she is Shivam's girlfriend. She becomes hurt by this, but Sharon consoles her and tells her that she should not be a damsel in distress always, because there is one person who will never leave her side, that is she herself. After this Taani starts to take her decisions herself and stand up for what she believes and becomes independent, rather than depending on others. She starts regaining her confidence.

Confidence phase. Start with Mitwa as a nice Mitwa Phase
"Haan, Sharon bhabhi ne kaha tha ki ek insan he jo aapka sath kabhi nahi chodega, no matter what. That is you. Aap khud. So, its high time ki me apne aap ko bhi ek chance du"
During elections, she regains her confidence. Now she stands up for the right thing. When Shivam starts to manhandle her, Taani exposes his true colours to everyone and breaks all bonds with her.
"Shivam ka jana tumhare life ke is phase ka the end he."

GS phase
"Uh careful Rey, meri behen is college ki GS he."
After becoming GS, Taani starts to make decisions and has become really matured, sensible and starts to find herself.

10 Etymology (Meaning of Name)
"Taani, nice name."

11 Trivia

12 Gallery

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This is a Wikia post. Since I have not followed any character's whole story. This is about Taani. Do you think Wikia on D3 should be made. It is available for most popular shows.

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omg what an awesome post...thankyou so much for sharing thisBig smile...reading the whole post i felt so damn touched...taani's whole journey like each and everything,all the details have been mentioned so beautifully here...taani's whole journey from start till end as well as taarey's whole journey from start till end has been told so i am in love with taarey and taani even more and yes i agree i do want same descriptions for the whole D3 cast that would be so interesting

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Wow...awesome post dear...

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hey..thank you so much dear for sharing this beautiful description of taani's character..Hug.. though on whichever site it is available... but its written very well..Clap..! It describes the whole journey of taani...her personality... nature...the developments in her character, etc very beautifully...Day Dreaming.! I loved it...Embarrassed n reading this..i think i'm getting more close to Taani...Embarrassed

thank youu...Smile


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awww. its just awesome.
u just wrote about taani's entire life in the show.
loved it. Smile

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Loved it..

This looks so interesting to read..

Please do make on it if you can :)
go ahead..sothing very new and niceClap

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awesome postClapClapClap

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